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Dec 12 - Canada's Woke Insanity Spreads to Bathrooms

December 12, 2023

(Canada's military morons) 

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Menstrual Products Now in Men's Washrooms at Canadian Military Bases, Soon at All Federally Regulated Workplaces

Employment and Social Development Canada says unrestricted access to menstrual products 'better protects menstruating employees.'

Other federally regulated workplaces include airlines, postal services, broadcasting, transportation, telecommunications, banks, and federal public services to name a few.
"Every female-identified, male-identified and all gender toilet rooms will need to have menstrual products," says Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC). 

"Unrestricted access to menstrual products better protects menstruating employees and makes sure they feel safe to use the toilet room that best reflects their gender."
The men's stalls must also now have sanitary napkin disposal bins, like the women's washrooms.


Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb claims that illegal immigrants crossing into Arizona are being given $5,000 Visa gift cards, cell phones, and plane tickets funded by American taxpayers.

How The Israeli Mossad Created And Financed Hamas As Controlled Opposition

"What the kosher media does not tell us -- or even acknowledge -- is that Hamas was originally created and funded by the Israeli Mossad, which is consistent with the Israeli maxim, "If Israel doesn't have an enemy, then they must create one" to justify their brazen and unapologetic ethnic cleansing of the Arab population in Palestine.

Communist Donald Tusk has once again become Poland's prime minister, as he was during the Smolensk crash in Russia that killed his political rivals.

Thousands of Young Canadians Are DYING SUDDENLY, and No One Wants To Talk About It - Dr. Makis
"The health authorities don't want to talk about it...They are trying to sweep it under the rug."

In this short video, Dr. WIlliam Makis talks about the Government/Health Authorities' cover-up of numerous sudden deaths of young Canadians.

" Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome. It was very, very death per one million population per year... in Canada you would have 38 young people who would die suddenly or unexpectedly in the entire country per year. Now we have thousands.There are thousands of young people who are dying suddenly and unexpectedly.
No one wants to talk about it."


Italian Health Minister Gave Orders To Conceal Vaccination Deaths - Now Under Investigation For Murder
They knew the shots were killing people from the start and gave orders to conceal deaths

Alex Jones says he now thinks Sandy Hook was for real???  What is the matter with him?

Jones made it clear that he believes the massacre happened but that 'I had a very small operation and did not even understand how powerful I was.'

Jones claims he merely saw 'all these professors and former school safety people and all of them saying they believed it was a drill and I simply covered them covering that.'

ALAN DERSHOWITZ: Fire Harvard's Claudine Gay from my old college now - and then dismantle, discredit and utterly destroy the Orwellian DEI groupthink that put her there


Claudine Gay came under fire for dismissing the calls for genocide against the Jews to be a violation of the school's code of conduct in front of the House Education Committee earlier this month.

Billboard Trucks Calling For University President Claudine Gay to be Fired Circle Harvard and Sit Outside Its Gate

"Resign In Disgrace!" - Jewish hedge fund manager Bill Ackman Takes Aim At Harvard President As PhD Plagiarism Allegations (Suddenly) Appear

Commie Jews put these Presidents in; Zionist Jews want them out. Magill is gone.

Three Uni Presidents refused to condemn calls for Jewish genocide

If they condoned Palestinian genocide, rich Zionist donors would not quibble

"More than 70 members of Congress, from both parties, called for the resignation of the three presidents, with 13 Democrats demanding that the universities' governing boards evaluate "whether the testimony provided by your university presidents align with the values and policies of your respective institutions."


Alex Newman on Alex Jones's show--

"You have to understand that God is in control," Newman shared. "When you understand the sovereignty of God, suddenly it becomes much easier not to panic when these things come at you. And trust me, God is sovereign. God is above all of these evil doers; they are going to be eventually stopped." Newman, CEO of Liberty Sentinel, continued. "But in the meantime, we must prepare ourselves to not be afraid."


