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Would Congress Deliberately Cause Social Upheaval?

October 16, 2013

socialupheaval.jpgThroughout history the Illuminati bankers have always used
economic turmoil to advance their goal of world government tyranny.

The US has been given a three-months reprieve to resolve budget and debt differences.

Nevertheless, it is useful to keep the big picture in mind. I reprise Illuminati Bankers Seek "Revolution" by Economic Means, written in 2008, which shows how in the past, the Illuminati have instigated economic crises to enact social and political change. 

For the past year, we have been hearing reports of the DHS stocking up on ammunition. We have learned of the extent of NSA surveillance. The social upheaval caused by another economic crisis would be the catalyst to justify such precautions. Over the weekend, we heard of glitches in the food stamp program, reminder of what might happen if the government cannot feed aid recipients, who number 44 million people by some estimates.

The Illuminati believe their new world order will emerge from the ruins of the old order. They see chaos and destruction as necessary for this "creative" process. The Illuminati bankers deliberately undermined efforts to prevent the 2007 credit crisis. 

Thus, they are behind the debt ceiling crisis as well. "Debt" is a phoney issue. Money is a medium of exchange like a coupon; it has no intrinsic value. The USD provides necessary liquidity for the whole world and is like gas to the economic engine. The US debt will never be paid back; it's not supposed to be. It's the currency! The United States can comfortably service the debt as long as the economy is purring.
The "Tea Party" and their debt fixation are part of a left-right charade created by the Illuminati via The Koch Brothers.    The purpose is to create economic gridlock and chaos. Sen Ted Cruz's  wife is a bigwig with Goldman Sachs.

The Tea Party are dupes who do not understand money. The real issue, which they ignore, is that money is created in the form of a debt to a private cartel, but they are puppets of this cartel. Money should be created by the government, debt and interest-free and spent or loaned into usage.

The United States has been printing and spending money without any sign of inflation. The economy is recovering slowly and the stock market is at new highs. What could go wrong? An age-old diabolical plan for world government tyranny is the only possibility.

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Illuminati Bankers Seek "Revolution" by Economic Means
Oct 12, 2008

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

The Illuminati bankers had us where they wanted Friday.  Everyone was in a panic, dumping anything of real value -- gold, real estate, oil -- and rushing into US dollars, a medium of exchange created by the Illuminati bankers out of nothing with the help of their government lackeys.

Why the sudden appeal of US dollars? There is a huge shortage of them because the bankers put our money into mortgages and then they crashed the housing market. Trillions disappeared. Now their lackeys in government have to "borrow" trillions to make up the deficit. The result: the bankers are trillions richer.

Did they do this deliberately?  Do you think Rich Fuld, the CEO of Lehman Brothers, got a $250 million sendoff for driving his company into bankruptcy?  

No, that's likely his payoff for selling out his employees and his country. Multiply that throughout the financial industry.

lightbox_cover2.jpg(TIME Man of the Year Cover bodes Ill)

Throughout history the Illuminati bankers have always used war and economic turmoil to advance their goal. Since we have enjoyed prosperity, I have been focused on war. But now I must consider how they use economic hardship to advance their world government.

It's brilliant when you think about it. Depression doesn't involve bloodshed and the destruction of valuable property. On the contrary, it allows the bankers to suck up real wealth at bargain prices. And people under duress will accept anything to regain the delicious prosperity they once knew. 


The key to understanding our world is the 1938 interrogation of Illuminati insider Christian Rakovsky (Chaim Rakover) by the Stalinist secret police, the NKVD. Rakowsky was an associate of Trotsky, and a former Russian ambassador to Paris.

Rakovsky explains that the real goal of Communism is the same as the New World Order, essentially a dictatorship of the Masonic Jewish central banking cartel. The real meaning of "revolution" and all socialist and liberal enterprise is this dictatorship, thinly veiled as "internationalism" and "world government."  The propaganda about championing the working class and equality etc. is a ruse to hide the centralization of wealth and power in the hands of this relatively small network of Satanist bankers and tycoons known as the "Illuminati."

