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Wolfgang Eggert - Zionists are Behind Moscow Terror Attack

March 23, 2024

World War Three is a replay of WW2 with the Right & Left wings
of Freemasonry fighting each other. 

Israel and the Zionist West is reprising the Nazis (Israeli gov't is racist & genocidal, Ukraine fosters Nazism) while Freemasons in Russia, China, Iran, radical Islam and the BRICS assume the Communist role. 

German historian Wolfgang Eggert raises questions about the official Russian narrative.

15 Suspicious Things about the Moscow Terror Attack 

by Wolfgang Eggert 

1. Russia has an alliance with Jerusalem's arch enemies Syria and Iran; Putins humanitarian support for Gaza and the Hamas after October 7th 2023 nearly crashed the diplomatic relations between the two countries. 

Amir Weitmann, the head of the libertarian caucus in Israel's ruling Likud party, promised a bloody revenge on the Kremlin - the 'Russians would pay for supporting the enemies of Israel' he shouted at a stunned reporter of the Russia tv channel RT.  

"Russia is supporting the enemies of Israel. Russia is supporting Nazi people who want to commit genocide on us and Russia will pay the price," Weitmann said. "We're gonna win this war. Afterwards, we're not forgetting what you're doing, we're not forgetting, we will come, we will make sure Ukraine wins. We will make sure that you pay the price for what you have done, you as Russia."

nuland-war-pig (1).jpeg
The waves of emotions were rising again when, on February 16th, Putin invited Hamas and other Palestinian groups for talks to Moscow. Just one week later, on February 22nd, Biden's representative for Ukraine, Israel-firster Victoria Nuland promised an "acceleration of the asymmetric warfare" against Russia. 

Putin would be "sure to face some nasty surprises", said Nuland, who had her hand in the terrorist shootings on Maidan and, as is said, in the bombing of the eurasian pipeline "Northstream". 

Being Jewish - knows its meaning: February 22nd matches in the Hebrew calendar with the 13. adar/ta'anit Esther, a holy day, that marks Israel's triumph over its enemies.

Two weeks later Nuland announced her political "retirement" as Deputy Secretary of State. Hardly anyone expected this move which was confirmed by the Biden Adminstration on March 6th. 

Only 24 hours later Russia's secret service FSB announced it had thwarted a planned terrorist attack on a Moscow synagogue. 

2. The embassies of the US and Great Britain warned their citizens on March 7th that there was an imminent danger of terror attacks on mass gatherings in moscow - in this context "concerts" being underlined. 

3. Why did the terrorists choose to drive a conspicuous car (foreign licence plate)?

4. Video suggests that there had been more than 4 persons active in the shooting. The getaway car is quite small, so: where is the second vehicle?

5. Why did the terrorists enter the building. A drive-by shooting in front of the building - before or after the concert, would have been far easier for them to manage. All would have been over in a minute, there would have been no hiding grounds for the crowd being targeted (=more casualties, higher anonymity for themselves..) the decision against the "easy performance"  looks like a demonstration of power. "we strike the way we want to."

6. The terrorists planned to flee from the scene. for this not being identified is a precondition. why didn't they use balaclavas then? again they behaved as if they had diplomatic passports in their pockets. and helpers in the management of the concert hall, who switched off all cctv cams.

7. The terrorists didn't look like typical is-islamists. None of them had a beard, no suicide bombing, no "alahu akbar" shouts were heard.

8. The massive stone building caught fire like tinder. Only fire accelerators and lots of gasoline make it ignite that quickly. According to reports by eyewitnesses, the terrorists were carrying large plastic bags with them, that were filled with fluid. Mobilphone videos of the terrorists entering the building are in contrast to these "statements".

9. Spectators said that, when they tried to flee the concert hall, they found all doors locked. Nevertheless the terrorists (who came late) entered the building without visible problems - and they, this is even more mysterious - were able to leave, when they had finished their bloody work. This indicates, that they had a key or helpers within the security staff.

10. Police and fire-brigades were late at the scene - although there must have been hundreds of phone calls real time when the shooting started. What is the reason for this delay? 

11. The terrorists did manage to leave the scene - untouched and unchased. to go into hiding in moscow would have been a quick and smart entering wedgee for a successful escape.

12. There were two men being shown arrested not too far from the Ukrainian border. They were interrogated on spot. it was said, that their car had been stopped by the police - both men fled into a forest where they were caught. This is a circumstantial evidence for an involvement of the Ukraine. But, why should a mastermind in Kiev take such a risk by telling the terrorists to come this way?

