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May 23, 2023




Tribute to murdered doctor Rashid Buttar
by sister of Jeff Murray, murdered by police.
Dr. Buttar’s legacy normalizing open discussion of medical malfeasance among his peers and the general population, his tireless assault on the campaign to depopulate will be remembered as a daring voice of leadership, remembered for his daring like the fight on Concord Green at Lexington led by one fearless man, against all odds.  
We have one last chance to mobilize our collective will.  I propose ALL Doctors and ALL involved others - Binney, Duncan, Stubblebine’s widow, all respecters of God and liberty put differences aside, step up as one now with cogent statements supporting what we all know to be the truth.  We can no longer afford any distractions.  Dr. Buttar’s colleagues and friends might postpone, or abbreviate their coming symposium, while allowing people time to do more outreach particularly to these pastors, priests and church “leaders” sitting idly by, reorganize and reconvene with the hordes of us who are standIng with the blessedly honorable whistleblowing truthers like Dr Buttar and Dr Judy Mikovits.  Unite!  Who among us has not wished for peace on Earth and unity?  if so, get out of our way!  May God forgive us for our conflicting priorities, silence and passivity. 
God forgive me for not more actively supporting my own dearest brother during his precious life!  Regret is a terrible curse.  We should all go directly to jail, and May God Release the Grenons!  I implore all to pray, stand together and do not back down.  I am willing to give my life to this, I know where I’m going!  My heart breaks for TIs, for Dr Buttar’s family and friends.  We are not with the greed mongers.  We will not go to hell with the money lovers.  This infiltration will not stand.  We put our children first.  The devil cannot and does not get their souls.  God wins.  Rebuke the devil and he will flee.  
With the targeting of my beautiful, loving and intelligent brother, he gave a few sporadic podcast interviews thanks to the phone calls of one activist, Kenneth Rhoades, whose grandson was also targeted and died in 2020.  For early details on Jeff, see Debra Tavares’ website or YT channel Stop the Crime.  For years Jeff did enormous amounts of research to understand the big picture and was speaking openly at every opportunity without fear.  He was experiencing all the targeting symptoms including stalking, home invasions, VOG, DEW and poisonings.  His 2014 advice on record, “DON’T GO ALONG WITH IT”.  He said “they are going to put this on all of us”.
Dr. Buttar lives, he has massive support, Dr. Mikovits, same.  Now is the time for anyone with a voice to shout from the rooftops, we must rise and stand and beat our drums for as long as it takes.  This is not going away, not ever, not unless people are complacent.  Yes there is now measurable Lithium in the geoengineered oxygen we breathe, rebuke it in the name of Jesus!  Rebuke the fear of humiliation or whatever is in your way!   Jeff said global “communism is going to be hell on earth”.    This is your window.  The building is on fire.  Like James O’Keefe says, Be brave, do something.   Elders need to be off tv and on alternative news platforms while it remains possible.  Young people dump everything else but your Bible and a few good role models.  We can all fast and deny ourselves.  Pray and pray as though your life depends on it.
May God Bless our Country and his people of this world.  We will survive this only if it is God’s will. - Pastor Chuck Baldwin 
Liberty Fellowship Montana online live Sundays 2:30 Mountain Time 
PS This Memorial Day, Remember the USS LIBERTY
God Bless Dr. Buttar in heaven. 
Thank you Henry, “the only print journalist telling the truth” - Jeff Murray 

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