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Anthony Migchels - WEF Agenda is Designed to Fail

January 24, 2023


West will Embrace CBDC After Financial Collapse

"What is going to happen is really quite clear: The Mega Debt is going to implode, the West can't pay, and therefore commercial banking is toast: there are going to be HUGE bank defaults, the first are really only months away, although the real cataclysm, for as far as I can see now, will really start 'only' around '2025."

By Anthony Migchels

I noticed Catherine Austin Fitts' 'optimism' concerning the CBDC and the populist reaction that is underway. Optimism that many people have at the moment.

Also because the WEF meeting in Davos was an obvious bust, and it was widely reported that 'their agenda is in trouble'.

But I do want to strongly warn against this optimism.

The WEF was never designed to 'succeed', but to foment exactly this reaction.

The coming reaction, the already ongoing Rightist/Populist reaction is fully calculated. (e.g. Elon Musk's Twitter) I've been expecting it ever since the Great Reset gang came on the scene. If anything, the question mainly is 'what took people so long'?

You'll own nothing and eat bugs?! Seriously? That's supposed to 'convince' people?

I think not.

But what people REALLY should be asking is this: "How do they expect us to end up with nothing?"

They're blind to the real threat: the coming implosion of the debt bubble. The astounding fact of the matter is that total debt in the US is $90 Trillion. Four times GDP.

And it's teetering on the brink of collapse, while people are busy with everything but that.

The coming Greatest Depression, which is already starting, will disown almost everybody.

And this is also how they already know the CBDC is going to succeed.

Of course people don't want Central Bank control through money, that's a given. The ECB was recently lamenting their marketing for it was not going to work.

But that's all crocodile tears. What is going to happen is really quite clear: The Mega Debt is going to implode, the West can't pay, and therefore commercial banking is toast: there are going to be HUGE bank defaults, the first are really only months away, although the real cataclysm, for as far as I can see now, will really start 'only' around '25.

And if the Banks are going bust, they're going to lose control over the payment systems of the West.

And that's when the CBDC will become the 'obvious solution'.

THAT is how they're going to play this, and they're totally going to succeed. People are clueless about the gargantuan debt that is staring them in the face, and which is eating the West alive.

And these blind fools are going to 'stop the CBDC'?


Within five years the CBDC will be the dominant payment provider. The Chinese are starting off; within months their Gold backed Yuan CBDC will become prominent in Eurasia to replace the Dollar in international trade, and the West will follow kicking and screaming while they get absolutely burned alive in the coming Mega Deflation of an Era.

Before the end of the decade we will have World Government, including a CBDC World Currency

I'm sorry to be the harbinger of such bad news, but people still seem to think it's all a joke.

It isn't. Banking is what it's all about, this is going to be the Money Changers' greatest feat, and the final campaign to World Government. The NWO Endgame, started when the Fed resumed the money printing in September 2019, with the disaster of the Repo Crisis.

Every day for the coming years has been meticulously planned by our enemies, and they're at the top of their game, and people are still mostly clueless about what is hitting them.

But they'll be learning soon enough though. Of that, everybody can be certain.

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Migchels--The Fed is Pulling the Plug on the Debt Bubble

Dissatisfaction with Klaws Swab within WEF?  Fact that a globalist rag runs this story is significant.

PS from Anthony Migchels-

There's going to a mega bust in the financial system within months. It will manifest in the derivative trade, and hit Wall Street itself like a ton of bricks. I'm sure you've seen the FDIC vid, where they were discussing the coming Bail Ins, there's not going to be another bail out. They will merge some of Wall Street's biggest banks, so they can go on for a few more years.

And it's going to be sold with a huge political crisis, likely with China. The US and China are involved in a big struggle, centered around Chips. The astounding fact is that China, which is the World's greatest Oil importer, imports twice as much chips in money terms than Oil. That's how dependent they are on chips for their manufacturing. And Biden is squeezing their supply, that's a huge geopolitical issue. The Chinese are forced into some sort of reaction. Biden's Chips squeeze is very reminiscent of Roosevelt's Oil boycott of Japan in '41: it was cut throat, designed to make them attack. I think this will be the driver for the 'Cyber Attacks' they have been signalling as the 'greatest threat for the financial system'.

This will be combined with the fall of the WEF and their 'leftist' Governments throughout the West, and the end of the hegemonial ambitions of the US in the Ukraine. The US will retreat from Europe, and focus everything on Asia.

