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Hitler Was an Illuminati Agent

January 13, 2024


Organized Jewry ( i.e. the WEF) degrades humanity by starting wars using their 
agents (Freemasons) on both sides. 

As the third Masonic Jewish world war approaches, let's look at WW2 
when Churchill, FDR, Stalin and Hitler were all Freemasons.

Supposedly the enemy of Jewish bankers, Hitler acted like 
he didn't know the Rothschilds controlled England and America, 
when this was common knowledge. If Hitler were genuine, he would have plucked 
out the City of London before taking Russia. His mission was to lead Germany into a disastrous war and extinguish its national aspirations  forever.

Similarly both Hamas and Netanyahu are Freemasons. 

(Updated from Jan 2006 and Oct 11, 2018)

By Henry Makow Ph.D

Greg Hallett's book "Hitler Was A British Agent" (2005) depicts war as a ghoulish illusion conjured by occult magicians in order to degrade and eventually enslave humanity in a world government.

Hallett's claim that Hitler was a "British" agent is based on the testimony of a shadowy network of retired intelligence agents. While he fails to provide documentary proof, Hallett does offer persuasive circumstantial evidence.

For example, Adolph Hitler was in England in 1912-1913, a fact supported by his sister-in-law's book: "The Memoirs of Bridget Hitler"(1979). Many historians including Hitler biographer John Toland have ignored this startling information. (If Hallett is right, historians like Toland are guilty perpetuating the myth that Hitler was a genuine threat to "Jewish bankers.")

Hallett says Hitler spent February to November 1912 being brainwashed and trained at the British Military Psych-Ops War School at Tavistock in Devon and in Ireland. "War machines need war and [that means they need] funded, trained and supported double agents to be their patsies, their puppets and their puppet enemies," Hallett writes (38).

His sister-in-law describes Hitler as completely wasted when he arrived at her Liverpool home baggage-less. "I had an idea he was ill, his color was so bad and his eyes looked so peculiar," she wrote. "He was always reading, not books, little pamphlets printed in German. I don't know what was in them nor exactly where they came from." (pp. 29,35) Hallett says these were Tavistock training manuals.


"Hitler was a British Agent" is useful as an alternative paradigm. (Usually we cannot recognize truth because we have the wrong paradigm, i.e. our "education.") When Hallett says "British", he means Illuminati, the Masonic cult of super rich bankers who control an interlocking network of cartels. This cult is based in the City of London but uses England and most nations as sock puppets in a Punch and Judy show called history.

Hallett's claim would clarify many improbable events in the Second World War. For example, why did Hitler let 335,000 Allied soldiers escape at Dunkirk? This quixotic gesture was explained as a peace overture, but surely England would have been more compliant if its army were in Nazi POW camps. 

The Nazi triumph in May 1940 was like a knock-out in the first round. The Illuminati did not intend for the match to end so soon, nor for the Nazis to finally win.

In the summer of 1940, when Britain was prostrate, Nazi Military Intelligence Chief (Abwehr) Admiral Wilhelm Canaris told Romanian Foreign Minister Prince Michael Sturdza to stay neutral because England would win the war. He also gave this message to Spanish dictator Franco.

Hallett's theory also explains why Hitler, supposedly the arch enemy of Jewish bankers, acted like he didn't know the Rothschilds controlled England (and America) when this was practically common knowledge. (See, Hilaire Belloc, "The Jews" 1922). If Hitler were for real, he wouldn't have tried to accommodate these countries. England would have been invaded and conquered before Russia was attacked.

Hallett's hypothesis explains 1)Why Hitler was able to expand into the Rhineland etc. without fear of retaliation. 

2) Why the Nazi war machine was financed and built by the Bank of England and a Who's Who of Anglo American corporations controlled by the Illuminati. 

3) Why Hitler never sealed the Mediterranean at Gibraltar; and why the Spanish dictator Franco remained neutral, despite the huge debt he owed the Nazis from the Civil War. 

4) Why I.G. Farben headquarters in Frankfurt was never bombed. This became CIA headquarters.

 5) Why the Bank of England rewarded Hitler for taking Prague by giving him the Czech gold reserves held in London. 

