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Nov 11 - A Zionist's Eloquent Plea for Sanity

November 11, 2023

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Gideon Levy's 2015 speech is a sober description of the Israeli state of mind. It is strangely prophetic while stripping Israelis of all their pretensions. 

"There has never been an oppressor who regarded himself as a victim, and the only victim at that."

He explained that Israelis are homicidal maniacs who believe they have moral immunity. The reasons:

1. They actually believe they are the Chosen People
2. The holocaust gives them permanent victim status and permission to kill anyone they want.
3. Palestinians are subhuman. Animals. These are the people accusing us of structural racism.

Essentially the West is complicit in genocide.


US Lawmaker Demands Opening Probe Into CNN, NYT, Reuters for Accompanying Hamas on Oct. 7

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) - Senator Tom Cotton accused four major media outlets and their journalists of taking part in the Hamas attack on Israel on October 7 and demanded US Attorney General Merrick Garland to open a national security investigation into them, according to a letter, published by the lawmaker on Friday.
"I write regarding reports that so-called 'journalists' employed by the Associated Press, CNN, New York Times, and Reuters accompanied Hamas terrorists into Israel during the October 7 terror attack. These individuals almost certainly knew about the attack in advance, and even participated by accompanying Hamas terrorists during the attack and filming the heinous acts," the letter said. "The Department of Justice must immediately open a national security investigation into these four media outlets," the senator added.

Scott Ritter thinks Israeli genocide of Palestinians will lead to a Palestinian state


Israeli army vets say they were the terrorists

Western Media Complicit in Gaza Genocide

Both "left" and "right" media outlets are, generally speaking, deliberately de-humanizing the Palestinian people while propping up the people of Israel as the forever victims of a "conflict" that, quite frankly, would not even exist the way it does today had the self-chosen not taken the land in question by force starting back in the 1940s.

Nearly all mainstream media coverage about this "conflict" makes Israel sound like an innocent victim, while the people of Gaza - all 2.3 million of them - are painted as perpetrators who are trying to "erase" the Jews, or something along those lines.

2020--The W.E.F. said humans can be "hacked": Your FAKE Friend Elon Musk talks about mRNA: "You can basically do anything...its like a computer can turn someone into a butterfly.."

Vivian Bercovici: Suddenly Toronto resembles Germany in 1938
84 years ago, on Kristallnacht, Nazi thugs smashed windows of Jewish businesses and burned down synagogues

Jews have given the Rothschilds a free hand and now they're facing the consequences. They ostracized me for trying to warn them of the danger Organized Jewry is putting them in.

Wesley Everest-It's time to stop pandering to the Vets. It's time to tell them who they are.

I hear radio ads for job training geared to the homeless Vet. Didn't they learn a fucking thing during their service? Didn't pick up any other skill but 'do as you are told', PFC Buck Dumshit? 

Australian actress Melle Stewart suffers massive stroke caused by AstraZeneca jab
Melle Stewart, from Brisbane, is taking legal action against AstraZeneca after suffering a massive stroke caused by their Covid vaccine.

Ms Stewart has already had a no-fault $230,000 payment the British Government -- offered to those who can prove they have been made severely disabled as a result of vaccination or the families of those killed by jabs.

She had an operation remove part of her skull. had to learn to walk and talk again.


The Bud Light Military  by John Carter

America and its satellites are controlled by a regime that has demonstrated itself to be incompetent and mendacious in the prosecution of war, contemptuous of the populations it rules and most especially contemptuous of those sub-populations who fight for it, and not so much unconcerned as actively hostile to the territorial integrity of the states they control.

It is no accident that the American military is in a recruiting crisis. Who in their right mind would want to fight for a regime regarding which the primary controversy is whether it is merely stupid or actively evil, and of which it is not controversial at all that the stupid and/or evil people managing it hate you?


How Israel killed its own


Chabad leader, Messiah Menachem Mendel Schneerson on his plans for destroying Ukraine and Russia (reprint)

"This speech was uttered by Menachem Mendel Schneerson in 1994. There is much debate about its authenticity, as once argued about the validity of "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion," but it is an indisputable fact that almost all the goals, laid out by Schneerson, have been achieved by now. This speech is simply the application of Talmud to Ukraine and Russia. Talmud says: Jews should murder and enslave goyim worldwide. This speech says: Jews should murder and enslave goyim in Ukraine and Russia. Yes, the speech by Menachem Mendel Schneerson is monstrous. For a normal person, it is hard to believe that a religious leader can be a MURDERER, and that the religion can be THE IDEOLOGY OF MURDER. That is why, the text of this essay has every criminal passage from the speech next to the criminal passage from Talmud. The face of the Zionist Messiah also speaks for itself: it is the face of a TERRORIST, full of hatred and menace."


The goyim die young

Liz McColgan's husband John Nuttall dies aged 56: British Olympian 5,000m runner and coach passes away from a heart attack leaving his wife, two children and step-daughter - who are all athletes - in mourning

Nuttall worked with McColgan as a coach at the Doha Athletic Club in Qatar 
Former distance runner is the father to two GB runners, Hannah and Luke 
UK Athletics shared a statement noting their 'deep sadness' at Nuttall's death 

MAGA moron Branco. This is a chance for Left and Right to unite against our common enemy, ZOG

BRUTAL: RFK Fans TURN On Him Over Israel | The Kyle Kulinski Show

RFK stabs himself in the foot by advocating zero tolerance of campus antisemitism


Tom Brady, Larry David and Other Celebs Face Class Action Lawsuit over FTX Endorsements

A class action lawsuit was filed by some investors who lost money against celebrities who were involved in marketing campaigns for FTX, including Tom Brady, his ex-wife Gisele, comedian Larry David, Shaquille O'Neal, NBA legend Steph Curry and tennis star Naomi Osaka. Tom Brady and Gisele may have lost as much as $50 million themselves. It is believed that FTX spent around $1 billion on marketing and celebrity endorsements. 

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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