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Patrick O'Carroll- The Horrifying Prophecies of Padre Pio

April 1, 2023

(Padre Pio, 1887-1968)

During WW2, Padre Pio shocked his confreres
when he assured them that then-communist
Russia would one day become
the center of Christian renewal
after America degenerated.
The time will come when people will pluck out their
eyes for a piece of bread. Shops will be looted,
warehouses will be stormed and destroyed;
A country will disappear, a great country.
The country will be erased from the maps forever,
with it history, wealth and people all dragged through the mire..."

by Patrick O'Carroll

Padre Pio was a Capuchin Friar born in 1887 in Pietrencina in the Campania region of southern Italy.

He bore the Stigmata, or wounds of Christ, for exactly 50 years and 3 days.

Padre Pio made many prophecies, all of which came to pass.

When he received the Stigmata in 1918, he is said to have known the time of his own death.

Although he died in 1968, Padre Pio still remains one of the foremost Christian Voices in the world today because he predated the deterioration of the Catholic Church after Oct 1958 (when Freemasonic Pope John XXIII and his first appointed cardinal Pope Paul VI jointly enacted the disastrous Vatican II after which God, in the words of Malachi Martin, simply withdrew His Grace from the Catholic Church). Padre Pio remained a TRADITIONAL CATHOLIC until his death.

For the process of canonization, Padre Pio's body was exhumed in 2008 and was found to be almost totally uncorrupted.

During WW2, Padre Pio shocked his confreres when he assured them that then-communist Russia would one day become the center of Christian renewal after America degenerated.

There are many wonderful anecdotes of Padre Pio's interaction with his Guardian Angel, as well as Jesus and Mary, and with other heavenly personages.

In the confessional, Padre Pio would know in advance the sins of the penitent, including significant ones that the penitent may have forgotten (whether accidentally or deliberately).


This talk in German
discusses the following points from Padre Pio's own writings, dated 1950, and also considers some of the likely similarities between Padre Pio's words and the prophecies made by famous Bavarian Catholic seer Alois Irlmaier, and also those of other Catholic prophets. The following list contains only those points made by Padre Pio:

The world is marching toward perdition. People have left the right path and are instead treading paths that end in the wasteland of violence;
When the world was entrusted to man, it was a Garden. Man has now turned it into a poison full of poisons. Nothing now can serve to purify man's home. Purification can only come from the Hand of Heaven; Terrible things will come; Man's love for man has become an empty word. People of science or knowledge will not be spared the Wrath of God, only people of the heart; Soon, a terrible catastrophe, such as has never been witnessed before, will come upon the whole Earth;  The DAY OF VENGEANCE with its terrifying events is near, closer than you imagine, but the world has allowed itself to be lulled into a false sense of security; How careless people are about these things. These things will come upon them so soon, against all odds. How indifferent they are in preparation for these events through which they will soon have to pass;
    armageddon9.jpgThe time will come when people will pluck out their eyes for a piece of bread. Shops will be looted, warehouses will be stormed and destroyed; Those who have not prepared themselves with a candle, with a pitcher of water, and with the necessities FOR THREE MONTHS will be lost in these dark days; Pay attention to the Sun, and to the Moon, and to the stars in the sky. When they seem restless and unsettled, and move strangely, you will know the day is near;
    A meteor will fall to Earth and everything will shudder and flinch. It will be a catastrophe far worse than a war. Many lives will be wiped out. That will be one of the signs;
    Many people will run away in shock, but they will run aimlessly. They will say there is salvation in the east and people will run to the east, but they will fall off a cliff. They will say that there is salvation in the west and people will run to the west, but they will burn as in an oven;
    A country will disappear, a great country. The country will be erased from the maps forever, with it history, wealth and people all dragged through the mire;
    The Earth will tremble and the panic will be great. The Earth is sick. The earthquake will be like a snake. You will hear it crawling from all sides. Many stones will fall and many men will perish;
    This cataclysm will come upon the Earth like lightning. In that single moment, the light of the morning Sun will be supplanted by black darkness;
    Get ready to live in total darkness for THREE DAYS; these three days are very near. In these days, without something to eat and drink, you will be as good as dead;
    It will begin during a very cold night. The wind will howl and, after a while, lightning will be heard;
    Close all windows and doors! Do not talk to anyone outside the house! Do not look out! Light a blessed candle, which will last for many days;
    Hurricanes of fire will pour out from the clouds and spread over the whole Earth. Storms, thunderstorms, lightning and earthquakes will cover the Earth. A CONTINUOUS RAIN OF FIRE will fall. It will begin during a very cold night [later in 1973, Our Lady of Akita repeated this warning of A CONTINUOUS RAIN OF FIRE];
    There will be a great confusion because of this total darkness that is covering the whole Earth; and many, many will die of fear and despair;
    Nobody should leave the house or look out the window. From this moment on, do not leave the house! Make sure you have sufficient food! The forces of nature will be at work and the RAIN OF FIRE will make people tremble with fear. Have courage!;
    The wind will spread the poison gases over the whole Earth;
    The duration of the darkness will be as follows: one day and one night, followed by another day and a night, and another day. But on the third night, the earthquake and the fire will cease, the stars will shine, and the next morning, the Sun will rise again; and it will be spring;
    Angels will descend from Heaven and spread the spirit of peace over the Earth. A feeling of immeasurable gratitude will grip those who survive this horrific ordeal.


