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Dec 6 - Netanyahu Serves Doomsday Cult

December 6, 2023

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Please forgive the repetition but we must be conscious of the big picture.

In 1990, the late Lubavitcher Rebbe told a young Netanyahu that "he, Benjamin Netanyahu, will be Israel's prime minister, who will pass the sceptre to the Messiah." 

The Lubavitcher Chabad believe that the Messiah (i.e. antichrist) will return only after the world is destroyed.  We are in the thrall of a fanatic satanic cult.

Historian Wolfgang Eggert warned of this twenty years ago.-- Jewish Doomsday Cult Controls West, Plots WW3

Eggert: "All human history is about Messianic-satanic Judaism ("Chassidim"); they're "making" it happen. History and politics are a big movie, and they are the directors, bringing old-testament-prophecy into reality. They captured Freemasonry by building up the Illuminati (through Rothschild/Jacob Frank/Weishaupt); they made a pact with the British monarchy when they financed William III to become king; they placed the British royals at the head of the Freemasons; they made the modern banking system and the Fed (through Rothschild); they made Zionism, the world wars, the European Union and so on. They reign through their puppets Rothschild (whose ancestors had been part of the Chassidic cult) and Rockefeller, who were the guiding force behind Bilderberg, the trilateral etc. We are now in the "End Times"; they are trying to foment a "prophesied" Third World War."

The ADL says it's just a conspiracy theory

A series of memes demonstrate that every aspect of our present social dysfunction and social malaise is due to Organized Jewry (ie. the Rothschild Fed  & WEF)

Organized Jewry is putting all Jews in jeopardy

It's Time To Learn Who Your Controllers Are

Israel Shamir- Muslim Invasion of Europe Clears Path for Israeli Occupation of Middle East

Shamir-"We are trying our best to figure out - why is Jewry so keen to import as many Muslims to Europe and USA as possible, and at the same time prepare the Gaza genocide? Do they do it out of sheer idealism? Out of compassion (hard to believe)? Or out of silliness? Could it be that this calculating people didn't take into account that Muslims might react to genocide against Palestinians? Granted, Europeans and Americans did their fair share of protesting, but Jews knew they could shut down the Goyim any time they wanted simply by uttering the magic Jewish spell "Holocaust - Auschwitz".


Deep State Controlled Demolition of America - Alex Newman on USA Watchdog
Alex Newman exposes, in simple terms, the not-so-secret plan to demolish America.

We are talking about the controlled demolition of our economy, our military might, and everything we hold dear," Newman revealed on Greg Hunter's USA Watchdog.

The Fall of the Cabal  Creator JANET OSSEBAARD has gone missing.

Viewer--"She made the best show exposing the deep state and especially their whole religion, covering everything from a couple thousand years ago (season 1) until now (recent things happening right now). She put the whole docu-series up for free to the public, and it's always been free. She's waking people up and the l elites" hate that, it doesn't surprise me they did that, but it's such a shame
Chinese men of military men are flooding into the US. Klaws Swab says China is their model.

BIDEN BORDER CRISIS: Massive Group of Military-Age Men From China Invade US Border in California (VIDEO)


Action 4 Canada 

Trusted reader--"I've found A4C to be controlled opposition, perhaps from its inception.. I attempted to give Tanya Gaw, the founder, the benefit of my doubt, thinking she was merely naive. I've sent A4C numerous emails the past 3 years attempting to present to Tanya and her organisation a deeper understanding, but today's email makes it clear my emails have had no effect. This latest email, received today, proves the point. Any who have done real research have discovered HAMAS is an Israeli/CIA creation, and the "attack" which justified the current intensification of genocide on Palestinians in Gaza was a "false flag"  sanctioned if not wholly orchestrated by Netanyahu and the MOSSAD. 


joe-creed.jpegData from the New Zealand Ministry of Health shows that the COVID vaccines have killed over 10 million worldwide
It's finally here: record-level data showing vaccine timing and death date. There is no confusion any longer: the vaccines are unsafe and have killed, on average, around 1 person per 1,000 doses.

The reason the data is kept secret is simple: it would expose the fact that the COVID vaccines are unsafe, as well as all the vaccines that I have been able to get record-level data on. Today, thanks to a courageous whistleblower who works at the New Zealand Ministry of Health, we have record-level information from a large population of all ages and are making it public for the first time in history.


Mass Hannibal" -- We killed Israelis on 7 October, says Israeli air force colonel

Israelis should be fighting the real killers, their own government 

South Carolina Treasurer Removes Disney From Portfolio Due To "Far-Left Activism" 

A dude snuck into Bohemian Grove and posted the video 3 days ago

Tim Kelly and Russ Winter Discuss Sabbatean Frankism's Impact on the World
This satanist cult took over Judaism and the then Freemasonry and the world 
Journalist Whitney Webb says a massive false flag cyber attack is coming
Since anyone paying attention can see that the entire economic system is built on a house of cards, they're gonna do this to usher in CBDC and more totalitarian control. Thoughts?

Breitbart Throws a Fit Over GOP Rep. Thomas Massie Sharing 'Anti-Semitic Meme'

Twenty FBI agents dressed in "tactical gear" just raided the home of a peaceful J6er because of his online "associations"...

The excessive use of force against January 6 victims has reached levels that are so absurd that they're now in the realm of North Korea-esque treatment. It's clear that the regime is trying to send a message to anybody who dares to dissent: if they step out of line, meaning they don't bow down to the regime agenda, the full force of the United States government will come crashing down on them and their families. It's a KGB-like tactic that is very powerful and rather off-putting to Americans who still appreciate and love freedom.


MASS MEDIA BLACKOUT: Top 10 recent news stories MSM doesn't want you to know about

#1 - OB-GYN drops alarming miscarriage data before Congress; she says, "I've never seen this before."

Did you know that miscarriage rates have doubled year-over-year since the rollout of the Fauci Flu injections (Covid-19 mRNA "vaccines")? Injuries and deaths to babies are reaching astronomical proportions from the deadly clot shot jabs, as the human body attacks the foreign protein prions (spike proteins) when they circulate into the baby, injuring or killing the child before it's ever delivered.

Canadians are dying of "unspecified causes" at skyrocketing numbers since 2020 - StatCan

The report shows that in 2019, there were 3,378 cases of "unspecified causes" of death. This number more than doubled to 6,841 in 2020, rose to 9,471 in 2021, and then surged to a whopping 16,043 deaths in 2022.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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