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Anthony Migchels - BRICS Don't Challenge Rothschild Banking Monopoly

September 1, 2023

"Far from being the NWO, the West, America included, is the TARGET of the NWO: We need to get destroyed before World Government can come. Of course, the US has long been their main vehicle. But a vehicle easily gets discarded, as the driver acquires a new ride. This new ride is not China, although obviously, they own that place too, but the World Government."

By Anthony Migchels

No, not at all is BRICS 'opposition' to Rothschild/The NWO. Not in the least.

Remember: all major Chinese, Japanese, American, and European banks own each other. Money and banking are the same everywhere in the World, which is ridiculous, considering the vast array of monetary systems that are thinkable or have existed. The Bank rules everywhere. And THEY are the NWO, not America.

Have a look at this article I did for you at the time: China is Part of the NWO

This is a key paragraph: " Furthermore, over the last decades, Money Power has migrated a substantial part of its manufacturing base from Europe and particularly the US to China. Can there be any doubt that they would be very, very sure that that crucial strategic asset would be absolutely safe there?"

This is very reminiscent of what Antony Sutton exposed on how Transnational corporations ran the build-up of the Soviet Union in the thirties; it's exactly the same thing.

China, like the USSR, was built up. To fight America.

"Just like the Money Power conducted the European Orchestra during the 19th century, it now directs a Multi-Polar World. We know how it all ended in Europe: tightly knit alliances facing each other with ever more paranoia, unable to extricate themselves from the trap. One assassination was enough to light the fuse. The same can be seen today, with NATO facing the Shanghai Cooperation Organization of Russia and China, with Pakistan and Iran as close associates."

Great premonition, if I do say so myself (this article was from 2013). I've been saying the exact same thing a lot lately, I can't believe I was thinking it already back then.

The West is imploding. We're facing the Greatest Depression as the Debt Bubble is exploding. China and Europe are already in stiff recessions, and America will soon follow too. Already, the masses in the US are facing declining standards of living due to insane housing costs, and heavy food and energy price rises.

Far from being the NWO, the West, America included, is the TARGET of the NWO: we need to get destroyed before World Government can come. Of course, the US has long been their main vehicle. But a vehicle easily gets discarded, as the driver acquires a new ride. This new ride is not China, although obviously they own that place too, but World Government.

First, we'll have an absolutely genocidal depression. People really don't fathom how bad it's going to be, but the West will be left in ruins within years once it really hits, which I expect around 2025.

But even much worse: War is coming. I expect it late this decade, most likely early 2029.

Putin's 'Multi Polar' world is the NWO splitting the World in two camps: West and East. 

This could be seen as a 'new Cold War', but we won't get lucky. This is MUCH more like Europe in 1914: two huge alliances, ready to go.

And they will go. I expect Russia and China to be aggressors after they smell their chance when the West is destroyed by the Depression. 

Wokism will be a great part of it. Many in the West will succumb to it, and I actually suspect it will be the rationale for the Sino-Russian attack.

Remember Pike's letter to Mazzini? Do read it again, it's short and incredibly telling. Besides his predictions concerning WW3, he also states that 'we will foment a social cataclysm, forcing the normal people to destroy the minority of World Revolutionaries.' The West, during the Depression, will see crazy LGBTQ extravancies. It's already plain to see, but it will escalate terribly. 

WW3 will be lost by America (the main target). Russia will attack via the Atlantic; and China via the Pacific. Russia will likely be the main winner and the military enforcer of the coming World Government. 

China, I suspect, will also be grievously struck: the US Navy will have a field day with their coastal possessions. For years already I've suspected these ghost cities they built in the West and North of China are to evacuate the coastal areas to. After 50 years of one-child policy, and soon starting monumental demographic collapse in China, it's clear the NWO has no real purpose for 1.3 billion Chinese.

WW3 is what is predicted in Revelation as the Gog & Magog war, which is the key event of the final chapters of Revelation, and the last attempt by the children of the Fallen Angels to dominate mankind.

Crazy Henry, I know.