 The Great Chastisement, although largely supernatural, and described above as A CONTINUOUS RAIN OF FIRE, may get EXPLAINED AWAY as something "natural" or synthetic such as some manmade form of WW3. Currently, the West (US, GB, EU) is totally enslaved to the CHABAD. It is unclear who is really running Russia, and it is unclear whether Vladimir Putin might be "Yet Another CHABAD Puppet" too.
Clearly, the only aggressor in Ukraine is, as per usual, the CHABAD; The whole CHABAD rationale behind the Ukraine War is to expel the Goyim "Cattle" from the very fertile plains of Ukraine so that the CHABAD can steal the land and create "another Israel", like it stole Palestine;
Russia seems to be fighting for its very existence or survival given that the CHABAD confirmed that its despot Schneerson had pledged to split Russia into no fewer than SEVENTEEN separate countries;
rebbeee.jpgCHABAD despot Schneerson conceded that Zionism is a form of "Super-Fascism", which explains why the fledgling Zionist "new" world order has always felt like a STRANGE COMBINATION of communism (which was really Bolshevik Zionism) and Fascism (with Schneerson clearly equating Zionism with Fascism);
    The recent bizarre behavior of all the CHABAD puppeticians of the Zionist London-NY-Alliance can only be explained by the fact that the CHABAD is blackmailing them into following its equally bizarre orders;
    So far, the CHABAD has used the Goyim "Cattle" of Western puppet-nations to pay over 500 billion USD dollars in taxpayer "assistance" to the depraved Jew and CHABAD puppet Volodymyr Zelenskyy. The US paid 196 billion, Germany 172 billion, Britain 29 billion, Poland 25 billion, Estonia 6 billion, USD to Ukraine;
    If God intervenes, then the Great Chastisement may happen at the same time, or just before, the CHABAD manages to launch its long-planned WW3 as the third part of its satanically inspired THREE-PART "WAR OF GOG AND MAGOG" but Catholic Prophecy clearly indicates that the CHABAD is NOT going to get its satanic "hat-trick" by managing to wipe out a large portion of Christ's people for a THIRD consecutive time.

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Comments for "Patrick O'Carroll- The Horrifying Prophecies of Padre Pio"

IN said (April 2, 2023):

I have viewed the Marian apparitions as a demonic hoax for a long time. At Fatima the entity did not even identify itself as Mary. The "sun" was really described as a silver disc by a dentist who was present at that day of the Miracle of the Sun. Type in LA Marzulli and Fatima in your search engine.

Presumably according to the Garabandal entities Pope Francis is the last Pope. I suppose even the Devil can sometimes tell the truth sometimes...we will have to see. Just be wary of these "holy" sightings.