6) Why Japan did not attack Russia despite the fact Hitler entered the war against the US after Pearl Harbor. Thus Stalin was able to fight on one front while Hitler fought on two.

It would explain why Hitler gave his ridiculous racial policies priority over actually winning the war. He could have enlisted millions of Slavs (and even many Jews) in overcoming Communist Russia. Instead, he made them implacable enemies willing to fight to the death.

We could also question why the Nazis never figured out that their communications were compromised; why Hitler didn't conquer the oil fields of Russia and the Middle East when he had the chance etc.; why the Sixth army wasn't allowed to withdraw from Stalingrad; but you get the picture. The fix was in.


The biggest improbability of all is that an Austrian tramp, street cleaner and gay prostitute could become the Chancellor of Germany. Hitler joins a long list of obscure blackmail-able figures who have been catapulted to world prominence with the aid of an unseen hand.


(Salomon Rothschild 1844-1911 not Lionel would be Hitler's grandfather)

Hallett writes that Hitler's grandfather was Nathan Meyer Rothschild. Maria Schickelgruber, Hitler's grandmother, was a maid in the Rothschild's Vienna mansion when his father, Alois was conceived "in fear" in a satanic ritual rape. The Rothschilds could only marry within their extended family so they had illegitimate children who functioned as anonymous agents.

(Apparently this is a pattern with the Illuminati. Bill Clinton is rumored to be a Rockefeller.)

His grandmother received child support from a Jewish businessman who was probably an intermediary for his grandfather. Bridget Hitler quotes Hitler's sister Paula: "Since [Adolf] started the race laws we have no grandfather, Adolf and I. Certainly anyone who wished could make a good deal out of that." (Memoirs, p. 175)

Rothschild's son, Alois Hitler's third marriage was to his niece, Klara, who became Hitler's mother. His father was abusive and his mother over- compensated. Hitler became destitute at age 18 when his mother died, and he lived in a Vienna men's hostel that was a homosexual haunt.

According to Lothar Machtan's "The Hidden Hitler" (2001),  Hitler was a homosexual with a long police record for harassing men in both in Munich and Vienna. These records reached both Russia and England but were never used for propaganda, more evidence that the war may have been a charade. (Machtan also says Hitler tried to join the Communist Party after the war but was rejected for demanding too much, evidence he may have been a "gun for hire.")

hs-hitler-skorzeny.jpeg(Masonic handshake) 


In 1912, Hitler traveled to England for training as an Illuminati agent which took place in German. This "training" ranged from imbibing a sense of his role in Germany's destiny to learning how to mesmerize audiences.

It also included trauma brainwashing. The "alter's" consciousness is shattered by witnessing savage atrocities and suffering sexual abuse, all of which is filmed. Then the various fragments of consciousness are programmed and can be accessed with special code words. 

Hitler returned to Germany in May 1913 and enlisted in the German army. During World War One, he served as a runner and was captured twice by the English. On both occasions, he was spared execution by an "angel" in British intelligence.

According to Hallett, Hitler enjoyed having women defecate on him. He also had undersized genitals and only one testicle. (Many women whom he courted committed suicide. He murdered the love of his life, his 17-year-old half-niece Geli, when she got pregnant by his chauffeur. Machtan argues that Hitler's real affections were for the chauffeur.)

(For more on Nazi Homosexuality, see "The Pink Swastika" online.)


(They always tell us in advance what they plan to do)


History is unfolding according to the Illuminati's long-term plan. Wars are plotted decades in advance and orchestrated to achieve the destruction of nations and natural elites, depopulation, demoralization, and of course power and profit.

The super rich have organized themselves into a satanic cult to prey on mankind and to establish their permanent hegemony. Put yourself in the central bankers' shoes. The nations of the world owe you trillions based on money you printed for the cost of paper and ink. The only way to protect this "investment" is to establish a thinly disguised dictatorship, using sophisticated methods of social and mind control. This is the true meaning of the "Terror." It's not directed at "Muslim terrorists." It's directed at you and me.

According to Hallett, Joseph Stalin was another Illuminati "agent of war" who attended the Tavistock Psyche Ops training school in 1907. Clifford Shack has suggested that Stalin was also an illegitimate son of a Rothschild. 