Then we will have a few years of Putin's 'Multipolar World', where the US and Russia and China 'respect' their mutual spheres of influence. The World has been divided in East and West. During '23 and '24 the West will suffer severe recession, and this will lead to debt becoming unpayable around '25, and that's when the real disaster will start. The Greatest Depression will be genocidal, and leave the West in ruins.

The East vs. West camps is very reminiscent of Europe in the years before 1914, but now on a World scale. And it's going to end the same: World War. A war America will lose. And on the ashes of the West, World Government will arise, I expect the war late '28/early '29.

That's the play book for as far as I can see.

First Comment from John

While Migchels does a good job at analyzing the covert plot underlying the strange see-saw tactics of the WEF/NWO elitists, he misses two important factors that will have significant effects on the near future.

The first is now obvious: that is the 'great die-off,' especially among the working-age segment of society. We know that millions of people are going to die or be severely disabled due to the faux-vaccines; indeed, millions already have succumbed. Imagine what it will be like, not years away, but months from now, when there are fewer workers in every industry. Who's going to service your car, fix that appliance, deliver your mail-order item, check you out at the stores? Or, worse, what will happen when you need dental work, medical attention, or your house is on fire? If you find it frustrating today when you have to wait days or weeks to get an appointment for 'non-urgent' issues, just wait a few months!

These kinds of things are happening already. In my small town, I had to wait months to get my car repaired for minor body damage. The shop admin lady apologized that they simply couldn't get qualified staff; they were down to one technician, she said. A friend went to get an oil change at a local shop after booking an appointment; it was closed... later told that they had no workers available. Get prepared for more of this type of thing; much more.

The other factor is one that some readers will find hard to wrap their minds around, but it will become increasingly intrusive. That is the 'X-factor'-- Planet X, that is. You haven't heard it mentioned on your favorite news station... NO, of course not! They don't want the great masses to know about it, at all. But the billionaires know about it. What do you think those luxo-bunkers in New Zealand are about-- just nuclear war? What do you think is causing the climate chaos (record extremes in temperatures) that they conveniently label 'climate change?'

I could provide much evidence to support the Planet X hypothesis, but perhaps another time. The predictions are that there will be increasing numbers of 'natural disasters' of various kinds, and in fact we are seeing that happening now, although it can still be dismissed as 'random.' Even scientists have predicted the occurrence of mega-quakes on the West coast, and on the 'New Madrid' fault line; it's just a matter of time. Actually, it's more a matter of a trigger factor, and those in the know figure it will be from this unknown, incoming cosmic bowling ball.

Of the two factors mentioned, the 'rogue planet' is the one most likely to throw a giant monkey wrench into the plans of the smug elitists, since its orbit is apparently very unpredictable in terms of speed. You don't really think the James Webb space telescope was launched merely to return photos of remote galaxies, do you? No one knows when P-X will pass close enough to cause maximum destruction to our Earth. It is God's 'Hammer of Thor' to strike the Earth when he decides!

Besides exerting gravitational and magnetic influence on our world, Planet X is accompanied by a vast field of debris, some of which has fallen on Earth as 'red dust' and as meteors (or 'asteroids' as often labelled). The probability of a 'significant' (i.e. potentially deadly) bolide hitting our planet is higher than it's ever been.

Conclusion: while Anthony Migchels scenario makes a lot of sense, it is subject to factors that could, probably will, alter those plans and the course of human history. Stay awake!

"Blessed are the flexible... for they shall not get bent out of shape!" (unknown).

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Comments for "Anthony Migchels - WEF Agenda is Designed to Fail "

Doug P said (January 25, 2023):

Maybe things are not at all as they seem - imagine that !

 What if this had to happen to end Jewish rule? When people's friends and relatives keep dropping dead, maybe they will forget about the new Western religion of Holocaustianity, look past it, and see who has been doing it, and who has created and directed all these suicidal death cults. Maybe this is what had to happen to get us from under the Jew. Maybe even they see that having Chabbad direct humanity is a bad idea, even for them, and maybe there are a few powerful people in dark places even that wanted all of this to happen - for the Luciferians to overplay their hand. Maybe this was the only way.

TF said (January 25, 2023):

As Ken over at says (and I think it is a very good point):

"They are in the process of running a problem/reaction/SOLUTION-scam, not a problem/reaction/PROBLEM-scam"

Lucky for us, God is real, and so are our souls. 

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