Rakovsky explains that war is necessary to revolution. The Illuminati bankers financed Hitler because they had lost control of Stalin. Now Rakovsky invited Stalin to return to the fold and help them destroy Hitler or else they would give Hitler free rein. Thus Hitler was set up for a war on two fronts. First, the two dictators forged an alliance in August 1939, (mere months after the Fascists defeated the Communists in Spain.) Then when Hitler and Stalin invaded Poland, the Allies declared war against Hitler only.

Rakovsky describes how the illuminati use economic turmoil to achieve totalitarian control. 

He says Oct 24, 1929, the date of the New York Stock Exchange crash ( "the beginning of the so-called 'depression'")  was more important than the 1918 Bolshevik revolution. It broke the "classical American" individualism and resulted in "a flourishing of parasitism, and capital is a large parasite." It began "a real revolution."

"Although the power of money is political power, before it had only been used indirectly, but now the power of money was to be transformed into direct power, The man through whom they made use of such power was Franklin Roosevelt. Have you understood? Take note of the following: In that year 1929 the first year of the American revolution, in February Trotsky leaves Russia; the crash takes place in October...the financing of Hitler is agreed in July 1929. You think that all this was by chance? The four years of the rule of Hoover was used for the preparation for the seizure of power in the United States and USSR; there by means of a financial revolution, and here [Russia] with the help of war and the defeat [of Stalin]  which was to follow." (Full text in Des Griffin, "Fourth Reich of the Rich," p.273)

obamasign (2).jpgOBAMA IS THEIR FDR

Barrack Obama is pictured here giving the Illuminati sign of Baphomet. Yes, technically the thumb should be folded in, and his excuse is that it is the American Sign Language "I Love You." Just like Bush who pretended this was the Texas Longhorn sign, these Satanists need a cover story. Have you ever wondered why the ASL signal is so similar to the sign of Satan? ASL was financed by the Rockefellers and devised by Helen Keller, a theosophist i.e. Mason.

History repeats itself because the Masonic Jewish bankers use the same old bag of tricks. If this is an indication, we are in for tough economic times. If the government controlled its own credit, we could easily re inflate the economy at no cost in debt or interest. But with the central bankers controlling credit, I wonder if they will do enough to replace the capital they have drained from the system. [They did.]

The Bush Administration is complicit in  9-11; in blowing the levees after Katrina, and responsible for the gratuitous, costly and deadly Iraq War. How much confidence can we have in them?


Insider Denis Healey wrote: "World events do not occur by accident: They are made to happen, whether it is to do with national issues or commerce; and most of them are staged and managed by those who hold the purse strings."

The goal is always the same: total control of wealth and the human race by the Satanist megalomaniacs and their minions who command our credit. Their vehicle is world government and their tool of the hour is Barack Obama.

Recently I was accused of making the Illuminati my paranoid religion and fitting everything into this pattern. I agreed that people do seek a system to explain the world. My accuser's assumption was that no "religion" ever is true.  I disagree. Although I would love to be wrong, Illuminati conspiracy does explain reality convincingly.

The complete text of "The Red Symphony" (roughly 55 pages)

See "Washington Mutual Execs Ignored Warnings, Took Brakes Off and Drove Off Cliff"

Makow - The US is a Kleptocracy 

-------------     Illuminati Planning Another Financial Crisis 

First Comment by Thom Beecham :

I sent you an email last week about what Paul Craig Roberts said. What this ordeal is trying to show to the people is that the US constitutional republic needs to be modified to an executive type of set up, where the President has all the power. This situation is being positioned in the media as an example of our obsolete form of government.

He mentioned that if problems persist, the President would invoke the 14th Amendment, and take the power away from Congress. I think Obama's tough stance was a reflection of his ultimate desire to invoke this power, and the Republicans will have to fold, unless they want to see this occur.

Of course, the globalists are behind the agenda to undermine the US Constitution and the Republican form of government. In order for world government to be created, the Executive branch must have unilateral power. By then Congress must be rendered superfluous, like a human appendix. Getting bills through Congress can be like herding cats, and create problems. the Supreme Court has already been neutered and is just a rubber stamp of the President.

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Comments for "Would Congress Deliberately Cause Social Upheaval? "

Richard said (October 16, 2013):

Hi Henry, I'm a big fan of Max Kaiser on RT News, he has some good experts on to explain the turmoil going on in the economic markets. I recommend you view the following episode with Professor Fekete.

