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Oct 24 - Israel "Has a Right to Defend Itself" by Slaughtering Civilians

October 24, 2023

A Palestinian man and his son, who were wounded in an Israeli strike, sit on the floor at Shifa Hospital in Gaza City, on October 23, 2023. (Reuters)

Western leaders should be put on trial for war crimes. They support collective punishment which means that when the missiles fly, and millions of Westerners are killed, they have no moral recourse. Our WEF-chosen leaders have compromised us. How is what Hamas did worse than what Israel is doing?

The Palestinian health ministry said that Israel bombarded a refugee camp in the Gaza Strip late on Monday, saying that dozens of people had either been killed or wounded.

U.K. Prime Minister Sunak's Message to Israel: Carry On with the Slaughter

Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni never misses an opportunity to prove herself the most Atlanticist among globalists. On a mission to Tel Aviv to meet Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the Italian Prime Minister recited more or less the same script already recited when she met Zelensky at the time of the Russian SMO on Ukrainian territory. It is a model that works very well for the Italian mainstream.


Maps tell the story

CONFIRMED: Israel ordered IDF to STAND DOWN and let Hamas attack - now Israel wants the full-scale war to fulfill the decades-long plan for "Greater Israel"

"Israel has the most sophisticated intelligence in the world," Routman told conservative activist Lauren Witzke in a recent interview - watch below. "There is no way the government didn't know that that was going to happen."

Mike Adams: 22 Devastating things that will happen if Israel launches full assault against Gaza

As Israel stands ready to launch an all-out ground assault on Gaza, the nations of China, Russia, and Iran are readying a mutual military defense.

By attacking Gaza, Israel will set off a series of events that will almost certainly lead to Israel firing nuclear weapons first, followed by nuclear retaliations from Iran and Russia, likely destroying Israel as we know it today.

Meanwhile, US aircraft carriers -- currently "sitting ducks" -- may be struck by nuclear hypersonic missiles, destroying them outright.

This chain reaction will then lead to the collapse of the dollar and the fall of the US empire. Force majeure will be in effect everywhere as global supply chains collapse and global famine accelerates. And yet, amazingly, far too many people in America are falling for the current psyop and begging for their own destruction.

Israel A 'Nuclear Wildcard' On 'Dangerous Road To Armageddon': Macgregor

Tucker Carlson sat down with Col. Douglas Macgregor (ret.), who laid out a disturbing scenario in which the United States could quickly be pulled into a direct conflict with Iran, Russia, and China over Israel's anticipated response to the October 7 Hamas attack.

(left, by suppressing news of adverse reactions, the mass media is complicit in mass murder)

 A powerful combined strike was delivered to the US base - Biden was urgently called to the Situation Center
 A US military base located in the Al-Omar oil fields in Syria came under heavy attack. According to preliminary information, stealthy kamikaze unmanned aerial vehicles and low-altitude cruise missiles were used to carry out the strike. Additional strikes we


"Wiping Gaza Off the Map": Big Money Agenda. Confiscating Palestine's Maritime Natural Gas Reserves


The ultimate objective is not only to exclude Palestinians from their homeland, it consists of confiscating the multi-billion dollar Gaza offshore natural gas reserves, namely those pertaining to the BG (BG Group) in 1999, as well as the Levant discoveries of 2013. 

Israeli General questions IDF's ability to wage war

A retired General from the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) says "We have lost the ability to field an effective army and have become a one-dimensional aerial power that cannot win a war on its own."

General Yitzhak Brick went even farther.  He says "The current situation of the land forces is tragic, they are not ready for war. Emergency supplies are not available, exercises have stopped and the battalions have not trained in years. There is also no weapons training and education, and the army is not capable of carrying out an attack."

RFK Jr. reminds us of Trump's responsibility for the lockdowns which destroyed the lives of millions, especially Black-owned businesses


Shroyer making the Masonic Merkel sign. What game is he playing???

BREAKING: Owen Shroyer ordered by Biden regime to report to federal prison TOMORROW for challenging election result

Health Canada on Thursday confirmed the presence of DNA contamination in Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines and also confirmed that Pfizer did not disclose the contamination to the public health authority.


Two-state solution | Definition, Facts, History, & Map


A rare sighting- A University President who is neither Black nor Jewish!

'Law & Order' Creator Wolf Dick Calls on UPenn President to Resign Over Palestinian Lit Fest With Antisemitic Speakers

Communist (Islamic) vs. Zionist Jewish agendas ready us for World war

The Jewish Agenda for white nations

 Mortality Rates per 100k shockingly reveal Four-Dose COVID-19 Vaccinated Teens & Young Adults are up to 318% more likely to Die than the Unvaccinated according to quietly published Government Report

COVID Vaccines Damage ALL Hearts, Study Finds

 The Unholy Alliance Between George Soros and Pope Francis

 Archbishop ViganĂ²: Priests and bishops who promoted 'lethal' COVID jabs must answer to God

A 16-year-old Texas high school runner has tragically collapsed and died at a cross-country meet after winning a race, according to local reports.

Hernandez had just completed a 5K running race at a district track meet in Haltom City in Tarrant County on October 13 when he passed away.
Ray McGovern - Anthony Blinken, Jewish imposter, goes beserk

Blinken dons mantel of legendary 'invulnerable' warrior BERSERK, binding US to Israelis' offensive plans for Gaza. To Face the Nation: No ceasefire; No bombing pause. US "is focused on how best to achieve the results that they seek in military operations".

Netanyahu In Trouble? Sensational Hamas' Evidence Tampering Charge On Israeli PM
Weeks after the Hamas' Surprise attack on Israel, an Israeli opposition movement has accused Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of destroying evidence and documents to evade responsibility for the attack. The Israel Democratic Movement urged the attorney general to intervene and recover what it claimed was burned or erased, and work to preserve information before and after the Hamas attack


 "Must watch--Geneva is Satan's HQ"

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WEF enclaves are off-world human trafficking hubs in original negative timeline (2025-2030)

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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