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Oct 5- Trump Next House Speaker?

October 5, 2023

Trump made this Masonic hand sign but Satanist media never mentioned it

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Donald Trump is being prepped as America's savior. Never mind that he never missed an opportunity to signal his support for Freemasonry and Lucifer. The Demonrats and the media invented dozens of false charges against him but never mentioned this daily middle finger he gave his supporters. Trump is a reality show actor.

"You knew I was a snake," he said, could refer to himself. 
Trump is a traitor who conceded an obviously rigged election to Biden but Americans are rubes. They have already forgotten that Trump is responsible for the COVID hoax and deadly vaccine. 


POTUS Trump would consider being SPEAKER of the House of Representatives; this would be epic & IMO become very interesting & help stop the Ukraine aid among other America-hating BIDEN agenda items
"All I can say is we'll do whatever's best for the country and for the Republican Party." "A lot of people have asked me about it... If I can help them during the process, I would do it."

Trump next speaker?

Alex Newman- UN & G77 Want Your Money for "New World Order" to "Live Well"
The G77 + China alliance of 134 UN member governments and dictatorships met last month ahead of the UN General Assembly to demand a stronger UN and more wealth redistribution. We can stop it!

Meeting in Cuba as the communist dictatorship in that captive nation assumed the presidency of the powerful bloc, the assembled presidents, prime ministers, tyrants, and kleptocrats also demanded that the West give them more technology. UN Secretary-General Ant├│nio Guterres, who previously led the Socialist International, was there to support them. Together, the G77+China control more than two-thirds of the votes at the UN General Assembly, which the alliance said it hopes will be an "emblem of global sovereignty." Newman also goes back to articles he wrote on this group a decade ago as they demanded a "New World Order to Live Well."
US House of Representatives cuts funding to UN, WHO, WEF and climate change
Most interestingly, it includes prohibiting funds to several United Nations agencies, the World Health Organisation, the World Economic Forum, the Wuhan Institute of Virology, EcoHealth Alliance, any gain-of-function research, and multilateral assistance to World Bank-administered climate change funds. 

The bill also cuts off funding and so eliminates 33 Special Envoys and Special Representatives, including doomsday climate cultist John Kerry.


Mike Adams of a sudden, Joe Biden and DHS Secretary Mayorkas are panicking over the mass invasion of America by illegals.

"Now, they're announcing a mad rush to build one section of a border wall so they can pretend to care about protecting America from this unrelenting invasion.

"But it's all an act. They actually WANT America to be overrun, and they actually plan the extermination of their own voters so they can replace them with new migrants... because Democrats don't need voters anymore to stay in power. They plan to RIG every election from here forward or cancel them altogether.

Withholding antibiotics killed hundreds of thousands, millions during COVID & doctors were CRIMINAL going along! FRANKLIN O'KANU's brilliant stack "How COVID-19 Protocols Killed Millions Of Americans"
And No, We're Not Even Talking About The Vaccine.; support this writer; we must be vigilant for these beasts are trying it again on us! What occurred was a strategic attack on sovereignty and principles

CHILDREN BEING TAKEN: Horrific video reveals U.S. government is actively facilitating a HUGE child trafficking ring across America
A disturbing expose shows how the U.S. federal government is supporting the world's biggest child trafficking ring with a steady stream of migrant children.
(l. Ann Diamond)

Canada's Nazi problem

"Our Nazi problem- which is really NATO's Nazi problem--in fact a worldwide Nazi phenomenon that refuses to go away, because as many people have said the Nazis didn't lose the Second World War, they made a deal with Allen Dulles and came to America instead. They were simply too valuable to be jailed and executed.

Ann Diamond is on Substack

Ann Diamond's blog:

Germany: 87-year-old woman jailed for anti-migrant social media posts
A police statement said the pensioner was a "Reichsb├╝rger," a member of a right-wing extremist group and a repeat offender
While Ukraine gets all the money, Lahaina Residents are Receiving NO Help

This is the US government practicing Darwinism. The ship has sunk, and the rats are dogpaddling. It is gross the way they are treating the Hawaiians. Mayor Bisson is nowhere. Josh Green is a corrupt liar. The Red Cross kicked people out of hotels. It is very clear that they want these people dead and gone

Sept.17, 2023 - Palermo, Italy - A 34-year-old bricklayer had a "sudden illness" behind the wheel of his car, got out of his car, collapsed, and died suddenly

mRNA Injury Series - Found dead in their car - COVID-19 mRNA Vaccinated who were found dead in their vehicles - 15 tragic cases


mRNA vaxes continue to maim and kill millions

NZ--The Ministry of Health Granted Vaccine Exemptions to Hundreds Among Its Key Staff

"It seems that those granted exemptions were restrained by gag orders. In other words, they could not tell anyone that they had been granted exemptions--it was a secretive process that the Ministry of Health was anxious to hide from the public.