But you asked for what I see, and this is it. What do you think?
Anthony Migchels is a monetary reformer who has written extensively on finance, usury, and what reform is necessary to eradicate banking and migrate to a USury-free economy. He is president of the Florijn Foundation in the Netherlands, which circulates the most advanced interest-free currency in the world. His website is

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---WEF Agenda designed to Fail

BRICS are pure NWO -  

BRICS is a ROTHSCHILD smokescreen. They have sucked the West dry and now want to transfer their wealth to BRICS to create ever bigger profits. ROTHSCHILD are moving out of the US Dollar, the global reserve currency, into gold and 'other currencies'. They are looking to get ahead of the downward trend curve, and cash out before a global collapse, and use gold to pick up the pieces.

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Comments for "Anthony Migchels - BRICS Don't Challenge Rothschild Banking Monopoly"

Doug P said (September 2, 2023):

The only possible explanation for all as far as I am concerned is that they are getting all of humanity to commit suicide and they have a small separate society, probably near the South Pole that will emerge after this society has been destroyed. This small society would be entirely servile to its rulers and be math/science/engineering oriented with no concept of freedom, natural right or wrong, or a philosophy of any kind. Christianity is the target because it has a rich deep rational philosophy.

The book Political Ponerology explains that there has to be an elite class that is above the psychopaths and the Jesuits do believe that the end justifies the means.

I can't imagine an elite class that has a philosophy wanting to sit down and break bread with the likes of Bill Gates or The Klaus. They are as crazy as anyone you would meet at City Hall. Gnosticism is for the stupid and the psychologically maladjusted. Even Christ said the Greeks were too superstitious.

Al Thompson said (September 1, 2023):

In my view, evil is impotent, and it will never prevail over the natural order. The “powers that be” are just a bunch of perverts and creeps who enjoy the suffering of mankind. I have a feeling or a hunch that mankind is getting fed up with these political leaders and the natural flow of life is going to eventually prevail. In my opinion, the failure is obvious. It’s been a failure for the last 2,000 years at the least. Any kind of immoral government like the ones we have is destined for disaster. How or when it’s going to happen is not known, but it will be an improvement from what we have now.

Tony B said (September 1, 2023):

Anthony missed a very important piece of monetary history.

When Hitler decided to take Germany - a medium-sized European nation - away from Rothschild banking it quickly became the most prosperously strong nation in the world for its size. The cabal had to arm the Soviets and pull every nation it owned into WW2 to take out Germany. It was not easy for the bastards and they would not have been able to do it without pulling in the U.S. That is the history of one not-so-big nation.

But today BRICKS is TWELVE nations, some of them strategic in world trade, and over thirty more are clamoring to join. Plus they are spread about the world. All nations want to be free of Rothschild's theft of all wealth and the cabal's dysfunctional economic ruling of them.

At the same time, Rothschild's owned nations have no true power to do much about it, no matter how many debt dollars Rothschild dumps on them.

Rothschild absolutely as vampire bloodsucker of the nations it owns, mentioned by Anthony, has weakened them beyond their ability to any longer to do the bidding of those Satanists well enough to maintain its criminal empire. Once a number of nations realize how easily prosperity comes when the Rothschild leach is removed there will be NO RETURNING TO THAT CRIMINAL CABAL FOR MANY GENERATIONS ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD. In fact, it seems we are already at that point in most of the world.

Money absolutely CANNOT buy everything, especially now that the whole world knows the dollar is a DEBT lie. More people will study money instead of taking it for granted and a goodly number of them will discover the simple common sense FACT that DEBT CANNOT BE MONEY. FURTHERMORE, WHEN THE EXCHANGE MEDIUM IS TURNED TO DEBT THE OWNERS OF THE DEBT BECOME OWNERS OF THE WHOLE EARTH AND ALL OTHERS ARE PAUPERIZED AND ENSLAVED BY THOSE CRIMINALS FAKING UP THAT DEBT. There will be demanded retribution and final justice. Rothschild is over.

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