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"Cause a Ruckus" for Gonzalo Lira

August 6, 2023


Gonzalo Lira has committed no crime but to lament the terrible tragedy that has befallen the Ukrainian people. The Ukraine war is another boondoggle like the credit crunch or COVID  at the cost of hundreds of thousands of more lives and the very real threat of a wider confrontation with Russia.  Last week, when Lira attempted unsuccessfully to cross the border to Hungary, he urged his followers to "cause a ruckus" if he fails and is imprisoned again.  Below are some of the addresses to call or write to.  

Lira said he was tortured in prison and forced to hand over all his money to the USB.

Col.  Douglas MacGregor compared Lira's case with that of Brittney Griner, the black lesbian basketball player who disparaged the US. The US pulled out all stops to get her released.  The State Dept. pointedly ignores Lira's imprisonment because he is white and a male, MacGregor says. 

GL was a friend. We appreciated his take. When a friend gets jailed for enlightening us, do we abandon him? If we don't defend people who advance our values, no one will stand up to tyranny. Their agenda is to create a satanic dystopia. We have no choice but to raise our voices in opposition. Let the Movement to Save Humanity begin with a campaign to liberate Gonzalo Lira. 

GL on YouTube 

US Sec. of State Anthony Blinken

Ukrainian Security Bureau in Kyiv:

Security Service Of Ukraine
SSU Central Office
33 Volodymyrska St
Kyiv, 01601
Telephone: (38) (044) 256 95 60
Appeals telephone: (38) (044) 256 99 91
Lustration requests: +38 (044) 255-82-55
Prisoners and hostages release, as well as skip trace:  (38) (044) 255 84 35

Embassy of Ukraine
310 Somerset St W
Ottawa, ON K2P 0J9
Phone: (613) 230-2311

Consular Section of the Embassy of Ukraine
Chief:  Ms. Olena Penteleichuk, First Secretary (consular affairs)
331 Metcalfe St
Ottawa, ON K2P 1S3
(613) 230-8015 

Embassy of Ukraine
Ambassador Oksana Markarova
3350 M St NW
Washington, DC 20007
United States
Phone: (202) 349-2920

Embassy of Ukraine
Vadym Prystaiko  Ambassador of Ukraine to the United Kingdom
60 Holland Park
London W11 3SJ
United Kingdom
Phone: (44) 2077 276 312
Phone: (44) 7553 483 628
Phone: (44) 2072 438 923
Phone: (44) 2077 273 567

Ukrainian Embassy
Vydoinyk Mykhailo  Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ukraine to the Kingdom of Denmark
Toldbodgade 37A
1253 København K
Phone: (45) 33 18 56 20

Embassy of Ukraine in the Kingdom of Sweden
Plakhotniuk Andrii  Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ukraine to the Kingdom of Sweden
Stjärnvägen 2A, 181 50
Lidingö, Sweden
Phone: 46 85 222 84 01
Phone: 46 70 407 61 03
Phone: 46 85 222 84 04

Embassy of Ukraine
Paris-21 Av. de Saxe
75007 Paris
Phone: (33) 1 43 06 07 37
Phone: (33) 6 07 71 53 56  
Phone: (33) 1 56 58 13 70  

Embassy of Ukraine in The Netherlands-Zeestraat
KARASEVYCH OleksandrAmbassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ukraine to the Kingdom of the Netherlands
78, 2518 AD
Den Haag, Netherlands 
Phone 31 703 62 60 95
Phone 31 703 60 72 18

Embassy of Ukraine in Poland
Ambassador Wasyl Zwarycz
Aleja J. Ch. Szucha 7, 00-580
Warszawa, Poland
Phone: 48 22 621 39 79
Phone: 48 22 621 39 79
Phone: 48 69 860 88 37

Embassy of Ukraine
S.E. Oleksii Makeiev  Außerordentlicher und Bevollmächtigter Botschafter der Ukraine in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland
Albrechtstraße 26, 10117
Berlin, Germany
Phone: 49 30 28 88 71 28
Phone: 49 30 28 88 71 70

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Comments for ""Cause a Ruckus" for Gonzalo Lira"

Robert said (August 7, 2023):

Again, you obviously have such a deep passion for everything you do to update and maintain your website. Bless you:)

I'm sorry to contact you so much here today, but I thought I'd let you know that I tried 3 phone numbers to contact the Ukrainian Embassy in DC; the number you posted, 202-349-2920, is strangely 'wireless' and online, I found, 202-349-2963, which also states it's a 'wireless' number. Both numbers state, "The wireless customer you called is not available at this time, etc." The Official Ukrainian US Embassy website,, lists 202-349-2963 as the contact phone number.

I will try both these numbers tomorrow to see what happens and let you know. I will alternatively email the Embassy. But why would these numbers be wireless? Seems weird.


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