13. The first reports said, that during the arrest " a shot" had been fired. given the fact, that the Moscow terrorists were armed to the teeth, the question arises: why didn't they snow their counterparts under an avalanche of ammunition?

14. The arrests were made "in the evening of the 22th". pictures show, that this happened in daylight. this is not possible: when the shooting started, it was already past sunset in  moscow. who then is/was presented to us there?

15. Why hadn't there been any letters claiming responsibility - being sent on 22th, reaching the addresses the next day? Neither had been expressive threats before, on the part of the islamic state against russia, as the direct conflict between the parties is history now, for years.



First Comment from Charles- 

Material on the Moscow events from Slavland Chronicles being shared on the web - author calls himself 'Rurik' now, used to be 'Rolo Slavskiy'; you've quoted him before.
Israeli-backed Azeris seem related to the Moscow massacre. Slavland Chronicles:
'The information as it stands now is that Tajiks [the attackers] waltzed across Russia's open southern border, were paid and started shooting into a packed concert hall. They then packed up their gear and left for the Ukrainian border, where they were to be extracted.
The Azerbaijani connection [in the Moscow attack]:
- The building where this occurred was owned by Azerbaijanis
- There is video footage of these men shouting "Dagestan [Russian oblast near Chechnya] is Azerbaijan" while shooting
- Recent assassination of the VP of Azeri-owned Lukoil
- Azerbaijan is now the main sponsor of Islamic terror gangs in Russia, behind Turkey
- Azerbaijan is closely linked to Turkey and to Israel
- Russian patriots have written about the Azeri sponsorship of radical Islamic groups within Russia and in central asia
- Russian government taking bribes from the Azeris, allowing Turkey and Azerbaijan to link up into a southern axis aimed at striking into Russia's underbelly'
Also, from Pepe Escobar, re the Crocus City Hall concert arena where the attacks took place -
"Crocus is owned by the Agalarovs: an Azeri-Russian billionaire family, very close friends of ... Donald Trump"
The Slavland Chronicles author 'Rurik', agrees Putin and Zelensky essentially work together, pointing out that Ukraine factories are still making parts for Russian military, sent thru 3rd countries. His pessimistic view is that most governments and elites are aligned with each other, against us 'peasants'.
His take is that the oligarchies of Ukraine and Russia are intertwined, significantly Jewish, but also often other non-Russian, non-Ukrainian ethnics, like Azeris. They profit from the war and all the death, Putin & co. not doing what can swiftly end the war, endlessly spilling Slavic lives along with Zelensky.
Rurik adds that there are a large amount of Muslim attacks inside Russia. Per Rurik, Putin & his Russian gov are letting this happen, telling all the 'racists' to be silent, Putin & co. seen by Rurik as undermining Russia, tho more slowly than Ukraine or the USA are being undermined.

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Comments for "Wolfgang Eggert - Zionists are Behind Moscow Terror Attack"

Imran said (March 24, 2024):

Isn't Putin blaming Ukraine right away? Last I heard last night it was ISIS terrorists were fleeing to Ukraine.

It has been suspected that Putin's Russia has used false flags to enter other countries and not just by conspiracists. Never proven though by anyone.

The concert attack is a false flag event. And Putin tried to link it to Ukraine right away? Sounds like he may now be mobilizing more troops as a pretext to put a complete end to the Ukraine war. Sounds like Russia has the most to gain by this false flag then the NATO countries.

LK said (March 24, 2024):

Interesting article , but in today totally Jewish controlled world ,anything published today is with the permission of the clan, which controls & own media world wide & creates public opinion ! You are also a part of this machinery Henry . They control what the public should know otherwise it’s erased / cancelled , by the censors !!

SO this incident obviously has it’s reason — reminded me the Ferdinand assassination in Sarajevo triggering the 1st War. What ever happened was NOT a just a chance event , but had fundamental reason , which will show in following development in current world crisis !!! L.

EB said (March 23, 2024):

I loved Wolfgang Eggert's breakdown of the Moscow terror attacks.

A few additional points:

Overlords of the West losing a kinetic war against a Western proxy state? Check. A nationalist President wins yet another democratic election in yet another landslide? Check. Russian economy healthy while the US and Europe crumble? Check. No way of attacking Russian oil tankers without spiking the oil price to the benefit of Russia? Check. So the obvious next strategy is...

And which western terrorist organisation was used? Isis

And in which nation did the terrorists board their plane to Russia?

Answer: The same nation whose president is a clone of another European leader who infamously attacked Russia in 1939/40.

No one can accuse our overlords as being in any way predictable, can they?

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