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Patrick O'Carroll - Cabalist Goal is White Genocide

March 23, 2023

understanding-amalek-israels-arch-enemy-with-rabbi-michael-skobac-youtube-thumbnail.jpgJudaism is the only "religion" that seeks NOT to convert or proselytize, but to genocide, its non-members.

This explains the COVID hoax, the toxic "vaccine," CRT, gender denial and Ukraine

 (Part One - Chabad Engineered Jewish Holocaust
to force Jews to establish Israel.)
Makow- How long will it take for society to realize that this is the key to what is happening? We are being genocided. People can't see what is staring them in the face when their minds and money are controlled by the genociders.

by Patrick O'Carroll

In the following video, satanic CHABAD rabbis openly state that Western Civilization is "Today's Amalek" and further confirm that the CHABAD 'god' [Satan] urges that the CHABAD must kill all White Christians:

In the video, these CHABAD rabbis openly state: "... 'god' tells us we should ERASE their memory and we should eradicate them from the face of the Earth. So, when a Jew enters into ERETZ, the land of Israel, what should he do? The first step [is to] appoint a king; step two is to destroy Amalek.

Who is Amalek? Amalek comes from Esau. Esau was a brother to Jacob. In modern-day terms, Esau is basically America; Esau became Edom; Edom became Rome; Rome became Christianity and, ultimately, Christianity became Western Civilization.

So Esau today means Western Civilization. Esau is Europe and the United States; indeed any nation that has the religion of Christianity can be considered Esau. The throne of 'god' is incomplete until we destroy Amalek. [We require] the audacity [or] the chutzpah to destroy Amalek and to CUT OFF all the offspring of the nation of Amalek".

The main religious book of modern Judaism is the Babylonian Talmud, a satanically-inspired set of teachings. Hence the "god" of the CHABAD, and the "god" to whom these "holy" rabbis are referring, is Satan.

Keep in mind too that these are "normal" speeches that "holy" rabbis make in "holy" synagogues since Judaism is the only "religion" that seeks NOT to convert or proselytize, but to genocide, its non-members.

The Christian interpretation of the Old Testament is that all these events and roles belong in the past, as a part of ancient history. But the satanic CHABAD thinks it can reassign these "artificial dispensationalist" roles in every age so as to destroy nation, after nation, after nation, until the whole world is primed for the installation of the Antichrist in Jerusalem to rule over the Talmudic "new" world order, in which these Satanists and their heirs will hold sway.

But this is total and utter satanic psychopathy on full display for all the world to see. The CHABAD calls this artificial, but demented, process THE BIRTH-PANGS OF THE ANTICHRIST ("Chevlei Mashiach").

lazar-putin4.jpg (Lazar is making the triad claw handsign)


 No one knows how much control the CHABAD has over Vladimir Putin, whose Rothschild-Zionist "Illuminati" Handler is said to be CHABAD rabbi Berel Lazar.

This video shows the CHABAD appointing Benjamin Netanyahu to pave the way for the Antichrist ("Moshiach"):

These smiling "happy" photos show Boris Johnson ("BoJo the Clown") with his CHABAD owners and bosses:

Former US president Donald Trump, the Rabid Zionist and self-admitted Kabbalist who launched the COVID-PHARMA GENOCIDE in the USA via Operation Warp Speed, is seen here with his CHABAD owners and bosses:

This photo shows Tony Blair's "cuddly" Rothschild-Zionist-Handler, Michael Levy, addressing London's CHABAD:

biden-chabad.jpgUS president Job Biden, or his double, or a masked actor, is shown here with his CHABAD owners and bosses.


The CHABAD operates closely with the Zionist House of Rothschild and, together, they only allow blackmail-able puppeticians to get into positions of power. They do not allow any puppeticians who think for themselves, or who step out of line, or who cannot be compelled to follow CHABAD orders. This has applied for several decades or centuries.

Even Adolf Hitler had to follow his orders from the CHABAD. The Zionist House of Rothschild is one of the four most powerful entities in the world and it controls the world banking and finance system. It is part of the Zionist London-NY-Alliance or Zionist Cabal (which essentially comprises the English monarchy, City of London, the "Monopoly Capitalists" of Wall Street (often called the "Illuminati" bloodlines), and the House of Rothschild).

The CHABAD controls most puppeticians in the West, including US, CA, EU, GB, regions now all completely under the thumb of the Zionist London-NY-Alliance or Zionist Cabal and its WEF lackeys. There is just no way that any British prime-minister or US president might NOT be under the total control of the CHABAD. Each puppetician is blackmailed in advance of being placed in front of any "leadership" microphone or camera; and this blackmail is done by all the usual suspects in Mossad, MI6, BND, the Central Lack-Of-Intelligence Agency (CIA) etc.

 The beast of the sea (Rev 13:1) is GLOBALISM, whereas the beast of the land (Rev 13:11) is the scourge and sin of ZIONISM, whose aim is to install the Antichrist in Jerusalem while using Jewish "victimhood" as a front, and using as a human shield the six-million Jews of modern Israel, and it seems OBVIOUS they intend to torch those six-million Jews in Armageddon as a human-sacrifice to their godhead Satan so as to "galvanize" the Antichrist ("Moshiach") into coming to Earth to grant them the Talmudic "new" world order.

 The USA is already preparing for war. In late 2022, the US embassy in Moscow advised US citizens not to travel to Russia, and advised that those residing in Russia, or travelling within Russia, should depart Russia immediately.

 Satanic forces are also said to seek the final destruction of the USA on 27 Aug 2025, when it is 13,000 weeks old.

 But the big problem today is that many are growing increasingly uncomfortable with general assumptions that the "winner" will be the one who shoots first, possibly tending to make WW3 a foregone conclusion.

chabad-bush.jpgROLES FOR UPCOMING WW3

Using its contrived system of "Artificial Dispensationalism", the CHABAD has currently assigned the following geographical roles for the third part of its three-part "War of Gog and Magog", i.e. its long-planned WW3:

    Russia ("Kingdom of Magog"), led by is its "Prince Gog", currently Vladimir Putin. This means that Russia has been assigned the overall key role of "Kingdom of Gog and Magog";
    USA and Christendom (assigned the role "Kingdom of Edom");
    China and North Korea (jointly assigned the role "The Nation at the End of World");
    Germany ("Kingdom of Gomer") and various other European nations (assigned the role "Kingdom of Amalek", or a kindred role called "Kingdom of Esau", since Esau was the grandfather of Amalek);
    Turkey (assigned the role "Kingdom of Togarmah");
    Iran (assigned the role "Kingdom of Persia");
    Egypt and Libya (jointly assigned the role "Land of Punt (or Put or Phout)");
    Sudan (assigned the role "Kingdom of Kush").

(To be continued)

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