In any case, any doctor advising a patient that mRNA COVID vaccination might be risky faced disciplinary action and many were actually suspended.

"This Will Make Your Blood Boil" - Biden Admin Goes Full Orwell Denying Vaxx Mandates Ever Happened

"They are actually saying with straight faces that they didn't force you to wear a mask, or lockdown and shutter your businesses, or choose between taking an experimental drug or losing your job... Nope! They did none of that. And you - well, you are flat out crazy if you think they did. You are lying. You are exaggerating and totally overreacting.


Reader--"The book The Cosmopolitan Empire is quite helpful; at times stunningly so.  It explains the difference between Stalinist Communism and Trotskyite and why the Trotskyite Jews so oppose Russia today, as we are seeing happen in the Ukraine.  Perhaps that is the crux of that whole war; it is at least a very important aspect of it and explains one reason why our government is funding that war...The Trotskyites hate Russia, and they are rife in our government and in control.  This would explain Nuland, Clinton, Blinken, Biden, Mayorkas, et al.  
America is under the curse and influence of the Trotskyites today:  gay marriage, sex change, homosexuality, etc.  The Russians found out that the radical and primary, original, anti-bourgeoisie communist ideals did not work in society and reinstated marriage and the family under Stalin, even giving monetary awards to mothers.  The far more radical, hardline, "pure" Trotskyite idealists took over communism in the US, which is why we are experiencing it in all its totally weird manifestations today, especially in the universities.  

One of their tenets is open borders and free trade, because they wish to destroy all national sovereignty, which is why we are being overwhelmed with that as well.  Another is the abolition of parental rights.  One understands the warfare on men in reading this book!  It is to totally demoralize and vacate them from their natural and historic role in society.  You have been so totally right in your pinpointing feminism as one of the biggest weapons employed against our world.  And why wouldn't a more conservative Russia be alarmed at all these hideous and shameful inroads in America today?  

These American Trotskyites despise Russia today because they say that Stalin and the Russians abandoned the radical revolution, which in the beginning in Russia, outlawed marriage and promoted homosexuality, too.  This is why this socio-political element hates Russia today!  And, this element is in our government and in our universities to the max.  

Henry, this was such an eye-opener to me!  Maybe you already knew this, but it has been such a revelation to me!"


Russ Winter-The Barnett Plan: The Pentagon's Dead-End Map for Neocon Globalism

Barnett provided a precise strategy for establishing what will appear to the masses as a global socialist "democracy." But in reality, this will be a global kakistocracy that will inevitably evolve into Illuminist global tyranny.

Furthermore, Barnett sees the U.S. military sistema as the linchpin to carry out the New Underworld Order (NUO). Underlying this is drinking the Kool Aid that the United States in its current, quite Satanic, Disney-like, clown world construct has something to offer to people living in what Barnett calls "the Gap."
Klaus Schwab, who received 0 votes from 0 nations, announces the end of private car ownership.

Joe Rogan & Elon Musk Expose Oprah's Plan To STEAL From The People Of Maui

In a surprising twist, Joe Rogan and Elon Musk have teamed up to talk about something they find troubling, the involvement of the Elites in the Maui Wild Fires. People have been talking about Oprah doing some questionable things in the entertainment world, and now it seems like something is going on in Maui that they want to bring to light.

Oprah Winfrey, known for her success and good deeds, is facing doubts about her intentions. Some folks think she's up to no good when it comes to Maui. There's a belief that the fires on the island might not have been natural, raising suspicions about Oprah's role in what happened.

To make things more complicated, Oprah and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson started a fundraiser to help with Maui's recovery. But some folks think this might not be as kind-hearted as it seems. Some people are worried that Oprah and The Rock are using this charity effort as a way to take money from the people of Maui.

Anatomy of a Protection Racket

Robert Malone- "Once again, my friend and colleague David Marks has put his finger right on a key issue, one which has compromised physicians and the practice of medicine for as long as this profession has existed. The practice of medicine is controlled like a guild and behaves as such. Somehow this guild needs to be made illegal and destroyed before medicine (and physicians that practice modern medicine) can cure itself.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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