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April 19 - Vote Riggers Rewarded With $787 Million!

April 19, 2023

dobbs-powell-dominion-fox_wide-97d318ea24d194703d9c737132e971bd9af1f364.jpg(Traitor & satanist Donald Trump refused to contest stolen 2020 election.)


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To cement their theft of the 2020 election, Janet Yellen just wrote Fox News a cheque to give to Dominion voting systems. The US has gone from Beacon of Freedom to laughing stock of the whole world.

"Fox News abruptly agreed on Tuesday to pay $787.5 million to resolve a defamation suit filed by Dominion Voting Systems over the network's promotion of misinformation about the 2020 election, averting a lengthy and embarrassing trial just as a packed courtroom was seated in anticipation of hearing opening statements."


"Welcome Corps"

Wonder Where All These Illegal Immigrants Are Going To Live? Your Spare Bedroom Apparently


Reader--This RT article is interesting but doesn't go into the details of how Stalin was helped to the other side.
For that the interested person can go to the book "Under the Sign of the Scorpion by Jyri Lina.

"The leading Jews began worrying about their positions. They realised that Stalin could go much further.
One of those concerned was Lazar Kaganovich, member of the Politburo. He decided to organise a plot to
have Stalin removed. He invited three other members of the Politburo; Nikolai Bulganin, Vyacheslav Molotov
and Kliment Voroshilov, to Voroshilov's villa in Zhukovka where he, according to his own admission,
suggested using his own sister Roza (Stalin's wife), who was a doctor, to kill Stalin by means of tablets
which caused cerebral haemorrhage. It was decided that Stalin's usual tablets should be exchanged for
some others, which Molotov called rat-poison. Everybody approved of Kaganovich's suggestion. (Stuart Kahan,
"The Wolf of the Kremlin: Stalin's Right-Hand Man", Stockholm, 1988, pp. 268-269.)
Steven Greer

ET technology has been reversed engineered

Amazing developments in cloning and anti-gravity vehicles

Tesla had discovered the secret of ambient energy, free power to the world, but the powers that be took it away to keep us in the system

Greer lists bases where this work is done.

Several downed ET's and alien bodies have been stored there.

lawrence5.jpgMark Lawrence-

 "I was interviewed by Richard Vobes today, a very popular YouTube channel. In the first two hours of uploading it, we saw 8.5K views and by the weekend would likely have been up to 150K to 200K views. Comments were all very positive, book orders coming in (publisher emailed me) and then about an hour ago it was pulled, gone.

Whatever happens, I must be a target now. My own channels have been shut down in the past three weeks, and now today a video on another user channel. Richard Vobes commented that he'd never had a video removed in three years, and then today mine was taken down. This is wrong on every level, whatever I have written, it's clear they don't want it out there. It's so frustrating to see this, I tried for six weeks to get in that show too. The commies are here, living in the West is now like China, freedom of speech has gone.

 I avoided the word Covid, and obvious trigger words. The excuse they came up with was 'medical misinformation' for promoting my book, that was all. I deleted my channel, seems pointless after this. But for them to remove a video from a completely different user channel is very wrong, no mention of anything that should have caused this. Jordan Peterson subscribes to Richard Vobes, and I was hoping he might pick up on the book.

Something is definitely not right."




Judaism's Destructive mission

The United Nations Says Minors Can Consent to Sex, and Anti-Trans Activism Should Be CRIMINALIZED.


Judaism's Destructive mission

Former nurse describes COVID-19 protocols as ‘medical murder’

Gail Macrae said she wanted to trust organizations like the CDC and the AMA, but she came to believe that the practices and protocols they were mandating equated to "medical murder."


Google images had no vote-fix cartoons. Found this on Bing. We are being mind-controlled by Google.


David Icke - Everything you need to know about Zionism and Israel

    We walked outside, Ben-Gurion accompanying us. Allon repeated his question - What is to be done with the Palestinian population?' Ben-Gurion waved his hand in a gesture which said "Drive them out!"'   And that's what they did.


Satanist (Woke) Hollywood has run out of ideas, and money

Can't depict Masonic Jewish (Satanist) control, the only story worth telling




Judaism's Destructive mission

Biden Says He Will Veto Bill Protecting Female Sports

The Biden administration has announced that the president will veto the H.R. 734 bill that seeks to protect female sports from transgender athletes.

H.R. 734, also known as “The Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act,” was introduced by Rep. Greg Steube (R-Fla.) and is expected to come to vote in the House this week. The bill seeks to prevent biological males from participating in women’s sports. H.R. 734 will amend Title IX to recognize sex as “based solely on a person’s reproductive biology and genetics at birth.”

Greta-Thunberg-for-id_mygreenpod.jpgGreta Someberg is a Rothschild --Must see. Family is totally Satanist


Jews are imposters in Israel

Mark Felton- Was Hitler Part Jewish?

Reader--"Honestly this video has really changed my perspective on this topic. Originally I’ve always viewed the ‘Hitler was Jewish’ argument as conspiratorial and frankly a bit of a joke used to show Nazi hypocrisy. However this video has shown evidence from not only historians but also senior Nazis. The fact that Hitlers own family, as well as senior Nazis like Himmler privately investigated Hitlers past really adds to the ‘Jewish Hitler’ argument.

Buttwiper’s New Pro-America Advertisement Sets Social Media Ablaze Amid Mulvaney Controversy

“Hey @AnheuserBusch, if you’re at a point where you’re literally referencing 9/11 in hopes that it would make us flyover yokels run to the store to salute a 12-pack of Bud Light, you should just apologize instead. Hoping we’re stupid enough to buy this ad is insulting,” Red State senior editor Brandon Morse wrote in response.


Andrew Bridgen MP Speaks in the Debate on the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) Pandemic Prevention and Preparedness Treaty

"I don’t think anyone in Westminster even understands fully what is proposed, let alone the implications..." - Dr. Mike Yeadon

The Incompetent Way That Putin Handled the Buildup to the Invasion of Ukraine by Eric Zeusse


"It looks like much worse than incompetence, IMHO. He didn’t lift a finger to counter the Maidan coup. He didn’t help the Donbass to any significant extent as it went through eight years of agony. He still hasn’t used the sledgehammer necessary to get this threat to Russia’s survival over with.



putin-double.jpgPutin ridiculed for sending body doubles on Ukraine visits

 Woman buys dinner turkey. And now they are soulmates.
GeoBeats Animals

Unusual Animals That People ACTUALLY Own As Pets!  Armadillos, mongeese..there is no such thing as a wild animal!



Dr. Joel Wallskog contracted transverse myelitis and went from a “completely healthy 50-year-old” to a crippled, unemployed orthopedic surgeon, seven days after receiving his first and only dose of Moderna’s mRNA injection. He said that COVID vaccine-injured people are abandoned physically, financially and emotionally. Dr. Wallskog founded an advocacy organization,, in an effort to spark change and support the injured. Some colleges are still requiring student to get COVID ‘vaccines’. It has been reported that 96% of American doctors received COVID shots.


The Protocol That Kills is the most exhaustive exposé ever written on a government-incentivized protocol that has led to the deaths of untold numbers of innocent and unsuspecting people of all ages. It is a sinister regimen that includes isolation, heavy medication, starvation, intubation, and ventilation—which results in a one-way ticket to the morgue.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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