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Grim Obama TIME Cover a Warning?

December 19, 2012


Shrouded in gloom, this "Person of the Year" cover seems inappropriate for a man who has just won a resounding re-election victory. 

by John DiNardo

Going back, back, back in TIME, all covers are framed in red!

And yet, the TIME Magazine cover picture of President Obama, is the Person of the Year, is framed in grey and looks like a funeral picture !

Is this a cryptic, symbolic public notice that the diabolical ruling elite (angry Netanyahu, perhaps), are(is) plotting some horrendous atrocity, like their(his) World Trade Center atrocity?

You and I -- among a nation of sheep, under media conditioning - must realize that the ruling elite actually do signal their evil intentions to us, as their dumb cattle, whom they believe are heir chattel. As David Icke points out, Freemasons from Paris gave us the Statue of Liberty, not to declare us free, but to declare themselves to be our rulers. They believe it is their duty,
as rulers, to validate their power over us by declaring it so, albeit within the secrecy of their shadowy system of rulership.

(Left, TIME Man of the Year 2013, President Joe Biden?) 

In order that you may become aware of their forthcoming planned atrocities, we might examine just one of the ruling elite's veiled vows of violence from recent history. Then, in the light of such historical evidence, we must reconsider the movie clip revealing the subliminal display of the words "Sandy Hook" and "Aurora" in the Batman movie, a movie which appears to be the trigger signal for the first of these two 2012 massacres, planned by the secret, yet boldly authoritarian ruling elite.

There was a man who aimed to bring them to justice. They knew that he sought vengeance, and they signaled their awareness with this highly publicized quotation: "He knows how to hate."
 Senator Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated by the C.I.A. on June 6th 1968. Two weeks before the murder, the power elite and their C.I.A. dagger, who had assassinated Bobby's brother, President John F. Kennedy, flashed a subliminal signal to the world, brazenly declaring their intention, not to perpetrate a murder, but to authoritatively perform a public execution,
exactly like their public execution of President Kennedy.
 You see, these murderous power elite prefer to cast themselves, not as perpetrators, striking in cowering fear, but as demigods, proudly striking with authoritative capital vengeance against a violator of their satanic code of conduct.

 The first TIME Magazine cover, left. May 24 1968, symbolically declares
their intention to execute Senator Robert Kennedy, should he
rise to the threatening level of presidential candidate.
Why the dotted matrix blanketing this calculated cartoon image?
Bullet holes? Why the blast of light ringing the victim's head, like
the muzzle flash from an assassin's gun? Why the bright yellow
spike piercing the victim's head like the path of a penetrating bullet? Why the entire cover picture framed in blood red? Why the (elitist color) royal purple finger-like lobes, suggestively
pointing in condemnation?


By winning the crucial California primary election, Senator
Kennedy had just cinched the Democratic Party nomination for
president of the United States, a high enough platform from which
to pursue his brother's murderers. So, at the moment of celebration,
in the kitchen of the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, the ruling
elite carried out their previously signaled execution by neatly firing
a .25 caliber bullet into the mastoid bone, behind the ear, from a
distance of only three inches. This is a fact which was highly
publicized by all of the mass media on June 8th and 9th 1968, but
which was thereafter buried in favor of the highly publicized lie that
a Palestinian, anti-Israel maniac shot Senator Kennedy from thirteen
feet in front of him.                   

(June 14 1968 cover, left. RFK killed June 6. Not much compassion. Unflattering image.)    

~~ May 24, 1968  TIME Magazine - Cover
"THEY pronounce his boyish name with fear and derision or else
with adoration and awe. To many enemies, he is more his father's
son than his brother's brother. Indeed, it was old Joe himself who
observed, "He hates just like I do." By this reckoning, Robert
Kennedy is the spoiled dynast, reclaiming the White House . . . ",16641,19680524,00.html

    ~~ Jun 14, 1968  TIME Magazine - Cover
"After five minutes, a brain deprived of blood-transported oxygen
suffers irreversible and often fatal damage. Thus the doctors who tried
desperately last week to save the life of Robert F. Kennedy were faced
with overwhelmingly negative odds from the moment the Senator was
wheeled, unconscious, from an ambulance into the city's Central
Receiving Hospital. He . . . ",16641,19680614,00.html


TIME's "RATIONALE"  -- Obama Reps Coalition of the Ascendent - Gays, Latinos etc. 

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Comments for " Grim Obama TIME Cover a Warning? "

Glenn said (December 20, 2012):

In response to Dee's comment below;

Not with Obama. His ceremony was about 20 minutes late... when the sun was well past its apex and on its way down. That would signify that he would never have the full power of the position.

From the astrological perspective, that statement is correct. Further to many other accurate points expressed in Dee's posted comment, I would also like to add that Obama's re-done inauguration, was under the auspice's of the astrologically famed, mercury retrograde - which from a historical context, helps to ensure dis-empowerment and failure in any sort of endeavor, be it personal or collective, launched under a mercury retrograde. A classic astrological text book example of something having to be re-done because it was initiated during a mercury retrograde, was the first 2008 banker bailout.

Obama's natal astrologically correct rising sign, is aquarius. Aquarius rules communism = Obama is a communist. Communism / totalitarianism, is part and parcel to the stated goal of the New World Order.

Dee said (December 20, 2012):

The entire Obama inauguration ceremony as an indicator that he was going to be scapegoated or killed? The Masonic traditions were not upheld in that ceremony... all aspects were screwed up, one way or another.

The ceremony is always at noon on the first day of the first decan of Aquarius, when the sun (the sun god RA) is at its apex for the day, the highest power. It is always in front of the Washington Monument (an obelisk being shaped like a crystal, its point to the heavens, to draw in the sun's energy) and on the other end of the Reflecting Pool, which would then "transmit" the energy to the person being "crowned".

Not with Obama. His ceremony was about 20 minutes late... when the sun was well past its apex and on its way down. That would signify that he would never have the full power of the position.

The Masonic Bible was not there... the same one that has inaugurated presidents for how long now? Instead, they had to go get an ordinary Bible from somewhere else.

Then the oath got screwed up first by John Roberts, then by Obama himself.

Then, fearing that somebody would allege that the inauguration was not valid because the oath was not correct, they repeated the swearing-in the next night... in a bunker under the Pentagon, without any Bible at all... and without any sunlight at all.

We all know how the Masons love their rituals and how precise they are at enacting them. I cannot recall another inauguration in the past 50 years that has been so screwed up.

So my thought is that my good friend John DiNardo is correct: Obama is a marked man. But I think he's been marked from the get-go, a patsy of the nth order.

Elm said (December 20, 2012):

Interesting, Herr Hitler in his own time was nominated for both the Nobel Peace Prize in 1939, & for Time Magazine "Man" of The Year in 1938, by none other than Gertrude Stein. So, Obama has already received his "Peace" Prize, and now he's being portrayed by this same Times Magazine as "Person" of the year. Seems the more things change the more they remain the same. It's not history, but the script that repeats itself.

V said (December 20, 2012):

Our plantation masters look like they will take out Obama-nation
next year. It will probably be done by an Israeli sniper. A white Christian will be the patsy who will be portrayed as a gun nut, a Domesday prepper, on psychotropic drugs .... u know the scope. This will cause a race war in the USA and gun confiscation, FEMA camps, economic collapse will follow as per the script planned beforehand.

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