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Why the Rich Feel So Poor

December 2, 2024

During a trip to Hong Kong, the billionaire duo decided to grab lunch at McDonald's. To Gates' amusement, when Buffett offered to pay, he pulled out a handful of coupons.

Warren Buffett is a billionaire. He gets his meaning from making or saving a dime. Most of the super-rich suffer from spiritual poverty.

Whether we are poor or rich, money holds us prisoner. The rich feel poor because of GREED. No matter how much they have, their identity ("feeling good, important, secure") was forged by a society dedicated to making and spending more money. 

Money is supposed to free us from material concerns. Paradoxically it does the opposite. We become its prisoners.

"Enough is a little more than one has."    Samuel Butler

Updated from May 4, 2022 and Oct. 6 2023
by Henry Makow PhD

Few people take a rational approach to money. 

This would involve calculating how much money they need in relation to how much money they have, and how much money they make.

Rather, people tend to focus on their last 2%. Did their "net worth" increase or derease on a given day?

Depending on their tax bracket, this may involve their last $100, $1000, $10,000, $10 million or $10 billion. They ignore their big bank balance or stock portfolio. They always feel poor. 

Money is supposed to free us from material concerns. Paradoxically it does the opposite. We become its prisoners.

We are satanically possessed. This means we identify with money rather than our Divine soul. We are money rather than God's personal representative on earth. The more money we have, the bigger and better we feel. These values are inculcated by our satanist-controlled mass media.

I am addressing the roughly 50% of my readers who, according to my Gab poll, have enough or more money than they need. I don't fault the other 50% who don't have enough or are broke for feeling oppressed.


Paradoxically the rich suffer from a spiritual impoverishment.

The more they identify with their money, the smaller they are. The more money they have, the smaller they are.

In the case of the Illuminati bankers, this inner poverty is toxic. They are a cancer that threatens to destroy mankind.

They want to "absorb" (their word) all the world's wealth leaving nothing to support humanity. They want it all!

We're indoctrinated to seek money. Within limits, money is a great motivator and measure.

I know someone who doesn't have to work. He works because he has nothing else to do, and it makes him feel productive and rewarded.

Another friend is independently wealthy from investments. He retired a couple of years ago but is returning to his old profession out of sheer boredom.


I am as satanically possessed as anyone. I have had a lifelong struggle with greed. At age 74, I am just starting to master this demon.

Recently I did the calculation above and realized that I have more money than I'll ever spend.

My spending habits were formed during eight years as a graduate student living on roughly $10,000 per year. I really don't need or care about material things.

Paradoxically, this lack of concern for money did NOT stop me from developing a gambling addiction. When I didn't have much money, I didn't care about it. When I sold Scruples to Hasbro in 1986, I became a money manager and thought my game smarts would extend to the stock market. MISTAKE.

Scruples had been a labor of love. I did it because It was a workshop on everyday morality.

After my windfall, I became satanically possessed (i.e. GREED.)  If someone asked how I was, I said, "I'll ask my broker."  

We have to be on guard constantly because the voice in our head often is the devil!

Then another voice arises from our soul and says, "Cool it, you greedy moron."

You gamble with money you'll never spend. More or Less. What is the point? You don't even know your balance.

We have a Mexican cleaning woman who supports an extended family. I have never met a woman whose smile exudes such warmth.

Surely, these human qualities represent our true riches.

Money is the lowest common denominator. People today are consumed by money. They are charmless. 

YouTube is packed full of "how I got rich" stories.

While the world descends into Communist tyranny or faces a nuclear catastrophe,  they act like money will save them.

For people who have enough, freedom lies in eschewing money. Just not caring about it.

Can you do that?

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Why the Rich Feel So Poor"

Roshan said (October 8, 2023):

Thank you for keeping us posted on current events. I just returned from a trip visiting my 94-year-old mom and I can tell you I am richer after spending so much money on the trip - richer spiritually of course.

Every day we live is one day closer to our death and since we will live eternal in the hereafter, this world compared to the hereafter is only a speck. So work for this world as if the day will not end and simultaneously be ready to leave it at any time. Exchange it for our hereafter and be eternally happy - that's the smile of those who do not have enough in this world and beg only God, the Almighty who is rich while we are poor.

If we live as travelers in the world, we will not have so much as we will not be able to carry it and we will prefer those who do not have when we have and be grateful to God, the Almighty when we do not have for He has kept what we do not have with Him in our hereafter.

DD said (October 6, 2023):

false god! making something a god that's vain. how many times Jesus referred to that. 'it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God'. how riches and things come to dominate a man and leave him void. the book of Ecclesiastes or the preacher in the Old Testament is probably the greatest talk on vanity and ownership. when you die you take nothing with you. In the parable of the sower, riches are mentioned as controlling to a man like thorns choking. no one can serve two masters. 'save up for yourselves treasure in heaven where the thief does not break in and steal nor the moth does corrupt'. Jesus spoke on things, ownership, riches, lusting after them, gain, hoarding, etc. ' a man will not be known by what he possesses'.

