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Fool Me Twice: Donald Trump is a Traitor

February 16, 2023

How DJT Lost the White House


Donald Trump Is an Actor in a Political Reality Show

He had a clear path to overturn the rigged election, and he didn't take it.  Zionism and Communists are the right and left wings of Jewish Freemasonry.   The role of Zionists like Trump and Bolsonaro is to throw the elections to Communists.

from Feb 6, 2021
by Henry Makow PhD

On the evening of Friday Dec 18, Sydney Powell, Michael Flynn and Patrick Byrne held an informal meeting with Donald Trump. 

During this meeting, Powell and Flynn told Trump that he could successfully challenge the result on the grounds of two Executive Orders triggered by evidence of foreign intervention in an American election. One had been issued by Obama, and one by Trump.

All it would take to prove chicanery was to audit six key counties. They outlined the process in detail. Trump was sufficiently impressed to appoint Sydney Powell his Special Counsel on the spot. 

The dramatic account is given by Byrne, who narrates the 30-minute video embedded above.

Trump pretended to be surprised by this information. "Why didn't you tell me about this?" he berated his lawyer Pat Cippollone. "All you do is tell me what I can't do."

"Can you see what I could have accomplished had I been surrounded by other people?" he appealed to his three guests.

But then he softened, "But Pat's  friend. He's OK."


Rudy Giuliani was also "a friend." Trump insisted Powell share responsibility with Giuliani who immediately picked a fight with Powell and disagreed on strategy.

Trump comes across as a Mafia Don. Loyalty to "friends" takes precedence over defending democracy. Don't expect a gangster to have a historical sense or principles. He got those from his speechwriter, Stephen Miller. He pardoned Israeli spies and criminals but not Julian Assange or Edward Snowden.


So "loyal" himself, why did he surround himself with "friends" like these? His Chief of Staff Mark Meadows was also a traitor. Even Mike Pence threw him under the bus. 

They are his Illuminati (Freemason) buddies/handlers. 

MAGA was a charade. Trump served a purpose, dividing the nation. Now he's playing the victim, pretending he wasn't responsible for the people he chose. Even his three Supreme Court appointees proved to be traitors. 

Sure enough Sydney Powell was dumped the following week. 

Clearly, Trump lacked the character to fulfill his responsibility to his fellow Americans. 

He had a clear path to victory, and he didn't take it. For someone who prided himself on winning, he definitely took a fall. 

Why did anyone expect a Cabalist (Masonic) Jew to deliver on his promises? Goyim, you've been had yet again.

The meme below says that Trump was threatened with assassination if he didn't concede.

Do you believe this was necessary? 

I don't. Trump is a player, not a martyr. 

Do Americans deserve martyrs? 

I could only raise $500 for a friend who blew the whistle on his Big Pharma employer.

When individuals are not prepared to sacrifice for the good of the whole, a society is finished. A society is finished when it fails to honor its champions. 

The American people patriots appear unorganized and leaderless. We must rally behind Patrick Bryne, Sydney Powell and Michael Flynn. They aren't traitors like Donald Trump.

After listening to this recording, you will not want Donald Trump to provide leadership. 

You will not want to be deceived twice. 

---------------- Dec 15 - I told You Donald Would Choke before he even met Powell & Flynn
---------- Mike Lindell - Absolute Proof of Election Fraud that Trump Refused to Litigate

First Comment from Brabantian

Very good of you to highlight the Patrick Byrne material, key first-hand history on these major events, especially given how 2020 vote fraud signals that the USA may never have a legitimate national election again.
My reading remains slightly different - For me, the account points to Trump being blackmailed from the very beginning. One item Byrne recounts in part 3 of his series is how, after Flynn and Byrne have successfully exposed that White House Counsel Pat Cipollone is working against Trump (and obviously should be immediately fired), Cipollone is yet arrogant enough to begin shouting at President Trump himself, as if Trump is on a lower level in terms of the Deep State cabal.
(Blackmailed, or following Masonic diktat?)

