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How Putin is Part of the NWO

September 25, 2014

Putin does not represent a bulwark against the
New World Order, as many hope.

The Plan is to create regional blocks as a transitional
step to one-world government.
Putin has been an active
exponent of this process.

by Alex Newman
Putin Key Player in the New World Order
(from- The New American-Edited/ abridged by

What if -- despite the "East vs. West" and "New Cold War" hysteria whipped up by politicians and the mainstream media -- both sides are actually working toward the same goals using largely the same means?

Despite the sabre rattling, globalists on both sides of the East-West divide refer to their goal as the creation of a "New World Order."

This "order" they speak of, as we shall show, represents, essentially, a global system of political and economic control over humanity. And Putin, a former KGB boss, is following precisely the strategies toward world order outlined openly by the same Western establishment he purportedly stands as a bulwark against. He often refers to his vision as the imposition of a new, "multi-polar" world order. But it is exactly the same order sought by globalist Western power brokers.

Rather than foisting a full-blown totalitarian global government on the world all at once, top globalists have outlined a different strategy. In essence, the plot aims to divide the planet's people and nations into massive "regions" ruled by supranational institutions -- such as the European Union.

henry-kissinger90.jpgIndeed, former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger,left,  has explained the strategy on numerous occasions. Most recently, writing in the Wall Street Journal on August 29, Kissinger said, "The contemporary quest for world order will require a coherent strategy to establish a concept of order within the various regions and to relate these regional orders to one another."

But the strategy is nothing new. In 1995, Zbigniew Brzezinski, architect of David Rockefeller's infamous Trilateral Commission, outlined essentially the same plan. "We cannot leap into world government in one quick step," he said. "In brief, the precondition for eventual globalization -- genuine globalization -- is progressive regionalization, because thereby we move toward larger, more stable, more cooperative units."

Putin's saber rattling over Ukraine is providing a rationale for continued Western integration -- via the EU, NATO, and the "transatlantic partnership" -- to counter the Russian bear.

But in addition, Putin is also pursuing a "New World Order" via the regionalization approach. Chief among the schemes is the "Eurasian Union," which brings together the regimes ruling Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan. Eventually, Putin and his counterparts hope to expand the union to include other former Soviet regimes in the region, particularly members of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).

kissinger-putin-at-Russian-leaders-country-house-outside-Moscow.jpgIn 2011, Putin wrote: "We suggest a powerful supranational association capable of becoming one of the poles in the modern world and serving as an efficient bridge between Europe and the dynamic Asia-Pacific region. Alongside other key players and regional structures, such as the European Union, the United States, China and APEC, the Eurasian Union will help ensure global sustainable development."

"Sustainable development," of course, represents the pinnacle of the Western globalist vision for its new order -- centralized, global control over every facet of human life.

Eventually, as part of the globalist strategy, the quest for world order will have to "relate these regional orders to one another," as Kissinger recently put it. Again, Putin follows the line. "Russia and the EU agreed to form a common economic space and coordinate economic regulations without the establishment of supranational structures back in 2003," he wrote. "In line with this idea, we proposed setting up a harmonized community of economies stretching from Lisbon to Vladivostok, a free trade zone and even employing more sophisticated integration patterns. We also proposed pursuing coordinated policies in industry, technology, the energy sector, education, science, and also to eventually scrap visas. These proposals have not been left hanging in midair; our European colleagues are discussing them in detail."

Putinparttwo.jpg(Putin and BRIC leaders, that creepy expression on his face again)

In July Putin traveled to Brazil to help establish Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC), which includes all governments in the Americas except the United States and Canada.

It is not just CELAC, founded in recent years by Latin American socialists with strong Sino-Russo support as a "counterweight" to U.S. "imperialism," that Putin is interested in. In fact, the Russian strongman said Moscow is "open to substantive interaction with all integration formations in the Latin American region." That would include the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR), the Common Market of the South (Mercosur), the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA), the Pacific Alliance, the Central American Integration System (SICA), and the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), Putin said in Havana.

Ultimately, as Putin makes clear, the whole world will be involved. "We believe that a solution might be found in devising common approaches from the bottom up, first within the existing regional institutions, such as the EU, NAFTA, APEC, ASEAN inter alia, before reaching an agreement in a dialogue between them," he wrote. "These are the integration bricks that can be used to build a more sustainable global economy."
Thanks to Bill!

Makow Comment- Lest we forget, Putin played a central role in the massacre of the Polish elite in Smolensk in April 2010. His globalist collaborators in the West signaled their approval by not even attending the funeral. A real Christian!

First Comment by Amar:

Thanks for the article.  I remember that once I was a hard core Democrat, then a hard core Ralph Nader fan, then a hard core Ron Paul fan.  Finally, I decided that I don't want to be initiated in a group and stopped voting.  I stopped voted, I stopped 401K plans, I stopped trading stocks.  Little by little I am trying to disengage from the corporate / illuminati world and engage in my own world.  Life as I now understand is what I make of it, I can dance under someone else's environment or I can dance as I see fit.  Hopefully I will get there one day.

I would like to examine the concept of duality, republicans or democrats, pro abortion or against, pro guns or against, for the Yankees or the Redsox, India or Pakistan.  I am realizing that life in a duality world is a trap, a mind trap that can be difficult to get out of.  Once you step out of it and just see the world as is, then the concept of duality becomes just a movie.  Being a BIG fan of WWE wrestling, I now see democrats vs. republicans, Obama vs Putin as simply fighters in the ring,   Once the fight is over and the cameras turn off, they go out for drinks together.  I now see the world as Vince McMahon as simply creating a play a distraction.