Hallett says Hitler's death was faked (a double was killed) and Hitler escaped to Barcelona where he lived until 1950, when he died of stomach cancer.

Greg Hallett is a maverick and his rambling book is full of repetition and digressions. I wouldn't swear by any of Hallett's claims as yet. But he deserves our thanks for advancing an alternative view of history that while far-fetched is more plausible than what supposedly transpired. We should be able to entertain speculative views without feeling compelled to accept or reject them.

World War Two achieved all of the Illuminati's goals. Germany and Japan were turned into a wasteland. Sixty million people were slaughtered. The Jewish holocaust motivated Jews to establish the Rothschild's world government headquarters in Israel. 

Idealists, patriots and natural leaders on both sides were slaughtered. Nations were laden with debt. The United Nations rose like a phoenix from the ashes. Hiroshima cast a pall of terror over the world. The USSR was a superpower and controlled Eastern Europe. The stage was set for the next act...the Cold War.

Given the bleak outlook for humanity, there is a tendency to actually idealize Hitler as an opponent of central banker hegemony. Hallett's book is an important reminder that like Stalin and Mao, Hitler was an agent; and the Illuminati sponsor "enemies" in order to foment conflict, and keep humanity in its thrall.


See also my Hitler Didn't Close German Masonry

"Countdown to World War Three"

and my "Winston Churchill, Illuminati Pawn"

--------- "Jacob" Hitler's 1924 French Police ID Card

---------- Eight Signs Illuminati Orchestrated WW2

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Comments for "Hitler Was an Illuminati Agent"

Shelly said (January 15, 2024):

A comment on your updated article "Hitler Was an Illuminati Agent" (Jan. 13, 2024), re. the London Rothschilds, the City of London Crown Corporation, etc.

Some savvy researcher needs to connect the following two dots, using documented evidence:

(1) Hitler was a great admirer of Britain even before "Mein Kampf"

(2) Hitler's NS Third Reich from 1933 onward was fully aware of the "Jewish" and/or "Zionist" influence/dominence over Britain (you, Henry, have mentioned several papers, articles, essays, etc. from the Third Reich era that covered this topic at the time in some of your articles about Britain)

(3) So, putting one and two together, Hitler was a great admirer of Jewish/Zionist-dominated Britain [this also explains Hitler's theatrical performace re. the Vienna Rothschilds -- and we won't even go into the Credit Anschtalt case here...]

Case closed? Let's be fair and square for the sake of truth and give any Doubling Thomas a shot at this:

(4) If anyone can contest the above equation with factual documentation and prove this thesis wrong, please submit your comments to Henry Makow. It will be immensely appreciated in the interest of truth.

James C said (January 14, 2024):

The Jews declared war on Germany in 1933; their declaration of war on Germany was front page news. Germany had rejected the Jewish monetary system based on fiat money and usury, and Germany was prospering. The Jews were terrified that Germany's example would spread. The Jews want the whole world under their monetary system; and this is the real cause of the present unstable conditions. The world is in the process of rejecting the Jewish monetary system and the Jews are scared shitless. Furthermore, if Hitler had actually desired to annihilate the English, Dunkirk would never have happened. He believed that the British Empire and the Catholic Church were stabilizing forces in the world. It was that bastard Churchill that drew Germany into the war. Are you aware that Mr. Chamberlain was burnt in effigy in Moscow as soon as it was known that he had secured peace; showing very clearly who wanted war, and who are still ceaselessly working to stir up strife all the world over, and for the very same reasons. IMO, World War II was a war fought to make the world safe for Communism and for the Jewish monetary system, and the communists won. The Jews and their monetary system were behind all of the major wars and revolutions of the past several centuries, and they are behind the present wars.

IC said (January 13, 2024):

“If Hitler were genuine, he would have plucked out the City of London before taking Russia.”
The strongest argument against Hitler, your statement makes it so clear and obvious. Yes, even if Soviet Russia is a jewish establishment, it must come from London, which is also an easier military target.