This is consistent with Trump being a blackmailed victim, too afraid as President to say his famous catchphrase 'You're fired!', rather than him being a 'made man' con artist insider.
Trump's current lawyers for that bizarre 'second impeachment' farce currently underway in the USA Congress, are David I. Schoen of Montgomery, Alabama, and Bruce L. Castor Jr of Philadelphia, whose law firm profile states:
"Bruce is a Master Mason, a 33rd Degree Scottish Rite mason, a Knight Templar, and a Shriner"


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Comments for "Fool Me Twice: Donald Trump is a Traitor "

Doug P said (February 17, 2023):

These people like Trump, Trudeau, etc are essentially adolescents with cluster B personality disorders, that's who the banks want in the visible power positions. They are predictable and easily controlled and will cave to peer pressure so everyone in their circle thinks they are cool.

JM said (February 16, 2023):

Here’s a short video that tells us all we need to know about General Flynn

Christine said (March 2, 2021):

The Zohar says that in the year 2016, a man who is unfit to rule must become leader of Edom (which the synagogue of satan identify as the USA).

That's why they arranged for Donald Trump to become President.

His election was certain: He just had to tell people exactly what the synagogue of Satan knew they wanted to hear.

The Zionists engineer everything to make sure their "prophecies" come to pass.

Other examples?

Every major event in history......
Russian revolution, rise of communism, WW1, WW2, fall of the USSR, 9/11, coronoavirus........

All in the Zohar.

Men can't do such things, of course: It is Satanic.

But they are doomed.

The Lord Jesus Christ is Messiah.

The synagogue of satan aren't going to rule anything: They have just been busy for centuries pouring out the judgements of the Book of Revelation.

PETER K said (March 2, 2021):

Excellent article, Henry. Keep telling the truth. I have read comments of those who read your article, and you posted...There are still "true believer" who will follow Donald Trump no matter what happens in tthe same way Jim Jones followers followed them to Guyana, and drank cyanide laced Cool Aide. There will be those who will refuse to see facts even if it hit them between the eyes like a 2 by 4 piece of lumber... All the same, I appreciate you having the courage to continue telling the truth...I believe good and decent Americans have been played... Classic dialectic... The puppet master controls both sides on the stage of life. I knew that Donald Trump is not to be trusted when he transferred the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem...Not only that he also surrounded himself with Hassidic Jews in the Oval Office...and with the Menorah on the White House lawn...I'm preaching to the choir, and you and me are choir boys...

John D said (February 7, 2021):

They great showman Donny Trumpet has expertly ushered the sheep to the slaughter just as he placed in position to do. The illuminati gave public notice through 33rd degree freemason Matt Groening the Simpson's creator they were going to install him.

Tony B said (February 6, 2021):

Unfortunately today's Americans, and perhaps the bulk of the whole "west," have been pretty much trained to believe their own wishful thinking realities and not reality itself in every instance. It has not been a deep secret that Trump's (Drumpf's) father was a Rothschild insider, Donald growing up as such. Insider privileged man's brat. Nor apparently does it register on people's minds that only members of the tribe, or those connected, are allowed to dabble in NYC real estate these days.

The Donald was made president for a Rothschild purpose, as is EVERY American president (among other power offices) these days. His actions have furthered the ultimate enslaving "reset" plan just as well as Obama's, but those who fall for the false political divisions never bother to look that closely, only taking note of media accounts (some true, most false) of their choice's purported "good works."

Jason N said (February 6, 2021):

You are blind and I pray for you to have discernment! You sound like a DEEPSTATE cover up agent! PRESIDENT TRUMP IS MOT FINISHED AND HE WILL NOT FAIL AMERICA. Your eyes will be open soon. The world is awakening and reality is teaching us that the distraction of fear stops our consciousness to grow. So I REBUKE ALL YOU SAY AND COVER WHAT I SAY BY THE BLOOD OF JESUS MY LIRS AND SAVIOR THAT HE BLESS EACH WHO SURRENDER TO HIS NAME AND LOVE TO LIVE BY HIS GRACE WILL THE WORLD THEN REALLY WAKE UP. The power is in each of us. We are all apart of the harmonic heartbeat of the solar system galaxy and planet this code of life is encrypted in everyday life which is also apart of you. It’s called the golden ratio

Jim said (February 6, 2021):

Once again you tell the "truth of the matter!"

Thank God you are still there. Don't you ever quit!

Trump has never been nothing but an actor playing

his part in the "play" to destroy the culture of the American people.

Patriot said (February 6, 2021):

A Patriot writes-

Twitter, Facebook, Fox, CNN, YouTube, and a thousand other entities are now feeding federal agencies with intel needed to uncover true believers in the American Experiment. These people are now declared enemies of the state. Ever wonder why Branch Davidians were being accused of abusing their children?