He explains that though large amounts of e-money is going into the economy, it is exiting through the destruction of capital, i.e. mortgages, failed industries. That is why we have deflation and not inflation.

The large banks will not provide capital to small businesses but horde it instead. We will wake up with large unpayable debts, no ability (industries) to run our economies and be truly captured in 'failed states' with only the government to support us (or those they choose to).

We need to own our central banks or introduce our own monetary exchange system

Peter said (October 16, 2013):

Time is the greatest test and as time unfolds you are proving you have had your finger on the pulse. I am glad people like you have had the courage to come out and say the things you have, in a time when it was very uncomfortable to do so.

I think the world was seduced into this liberalization many believed the lies, I hope now people are starting to see the lies. I think we need a time of re-education; there needs to be a cleansing of the education system. People need to start rejecting the pseudo-academic globalist falsehoods.

Many people in the alternative media have interesting things to say, but they refuse to get to the heart of the matter. Liberalization is no more than the rebellion against the natural order, it goes against all traditional values that have kept us in good order. I think most people on the cutting edge are seeing we need a return to the natural and a move against these unnatural teachings that have demoralized the people.

I don't think it matters what religion or tradition you come from these teachings are so arrogant they think they can turn against a culture that has taken thousands of years to perfect, that is rooted in our inherent biology.

They think they can just rewrite our culture and create genderless children and make paedophilia ok. It is no coincident that some of these academics are open luciferians. That is where we need to go after the academic community and we need more academics rebelling against the unnatural.

Rick said (October 15, 2008):

I believe you are correct unfortunately; I believe the mass rush of liquidity and financial paroxysms are being manipulated to usher in global depression, famine and ruin, so that we'll perhaps turn on each other like the cannibal horror movies / Video games .

More or less like artillery ' softening up ' a target before moving in for the kill / " fire-sale . "

Dave said (October 15, 2008):

Henry I have not read your articles in a while, I do apologize in advance. I have been overseas and decided to check out the website again. I have been asked time and again, “Why is the US dollar so strong? Why are we suffering, we are not the ones at fault right now? Why is our dollar so low compared to the US dollar?” I have had no answer to these questions. I find myself making excuses for this current event. Until I read your latest article.

“The Illuminati bankers had us where they wanted Friday. Everyone was in a panic, dumping anything of real value -- gold, real estate, oil -- and rushing into US dollars, a medium of exchange created by the Illuminati bankers out of nothing with the help of their government lackeys.”

Even if the above quote is not true… even if it isn’t, which I personally believe it is. You are the only one I have seen that has a good answer to the question. I find this scary and wrong (not that you have the answer but that it is so clear and true!). Why should other countries dollars fall when the US is diluting its current economy with more cash? Why should the rest of the worlds economies suffer for the US, piss poor management?

Well I will go to work tomorrow and explain the above statement, it is the only clear answer I have to nagging questions.


Thanks Dave

My explanation, and I am no economist, is that trillions have been lost, hence the $US is in short suypply.


Elaine said (October 14, 2008):

Were that you were wrong, it would make fixing our mess a lot easier. You
unfortunately are all too correct in your assessments of these Bankers
who run the money system.

People never like to admit that they have been deceived, or taken and that they "are asleep at the wheel."

That's the reason so many people cannot accept who and what is behind the financial mess. Many have awaken, but many still are confused and
can't bring themselves to the reality that they have been screwed by their own government.

Don said (October 13, 2008):

The MOST important thing im learning from all of this, is the biggest bad guys on earth, these rich so called 'elite' want us to fight and kill off ourselves. so to them, PEACE is their biggest advisary.

so to me, its all about PEACE.

so these idiots saying its all the jews fault, its all the muslims fault, its all the whatever's fault, is falling RIGHT into their trap.

the only way to win, is for true PEACE. we cannot hate anyone, because if we do, then they win.

so im just thinking, maybe remind people that the normal jewish guy, who works in brooklyn, hey, he might not be in on the scam. AND he is getting slammed with gas prices, insane taxes, etc too.

in no way am i trying to offend your writing, as i truly LOVE reading your stuff. im just thinking is all.

ok henry, i know you are mad busy, just wanted to drop some thoughts.