IC said (January 13, 2024):

“If Hitler were genuine, he would have plucked out the City of London before taking Russia.”
The strongest argument against Hitler, your statement makes it so clear and obvious. Yes, even if Soviet Russia is a jewish establishment, it must come from London, which is also an easier military target.

JC said (January 13, 2024):

Once again you tell the truth-of-the-matter.

Your readers should realize George Washington (and at least three dozen Revolutionary War generals),

Abraham Lincoln, Jefferson Davis, Gen. USS Grant, Robert E. Lee (and dozens of Civil War generals),

Winston Churchill, Gen. John Pershing, FDR, Gen. George Marshall, Gen. Douglas MacArthur, Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower, Gen. Omar Bradley,

Gen. ‘Hap’ Arnold, Gen. George Patton, Adm. William Leahy, Adm. Ernest King, Adm. Chester Nimitz, Adm. William Halsey and hundreds of other

so-called American “war heroes” over the past 250 years are Jewish-Jesuit controlled freemasons.

They are all told do what do – or else. Just ask Lincoln and Patton.

And now WWIII and those men who lead all the nations into war belong to this secret fraternity.

Everyone – wake-up. Stop watching TV.

Rick said (November 11, 2018):

have believed this for some time. It would certainly explain all the stupid military decisions
made by Hitler against the advice of his generals. It has also been written by
some people, most notably the FBI that he escaped to Argentina and lived out his life there.
How could that be allowed to happen without the complicity of the so called Allies?

Just sayin'.

YN said (November 10, 2018):

Britain controlled Germany's oil supplies throughout WW2

e.g. the Petroleum cut-offs at both Ploiesti and Alger in summer 1943,
after Hitler's job had been accomplished in May that year.

Since 1917 Germans are British Muppets for hire.
The elites know this very well, while the ignorant masses still don't have no clue.

JG said (November 10, 2018):

Excellent comment by James C. [below] Yes, this has been the pattern for war and revolution around the globe.

The new MSM created villain in town now is Vladimir Putin. This comes as no surprise. It stands to reason because Putin is in the process of cleansing Russia from Communism.

I really feel for all the parties involved within the MSM and their bogus intel sources that propagate these lies about foreign leaders that lead to war like they did with Saddam Hussein and his weapons of mass destruction that never were.They have no idea of all the blood that is on their hands.

James C said (November 10, 2018):

The real truth about World War II is that Germany and Japan had become a threat to international banking by creating alternative usury-free monetary systems and both were thriving. They had to be destroyed because they were setting a bad example to the money power based in England.

This is the documented historical pattern; every nation that ever broke free from the debt-and-usury based monetary system has been targeted by the money power for either revolution or war. You can find numerous historical examples in Stephen Goodson's book A History Of Central Banking. Libya is a recent example.

The claim that Hitler was a warmonger is absolutely false. It wasn't Germany and Japan who wanted war; it was the Anglo-American Establishment. It was the machinations of Roosevelt and Churchill that brought about World War II. The Germans did everything in their power to prevent war. This is a well-documented fact. Hitler actually wanted to become allied with England. He stated that the British Empire was a stabilizing force in the world. He even offered to use the German army in defense of Britain. Hitler doesn't sound like "an Illuminati Agent" to me.

Were you aware that when the Russians heard the news that Neville Chamberlain had achieved the Munich Agreement in 1938 they burned an effigy of him in protest? So who really wanted war?

In conclusion, World War II was a war fought to make the world safe for Communism. The communists won, which is why we now have all 10 planks of the Communist Manifesto in place in the United States.

David C said (November 10, 2018):

This article sent me down a rabbit hole, where I found this:

The story sounds plausible, and supports that Hitler lived in Spain after WW-IUI ended, although he could have traveled anywhere in the world anonymously. Spain has many political ties to South American countries, so it's easy to picture Hitler going back and forth. I've concluded Hitler was controlled, as were all the other major politicians involved in WW-II (FDR, Stalin, Churchill). At this point, I believe all governments are controlled, directly or indirectly, knowingly or unknowingly. The secret cabal that controls the world is possessed by satan, likely through his demonic "fallen angels", and has controlled the world for hundreds - possibly thousands of years. The Bible claims the demonic entities that control our world through controlling humans using ego and greed, will manifest in this dimension for seven horrible years, then Jesus Christ returns to save the day.......?