I don't know why Patrick puts in Chabad as being at the top or at least a high rank. The leftist protests in Israel recently that were similar to BLM and Antifa argues against this theory. Biden initially not inviting Bibi to the White House until the judicial reform (the Supreme Court in Israel is leftist) stalled?

If Chabad or a Jewish organization like them was involved to such a large extent all they had to do was order Biden and Co to have denounced the protests in Israel and invite Bibi to the White House right away...but what do I see? The State Department and NGO's (funded by European governments) funded the leftist protests in Israel. Europeans funded the protests indirectly. This is the same model used by globalists throughout the world for regime change or to get rid of some reform or law etc.

Sorry I don't see any Jewish supremacist group in charge. They are in power with the most right-wing government in Israel's history. Why have the nations try to shift Israel to the left like other nations?

Greg said (April 2, 2023):


Across the Internet one stumbles across a lengthy, detailed prophecy about the Three Days of Darkness supposedly dictated by Our Lord to St. Padre Pio in a letter dated January / February 1950 to the “Heroldsbach Commission appointed by the Vatican”.

Yes, there are authentic Three Days of Darkness prophecies made by approved blesseds, saints and mystics, but his letter allegedly by St. Pio is an outright hoax.

St. Pio himself gave a resounding 'No' to a spiritual daughter who asked him if he did make a prophecy about the Three Days of Darkness.

When asked about the prophecy circulating in his name from 1950 about these dire world events, aka this letter of the Three Days of Darkness, he emphatically denied it TWICE to his superior and said "IT IS A FORGERY TO PUT MY NAME TO SUCH A THING."

You can read the article and the reply in the 'Voice of Padre Pio' (1960) also (Edition # 2, Vol 2, 1977) at the end of this page after the footnotes. Thanks to Ed Mello for sharing this article, which was given to him by the National Centre for Padre Pio.

Of interest, Fr. Culleton also affirms in his book 'The Reign of Antichrist', TAN Publishers, 1974, (p. 224) it was repudiated by St. Pio and his superiors

RC said (April 2, 2023):

Thank you for posting an article about that great saint on Palm Sunday and 18 anniversary of the death of John Paul II. The Polish pope was recently attacked by Warner Bros Discovery owned TVN network and today people protest against that and commemorate his legacy.

Padre Pio predicted that Karol Wojtyła would become a Pope. What most people don't know is that Padre Pio was biolocating several times in Cracow and meeting with a group of people including archbishop Wojtyła. His prophecy about 3 days of darkness is confirmed by other mystics.

Padre Pio was not talking about Russia however and together with other great catholics, Saint Faustina Kowalska or Teresa Neumann was talking about Poland!

The Polish government made Jesus Christ officially king of Poland in 2016 to fulfill those prophecies.

O said (April 1, 2023):

Thanks Henry for publishing this about Catholic prophecy from Padre Pio. Many saints prophecied about these events now bearing down on us. A great book by Yves Dupont called Catholic Prophecy The Coming Chastisement coalates many of these. Fatima prophecies, if studied diligently (NOT by reading “official fake news Fatima” info from the infiltrated church) from good sources was designed to inform humanity of the satanic world gov conspiracy. The supernatural warning sign for WW2 provided by God (and originally promised at Fatima) coincided EXACTLY with the interrogation detailed in the book Red Symphony. God was pointing straight at this revealing insider info and so few have paid any attention.

RH said (April 1, 2023):

listened to Dr. Hoffman's interview. He makes me think that we are seeing the political high point of the oligarchs. People in the USA may be late to the table, but Europe is reacting now to the sanctions and overreach by NATO. I believe the Germans are very tired of the USA. Look at France with the protests on their retirement age.

Something has to change. We are seeing the oligarchs' version of culture. Its organized crime! I listened to Catherine Austin Fits as well.

All this gender defining, and alleged racial discrimination is wearing thin as well. I believe people will reject this in their hearts. The oligarchs are failing.

People are reacting. So, when I read 'Patrick O'Carroll- The Horrifying Prophecies of Padre Pio" I was not taken aback.

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