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"Vaccine" Kills Wife, 34, of Ugandan We Helped

September 5, 2023

(James Mubiru and six motherless children 2-16 thanks to the World Health Org)

"I had warned her several times not to take the vaccines 
but she couldn't listen."

Readers of this site sent James Mubru $6000 to open a grocery store in 2020.

by James Mubiru

It is very sad that my wife Emily passed away last month (August) this year due to cardiac arrest and I suspect it was due to Covid19 scamdemic vaccines.

I had warned her several times not to take the vaccines but she couldn't listen. She was greatly influenced by her women friends to do so.

Before she passed on, Emily recognized that the vaccine was unsafe. At first, she experienced a cardiac arrest and fortunately, she survived but sadly after two weeks, she passed on. After her women friends heard the sad news, they were frightened and confessed that they had made a very big mistake to take the vaccine. So they are worried that what happened to my late wife may also happen to them soon or later.

I am currently trying to cope with the situation as I remain a single father to raise my children. Fortunately, the older children I have try to take care of their younger ones. 

There was an attempt by one of my homeland's local news media to alert the public about the dangers of taking the vaccine(Dated-June15 2022) and this is what it reported and I quote:

"Researchers in Britain are calling on the government to halt the use of COVID-19 vaccines immediately after discovering toxic side effects. Evidence is piling up that raises doubts about the safety and efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccines. A new report written by British doctors calls for a complete stop to the use of covid19 vaccines on humans because they are unsafe"

It continued: "The doctors say that after examining official public health records, they have found several reported side effects of the vaccine including; bleeding and clotting, unexpected immune reactions, unusual pain reactions, neurological reactions, loss of sight, hearing, speech or smell, or adverse reaction affecting pregnancy including miscarriage. Researchers explained that the products in the vaccine are toxic to humans and called for an immediate halt to the vaccination program."

 The President of the Uganda Medical Association (Samuel Aledo) also said; "At Uganda Medical Association, we encourage Ugandans to get vaccinated but this vaccination should be under consent. One must be given as much information as possible to make an informed decision. For children, consent should be sought from their parents. Vaccination should be a voluntary process. It should not be imposed on anyone, especially children"
Many people in my home county, Uganda are waking up to the dangers of getting vaccinated. For example, Jonah Lucinda died after being forced to get the COVID-19 vaccine. He was a student of St.Martin Secondary School, Jjanya, Mpigi District.

Another case is of another 13-year-old student by the name of Liz Michelle Kavuma who cannot breathe without the support of round-the-clock supplemental oxygen. According to her medical report, the Pfizer vaccine failed to circulate in her body causing severe after-effects and she is currently admitted at Kiruddu Hospital, Kampala. It is obvious that there are several death cases caused by vaccines but not been reported.

Health experts and activists have on several occasions warned the Uganda government and School Administrators against vaccinating children without parental consent. Under the new government directive, no child should be vaccinated while at school and no school should be turned into a vaccination centre. The head teachers in both public and private schools have also been warned against illegal COVID-19 vaccination mandates.

Uganda Lawmakers rejected the proposed mandatory vaccination according to July 2022 report.

The Uganda government was reviewing a law that made COVID-19 vaccination mandatory and those who would fail to get vaccinated would have to pay a fine equivalent to $1,139 or receive a jail term of six months. This was according to the Uganda Parliament's statement on its website. With a population of 45 Million, only 16 Million had been vaccinated, so the Uganda public has been reluctant to take the jab resulting in a low turnout.

Many people in my home country, Uganda are aware of the dangers of receiving the COVID-19 vaccine whereas others are still ignorant about its dangers." People are destroyed for lack of knowledge"(Hosea 4:6).

JHU data reports (as of 3rd October 2023) show that Uganda administered 26,299,538 doses of COVID-19 vaccines and people receiving at least one dose-19,488,104(42.61%) of the Uganda population.

In conclusion, my heart still groans and mourns for the loss of my wife and I am currently remaining alone with the children to take care of. Also, I resorted to homeschooling my children. It is my strong belief that all the life trials we go through are a TEST of FAITH in our Creator.

I had resorted to poultry and pig rearing in addition to the small grocery the readers of your website contributed to my family's welfare.

Dear readers of this website, I again thank you for all you contributed in the past so that my family can have a better life.
2 Cor.10:3-5,Ps.34:18,147:3
God bless you all.
James Mubiru,

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