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Veronica Swift - Illuminati Satanism Unveiled

June 27, 2023


Veronica Swift's book, An Illuminati Primer: 
Understanding the System through the Eyes of Its Whistleblowers, 
published in April, reveals disturbing details 
about the politicians and celebrities we worship. 
They all belong to the Illuminati 
which really is a satanic cult. 

Below are some excerpts
which explain why Western 
society is in a tailspin. 

An Illuminati Primer: Understanding The System Through the Eyes of its Whistleblowers


"... The head of the Satanic Council holds a position called the "Phoenix", and that position was held for nearly 30 years by George Soros, who stepped down around 2018/2019. Soros was succeeded by Barack Obama, who is the current Phoenix of the Satanic Council. (ARA 031)

Each quadrant has a number of Grand High Priests and Priestesses, and one of the Grand High Priestesses for the Eastern US Quadrant was held by Gloria Vanderbilt until her death in 2019. She was supposed to be succeeded by Hillary Clinton, but for whatever reason, Hillary was unable to take that position, one she was groomed for her whole life. (ARA 21) ... 

For Gloria's position, two High Priestesses did battle, and the winner took that position. The two witches who participated in that particular battle for Gloria's position were Beyoncé of singing fame and Megan Markle, the wife of Prince Harry of the UK royalty. (ARA 21)  ..." (page 60-62)

"... The entire Musk clan is known to be deep in the Brotherhood System and has been outed by their former house girl/babysitter Rosemary, who calls herself Shalom Girl on YouTube. (SG 01) 

Jessie has noted that Elon's grandfather Joshua N. Haldeman was connected to Joseph Mengele and other Nazis that were a part of the Illuminati. (GSR 01) One of the very high Tier 1 elite hierarchy individuals was Gloria Vanderbilt, and her son Anderson Cooper, CNN anchor, is also believed to be part of The System. ...."
(page 71)

"... Some Catholic Churches have underground incinerators. (ARA 004) The remains of children sacrificed in rituals on the grounds (or underneath) Catholic churches can be disposed of by incineration, and then, much to my own revulsion when I found this out, sometimes they take those remains and do other things with them, like create memorial diamonds from them, and then sell the diamonds for profit, or wear them as trophy diamonds in rings....." (page 97)

"... The top individuals of the Masonic lodges are high-ranking Luciferians in the Illuminati, according to both Jessie and Cheryl. Level 32 is the final level of masonry that can be achieved without human sacrifice being required. Level 33 Masons have achieved that rank by sacrificing a child. (ARA 050) ..." (page 103)

"... Some of the rituals have names like "Moonchild" or "Satanic Baptism" or "First Blasphemy/12-year-old ritual". The first ritual I heard about was the 12-year-old ritual, which is for elite hierarchy boys when they "graduate" from their childhood magic circle to begin to take part in their adult Brotherhood cohort/magic circle. It is also the first ritual where they willingly take the life of another individual, and from all accounts of it, it's a bit of a wild bloodbath. (RoR 080) Jessie tells of one 12-year-old ritual she watched as a young child, and the boy going through it was a Rothschild... 

The 12-year-old boy also gets hung by a rope, and after being hung, the 12-year-old boy is raped, every which way you can imagine, by the members of the magic circle that will be his adult group affiliates. These individuals will be the mentors to this child for the rest of his life, and will guide him through his career and support him for life. (ARA 003) 

In this particular ritual, the individuals present as part of the adult core group included Hillary Rodham Clinton and John Brennan. Another individual perpetrator present was Marilou Schroeder Whitney, a relative of the Vanderbilt clan. These adult individuals tell this child that he has to "renounce God and enter (his) position in the Brotherhood." 

The renunciation of God is considered the "First Blasphemy." At that point the child is released, high on adrenochrome, which according to Jessie produces a psychosis so strong that you desire to "rip people's faces off" or shred them with your hands and teeth. 

