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August 9 - Civil War Simmering in America

August 9, 2023


Our social institutions have been subverted by Satanists who believe that society first must be destroyed in order to be rebuilt as a pedophile paradise. The MSM is lulling the sheeple into a state of complacency by distracting them and suppressing the pandemic of vax injuries.

Watch this deranged liberal restaurant owner refuse service unless a man takes off his MAGA hat. He thinks Trump is 10x worse than Adolf Hitler. 


The incident where a CUSTOMER is refused service unless he removes his MAGA hat was FROM A REALITY
SHOW. I was punked. Apologies.

Ray Shelton, Gay Teacher fired for merely questioning gender ideology
BREAKING: Portland jury finds Antifa militants not liable in Andy Ngo attack, defense attorney declares 'I AM ANTIFA'
Ne-yo -- Rapper draws the line at children opting to change their gender

Starbucks fired a manager for being white.  She is awarded $25 million by the court.
BOMBSHELL: FDA Admits Guidance on Ivermectin was Illegal, Invokes 'Sovereign Immunity' for Misleading Statements (& Crimes Against Humanity)


Post Millennial reporter Katie Daviscourt's car SMASHED UP shortly after the conclusion of Andy Ngo-Antifa trial in Portland

Disney Teams with Man Claiming to be a Woman to Sell Clothes to Little Girls

The video is the latest example of Disney promoting transgenderism and gender nonconformity. As Breitbart News reported, Disneyland recently employed a mustachioed transvestite to welcome young girls into the park's Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique.


Ukrainian 'Kill Teams' Using U.S.-Supplied Black Hawks to 'Carry Out Assassinations Inside of Russia'


Biden administration has given $2.35 BILLION to the Taliban since the withdrawal: Damning report reveals huge waste in taxpayers' funds after 20 years in Afghanistan

UN Chief: Christians Who Don't Accept MAPs Will Be Excluded From Society

The United Nations has warned Christians that if they do not fully embrace the legalization of pedophilia, they will be excluded from participating in society. 

In a disturbing new declaration, UN expert Victor Madrigal-Borloz says religious freedom can only be tolerated if religious people fully embrace the globalist agenda, including radical LGBTQ+ ideology.

The LGBTQ+ ideology the UN is pushing originates from a report issued earlier this year that calls for the decriminalization of sex between adults and minors.
To whom it may concern,
I am writing to urge you to release Ginzalo Lira. Jailing him is a PR disaster and does more harm than his analyses ever did. He was motivated by a concern for the welfare of the Ukrainian people. His continued incarceration will make him a cause celebre.

Henry Makow, Winnipeg Canada 

How GL lost Scott Ritter's support

Commenters mostly side with Ritter

Researcher Naomi Wolf Says Babies Were Murdered by Pfizer Shots

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) was paying OB-GYN doctors millions of dollars to lie to mothers that COVID mRNA injections are safe. Naomi Wolf said that if the doctors tell the truth about the dangers of COVID injections, they will have to repay the money that they received.

Student punished for saying "bless you"

She didn't even say God Bless You


Dillon County Sheriff 61 collapses and dies unexpectedly in his home

Douglas Pernell, 61, worked Monday and didn't seem to have any problems before he collapsed in his home, Dillon County Coroner Donnie Grimsley said.
Hopefully, there is a vaccine for 'climate anxiety'

In a segment that looked like something out of Monty Python, PBS NewsHour brought on a therapist to help people suffering from 'climate anxiety' on Sunday.


Kenya Kicks Eye-Scanning Worldcoin To The Curb -- Refuses To Become 'Data Harvesting Guinea Pigs'

Co-founded by OpenAI's Sam Altman, WorldCoin offers free crypto tokens worth roughly $50 to people willing to have their eyeballs scanned by a device called the Orb.


Traitorous Canadian provincial and federal health commissars are all women

This man can hardly repress his anger that four doctors had him on expensive Acid Reflux medication for 15 years when he cured it completely in one month using one bottle of Apple Cider vinegar


The Absurdity of Reparations

Shaq O'Neil actually went into show biz after Reboks he endorsed were too expensive


Did Obama's Chef Drown in Three Feet of Water?...


PJW - Men can't tell the difference between real whores and AI generated ones

(The difference is the price.)

They are sending love letters and proposals to women who do not exist. The danger is that men may prefer these bots to real women. These bots may be more able to fulfill their emotional needs than the confused young flesh and blood relatives.



Moody's cautioned that banks with sizable unrealized losses that are not reflected in their regulatory capital ratios are vulnerable to a loss of confidence in the current high-rate environment.

Moody's downgrades US banks, warns of possible cuts to others


Steve Kirsch -Over 25% of elderly residents of a SNF died within a 20-day period after getting the COVID jab in December 2020

A skilled nursing facility (SNF) with an average of 152 residents administered the COVID vaccines to employees and residents on Dec 28 & 29, 2020. Between Jan 2 and Jan 20, 2021, approximately 42+ residents died. The management had to interrupt the staff's holiday to call them back to work due to all the deaths.

Here's the kicker: In all of 2020, this facility had ZERO COVID deaths.

The average in-SNF annual mortality rate at SNFs is 7.8% (see Table 3).
Reader advises men that women are parasites-- 

"I'm 66 now, single and happy. I'm tall, good-looking, worked in high tech and did well for myself. I had many girlfriends but, was never married. Each girlfriend was lovey-dovey for close to a year but, when they feel comfortable, they start to get bitchy. I think all women feel inferior to men and the way the control their boyfriends and husbands is bitching. Men want it quiet and will eventually give in to shut her up. When my girlfriends started getting bitchy with me, I dumped them and got a new one. Many girlfriends wanted to marry me But I knew that get married is a bad deal for men. I worked long hours and put up with a lot of stress and didn't want to come home bitching and more stressed. Not only that, if I was stupid enough to get married, the wife would instantly own ½ of everything I struggled and worked hard for all my life. I would always mention a prenup and they would get mad at me. I laughed in their faces say, if you don't sign a prenup I'm not getting married while laughing at her. One eventually said OK I'll sign a prenup. I said no I changed my mind, I don't want to get married. She freaked and laughed and then I dumped her. My girlfriend now knows I will never get married or let her move into my house and she's OK with that. Most women now are like the town bicycle. Everyone's had a ride. Men don't want them.
Most women are emotional spenders. They buy something because it makes them feel good for a few mins. Then they buy something else to get that feeling again. Almost all the girlfriends I had were in debt, not me. Women are emotional animals. They have no logic and will destroy their relationship or marriage for a short-term emotional high. Most women are parasites on men.
I know men that got burnt bad in divorce and I didn't want to go down that road. The courts are against men.
It's better to be single and happy than married and miserable. If you're single think about my Email. You dodged a bullet.


Woman befriends wild fox who becomes like a cat

Orban- don't tell us how to live. We have our own culture.


Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "August 9 - Civil War Simmering in America "

Al Thompson said (August 9, 2023):

The “state” is definitely pushing the homosexual agenda along with the sick idea of choosing genders; which of course is impossible. The main argument against it is that these perverse sexual doctrines violate the natural law. That’s all we need to know and we don’t need to read a bunch of books about it. If the people stay within the natural order, then they can stand back and watch the perverts destroy themselves.

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