Poll Shocker: 20% of Gen Z Think Holocaust Is a Myth, 28% Believe Jews Have Too Much Power in US


Anonymous Airline Pilot Exposes Chemtrail Operation In The U.K.

"The two purposes for chemtrailing are very, very clear," he told Critchley.  It's to poison us and block out the sun.  Plants need sunlight for photosynthesis and our bodies, for example, need sunlight to produce vitamin D. So, blocking out the sun will have a detrimental impact on and threaten the survival of all life on Earth.


Thanks J,,,.png
Andrew Tate & Elon Musk

Musk seems to be on the ball. He defines globalists as "Extinctionists" verses humanity who are "expansionists."  Says earth could support 10X current population. 


Jewish Truther Warns The World - Interview with Elizabeth Glass

Many Jews are unaware of the Noahide Laws!
An interview with Elizabeth Glass discussing Noahide laws, Israel-Palestine conflict,  The Talmud and Gentiles. She was initially unaware of the Noahide Laws and did not believe what she was told until she researched it and was utterly shocked to find out the truth about them. She is currently actively speaking out and warning people that they must listen and learn because it is an agenda that is gaining momentum. Vanity Fair, Business Insider, are among a few publications that reported that Donald Trump recently stated in one of his rallies that if re-elected he will implement bringing back group executions and the use of the guillotine as well as firing squads and hangings.


Russia explains relationship with Hamas
Moscow is keeping in touch with the militant group's political office in Qatar, which hosted much of the hostage negotiations

Despite claiming to have had no knowledge of Hamas' invasion plans before October 7, it has emerged that Israel's government had in its possession a detailed 40-page copy of the Palestinian militants' battle plan for at least a year before the attack, The Times has claimed. Multiple IDF soldiers had actually witnessed the militants training for the "surprise" incursion in the weeks leading up to the strike, and Israeli intelligence was tracking the group's purchase of the weapons it would ultimately use to breach the heavily-surveilled barrier dividing Gaza from Israel. The IDF defended its failure to act on the intelligence, claiming it did not believe Hamas was capable of following through on the plan.


Israeli Troop Deaths Surpass 100 in Gaza, Thousands Wounded As Hospitals Deal With 'Tsunami Of Trauma'

However, Haaretz alongside other publications have speculated that the real casualty figure is much higher, with Haaretz in particular reporting that accessible hospital data points to much higher than published troop casualties (possibly double) from the Gaza operations.

Secret Plan Exposed: Government & Pfizer Documents Implicate Gates & Schwab in Depopulation Scheme

The push for mass Covid-19 vaccination isn't about combating a virus, but about reducing the global population.

Israel-Palestine war: Shops shutter across Muslim-majority world as part of global 'strike for Gaza'
Worldwide action demanding a ceasefire sees citizens across countries refrain from shopping and going to school

Harry Vox


mRNA Injury series - ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION, IMPOTENCE, Penile swelling, blisters, clots after Pfizer or Moderna COVID-19 Vaccination - re-examining the Evidence - 32 Cases provided (20 mRNA, 12 J&J)


Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Dec 12 - Canada's Woke Insanity Spreads to Bathrooms"

Connie said (December 12, 2023):

I am continually fascinated by the satanic mockery that occurs everywhere all the time by satan's minions. Women are so hated by the woke left that anything that is directly related to women and not men now must be turned over to a man's domain.

Men are 100% welcome to tampons, hopefully they'll shove them up their ass. I foresee the day when satan will attempt to murder all the women of the planet so that the men left can degenerate further into animals.

The true essence of women is kindness, caring, nurturing, life creating and civilizing. Naturally all of these have to be destroyed in order for satan to 100% rule over God's beautiful world. You just can't make this shit up.

I consider what was once Canada one of THE most evil countries currently in the world and we can all thank the Canadian government. Praying that the western provinces will separate, the evil in Ottawa stinks so bad it's wafting all over the world.

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