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Mark Lawrence- Will Next Plandemic Introduce "Mark of the Beast"?

April 4, 2023


Mark Lawrence 52, left, is a British former counter-terror surveillance operative, who spent decades working in the Middle-East training government teams. 

Since early teens he has studied and researched the lies and propaganda from many governments around the world, and doubts that any of the official narratives for world changing events are true; no government can never be trusted.
He believes that the entire world government system is controlled and directed by Satan, as per scripture found in 1st John chapter 5 verse 19 in the Bible. With the recent COVID hoax waking him up even further, he campaigned to push for non-compliance of all restrictions and measures to counter the lies, for this (in early 2020) he was banned from YouTube and Twitter.
Because of this he wrote 'Programmed To Obey' and to promote the book he recently created a new YouTube channel and Twitter account; and just two weeks later was banned again. It is clear they want to silence anyone who is exposing their agenda.

by Mark Lawrence
Back in early 2020 when the Satanists and globalist cockroaches threw the switch and locked down billions of people, there were those who could see it was all one massive lie. But unfortunately, they were few in number. The manufactured fear that came about from news of a deadly virus, which most people had over a 99% chance of surviving, caused the majority of the global population to panic, and cower in terror, doing whatever their overlords told them; all in the name of 'protection'.
Thanks to scumbags in mainstream media, and those backing them, the fear spread faster than the virus, and this emotion helped perfidious politicians to manipulate and control billions around the world, creating mass compliance to the most pointless, and ridiculous measures, that were used as an excuse to contain this new type of influenza.
Who knows if it was a bioweapon purposely released onto a few that would later pass it on to others, or if it was maybe a naturally occurring virus; I doubt we will ever know the truth. But one thing is certain, politicians drunk on power seized every opportunity to interfere with our freedoms and civil liberties, knowing that in the next pandemic (due around 2025), this was the perfect introduction to a cashless surveillance state that was not too far into the future.
If anyone doubts that Satan is involved in this psychological war then they are clueless and naive. Those who study, and believe the Bible to be the word of God, have many times looked at chapter 13 of Revelation. These ones will understand that towards the final stages of the end times (which is where we are right now), the Anti-Christ will arrive in human form. When he does, he will be given great power and dominion, and will be worshiped by billions of people. During his reign there will be a mark that you can choose to accept, or refuse. It talks of this mark being in the right hand or forehead, and whether you are rich, poor, free, or bond, you will not be able to buy or sell without it.
For a long time, this passage of scripture was difficult to understand, but now it is making a lot more sense.
During the COVID hoax, billions rushed out to get their deadly experimental drugs, after being conned, coerced, and in many cases, blackmailed into taking the mixture of DNA altering gene therapy chemicals; these have since killed and maimed millions. Without a vaccine pass many places were off-limits for those who were wise enough to avoid a single shot of this garbage. People without the poison and spike proteins in their bloodstream were barred from public places, fired by employers, were fined, threatened with prison, and demonized by society; it was a very ugly period.
mark-back-cover.jpgIf you look at the situation over the past three years, it's clear to see that when the next pandemic strikes, it will be used by the World Health Organization as the requirement for everyone to take a QR code and digital ID, in the guise of health passes (they are already working on this with T-Systems in Germany, and have signed a contract with them). The previous war mongering vermin, Tony Blair, is heavily involved with the WHO and is pushing hard for digital passes, globally. He spoke at the 2023 World Economic Forum annual meeting at Davos, stating that every single person needs to have a digital ID due to the 'next pandemic', which when the vaccines are rolled out to contain this, will be multiple.
This may not be the Mark of the Beast, but it certainly is leading us into that system. In Sweden the majority of the population (non-migrants) are RFID chipped, in their right hand. This has been sold as convenience, and during COVID was used as a reason to get on implanted for personal safety (not touching door handles, keypads, and so on). The technology to mark people exists, and during the next pandemic it will become mandatory. This engineered event will lead into a cashless world, where only digital currency can be used for any transaction, no matter how small or large. Not having the mark will prevent you from buying and selling, and will likely cost you in fines or possible prison sentences, and later on; your life. This all sounds very similar to Revelation chapter 13, and Bible prophecy never fails.

