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June 21 - Putin, Defender of the Faith

June 21, 2023

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Twice as many conservatives prefer Putin to US leaders.

According to my Twitter Poll this morning, 
49% of 300 readers wish Putin would liberate
the West from Satanist (Masonic) Jewish tyranny. 
Roughly 25% prefer either Trump or RFKJr.

I think Putin is real but this article is a reply to the article above. 
"Putin-No Defender of Christian Faith & Morality"  by William Jasper

Peter K, an American Gulf War veteran married to a Russian woman replies to Jasper's criticism that Putin's defense of Christianity is a ruse.  In the First Comment, Alexander, a Russian, confirms Jasper's view.  

"Richard Medhurst--Israel Gets Whacked in Jenin

Rand Paul: "Bill Gates Is Largest Funder Of Trying To Find Viruses In Caves And Bring Them To Big Cities"
"This is up there with the danger of nuclear war. But this is much more insidious."

BlackRock Recruiter Claims Senators Can Be 'Bought' For $10k, War 'Good For Business': O'Keefe

"Financial institutions buy politicians"
"Got 10 grand you can buy a senator I'll give you 500k right now It doesn't matter who wins they're in my pocket." 

Johannesburg- Africa's Richest City Is Crumbling Under Chaos and Corruption

Almost half of the population is unemployed and living in poverty. Nationwide, the jobless rate stands at 32.9%. Around 18 million people rely on some form of social aid, which makes the number of beneficiaries twice as many as registered taxpayers.
 William Makis MD- VIDEO - "The Hidden Healthcare Crisis SOS" - thousands of unvaccinated healthcare workers in British Columbia were abused, fired, and discarded by Canada's globalist-led healthcare mafia


Promoting and doing evil is their religion. They are far more devout than Christians.

Hunter Biden to Plead Guilty to Misdemeanor Tax Crime and Gun Charge
 Hunter Biden, 53, has reached a tentative agreement to plead guilty to two minor tax crimes and admit to the facts of a gun charge under terms that would likely keep him out of jail, even though it carries a sentence of up to 15 years in prison. None of the charges involve Hunter's alleged role as an international bag man for the Biden family, which included a $10 million payment from Burisma to Hunter and Joe Biden.
 RFK Jr. calls out late-night comedians Stephen Colbert, and Jon Stewart for pushing the coronavirus vaccine, shaming dissenters

Caught Red-handed: Biden's Dept. of Education Funds Midwest Group That Secretly Plans Ways To Transition Children Without Parental Knowledge


Twitter Submits to EU Censorship, Musk Concedes.
 LILLEY UNLEASHED: Disband the RCMP and replace it with another police force


'Backlash starting' with LGBT movement 'losing control of itself': Douglas Murray
The arguments that brought about liberal rights for minorities have started to "get on turned their head" and turned against people, says author Douglas Murray. 

"What is the source of that? It is the gender ideology movement," Mr Murray told Sky News Australia host Piers Morgan. 

"What is the tripwire for the general public? It is children, it is people learning that their children are being taught nonsensical things.

"It is being seen by the wider public ... it is being seen from that vantage point as the LGBTQIA+ movement is losing control of itself and so a backlash is starting."


Trump Predicted Hunter Biden Would Be Charged With 'Something Small' to 'Make Their Strike On Me Look Fair'




Ordinary folk in the UK combine their talents to produce a newspaper that pushes back against the Madness of King Charles and the chicken little, "woke", green cultists destroying British society


EU's Plan to FORCE Hungary and Poland to Take Migrants

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "June 21 - Putin, Defender of the Faith"

Bill said (June 21, 2023):

I’ve followed you for many years and you have opened my eyes to many issues I was formerly unaware of. Thank you.

But, please quit pushing this David Martin character. If you do a deep dive on him you will discover that he is just another controlled opposition player.

He has many ties to all the globalist organizations and their leaders.

On his website, he even proudly displays his all-seeing-eye tattoo on his left shoulder.

It is extremely annoying to read the comments on his videos and see viewers praise him for all the wonderful things he has accomplished and all the good he is doing.

Geesh. It makes me want to pull my hair out.

DD said (June 21, 2023):

I have seen putin making the masonic 'thumb over the knuckle' handshake like in the photo right now. he is doing that in a lot of photos. he is new world order,too. if he was not he most likely would have been replaced by now. and meeting with henry kissinger of all people! satan has his minions in place. putin will most likely be the attacker the bible calls 'the king of the north'. it is in scripture. Israel is to be attacked at different times from all directions. that masonic 'grip' i have seen used by many even the pope.

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