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Cabalist Jews Control Russia and China Too

May 30, 2024

(They're both Freemasons)
World War3 is Totally Contrived

"The victory of the Eurasian axis of the Revolution will be the Judaic Supremacy and it's the world Soviet centered in Eurasia. I am sure they will resurrect Israel as a Eurasian capital."

"The International Judenstaat owns/controls all geo-political blocks through its financial arm - the central banking cartel. If it can not get its Convergence and world order through the UN (which is its instrument), then it will get it through a world war."

"Savvy Granny" is a longtime contributor who has a deep knowledge of the Masonic Jewish (satanic) conspiracy. Here she comments on my statement that radical Islam is part of the bogus Masonic-Jewish Communist-Zionist (left-right) dialectic needed for WW3. Radical Islam is alligned with the Communist (Soros) wing which condemns Israel's rogue behavior. Like WW2, WW3 is being fought between these two branches of Freemasonry. Russia, Iran & China Vs. the Zionist West (which can also wear the Communist hat.)

(Disclaimer - I post this for your consideration. I reserve judgment)

from Oct 29, 2023
by Savvy Granny

Hitler and the Zionist Jews are collectively the Father of Israel as a Zionist power that is the political overseer of the Western power block of post-Christian nations currently undergoing 'satanization', Communist subversion, and implementation of its sistema: crime, chaos, and corruption. 


Putin / Xi and the Eurasian Jews are collectively the Father of Eurasia as the 'empire of empires' according to Alexandr Dugin (left.) Their societies have no need for rigorous subversion - they have already built their Communist sistema.


The victory of the Eurasian axis of the Revolution will be the Judaic Supremacy and it's the world Soviet centered in Eurasia. I am sure they will resurrect Israel as a Eurasian capital. That is probably where the world judiciary will sit under the Sanhedrin for the adjudication of Noachide Law. The resurrected UN will be in Bazra - the capital of Edom. H.G. Wells said the UN would ultimately be in Bazra.

This is the Grand Finale of the permanent, world-wide Communist Revolution. The Great Freemasonic commanders of this war are leading the power blocks of nations behind the leadership of Marxist / Leninist Eurasian Jews and the Zionist Jews.

I believe that what you are calling: 'Agendas', historically belong to what The Protocols of Zion call our 'Great Revolution' (inaugurated in France 1789) because 'we alone know its secrets'. And you have covered all this history extensively on your website over the years.

This is what Isaac Disraeli contemplated as 'the phases of our revolution' in his Commentaries on the Life and Reign of Charles I King of England. What Nahum Goldman called: "our world revolution." 

What Anatoliy Golitsyn called: 'the permanent, worldwide Revolution'. What Alan Gaither, President of the Ford Foundation meant when he told Norman Dodd in his interview for the Reece Committee: "All of us who have a hand in making of policies here, had had experience operating under directions, the substance of which is that we use our grant-making power so as to alter life in the United States that it can be comfortably merged with life in the Soviet Union'."

These Big Tax Exempt 501(c)s of the manufactured billionaires (manufactured by the Central Banking Cartel) were, of course, the WEF / SPIEF of their day.  Super Jew Dr. Kissinger initiated both these fora. 

In light of this, and with your permission, I would elaborate upon your summary statement: 

Communist (Islamic) vs Zionist Jewish Axes of the Great Revolution Ready Us for World War in accordance with the Meir / Kaganovich Pact.

I say this because the 'Agendas' to which you refer are also axes of the Great Revolution formed up by geo-political blocks: Russia/Soviet Islam and its Red Jihad - all controlled by KGB/FSB, the Western ZOGs - the US and NATO, China - the old relic communist state, BRICs, Belt and Road.

And, of course: Israel - the world fulcrum across which the Great Revolution has laid all axes of geo-political power.

What could go wrong?

Jack Bernstein - an American Jewish hero assassinated by the Mossad lays all of this out in The Life of an American Jew in Racist Marxist Israel. (1 Dec. 1984)

At this dark and diabolical hour, his work can not be too much appreciated in light of:

"Communist (Islamic) vs Zionist Jewish Agendas Ready Us for World War"

Precis from Bernstein's work:

"A heavy migration of Jews from Russia to America started in 1831. Most of these were communist Jews. So many of these communist/Bolshevik Jews settled in New York City that New York has been referred to as 'Moscow on the Hudson.'

It has been pointed out, and with good reason, that decisions regarding communist policies come not from Moscow, but from New York City. Whether this is a fact or not is immaterial. What is important is the fact that there is a close tie between the Zionist/Bolshevik Jews in New York City and the Zionist/ Bolshevik Jews in Moscow, and it extends to include the Zionist/Bolshevik Jews who dominate Israel's government.
Meir had been born in Russia, grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and in 1921 migrated to Israel. In 1949, Golda Meir became Israel's first ambassador to the Soviet Union.

Representing Israel, Ambassador Golda Meir, a Bolshevik Jewess, met with two representatives of the Soviet Union: Kaganovich, a Bolshevik Jew, and Stalin, who had married a Bolshevik Jewess. They made a secret agreement--a pact. The Meir - Stalin/Kaganovich Pact was made to entrap the Arabs in the Soviet Net.

Terms of the pact

From the terms of this pact, you can see it was, and still is, the aim of the Soviet Union and Zionist/Marxist Israel to prevent peace between the Arab countries and Israel until all the Arab countries were forced to adopt socialism under Soviet leadership.

In the conduct of the 1973 War, you can see part of this deceitful agreement being utilized, in particular, the part about the Soviet Union helping the Arabs - but not helping enough to defeat Israel.

In the current Six Day War Re-run - it looks like the US has come in on the Meir-Stalin/Kaganovich Pact and is the one supplying Hamas through all the hardware left to the Taliban as well as donations to Iran. Since the DINO / RINO tag team executed the manifesto of the Communist Takeover in the US.

We are now in the Convergent and global totalitarian 'phase' of the Great Revolution.  This is its true Communist phase which according to Karl Marx, Vol. III of The Capital is (by definition) global.

The Hamas false flag and atrocities in Israel, as well as Israel's decades-long democide of the Palestinians, are of the same treasonous ilk as the NKVD 'Polish' atrocity in the Danzig Corridor in 1939. It is of the same treasonous ilk as Roosevelt's use of the executive office to enable the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour. And like all those Black Ops, it has a purpose. 

It is the necessary rigging for the world war of complete leveling and Convergence.

The International Judenstaat owns/controls all geo-political blocks through its financial arm - the central banking cartel. If it can not get its Convergence and world order through the UN (which is its instrument), then it will get it through a world war. 


Divine intervention. The Christians say Christ is King and His feast will be celebrated this Sunday, Oct 29, 2023. The materialists, naturalists, modernists, etc say impossible no-way. The Communists, of course, oppose this, as do the ZOGs. The Muslim world? We will know soon enough.

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Comments for "Cabalist Jews Control Russia and China Too"

Laura said (October 29, 2023):

Glad we never raised a family, we are now retired since 2004 noorin a retirement community near the gulf coast. Younger generations esp. men lack backbones to stand up for family community and future. Nihilism rules the masses incl the dimwits who took covid vaccines. Most people live shallow, hollowed out lives. Best to ditch those not on board or those who are not like minded or cannot think for themselves or know what is planned. Those that are ignorant about the W.E.F., WHO and UN agenda 2030 are not in my social circle. Cousins,siblings incl. No time for anyone who bows to gov. mandates and trusts politicians. We no longer vote. America is over/ship sailed. Prepping and staying low key. Laura Alabama

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