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Putin- Defender of the Faith

June 21, 2023

(Left, Putin.) 

According to my Twitter Poll this morning, 
44% of my readers wish Putin would liberate
the West from Satanist (Masonic) Jewish tyranny. 
Roughly 27% prefer either Trump or RFKJr.

I think Putin is real but this article is a reply to 
"Putin-No Defender of Christian Faith & Morality"  by William Jasper

"In some ways, Moscow and Saint Petersburg are richer, livelier than any city in the decaying America."

Peter K, an American Gulf War veteran married to a Russian woman replies to Jasper's criticism that Putin's defense of Christianity is a ruse.  In the First Comment, Alexander, a Russian, confirms Jasper's view.  

from Oct 2, 2014
by Peter K 

Putin is no saint and I believe he is using the Orthodox Church (highly infiltrated at the top) by FSB agents and communist agents during the cold war. Putin wants to remake his Image and separate from the decadent West.

However, I am tired of this nonsense spouted by Jasper, Nyquist and other authors. There was a plot by the KGB as described by Anatoliy Golitsyn. He warned about this in 1984 in the book described in your article. He predicted that a new, young energetic leader would come from Russia and make lightning peace overtures to the West, dismantle the Berlin Wall, and remove the old communist leaders from Eastern Europe. This happened and I have Anatoliy Golitsyn´s book.

However, this theory no longer has any validity.  I am married to a Russian lady and have been visited there six times The communist system was smashed and the old communist apparatus went underground. In 1987, I have Stars and Stripes articles showing Henry Kissinger and other Trilaterals going to Moscow (in 1987) to seduce Gorbachev to dismantle the Iron Curtain and integrate that System to the West. Gorby, whether playing a double game or not, went for it and settle in California.

Russia was completely dismantled; its state assets were sold to Jewish Oligarchs who worked for the West. It lost to a pitiful war in Chechnya, which was financed by London and Washington D.C. Breakaway districts were debating on separating from Russia, run by a drunken, pro-western politician named Yeltsin.

Russia is now an unbelievably transformed country. Christianity is preached and served more freely than Obama´s Communist America. My wife was there last week and she is amazed at its transformation. In some ways, Moscow and Saint Petersburg are richer, and livelier than any city in decaying America. We left America three years ago and now live in Germany. We want to live outside the fourth Reich Babylon America before the doors close and the economic collapse and civil war commence. 

I am a Persian Gulf War veteran and love America but the America I served in the 1980s and early 1990s is a more skeleton image of what it has morphed into now. My children deserve a better future.

When you give candy to a child he wants more. Gorbay gave some more freedoms to oppressed people and they want more. He initiates this freedom movement to rejuvenate the dying communist system that was no longer functioning. I saw long lines at 12 midnight in April 1992 and these poor souls had to wait all morning in line just to get the basic staples of life. 

The NWO and elite need to dismantle all these Iron and Bamboo curtains in order to bring these separate ideological Systems into the NWO. Otherwise, their long-held dreams of a New World order will never materialize. Now, they need to destroy the only superpower in the world with a unique individual spirit and gun ownership to fulfill their dreams. That is why communist Obama and his Muslim cohorts were brought in the White House.

Putin is no Angel, but he did help the USA during the Afghan war, even though the CIA was running drugs from Afghan into Russia to dismantle its youth. I know; I lost a brother-in-law from Afghan heroin. Putin is a fierce Nationalist and a Defender of Russian, western values, as he sees them. He is not a Christian at heart but like other people, he has been transformed from a Communist to more of an autocrat (modern Czar). He has seen what endless immigration, Obama and Marxist attacks on culture and values are doing to Western societies. More importantly, he sees what American Aggression and its onslaught of Middle East Nations and the expansion of Nato on the Russian border mean to his country´s future.