While I was born into a Christian, mostly non-religious family, I later learned my mother is Jewish, and have studied the various religions superficially. There is so much evil in the world, and Christians and Jesus are so persecuted now (as foretold in "Revelation"), that it's brought me back to the Gospel Truth, although the Christian churches seem to have been all taken-over by the evil entity. I consider Marxism as satanism politicized, as it continues to degrade our society in every way.

Most people seem lost, and believe satanism is good, while Christianity is bad - white supremacists and Everything is inverted, and I'm going insane living among slaves who seemingly have their minds controlled by satan, through the Marxist Matrix. I don't claim to be better than they are, or know more, but I see what I see, and know I need to get out of this city, before it's too late.......!

Old Salt said (January 14, 2016):

This horrible episode reminds me of the USS Maine in Havana, Cuba in 1898.
That explosion, as we now know, was gas released from the over-heated coal in a bunker that was next to one of the ships’ boilers. A major safety factor that was ignored so the Illuminati could falsely claim the Spaniards were re-
sponsible, and as we know now, start a war to seize Cuba and the Philippines.

The Illuminati publisher, named Hearst from California, was the bugger who started the Spanish-American War.

As for the HMS Natal, that was an early Red Flag incident leading up to WW-1.

In today’s digital world, we cannot go through a whole month without something rotten happening somewhere. The bastard gangsters will not let us live
in peace. Greed is not a subject for any negotiation anywhere at any time.

FS said (January 14, 2016):

It seems They had rather a lot invested and ridding on one thrusted into a life of such risk taking, even with some high-placed guardian angels looking out for the precious, young Hitler change agent (Unless those Cabalist magicians were drawing on some secret sources of supernatural protection?): living as an impoverished street cleaner, a homosexual prostitute and a bullet-dodging runner in World War Two, all carrying a low to medium life-expectancy -- and even one of high life expectancy and minimal risk wouldn't be an acceptable risk for Them, especially for one so important.

So, I'd be surprised if They didn't have some alternate, Rothschild spawns standbys to direct world history should one or more Hitler candidates not make it -- and that goes for the likes of the Bill Clintons too. Any ideas on who they might have been? The Illuminati would never put all their precious world changing eggs into one basket.

Peter said (January 13, 2016):

That story about Hitler hiding out in Spain has been kicked around before. The story that I have went something like this: While the fake bunker fire was being filmed in Berlin, Hitler, his wife and dog were aboard a very tiny sub that sneaked them out of Berlin in the Spee River to the Baltic Sea where they transferred to a full-sized U-Boat which then wormed its way out to the North Sea, joined up with another U-Boat. They were both fully armed to their limits. They travelled together to Mar del Plata on Argentina’s coast just south of the River Platt. Hitler was taken to Neuquen in the central part of Patagonia where he lived in his own house until sometime in either the late 1960s or possibly the 1970s. The U-Boat crews surrendered to the Argentine government and did their time as POWs. Where they went afterwards (???) Probably to Neuquen. Or they may have had something to do with that secret Antarctic base.

The Argentine dictator was his protector. The key to this act of the Devil was the U.S. government agencies, FBI and the CIA which knew where Hitler was but did nothing to go get him. Why? We now know why; The Rockefellers and Old Man Bush were the principal funders of this huge fraud.

Ray said (January 13, 2016):

There's one thing that puzzles me in all those stories about Hitler ??

During the War, why did he stop the progression of the German Wermacht toward Dunkerque & take prisoners the nearly whole British Army ??

Second biggest puzzle ?? How many bombs from the Luftwaffe during the blitz on London, have fallen on the City of London (I mean the famous square mile) how many on West End, A bomb by mistake has fallen on the garden of Buck Palace ?? I know that East End, working class suburb got devastated...

So ?? All is a dog & pony show for us stupid schmucks ?

Giordan Smith said (March 28, 2008):

Dear Henry Makow,

As someone who has recently published a series of articles on Hitler's disappearance at the end of World War II, I have inevitably begun to
take an interest in the theory that he was what you call an 'Illluminati agent.' However, I have several questions concerning the theory, as you represent it in your latest article published on the Internet.

