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Nov 12 - Globalists Set Stage for WW3

November 12, 2023

(Israelis are in the same position as Germans in Nazi Germany. Like Hitler, Netanyahu deliberating is leading them to destruction.)

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The US Army's new recruitment ad aimed at white men is a significant sea change. It indicates that the Rothschilds are preparing for world war.  They have also given up on their death-vax strategy. The flu season has almost passed and they have not resorted to COVID hysteria. 
National Post (Canada) : ZOG Media beats the war drum, defines the battle lines

Shaun Francis: "Our freedoms are under threat. We need a military that can protect them. The axis of Russia, China and Iran see our success as a rival to their own ambitions, and would destroy it if left unchecked."

The resemblance between Israelis and nazis is not a coincidence. Israelis are Jewish Nazis. Why Zionist Ukraine is full of Nazis. Nazi Master Race probably based on example of Zionism 

Nazi Jews (Zionists) Did the Holocaust 

Israelis believe they are God's Chosen People; Palestinians are 'sub human'

Israelis should be calling for a cease fire.

Thousands of protesters in Tel Aviv call on Israel to prioritize rescuing hostages
For the second week in a row, thousands gathered in front of the central military headquarters in Tel Aviv to express frustration with Israel's response to the over 200 hostages held in the Gaza Strip and to urge the government to do more to rescue them.

American nurse who got out of Gaza describes desperation she saw


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IDF killed more Israelis than Hamas did on Oct 7

Furthermore, the Hamas total of 119 civilians killed, while surely deplorable and obviously war crimes, is far below the endlessly repeated, "Hamas murdered 1,400 unarmed Jewish civilians." Um, no. Reduce that figure by 92% as it's over 10X too high.

Zaka, an Israeli rescue agency, revealed that Israeli helicopters opened fire, killing civilians during the Hamas attack on October 7, killing over 260.

According to an RT article on November 6, Israeli soldiers are suspected of killing a large number of their own people when they launched Operation Al-Aqsa Flood on October 7. This is supported by the release of drone footage by the Israeli military that shows hundreds of damaged and charred cars that were removed from the Nova music festival.
Scott Ritter: 80% of civilians were killed by IDF on Oct 7 and now Israel collective punishment Gaza

President al-Assad: Gaza was never the issue

President Bashar al-Assad argued that the aggression against Gaza cannot be understood in isolation from prior Zionist crimes. He urged Arab-Islamic nations to avoid fragmented responses, emphasizing that continued lack of comprehensive action allows Israel to execute further massacres, leading to potential complete annihilation of Palestinians.

Talking about Gaza individually misses the point, as it is part of a whole, and the recent aggression against it is just an event in a series of events dating back to seventy-five years of Zionist crime, with thirty-two years of a failed peace, the only absolute, irrefutable result of which is that the entity has increased its aggression, and the Palestinian situation has become more unjust, and miserable.

'No More Business As Usual': 300+ cities Shut It Down For Palestine in Global Day of Action


Israel-Palestine war: Israelis in fear and denial as society slides towards fascism
Palestinian students, academics, doctors, and dissenting Jewish Israelis are among those caught up in an escalating wave of repression

Israeli citizens who are Palestinians are targeted

Too many Israeli Jews want to shut themselves off from the reality that two million Palestinians living in Israel feel solidarity with the people of Gaza. Of course, they do. Many of them, especially in Jaffa or Ramle, have family members in Gaza, refugees who fled from these cities in 1948.
Cop Out- GOP Speaker Johnson Asserts "Insufficient Evidence" for Biden Impeachment, Reversing Earlier Stance

This shift marks a significant departure from Johnson's stance in July when he asserted, "The evidence now shows -- it proves -- that the First Family is hopelessly corrupt. They've been involved in extortion, bribery schemes and tax fraud and incredible abuses of power."

The movie "They Live" is a documentary. Alien takeover

Trans Owner of Miss Universe Pageant Files for Bankruptcy Following Major Woke Inclusivity Push


Commie Biden Admin- "Mission Accomplished" The US is Over

Most Americans Wouldn't Defend Country in Next War - Poll

The survey by the group Echelon Insights found that 72% of Americans would not be willing to volunteer to serve in the armed forces if the country entered a major conflict. Only 21% of people polled said they would join the US military under those circumstances. The poll was conducted from October 23-26, two weeks after the Palestinian group Hamas mounted a surprise attack in Israel.

Dead Movie (Parents Describe How COVID-19 Vaccines Killed Their Children)

Brandon Smith

The Globalist Vision: "15 Minute" Prison Cities And The End Of Private Property

The 15 Minute City is more like a recipe, containing every single ingredient of the climate change and covid lockdown agendas in a single comprehensive Orwellian vision. It includes removing motor vehicles, removing private transportation and roads, smart city and AI monitoring of each person's electricity usage, monitoring of product consumption and "carbon footprint", biometric surveillance within a compact and stacked urban landscape, the cashless society concept, equity and inclusion cultism, population control, etc.


EXPOSED: Kirk Cameron shows how Scholastic funnels 'sexually explicit, morally disgusting' books into American schools

One book, titled Welcome to St. Hell, is a 2022 Scholastic graphic novel created by transgender author and illustrator Lewis Hancox marketed for middle school students.

It includes depictions of ingesting cross-sex hormones, their effects on the female body, chest binders, and graphic sexual activities.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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