The problem that we face (those of us who don't fall for the lies), is being surrounded by cult members. The COVID situation created a cult. If you believed one single news report, complied to any of the mandates, and took the shot, you are a COVID cult follower; there is no escaping this fact.

We have seen how weak-minded people have, in the past three years, behaved; and how they will treat anyone seen as a threat, turning on them and reporting them to the authorities for not doing as they were told. We were never a threat to the vaccinated COVID cult followers, and yet there was denunciation in the new snitch culture. It was all a test, a planned and cleverly orchestrated 'crisis' that prepared billions, and programmed them to obey then, and into the future.

Without sounding too dramatic, I honestly believe that we are heading for a very dark period, much darker than the COVID days. What we experienced then, and will experience in the very near future, will destroy what is left of our freedoms. There is no way to deprogram those who were, and still are, COVID cult followers, they are too weak to fight back; they are invertebrates. That leaves just a small number of us, the ones who will not back down and comply to authoritarianism. All the signs are there, we know now that we can NEVER trust the politicians, mainstream media, and big pharma. Sadly, it is these same miscreants that have already begun working on the next pandemic, I hope I am wrong.



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Comments for "Mark Lawrence- Will Next Plandemic Introduce "Mark of the Beast"?"

K (from Sweden) said (April 4, 2023):

ark Lawrence- Will Next Plandemic Introduce "Mark of the Beast"?

"In Sweden the majority of the population (non-migrants) are RFID chipped, in their right hand. This has been sold as convenience, and during COVID was used as a reason to get on implanted for personal safety (not touching door handles, keypads, and so on)."

The above claim that "the majority of the population in Sweden is RFID chipped, is not correct. There was some hype getting a RFID-chip into your hand some 10 years ago. I believe Sweden as one of the Jewish Protocol countries was into this very early, but not mutch come out of it. In year 2018 there was only 3,500 chipped persons of a population around 10 milion.

Bank-ID: In contrast to this, Sweden introduced electronic ID:s (BANK-ID) as early as 2003. There is 3 kind of Bank ID, and banks try to push for people to have it in their smart phones. About 85 - 90 % of the Swedes uses BANK-ID.
Swish payment: In 2012 a new payment system was introduced that builds on Bank-Id. It is used on smart phones and give instant transactions. In 2022 about 80% of Swedes used this application.
Contactless payments: It's possible to use your smart phone, credit- or paycard to make contactless payments (Blipping) in Sweden. It was introduced in 2015.
QR-codes: Banks and others push Swedes to use QR-codes.

In general there is a strong drive here from the powers behind the curtains, that the Swedes should use their smart phones for as much tasks as possible in their life, and especially such things as email, economic transactions and social media. As the msm-media does not inform people of the dangers this mean to their freedom, the picture for the future does either look good.

Jim said (April 4, 2023):

Once again you are spot on. Awesome!!

And so is Mark Lawrence.

Thank both of you so much for telling the truth of the matter.

For all to know, There is no such thing as a virus.

No one has ever seen one. It’s all a hoax.

Ask any so-called-scientist to show a ‘picture’ of it.

They can’t. It doesn’t exist.

Insider said (April 4, 2023):

Sorry to burst everybody's bubble, but that's what the shots were all about...
Besides, any Fuck Tard who put a chip in themselves are the Mark of The Beast !!!

And soon, many other Fuck Tards will follow...

William said (April 4, 2023):

A very powerful as important statement from Mark Lawrence. In my opinion, this is one of the best pieces I’ve read in months…and I read a lot…

It’s encouraging to know that my point of view shares a lot of insights with the author’s amazing knowledge on the subject.

What we have in common, is the tragedy that the both of us are living in some of the WEF’s ‘pilot’ countries, i.e.Canada and the Netherlands.

Life is slowly turning into a livid burlesque theatre of the mind, and we’re in the middle of it.

It takes some serious effort and a lot of thinking, to oppose and resist the sheer madness and ridiculous behaviour that’s getting a firm grip on society lately.

I sincerely hope his book will find it’s way to every person of good will, and, more important, to those who are truly ‘possessed’ by this satanic cult…

May it get them on the right track, and start seeing things for what they really are…I hope the Maker will guide them to truth, light and love.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at