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Society is Saturated With Secret Satanists

May 10, 2024


The reason Western society is going down the toilet 
is that most institutions and major corporations 
are secretly controlled by people who are upstanding citizens by day
and, incredibly, child-raping and blood-drinking Satanists by night. 
In the US, 460,000 children go missing every year.

Practically everyone prominent in public life is a Satanist.
MK Ultra survivors claim to have had sex with the following:
JFK, Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter, George HW Bush, Prince Philip,
King Charles, Bob Hope, Henry Kissinger, Alan Greenspan, Elvis Presley, Sammy Davis Jr.
Nelson Rockefeller, Tony Blair, Gerard Depardieu, Margaret Thatcher, Ton Cruise, Bill & Hillary Clinton, Queen Elizabeth. You could add half of Hollywood celebrities to this list.

While I tend to focus on the Rothschild central banking cartel and its minions, clearly there is a highly organized parallel structure that carries out their agenda. 

from July, 2023
by Henry Makow PhD

In "An Illuminati Primer,"  Veronica Swift has compiled the revelations of Illuminati insiders who became whistle-blowers. The picture that emerges is that the Illuminati is a far larger and more well-organized enterprise than we imagine. It could have as many as five million members in the US alone. 

And while the Jewish central banking cartel is the source of its power, it extends far beyond Satanist Jews to include the Catholic Church, Mormons, and even the Amish. One whistleblower, Jessie Czebotar estimates that 60% of the residents of Chicago were in "the Brotherhood." including celebrities, teachers, social workers, police, judges, government, military, attorneys, pastors, and school administrators. (p.41) 

Extrapolate this over all professions and it's easy to see how they could pull off a genocidal scam like the COVID-19 "vaccine." It's easy to see how they could murder Apotex Pharma-owner Barry Sherman and his wife for not playing the game, and get away with it. Or impose absurd gender-bending policies on employees and customers

"There doesn't seem to be a profession that hasn't been staffed with a few infiltrators placed there by the System...their goal and hope is to take control of the entire world by secretly taking it over from within our systems. They can direct world affairs all the way down to the local level without anybody knowing ... if nobody knows who they are, and what their ulterior motives are." (41) 

"The genius of it is that only a small subset of each of these organizations are Luciferians, and the rest are just regular folks who have no idea that they are in the same organization standing alongside evil people..." (101)

(left, WEF rentboy, Cmmunist Justin Trudeau and conservative/Zionist champion Alberta premier Danielle Smith exchange Masonic -thumb on knuckle-- handshake. All of our political leaders, incl. Trump, DeSantis, and even RFK Jr.  might be secret Satanists. Zionists and Communists are a tag team. )  

The Catholic Church, the Masons, and the Mormons are the big three institutions that are not what they seem to us non-Luciferians..." Some Catholic churches (but not all) and Masonic temples are used for satanic child sacrifice by night and regular services by day. The same applies to the Vatican. (102)

"One of the Illuminati's fronts is the Catholic church which the Jesuits manage for the Illuminati."  - Fritz Springmeier

Freemasons must sacrifice a child to move beyond the 33-degree stage. They also have to swear to support a fellow Mason even if he is a criminal. Many judges are Freemasons.  Fritz Springmeier asserts that "Mormonism is closer to Satanism than it is to Christianity." The Mennonites and Amish are also infiltrated. "Some Amish women sell their children to the Illuminati, especially when they are having twins."  

Imagine a house that is totally infested by termites and is about to collapse. This is Western society today. 

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SatanCon attendees flaunt the Satanic Salute Devil horns hand sign.

First Comment from CW-

Dear Henry - After reflection, I realize that there are Satanists and pedos everywhere including in the small city I live in.  2 public libraries here sponsor drag queen reading hours for 3-year-olds and up.  I firmly believe many of the "parents" attending these are pedos and are using these drag queen storytimes to meet and greet other pedos.  I'd venture a guess if these so-called "parents" gadgets were investigated, one would find child porn.  What better way to meet fellow pedos and shop for children under the guise of being "inclusive" and whatever other demented label these abusers are hiding behind?  I also believe any institution holding these types of events has a hidden pedophile or two in its administration.  NO normal person feels the need to have hideously ugly, generally fat, perverts flaunting their blow-up breasts and bulging smelly crotches in their children's faces while reading Little Red Riding Hood.  Pedo organizations operating in full view.  Yes, there will be a percentage of brain-dead, brainwashed "parents" anxious to prove their low IQs and compliance to any evil that these Satanists and pedos wish to perpetuate.  These compliers are as guilty as the pedos in their complicit support of the grooming of innocent children. 