You write:

'The biggest improbability of all is that an Austrian tramp, street cleaner and gay prostitute could become the Chancellor of Germany.'
Let's assume that this is an accurate description of Hitler in 1912 (which I personally doubt). It seems to me it highly improbable that
'the British Military Psych-Ops War School at Tavistock in Devon and in Ireland' would consider such a man suitable for brainwashing and
training. Why wouldn't they have chosen a more significant individual?
Given his low social status and lack of wealth, Hitler wouldn't have even been a suitable target for blackmailing.

Such a theory also fails to account for the Hitler's unremarkable record during WWI. What was the point of this 'brainwashing and
training' if, during the war, he behaved as a completely normal soldier? If they groomed him before the war, the only logical reason
would have been to make use of him during the war. Yet so far as we know he did nothing during the entire war period that would have
served the interests of the 'Illuminati.' It seems far-fetched to think that they could already have done so with a view to the postwar
years. They could have just started their brainwashing with a captured (or abducted) German in 1918-19!

I find myself wondering whether there even was such an institution as a 'British Military Psych-Ops War School at Tavistock in Devon and in
Ireland' and whether - if there was - it made much sense for them to work with such total nonentities as Hitler rather than with someone
who at least possessed some social influence.

The more I think about your theory, the more such questions proliferate.

---Dear GS

Hitler was not a non entity. He was very likely the grandson of a Rothschild. This is not wild speculation. It is in a wartime 280 page OSS psychological assessment by Dr. Walter Langer which is available in book form.

The pertinent passage is quoted here:


Tony said (March 24, 2008):

Greetings: Briefly, last night your guest Leo made a statement that it seems may not be entirely accurate,: he said basically that christianity comes from judaism...{this is a false assumption} that leads to a false conclusion. What evidence is there that Christianity comes from judaism. The reason I ask, is because there is evidence to the contrary, that once exposed to the Light, will dispel the false story/narrative of talmudism/judeo-christianity...neocon/jews are Israel nonsense that ensures the desired outcome{of the illumiati...1] do you have a copy of Mackey's Encyclopedia of Freemasonry ? If so see...a} assassin b} babylon c] Captivity ...the word captivity contains the key to dismantling this jewish myth concerning "jews" are Israel, as they admit to not having been in bondage in Egypt, just as the nonyiddish speaking so-called "jews" admit in John 8. Anyway it would be great if you could take calls because that would have been an opportune moment to expose the Truth and dispel the inaccurate understanding concerning who Israel really is. Thanks again...Tony


Seymour Johnson Rothschild said (February 2, 2006):

Dear Henry Makow,

As a member of the Association of Jewish Homosexual Satanic Feminists for
World Government, I am offended by your articles linking us to the Illuminati. I will have you know that we Jewish homosexual satanic
feminists have nothing to do with the Illuminati which is run by middle aged straight Republicans, just like the Bohemian Grove. I will have you know that we work for our agenda through the, well, I'm not going to tell you who
we work through. A secret, you see. In the future, please be more careful about your assertions.

Seymour Johnson Rothschild

Dear Seymour,

For a small fee, I will blame the problems of the world on the Cattle Breeders of Saskatchewan.


Clyde said (February 2, 2006):

Been reading your site on and off for several months but have taken a renewed interest lately for whatever reason ,perhaps God has led me too. I just want to say how much your very sane writing has helped me.I am 31 and a classic sort of child of dysfunctional nwo generic mind control. Mom was a feminist,dad had same issues as me and was looking for his identity in sex rather than God, family , career and responsibility. I would and have done too.

So I really grew up believeing the lies the media and also my mom told me that we are all equal now,no difference,women dont like sex.I belived all women hated me( an to an extent that is true as there is a latent hatred of males clearly)

But the one I find so annoying is all the 80's crap I believed about men should be more like women basically,i.e. get in touch with feelings, not make work important,not lead,not have family as a goal etc.

So glad to be making my way out of the lie field at last, I feel so less confused and tormented.