BUT damn! holy cow, the main reason im writing this, is how you say obadman will be dropping a 'new deal' on us. of course he will! since they created the problem, it will be simple for them to SOLVE the problem.

i am going to tell all of my friends of this theory, so when obadman all of a sudden out of thin air 'saves us' i can say, 'henry told us so!'

that is why i love reading your articles. once you realize how big the scam is, EVERYTHING is fake now. its weird to see how the world really works. one of my biggest fears as a kid, was fascism. it sucks we are living in one. but thanks to people like you, at least i can see read the truth. at least until they shut down the internet.

Don said (October 12, 2008):


Indeed, economic catastrophes seem to work even better for the world's financial elite than wars or the threat of such, so far as implementing their objectives is concerned. Witness, for instance, the recent popular uprising in America against the so-called 'bailout package'.

I echo Marcos' views regarding debt and Obama's role in helping to usher in a new dark age. I am not encumbered with any debt (although I do have an unavoidable surgery upcoming, so while I have good health insurance, payment of medical bills remains a concern), but for those who are not so fortunate, the hyperinflationary period this country is about to experience will irretrievably eliminate any hope of financial recovery for many millions of Americans. As the moral center of this nation is a thing of the past, the crime levels we will have to endure - especially in large cities, where gun control laws hinder people from protecting their loved ones and possessions - will be horrific.

Marcos said (October 12, 2008):


Don't forget that just a couple of years ago, Bush took away personal bankruptcy protection laws from the citizens. Perfect timing, now that recession is coming, the bankers can take for themselves whatever they wish. The bailout and the accompanying laws were just carte blanche for the Fed to give away money to the banks owned by the Illuminati and promote heavy concentration of wealth and power.
The Illuminati always use Republicans when they want to change the international order, and a Democrat when they need internal change. When the US moves into hyperinflation for excess of monetary base, Obama will be there to socialize the country like FDR and Lula in Brazil. This means more taxes, more state bureaucracy and doles in the form of housing help, food stamps, etc. When the Americans get used to this, it is goodbye to the only country that used to believe in individual freedom and protection against the tyranny of the state.
May I suggest the best analysis of this crisis, by

Andre said (October 12, 2008):

Excuse my poor English, I am French speaking

I should say thank you. You convinced me that there are still good Jews in the world.

I am sorry to see American people so mistreated by their leaders.

I am from a very small country, nearly artificial country; but we know what we want.

When this imbecilic Sarkosy proposed Tony Blair as president of the EEC, I started to collect stones from the way the tram is going, to pull then in the windows of the CEE, if this war criminal was accepted as president.

Sock-pilling the stones in my basis, I saw two other neighbours of my building doing the same. One is the CEO of an advertising company and the other is a black retailer coming from the past Belgian Congo .

So I am still confident that in Europe , people are still awake. We hate those bureaucrats.

They are in the EEC because they are too corrupted and raised too much scandals in their own country to continue a political course.

Everybody knows this, here.

Peter said (October 12, 2008):

The Great Depression was not caused by the stock market crash. It was caused by the planned and prolonged withholding of credit from an economy in need of funds to operate. And that in rich America.

Compare that to a broke and broken Germany. Whatever your feelings about Hitler and what he may have done or not done, focus only on that one fact of the German economy in 1933 suddenly getting the necessary funds to start operating again and having a flourishing economy in no time. To the envy of other European nations, and to the shame of America.

That alone is the proof that economic depressions are entirely man-made and preventable. If you want to expose the Illuminati money cartel SOB's, then shine your spotlight on that long suppressed fact of economic history. It makes the cartel very uneasy because it illustrates so graphically how they operate.

But of course, people who know a war was coming, in fact the very ones who planned that war, may have had reasons to cause depression misery and unemployment. That assures plentiful recruitment of cannon fodder into the armed forces - a thing that is not so easily done during economic boom times.

Long economic hardship now means the SOB's plan another war, and the purpose of the economic misery is to soften up resistance to enlisting in the military.

These and many other reasons speak loudly for getting control over money out of the hands of this cabal of world criminals.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at