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Comments for "How Putin is Part of the NWO"

Henrique said (September 27, 2014):

About the article "How Putin is Part of the NWO" I think that some people like Paul Craig Roberts ( ) are finally realizing that both sides are playing the Game. Also check out for the latest Orwellian displays.

Dan said (September 26, 2014):

The Eurasian block Putin's been putting together is going to be the eastern version of the EU.
Alex Newman's analysis is right: they're amalgamating nations into regional "supranational associations" as Putin calls it.

Everyone should read Kissinger's book, 'Diplomacy', if they want to know the history of the New World Order from one of it's leading henchmen.

Mark U said (September 26, 2014):

The gotterdammerung of the western power structure otherwise known as the NWO is happening as a result of the internet. People are not buying the propaganda. Once about 10% of the world's population begins doubting the major media venues and their propaganda, there is this wildfire of gestalt that burns through the other 90%. There are major changes in the offing, changes that will completely remake the fabric of our lives.

Putin is in the right place at the right time. I think he is there to ride the wave and not to set its course.The so called NWO is trying everything in its power to block the wave or perhaps get us to shift our focus away from it.

They are failing badly.

Nobody thinks Putin is the messiah; however, if he does just a little bit to help his people instead of the scumbag oligarchs, then he is jake in my book.

MM said (September 26, 2014):

The more I read (of true history and current events, if that were possible), Dr. Makow, the more enlightened I find myself and, alas, the more regretful I am for knowing. To me, it's like Salieri attempting to not only match up with Mozart, but blatantly re-write what music actually is due to his lack of ability. World events presently appear choreographed, littered with myriad, purposeful distractions. We are manipulated through fear and the temporal has replaced, no, in fact, forced us to ignore and forget that which is our true nature.

Humanity has always longed for a hero, but we always find ourselves in the fetal position after that hero arrives. I quietly hoped that Putin was the proverbial thorn in their side. I examined the chess board and all past, present, and potential moves. Then, a soft voice convinced me on this: life is very simple, do not believe anyone when they say it's complex. Complexity yields confusion. Satan cannot outright sell people over to his chaotic dark side- no rational person would buy that. His approach is gradual and indirect, and his admitted purpose is revenge against God through humanity.

The only hero that can save us now was executed 2000 years ago. Everything else is theater and ends tragically. In conclusion, I am not surprised by anything anymore, nor am I fearful of what is to come, for we were warned about it, and nothing can alter that which was written. The good news is that we'll get through it with God's help.

Nevertheless, I admire your diligent work exposing Satan's agents. Everyday is a good read and keeps everything in perspective. I am not sure if you believe in Christ, but regardless what stage in the game you are, I am quite sure He's proud of you.

R said (September 25, 2014):

Alex Newman is certainly correct regarding Putin, but the plan goes back well before Kissinger and Brezinski. We've all read about it in Orwell's 1984, where the world is divided into Oceania (US, Britain, probably Australia), Eurasia (Putin's Lisbon to Vladivostok), and East Asia (China, etc.), with Oceania a surveillance/security society.

The only difference is that instead of the eyewash about ultimately integrating the three blocs into an openly global government (which would be unstable), Orwell foresaw a permanent three-sided division. This allows for an endless shifting of alliances and adversaries (the way we have suddenly once again become adversaries with Russia), which is a way of siphoning off domestic discontent by externalizing hostilities. Big Brother's slogan, "war is peace" is really true: endless war (e.g., the Cold War, the "war on terror") is peace (i.e., stability).

A three-sided structure such as a triangle or pyramid is the most stable there is, and Orwell's model is a kind of "dynamic" three-sided structure. Of course, implicit in his model is that all three power blocs are really controlled from above by a superintending elite -- let's call them the Illuminati -- who are intelligent enough to remain invisible to most. So we are already living in 1984, and our hope does not lie in Putin.

CF said (September 25, 2014):

Thank you for posting Mr. Newman's article.

The essence of this not-so-grand conspiracy, is a unified plan. Their goals were not decided upon separately, as Newman seems to imply. Players, brothers of the global team, like Putin, carry out their given roles, and stick to the script. Lesser minions are paid off. The uncooperative and troublesome are eliminated, replaced by «PINKified» Yes-Men, automatons. Evidence is everywhere. It is a global mafia.

Lest anyone think it is only about population reduction, know that «they» know: Post-war (II) statistics prove; an increased standard of living and education automatically reduces births. Thus, population numbers are not the real motivation. [Hint: See; resources and control.]

If people cannot realize the obvious by now, then the «Run for the hills!» (aka; bug out) strategy *may* be the only intelligent option left. Why? Global genocide is on the agenda.

The steps on their road to world dictatorship are in perfect sequential alignment with The Four Horsemen of the Bible. Is it coincidence, prophecy, exploitation of religious archetype, or something more? Yet, evil in human form is decidedly mortal, and sloth is one of the Seven *Deadly* Sins... What are the only options left?


JG said (September 25, 2014):

A NWO with two different scripts? Don't think so!
What Putin is taking about is not the same NWO like America's that is desperately trying to sabotage Russia's trade and relations with Europe by sanctions in an attempt to isolate Russia from the world economy.
The NWO order entity is not "unipolar", it is sadisticly " bi-polar". The only order is the chaos America has recently inflicted on Russia, the Ukraine, and their economy. Small wars to prevent big wars is a sham. Also, any kind of balkanizing of the nations or regions is often followed by more wars. In the end there will be nothing good that comes from all this other than more chaos and instability around the world.The NWO is designed to keep the globe in a perpetual state of conflict and disorder.

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