Jean from Hungary said (January 29, 2006):

I'll ignore whether Hitler was a British agent or not but he was committed to start the war, for at least two reasons:

- The German exports were strangled by a financial and commercial blockade initiated by the international banksters and the Jewish lobbies they control. As a result, the still fragile German economy was collapsing.
- Stalin was secretly preparing to attack Germany by surprise. The main reason the German troups were so successful in the first months against the Soviet Union is that the Soviet troups were preparing to an attack rather than to a defense. It is a basic truth in military strategy that an army preparing to attack by surprise is very vulnerable to a non expected attack. After the war, surviving German officers revealed that they found themselves in front of a Soviet army preparing for a massive attack and absolutely surprised to be itself attacked.

Hitler and Stalin were both trying to cheat each other. Stalin was convinced that Hitler will not attack the Soviet Union and that a Soviet surprise attack could therefore easily occupy the weakly defended Eastern European countries, including Austria and part of Germany (at least the Dantzig region). These facts and many others were largely known amongst the historians until History was progressively re-written after the sixties: many historical books were purposely rewritten or simply not reprinted, disappearing even from most of the public libraries. In some countries, like Switzerland where i lived a long time, the public libraries were not suppressing the truth as quickly as in other countries.

The today`s situation is quite similar. Today`s Germany are the USA and the American neo-cons have a very similar ideology to that of the German Third Reich: the Straussianism. I don`t have the place here to develop here but this would be certainly a good subject for another article of yours, Henry.

FK said (January 28, 2006):

The whole discussion is useful because "Hitler" has been turned into a monster, a superhuman evildoer, and all this does is warp our thinking.

Hitler was human and our knowledge of him needs a dust-up. Articles such as yours will help out a lot. Whatever Hitler was, we need to understand him now more than ever. Should the US economy keep on like it is, a Weimer America is possible. Worse than that: America also has badly-paid soldiers all over the world and many, many nukes.

Imagine a British/Illuminati agent taking over the US now! Assuming it has not already happened, the possibilities are astoundingly depressing. At minimum, the damage to the world would be much more profound than anything Adolf Hitler did in the 30s and 40s.

Andy said (January 28, 2006):

If Greg Hallett explains HOW, then John Daniel explains WHY--Hitler was a British Agent. In a sense, John Daniel supplies a parallel line on argument that buttresses the preposterous sounding assertions that English Freemasonry was actually behind The Hitler Project. In fact, Chapter 22 of John Daniel's Scarlet and The Beast is even entitled ENGLISH FREEMASONRY AND THE HITLER PROJECT.

According to John Daniel, "A number of forces were behind the political creation of Adolf Hitler (1889-1945). Perhaps unknown to many is that a significant portion of Nazi Ideology had its origin in Great Britain....Inventing a Hitler began in the mid-19th century. At that time English Freemasonry had arrived at the stark realization that French Freemasonry was rapidly becoming more powerful. Karl Marx was living in England, injecting his communist poison into the veins of the labor force....In order to regain ascendancy in the struggle for world power, English Masonry needed to disseminate its notions of racial superiority and the occult (which were closely linked), and create a political engine to combat the spread of communism among the working and lower classes. English Masonry would eventually need a charismatic leader who could embrace all three elements of its design. It seems inevitable that English Freemasonry would need to discover or create, if not Adolf Hitler, someone like him. It is this endeavor of the British Brotherhood that is called the “Hitler Project.”

Thanks Andy,

This would be more convincing if English Freemasonry didn't also create Communism and the Bolshevik revolution.


Dan said (January 27, 2006):

Hitler remains one of the most enigmatic personages of modern history, considering his universal high profile. There no shortage of first hand accounts by people who were close to him all the way back to grade school. From what I've read, including a book by his high school friend August Kuzibeck (Hitler, meine jungen freund), There was always something unusual and inexplicable about Hitler even in school Kuzibeck mentioned an episode of a prominent local man speaking to the boys in a park, and seeming familiar with Hilter. The man closed the discussion by inviting Kuzibeck to feel free to drop by his home anytime to discuss intellectual subjects. Kuzibeck was flattered, but Hitler knowingly said, "that man is a homosexual. do not visit him". Kuzibeck wrote that at 14, he had only a vague idea of what a homosexual even was, and was impressed by Hitler's seeming knowlege of adult topics.