Jessie notes that when she had adrenochrome tested on her, when she was coming off of the drug she was put into a straitjacket and locked in a cupboard so she wouldn't hurt anyone. (GD 03, ARA 042, ARA 034) 

He then begins his first murder by cannibalizing one of the hung children, and then the others who are in the deep part of the tiled pool-like area join him, and it becomes one giant bloodbath. (ARA 003) 4 Illuminati Grand High Priests presided over the ritual, including the late Reverend Monsignor Thomas C Brady, and Cardinal Timothy Michael Dolan. Both have day jobs in the Catholic Church, and are Luciferians on the side. After the rape of the 12-year-old child, one of the things that child does is willingly take his first life ... Corey Feldman and Corey Haim, Hollywood child-stars were there, as was Christina Applegate of TV's Married with Children fame, Carter Vanderbilt (son of Gloria Vanderbilt), Senator Robert Byrd, Ewan McGregor and Jimmy Saville were also named as being present at the festivities before the actual ritual. ..."
(page 132-134)

".... The people that are assigned to operate in these quadrants could be called by a name that designates their quadrant, for example Jacob Rothschild is called the 'Blue Dragon' because he operates in the western quadrant, and that quadrant's designative color is blue. (ARA 010) 

The Belenoff's come from the Green Dragon family, because they are operationally based in the northern quadrant, and the north's color is green. (ARA 016, ARA 032) Another symbol that the Illuminati uses to communicate status, position and title with one another are rings. Rings hold stones, and depending upon the stone's color and size, this could indicate both their status and position in The System. Gloria Vanderbilt used to wear a ring with a large yellow stone, indicating her position title of Grand High Priestess in the eastern quadrant. 

Large stone indicated that she was not just a High Priestess, who might wear a small yellow stone, but a grand high priestess. Rings that are thought to be indications of status and position have been spotted on Oprah Winfrey, Tom Hanks, Rachel Levine (the US Public Health Service Commissioned Corps), Qasem Soleimani, and others. 

The Mothers of Darkness wear not only the ring that signifies their quadrant, but another black ring as well. Jessie says that the black signifies a "stone of power." The color of the metal in the ring can also signify level, if they're a "head high priest or priestess that ring will be in gold or white gold," whereas the "lower level individuals will have it in silver." (RR 31) These colors can also be used on city emblems, military logos, signage for companies, and a number of other things that the Brotherhood uses to signify ownership or rulership...." 
(page 140)

"... Hunter Biden is the child of an Illuminati member, and the FBI has protected him by withholding the contents of the laptop from the public. (DO 01022) Fiona Barnett says that clean/non-Illuminati members of the FBI tried repeatedly to charge Hillary Clinton and others with child trafficking charges, but "their efforts were thwarted by those in the chain of command above them" Fiona's book states that "The CIA trafficked the kids, the FBI covered their tracks." (FB 01) 

The control by the Illuminati at the top of these organizations is complete. The FBI allows good people within their organization to "out" themselves by pursuing pedophile networks, for example, but then uses that to destroy their careers and replace them with individuals more likely to be loyal to the evil upper ranks. (FB 01)..." (page 178)

".... Svali doesn't take so kindly to Trump. She believes that both Trump and Biden are mind-controlled-- and that is an expert opinion based on her previous profession of "head programmer" in the Illuminati (SV 26, SV 57) 

Additional plans that we haven't seen realized to date include that the Illuminati want the US currency to be totally devalued as this would put pressure on the people to accept a "One World Government in return for economic stabilization." The scariest sections of this plan include a second pandemic highly fatal to young children, and the implementation of hate laws to criminalize "Christianity, Judaism, and any political group that does not agree with the cult agenda." (SV 57) 

We've heard Barack Obama talk about the New World Order, and George Bush Sr., as well as the United Nations, which is fitting because all three are involved in bringing it about. Cheryl Beck thinks that the reason it hasn't been brought to fruition is because of the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, the one that allows private ownership of firearms. (CB 01) 

Antifa and Black Lives Matter are part of the planned chaos that they hope will usher in the NWO as well. (CS 10)
(page 182)

Thanks to SD for sending this.

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Comments for "Veronica Swift - Illuminati Satanism Unveiled"

MB said (June 28, 2023):

While there’s undoubtedly some truth therein, I take the following with a grain of salt:

"... The top individuals of the Masonic lodges are high-ranking Luciferians in the Illuminati, according to both Jessie and Cheryl. Level 32 is the final level of masonry that can be achieved without human sacrifice being required. Level 33 Masons have achieved that rank by sacrificing a child. (ARA 050) ..." (page 103)

My observations of the 33rd degree is that it’s largely an honorary degree, conferred upon those for length of service.

I mean, when you look up the Scottish Rite for Australia, do those on the Supreme Council really look like they would’ve sacrificed a child?

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at