The Anglo-American-Jewish Fifth Column is working overtime to remove Putin and now China. Putin is not threatening anyone. Yes, he is a crook and heists billion to his Swiss bank account from all his oil deals and for his cronies. But which leader in the West is not a crook or on someone´s dole? At least he does not threaten other nations or has mercenaries invade other countries, killing millions and displacing millions like the USA does. This is what this William Jasper does not want to see nor idiots like him.

One day, after the internal revolution in the USA, when the economy collapsed, China and Russia, out of necessity, will strike America and destroy Babylon America. They are currently building their military and will be ready to challenge the USA for world domination, not out of some communist plot 50 years ago, but for survival. They know the USA is run but psychopathic occult families who want to cull the human race and destroy it. Read Revelations chapter 18 and you see America´s future.

Makow Comment-  Peter makes some valid points but Jasper's analysis makes most sense to me. Even Hitler did a lot of good for Germany and was pro-family. This is the way the Illuminati's dialectic works.  In How Putin is Part of the NWO, Alex Newman explained how they plan to create two "opposing" blocs, uniting two halves, and then amalgamating them.  In The Protocols of Zion, the author says no one opposes us except with our assent. 

First Comment by Alex:

As we say in Russia it is better to see one time than to hear 100 times. Below you will find a picture of the White Hall of Kremlin, where all the important state ceremonies are held (note the symbolism), and a picture of Putin's masonic handshake with Henry Kissinger. That's some anti-NWO guy :-)

Having read the recent polemics concerning the role of Putin I felt the urge to send you my comments as a person, who actually lives in Russia, but travels a lot too.

I am totally astonished at how professionally and swiftly the Kremlin propaganda machine works! Today many people in the West, including even some prominent thinkers, seriously consider Putin a conservative, a devout Christian, an anti-NWO warrior, savior of the world even! This is of course as far from the truth as it possibly can be. 

In fact, I am myself a big fan of a channel like Russia Today, which shows a lot of interesting stuff completely banned in the Western media. Yet again RT NEVER shows ANY negative news about Russia itself. However here in Russia we have the same policies implemented as elsewhere and feel their consequences - dumbing down of the population, degradation of morals, abortion, drug and alcohol abuse, prevalent corruption, transnational corporations and banks controlling the political decision-making processes, destruction of the environment, etc.

I agree with the view that the situation today in Russia seems not as hopeless as in Europe or in the US, but it is due primarily to the active and firm resistance of the Russian population to the NWO elite's stance on things like total surveillance and control grid, homosexual agenda, GMO foods, juvenile justice, and vaccination, to name a few, not due to Mr. Putin's effort. 

In fact, Russian popular disenchantment with the so-called Western "values" is the main reason why Putin has to proclaim what he proclaims in order to be supported by the population. Meanwhile, he is covertly following the NWO agenda by slowly but surely corrupting Russian society. So Putin has found himself in a situation where he has to balance the orders coming from his masters and the Russian population's uncompromising resistance to the NWO plan. In this regard, it is of course safe to say that the Russian political landscape is much more complicated than that of modern Europe or the US, sometimes even showing signs of real democracy when the government has to back off and follow the desires of the population.

That said, Putin and the ruling class of Russia, the majority of them Freemasons, are all integral and important parts of the NWO power system. The Patriarch of the Orthodox Church is said to be a homosexual and the whole Church is corrupt to the core as well. Putin is just creating a false opposition block vis-a-vis the West and NATO with the purpose of the latter destruction of both in a global conflict and the subsequent emergence of a global council of 10 super nations.

I also share the feeling of many that generally the atmosphere in Russia is quite positive and much more sane, than that in the West, but don't be deceived... Although Moscow, just like, for example, Dubai, Hong Kong or Santiago is a much healthier city, than most American and European cities, yet it is a powerhouse of globalist elites and fits in well in their plans.

Michael Hoffman attacks Jasper- See his comment at bottom of Jasper article 
Putin's Russia - Illuminati Controlled and Corrupt
------------------Putin Royal Arch Freemason
------------------  Putin is Jewish, says Russian Patriot

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Comments for "Putin- Defender of the Faith "

CW said (October 4, 2014):

The reply by Alex on Vladimir Putin has been very interesting.