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Society is Saturated With Secret Satanists "

EB said (May 10, 2024):

The Rothchilds are small fry, they are mastered by the Black Nobility. They actually control(led) and rule(d) the world.(.) Stateofthenation has a great article up now about the Black Nobility wich shows you clearly it's all ancient Royalty and who control who. It even mentions one of your articles from 2017 you considered other bloodlines in the past besides the jooowish and Rothchilds who aren,t even Royalty.

rh said (May 10, 2024):

Re: “…upstanding citizens by day and, incredibly, child-raping and blood-drinking Satanists by night.”

How can the above statement be possible? Are we so ignorant and/or blind that we can not see what is happening?

In the past 50 years we have been taught through TV and movies, that there are really…good sorcerers and good witches! Right? Remember TV's Bewitched show?

Look at the superhero movies and comics for the sorcery. Do we think our children are safe watching that "pretend" stuff? Magic stones, Norse gods, magicians, Amazons, and more "good" sorcery. All out to save mankind from the bad sorcerers. Yep!

Our modern music lends itself to sorcery. Catchy tunes that carry overtones of sorcery. Listen!

I was taught that when we use sorcery of any kind, we are opening the doorway for demonic possession. "Good" sorcery leads to Evil Sorcery, possession if you will and that is because when you use sorcery you are saying, "My Will be done, not Yours, Father in Heaven."

Our whole culture has an undertone of sorcery and apparently we like it. Perhaps we all are possessed a little?

That is how its possible.

M said (July 14, 2023):

I think it exposes the Jesuit plot in a major way, for it suggests that there will be a rebuilt Jewish temple in earthly Jerusalem. This ploy or teaching was a ploy of the Jesuits to get the church to look to a future antichrist, rather than at the one who already sat in Rome and held himself out to be God on earth, and ruler of heaven, hell, and the earth. This man of sin sought to sell salvation to the plebes with indulgences, etc. They made salvation a way of man's works, other than a total gift and work of God on our behalf, to be received in faith and by faith alone. The Roman Catholic Church withheld the Word of God from the people, saying that only its priesthood could rightly understand it. Five hundred years ago, men, women and children were killed and/or suffered the loss of all their worldly goods for having a copy of the Word of God in their possession. The Word of God outed the popes of Rome and their teachings, and informed the people of her apostasies. It was truly a light unto their path and a lamp unto their feet. The rest is history.

The Jesuits inserted this teaching into Protestantism and we got Zionist Christianity as a result. Wilcoxson shows how this was done. Whole seminaries were subverted, books written, and people deceived the world over, but mainly here in America. If the Catholic church truly does own the temple mount, maybe she was behind or helped significantly in the re-establishment of the apostate state of earthly Israel in our time. The Word says there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed.

So, many devout and sincere people are all thinking that the man of sin will not be revealed until there is a rebuilt Jewish temple, due to this Jesuit deception, when no such thing is required!

Charlie said (July 13, 2023):

Are you familiar with Kerth Barker? Keith is a satanic ritual abuse survivor with a compelling story. He's written his memoirs, "Angelic Defenders & Demonic Abusers," as well as "Cannibalism, Blood Drinking & High Adept Satanism," "Mental Liberation in the Age of Thought Control," and "Psychic Development." I'm reading the first book and it's a page turner. His story reads like a modern day "Huckleberry Finn," with Kerth (also "Kathy" when he's dressed up as a littl
Are you familiar with Kerth Barker? Keith is a satanic ritual abuse survivor with a compelling story. He's written his memoirs, "Angelic Defenders & Demonic Abusers," as well as "Cannibalism, Blood Drinking & High Adept Satanism," "Mental Liberation in the Age of Thought Control," and "Psychic Development." I'm reading the first book and it's a page-turner. His story reads like a modern-day "Huckleberry Finn," with Kerth (also "Kathy" when he's dressed up as a little girl to service Satanists), outmaneuvering one Satanist after another. Escaping only to hit roadblocks at the next turn. Can one leave the system and live to tell the tale?

Anyway, let's get this satanic cabal exposed to the light! Kerth Barker is truly a bright light in this dark world.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at