The left, being Satanists, always accuse their detractors of the crimes they themselves commit. The Clintons, Janet Reno, several of the ATF and FBI agents, were all pedophiles. Pedophilia is rampant in DC. They even have disposal sites there for getting rid of the evidence. Pong Pizza was one such site. Notice how hard the left quickly came out in force to discredit the discovery.

Today, the media works overtime to crush American freedom. Notice the pallor and sickly look to all the people now surrounding Biden. Pure evil personified. Were any normal person stand next to one of them the hairs of the back of your neck would stand straight up.

Trump supporters did not support the Capitol storming. No way anyone in the crowd listening to the President could have made it there. Cell phone service anywhere around the area was shut down. Shut down. So who organized the crowd? Interestingly enough, the Air Force member shot at the capitol had very strange background.

Search of her internet activity reveal a supporter of both Wicca and Antifa. The Air Force discovered many members of Antifa within their ranks. This started happen shortly after Air Force Academy allowed Wiccans to enter. She was actually once the subject of an Air Force Office of Special Investigations for several alleged thefts. Not enough evidence found so she was allowed to exit AF with good discharge. She was the sacrifice for this op. She was there specifically for that and explains why feds so adamant about keeping identify of shooter so obscure.

America is fully under the control of the Satanists today and i fully believe that a mass sacrifice of the American people will now happen, whether from war or a series of false flags i cannot say.

Erik B said (February 6, 2021):

Hahaha...Not Donald Trump but Joe Biden is a traitor in a political reality show as the recent "inauguration" in occupied Washington DC showed you. Did you really think that "inauguration" had the dynamics of a real inauguration? That were state -actors that led the media and public into thinking it was all real.

It's funny to see that D J Trump now is the bogeyman for supposedly letting the people down. The real bogeyman is the so-called "Jew" of course for most and even many of the alternative media, but it is much more complicated than that. Therefore you have to be clever and lure your enemy in a very sophisticated trap.
That is all what is being played out right now.

JG said (February 6, 2021):

It's hard to beat a fix and the fix was put into motion when the swing states drafted legislation that allowed mail in voting without sufficient identification and verification. President Trump knew what was coming his way by this illegitimate manuever and he publicly warned what would happen, and it did.

President Trump and his lawyers did legally challenge these mail in voting irregularities but the courts ignored the testimonies given by the poll workers who were present during the mail in vote counting. The courts had their orders from "higher" not to recognize these cases and they followed these directives. The threat of possible sedition if they didn't cooperate was used as the club and it worked. This was a move by the courts to "avoid the conflict".

Mike Pence was the last chance in the process but decided not to challenge the election by certifying the vote.

The MSM was then given the damage control orders to convince the public that this election was totally legit and on the "up and up". However, they didnt do a good job of it.

What really pissed the Globalists and their Democrat go-fers off was that Trump didn't go along and concede with their plans to remove him from office.

This is not the first nor will it be the last illegitimate presidential election in America you'll have. The "powers that be" are still running the show.

Imran said (February 6, 2021):

If Patrick Byrne is telling the truth...then I would say Trump is not a traitor in the eyes of most throughout the world even many of your readers. He is only trying to save his family and himself from assassination.

Also if the Donald was a traitor then what was the Trump economy about? No I am not a fan of the guy...but maybe he took the correct action to step down. I am hesitant to label him a traitor as such.

With Trump releasing Pollard...Barry Chamish contends that Pollard was an innocent victim of the corrupt Israeli establishment (very likely Shimon Peres) to blackmail America and those in the White House at the time. Pollard got information that the those in the corrupt Israeli government used to blackmail America and some in the White House.

The Bush Sr. White House was furious and decided to punish Pollard. Considering Bush Sr. and Co. are globalists why not release Pollard just to stick it to them a bit? We should be thanking Trump and Bibi for that. The low key arrival of Pollard in Israel is no doubt designed to massage the egos of the conspirators on the American and Israeli side from those years.

I am gonna have to say (at least for now) that for me Trump is not a traitor. No I don't like the guy, but certainly he did a good job with the economy before it went downhill due to Covid. You have to admit you were wrong about Trump building up the American economy for the war with China. So why did he briefly make the American economy great? What is the globalist plan for that?

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at