I have seen Putin has done much good for Russia by various means.

However other things of him I am unsure. Putin has never condemned globalism and is building a ''eurasian union.'' these two things disturb me. is he really serious about protecting russias sovereignty ? also I read that he is the richest person in Russia!

Russians are the most nationalistic people on the planet who are fighting against mass immigration from non-Europeans. like alex said it is the Russian people who are making
themselves heard. deep down I don't really believe putin is a nationalist enough with
central Asians coming into Russia. but at least the Russian government is listening to the people unlike us in the west.

still I believe Russia needs a truly patriotic leader who resists globalism and is not afraid to say so.

in the west we have none of these leaders. still according to edgar Cayce the seer he said ''Russia is the last hope.'' the western countries are gone, with our indifferent leaders and swamping of our population by third worlders. which too few speak about.

by comparison it is the Russian people not the government which are taking matters into their own hand. still I believe Russia is better prepared than the west. Russians are not politically correct like the west and truly adore their country.

RL said (October 3, 2014):

My comment to Peter k this poor soul has no eyes to see or hear the signs of the times Peter k is blind to truth believes in illusions not reality I suggest Peter k look up Putins church as described on the net by Russia's own people so Mr K if prophesy is Completed and your alive to actually be here when the Russian Serpents take charge thru Lucifer and his minions maybe then you might get Savvy but by then it is to late Reality just set in

CF said (October 3, 2014):

Anyone hailing and praising, to any degree, the «New Russia» is naive. Doing so is wishful thinking, and lazy analysis, pushing us all into into the trap. We must try to see the big picture.

Recently, in the U. S., the Democrats have become the purveyors of total chaos, setting up Republicans as the restorers of order. On every level, this is «their» method: «Divide to Conquer» and «Order Out of Chaos», finally bringing in their long-planned «New Order» - a completely new system. Yet, it is Janus, or even older than the ancient world. The left/right paradigm is a key tool of control, constantly exploited. It always has been.

An increasing acceptance of the what can only be called satanic, can also be seen now, in the Western world. It is in all popular media, enacted in public rituals, and even found on people's bodies; in the form of evil symbolism, in tattoos and piercings.

In satanism, inversion, reversal, and retrogradation are the connected names of the game. Therefore, it is no surprise that we see a global, moral pole reversal. Entire roles of both super powers, USSR/Russia and USA, are completely flipping - inverting. This is clearly a well designed, and rapidly implemented ploy, carried out via more powerful forms of media - with a lot of help from new technology and their corporations.

The well coordinated endgame is not a «Sad-Happy» world, where good guys become bad, and the bad, good. It is, rather, where ALL are eliminated (depopulated), and the UNIFIED world, or what's left of it, is made all theirs.

It is hard to determine who is more naive; the people who are taken by this revised Tower of Babel, or those who attempt to built it... Beware of loose BRICS.

Bene said (October 3, 2014):

I do not agree with the opinion of Mr Jaspers.
I have been married to a Russian woman and have a Russian daughter.

From what I see, hear and feel, Mr Putin is a real christian. And Christianity is really blossoming in Russia nowadays. As a 49 year old Belgian man, I was raised in the seventies, when the church here was still alive, before it began to disintegrate. In Russia, visiting an orthodox church is like coming home. The devotion of the people is so real.

Is the patriarch a KGB agent? So what? Putin has to choose his friends very carefully because the US and EU are funding billions of dollars to the so called fifth column in Russia to destabilize the country and to create a new Maidan. If Russia does not want to become the victim of the evil West, the church and other institutions must be loyal to the president. The KGB is necessary to prevent the traitors of the fifth column to be successful. Nationalist people must be in control.

Furthermore. Everywhere in the world, unfortunately (child) porn is made. Child abuse rings are a world wide phenomenon. And I have read more stories and well documented articles about European and American cases than Russian.
100 km from my door is even the worldwide center of child porn: illuminati Holland/Amsterdam. With it's tentacles spreading around the globe.
Also Putin is really targeting the alcoholism problem in Russia. Last years, a lot of new laws were voted to fight this disease.