Many Americans who had met Hitler, such as Orson Wells at the 1936 Olympics, remarked they were shocked that in person, Hitler did not impress at all. Perhaps they were actually meeting doubles. Or more likely, Hitler did have the form of multiple identity disorder ('alters') described by victims of secret mind control programs.

Much has been written by those who witnessed Hitler's oratory. It's said that he literally changed into someone else, described as 'supernatural' and hypnotic, long before Albert Speir's expensive sets and sound amplification aoustics and spot lighting enhanced the effect at the Nuremburg rallies. Hitler's involvement with the documented Thule Society is also very odd. Or used to be considered odd for the later leader of a civilized first world 20th century nation, before what we now know of our high ranking government and presidential officials involvement in Skull and Bones. S$B, whose symbold is the very death's head and bones worn by the Waffen SS., originated from the very same German Luciferian cult: The Fraternus Saturnis. Thule being on of many 'outer' of 'funnel' front clubs controlled by the more secret FS, which was/is elite Immuminati.

Whether or not it can be proven without doubt that Hitler's year in Britain was in training at Tavistock, the depth of his involvement with real German Satanism/Illuminism is well documented. He recieved his training in oratory under the auspices of an infamous Thulean. Training included invocation of specific Enochian demons to channel for mesmeric public speaking.

We may never know the full story of Hitler, how far back his grooming for the role of an anti-Christ went, and the crititcal missing links between the known Satanist groups of the day, and the British secret services.

Tavistock is certainly a key. Since I learned of what Tavistock is and how long they've been around, I'm coming upon more and more names of people who were documented as having been trained by there, or attended seminars there. Irrefutably documented examples include, Angela Davis and founding members of the Black Panther movement. Attended seminars on Marxism and revolution, 1963-64. Also 'Cinque' of the 'Symbionese Liberation Army', of Patty Hearst fame.

One week before he was murdered, John Lennon revealed on an New York radio interview (which I've heard several times), that the Beatles were created by Tavistock to launch a new paradigm for youth to abandon traditonal values for sex, drugs, and rock n' roll. He said he was he was going to reveal the whole secret and had come out of hiding to do so. Aside from this astounding revelation, Lennon never got the chance to tell all he knew.

Tavistock as we know it did not exist in 1912-1913. The Marquis of Tavistock, Duke of Bedford, didn't give the properties at Tavistock Square to MI-5 until 1921, ostensibly as a research institute to study shell shock and battlefield trauma after the first world war. If Hallet said Tavestock, I suppose that spy training (brainwashing) had in fact been conducted there as early as 1912, since Illuminati operatives in the British secret goverment were certainly aware of what was coming, no doubt even before the Kaiser and Czar were aware that they would soon be manipulated into a great war neither intended.
Lyndon LaRouche has put together the pre-history of wwI and points to King Edward VII of Great Britain as the mastermind, even though he died in 1910.

And there is nothing new about spies, double agents, brainwashing, and blackmail. All the crowned heads of Europe and Russia employed highly sophisticated spy networks, and they are well known to have practiced all of the above. We have examples of sophisticated espionage during the American Civil War, (John Wilkes Booth, member Golden Circle. Belle Star, Confederate 'Madda Hari'). These are well documented as agents working directly for British Intelligence for the prevention of the United States attaining independent world power.

What amazes me today is that the Tavistock Institute has a very wholesome looking web site, with smiling faces, and offers seminars, and scholarships.

I can't prove a thing of course, but my impression of Hitler since reading Hitler meine jungen freund in the late 1970's, is that someone was guiding and grooming him since childhood, and that he was to some extent aware of this, though thoroughly mind contolled and never given the full story.

Larry said (January 27, 2006):

Hello, Henry!

Austrian born Arnold Schwarzenegger's middle name is Alois.

Could his hanging out at the Rothschild mansion be more like a family reunion?

Rachel said (January 27, 2006):

You have managed to arrange words in the English language into the most ignorant display of an opinion I have ever seen. Your perspective does not reflect my reality. I hope you don't stay this ignorant.

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