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Mike Stone - Trump Indictment is a Charade

August 4, 2023


What we're seeing is political theatre, 
a reality show designed to distract 
and polarize the nation.

by Mike Stone

President Trump has been indicted again. How many times is this now? I don't know, I can't keep count. And what was his reaction?

He continues to taunt and ridicule the very people who want to put him behind bars for the rest of his life. Does that make sense to you? Would you do that if you were in his shoes?

It doesn't make sense to me unless . . . Unless what we're seeing is the political equivalent of professional wrestling.

Put on your common sense hat and think this one through. You're a billionaire in your 70s. You likely have 20 years left to live and you have plenty of money to enjoy your remaining time on earth and to see to it that your loved ones are taken care of.

Meanwhile, some bad guys with a lot of political power are trying to put you in jail for life.  You could call the whole thing off easily and have all of the current and future charges against you dropped simply by agreeing not to run for President in 2024. Wouldn't you take that deal?

Any reasonable person would. After all, look at the mass cowardice and capitulation we saw during the virus hoax. Millions of people surrendered without a shot being fired and openly collaborating with the enemy. At even the slightest hint of being arrested - and not only of being arrested but just causing a scene; just standing up for their basic human rights - every adult male in your life folded like a cheap tent, didn't they?

(Doing his best Christ imitation)

Yet look what's happening here. Not only is Trump not taking the deal, but he's also taunting and thumbing his nose at his accusers. That is not rational behavior, particularly by someone as smart as Trump. Why in the world is he putting himself into such an extremely dangerous situation?

The Con is On 

Take it from an actor - one who's been around enough phony actors, low budget action movies, and two-bit theatrical productions to spot a con when he sees one - what we're seeing is not real. It's political theater.

Granted, not all of the participants are likely aware that they are acting in a massive theatrical production. The commie pukes and scum-sucking slimeballs who work for the New York Times and other mainstream media outlets are so fundamentally stupid, they probably think that what they're reporting on is real.

But the star of the show - the leading man - sure knows it's all fake. Watching him grandstand his way through these indictments is like watching Randy Savage aka the Macho Man going off in front of the camera. It's like watching Dick the Bruiser. I'm telling you it's not real.

Who's in Charge

In recent articles, I presented some pretty compelling evidence that Trump appears to be our current Commander in Chief. We know that the Joe Biden impostor we see being filmed on sound stages and carrying his own bags through airports is not running the show. So if it's not Trump, who is it? Why is there an aide around Trump at all times, carrying what appears to be the nuclear football? Why does Trump travel in a full, 20-vehicle Presidential motorcade?  [Makow - WTF? Has Stone lost his mind?)

If you think Sandy Crook was real. If you think the recent virus hoax was a real thing. If you think Osama bin Laden was behind 9/11, that we have honest elections in this country, and that everything you see on Fox News and CNN is accurate and true, then you probably think what you're seeing with Trump and these indictments is the real thing too.

I don't. I've seen enough evidence to indicate the entire scenario is a massive charade. Which is a good thing - if it's true.
Mike Stone is the author of Teen Boy's Success Book: the Ultimate Self-Help Book for Boys; Everything You Need to Know to Become a Man And the book Using ChatGPT to Predict the Future: How to Discern the Truth, Forecast the Future & Always Be Right: 

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Comments for "Mike Stone - Trump Indictment is a Charade "

Al Thompson said (August 4, 2023):

I’m not sure if I agree that the Trump indictment is a charade but I do think that the people in the government are as dishonest as it gets; including the candidates. I had a friend of mine say something like “I don’t believe anything anymore unless I can prove it to myself.” I agree. As for myself, this conspiracy stuff is much worse than what I had discovered. If it comes from the government, then it is probably evil, and evil always gets bad results.

Trump got the whole Covid thing going and if they wanted to indict him, it should have been about putting on the vaccine insanity.

Thousands of people have died or have been injured because of his actions.

In my opinion, I think Trump is indeed a part of the “deep state” and he is a major distraction so that the evil ones can get their agenda going. But this “new world order’ is going to fail miserably. And that’s a good thing.

Think about the retribution these “new world order” freaks are putting on themselves. They have no authority if they violate the natural order or the natural law. Watch the “reap what you sow” part as it will become self-evident as time progresses.

Art said (August 4, 2023):

"Why in the world is he putting himself into such an extremely dangerous situation?"

Because Trump knows, he KNOWS, they can't touch him. He's invulnerable now. As it's written, he will survive a hit that would stop anyone else. I think this legal ordeal is that hit. Watch him emerge unscathed as Melania measures (again) for drapes.

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