I see only a man who tries hard to restore his mother country ( and believe me… every real Russian is proud of his/her mother country) after the collapse of the Soviet union. A collapse that was carefully planned by the evil West. Mr Putin looks to be very successful to that respect and that is why the Western media and also this Mr jasper try to demonize him.

I see more evidence of dictatorship in the US and the EU nowadays with its unelected presidents and ministers. The EU is slowly evaluating in a new kind of communist USSR like dictatorship. and lots of Europeans are not happy with that.
Is Mr Putin a saint? Perhaps not. But he's 100 times more a saint than Obama, Rasmussen, the Eu leaders, who have bombed half of the world lad killed more than a million people after WWII.
Europe and America will cease to exist like I knew it in my childhood. The elite is importing millions of Muslim refugees that bring massive social instability and this will very soon lead to a Europe wide civil war. It is a matter of time, perhaps 10 years.

The only escape route will be North East to Russia.

Jim Perloff said (October 2, 2014):

According to Wikipedia,, between 1989 and 2006, 1.6 million Jews emigrated from the former USSR. Most settled in Israel. (Move over, Palestinians.) This was one of the impacts of Gorbachev’s Glasnost. The thought crosses my mind: once most of the Russian Jews moved to Israel, did this make Russia “expendable”? Does this possibly play any role in the increased hostility of the Zionist banksters toward Putin’s state? I don’t know, but perhaps it’s worth considering as a factor.

Christopher said (October 2, 2014):

As far as I am aware, the last head of state of any nation on this planet with even an ounce of decency was Haile Selassie I. By the way, he was overthrown by a soviet-backed government (Putin's friends) with the help of Castro. The leader of their government was Haile Mariam Mengistu, who was recently convicted in absentia in the ICC for genocide amongst other things. But he is free, as he is a "guest of the state" of Zimbabwe.

Don't think that those opposing evil are necessarily good. Look at Castro - banned all religion and groups not organized by the government until recently, with the Catholic Church (who we know we can trust). The previous exceptions were Santeria (a form of witchcraft) and freemasonry - apparently he was given shelter in a lodge during the revolution, and I would be surprised if he is not a member. And Mugabe, some people support his madness as some kind of pro-black anti-colonialist movement, opposed only by "the white man" and some uncle Toms. Do you trust anyone who would give sanctuary to a guy like Mengistu? Henry, where's that photo of Obama and Chavez's masonic handshake?

I hear in Russia they used to say "In capitalism, man exploits man. In communism it is the other way around." When any opposition groups are either infiltrated or created by those they claim to be opposing, there is only one way that things can go.

JG said (October 2, 2014):

What happened to Russia with the fall of the Berlin Wall was to replace their present form of communism with World Order Totalitarianism that was concealed under the guise of democracy and free enterprise.The state owned services and holdings were bought up for nickels on the dollars by Jewish oligarchs with the help of Yeltsin and the west.

Putin prosecuted these oligarchs and recovered some of the money while Gorbachev fled to San Francisco. When you hear the words liberty, democracy, and freedom today you might want to run the other way.

The Soviet Union during the Cold War had revived nationalism. It was straying away from the hard core Marxism of the 1930's where the general population was the persecuted enemy of the state.The Russian people were getting their pride back. Putin had come from the communism of that generation.

Jasper's article gets an A for creativity but an E for validity. Putin has defended Christian values publicly and legislatively more than the Pope has himself. Gays and Lesbians are not allowed to adopt Russian children or have their lifestyles promoted in public schools. It is wrong for us to judge him by the speck in his eye.

Tony E said (October 2, 2014):

William Jasper is an old John Bircher. I got wise to those PHONIES years ago (although there are many good people among its unsuspecting ranks).

All you need to know about the Birch Society is that they NEVER talk about Israel, and they accept the official story of 9/11.

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