CW said (May 5, 2022):

Dear Henry - Thanks for your article on the great Western obsession - MONEY. Having lived on a wing and prayer for the last 25 years I can honestly say that it has been the making of me in every way. What a snotty bitch I would have been had I had all the money I wanted and dreamed of. I shiver when I think how close I would have come to being a useless cunt. (Excuse the language but that is the correct descriptive term). Yes I still dream and hope to win a lottery but really no longer for my own selfish reasons, instead I fantasize about putting billboards across Canada showing Turdope in the gallows. Being one of the "poor" I have struggled mightily with my ego in feeling less than the "winners". Being financially successful is the measure of many and I have therefore failed and am of no consequence to the winners in this world. However I do have a rich something that no money can buy and that is compassion, love, kindness towards humanity in general and that was taught to me by "not having enough". No golden coin or dollar bill could have taught me that but being down and out (in my own mind) sure did.

RH said (May 4, 2022):

Abortion is the big issue of the day here in the States. It is and has always been a wedge issue, so it's used to deeply divide us. Its working,

I enjoyed your "Why the Rich Feel Poor " article. I agree. I would add that technology advances appear to push us further away from our content with "simple living". Modern farming is the perfect example. Bigger machinery means farming more land, milking more cows and feeding more livestock. In the poultry business, the model goes to a far extreme and pretends the hens need only about two square feet in a cage to lay her eggs. No thought is given to the life of the hen. Labor is used similarly by the large farmer. There's no connection. I hear of cases where illegals are used to milk cows and then ICED when it's convenient for the farmer due to wages or disputes. A new group is brought in and it starts over.

We all know of the seven deadly sins: Pride, Greed, Wrath, Lust, Envy, Gluttony, and Sloth. To me, "They" are using these seven sins to control us. We know its wrong but their MSM constantly beats the drum and we sin accordingly.

Roy said (May 4, 2022):

By the way, greed is not the desire for more and more money.

Greed is the desire for the unearned, the lust for that to which you are not rightfully entitled.

It is not a matter of matter of how much money one has, but how they got it.

It is not up to one man to decide how much another man "needs".

Andrew said (May 4, 2022):

Money should never become an end in itself. More importantly, we can never allow ourselves to confuse who we are with what we have. I believe we should strive only to be rich enough to perform acts of charity directly to benefit friends and family who we know need help. As long as we maintain reasonable perspective between what we have ourselves, friends and family, money should not become a problem.

At 78, I see health as the greatest wealth.

Stay healthy and keep writing thoughtful pieces like this one today.

Doug P said (May 4, 2022):

I'm below the poverty line, but I see anything beyond a warm place to stay, healthy decent food, hot and cold running water as frivolous. I'm not a traveller and I own a bicycle. Before Kovid, I was chasing knowledge that I considered very worthwhile- math and philosophy.

I already proved to myself that I can "make it" in the normal world, but the normal world is insane due to greed. When I was in the system, money was just a way of keeping score, I had a little more material things than I have now and didn't want for anything.

I suppose it's because I have a sibling that is the opposite, but she is not at all sane, by anyone's estimation. I suppose her example made me this way, along with the insanity I saw in society, especially in school. My goal in life since 2001 has been to stay sane and if I can manage that I can see myself as successful.

Essel said (May 4, 2022):

Henry, all these reflections are profound and right. They go in the right direction.
However, they are still oriented towards the perfection of earthly life.

But earthly life is marked by time. Time is the measure of movement (Aristotle). Now, if there is movement, it is because there is imperfection. The movement (in the broad sense, not only the physical movement) is an attempt, always vain, to reduce, ideally to remove this imperfection.

God being the infinitely perfect Being, there is no movement in God. Therefore no time, that is (e-ternity).
Through conversion - real and authentic - we can, not be God ourselves as the lying gnosis claims, but participate in the divine life. For e-ternity. And thus never again feel the need to change anything.

JG said (May 4, 2022):

Physical wealth and spiritual wealth are two different things and, very often, they don't compliment each other too well.
I never was a rich man but for many years I lived like one. It took me a long time to learn that nice cars, expensive clothes, fine drink, and leisure is a life of idolatry. I loved myself but not my neighbor when I should have been living for God and my fellow man.

HP said (May 4, 2022):

thank you Henry for the share. While a California licensed contractor -often times I'd hire various South Americans, mainly Mexicans.
Always felt they had something I missed out on or our culture missed out on -
they would smile, laugh, and sing so genuinely. They were sending money home to their families and I think many 'saw' the American 'emptiness'.

I became enlightened when I finally understood there is no there there - I have enough and I am enough - not trying for happiness - just contentment.

Thanks for everything.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at