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Pedophilia/Child Murder More than Just Blackmail

February 22, 2017



"It is a common mistake to think these ritual crimes to be merely compromising public people and making them blackmail-able and obedient, or to be the ultimate pastime of an elite jaded by all other stimuli and fleeing boredom into that hell : magic does exist...
These awful acts modify the metaphysical framework of reality. The frightening thing is that all things in this material world are ultimately subject to the interplay of evil forces deployed for their own sake.."

The author, Francis, is a longtime practitioner of white Voodoo. I can't pretend to understand the black magick he describes and welcome explanations.  Warning: 

This is gruesome. 

By Francis


Pedophilia and pedothysia (ritual child murder) are NOT used by the Deep State solely to compromise politicians in order to make them obedient to their masters.

Pedophilia, together with ritual toddler murder, IS by itself a source of infinite direct power over all material things, especially political, social, and financial, no matter if you do it alone by yourself or together with a large elite group including Hillary Clinton in some forlorn thicket of Haiti (Jeremie.)

Pedophilia and pedothysia (paiderosis and paidothusis as they were called) were the only two considered elementary instruments of Athenian « democracy » in the very same way the compass and the ruler were the only two instruments of Greek geometry by the times of Pericles, Socrates, Plato and Aristotle. Modern democracy has been invented for the exercise of both political instruments.

Why is pedophilia so important? The stairway to absolute magical power always was buggering a prepubescent child from before puberty....


Criminally-minded people don't want to fuse with another different being so as to enjoy a far larger breathing space out of their ego. The other's personality is rather for them an obstacle they have to deny and stamp out in their quest for absolute pleasure and power. Their ambition is to make the other's personality their own food for personal growth.

But as the fledgling criminal mind tries to seduce and control ever greater masses of flesh and crush so many individualities thereby to get ever more power, he risks provoking many a partner into a revolt. He has to minimize the risk of such a revolt by choosing younger and younger immature lovers he can discard at will for ever younger ones when they are about to realize they are abused and to claim for at least a very expensive price for their services. Thus he goes with prepubescent children he can talk to as if he were a parent, and then more and more a God to them.


But pedophilia is only the first step of the stairway : the last crowning step is child sacrifice.

I will tell you an example, very instructive since it did not happen within the framework of a cult I love to hate like, Synagogal Judaism but within Jesuit-spawned mafia-bound deviant fascistic catholicism in Rio de Janeiro, among the Death Squads.

These death squads started out as a Canadian-American sponsored catholic mission, or rather as RCMP-trained criminals masquerading as s extreme-right religious school teachers in Rio so as to teach the poor people into political submission during the early sixties. They called themselves the Missionaries of the Last Day, but were rapidly called the Squads of Saintly Death because their two-fold specialty was to assassinate as heretics (Franco-regime style) all journalists who opposed the military or denounced the rising inequalities , and also to kill like vermin all the abandoned street child delinquents (at the demand of the shopkeepers they robbed for their survival). 


The Death Squad of Rio then developed about 1980 a very « brilliant » idea : They would pick up at random any sound-looking and well-dressed child in the streets, preferably very white and dutiful, nor too rich and well-known nor too poor. For each word of critical analysis or contestation a Brazilian journalist or a clergyman would voice through any media in the world against the Brazilian regime, a child thus picked up at random would be executed ritually by projection high speed (from a jeep or a truck) against a stone wall while reciting Psalm 137. 

 The ritual execution would be filmed and the beta video of the execution would be sent to the would-be critic to gather with dead child's scalp. The rest of the body was to be skinned and perched onto a telephone pole in the district to strike with terror, a process which came to be called ham-making (presunto). One bad word or one bad picture more, one ham, that was the new Rio unwritten but very strict law, every social critic, whistle blower or truth sayer breaking the new law of omerta was to be sanctioned that way, by being held responsible for the execution of yet another innocent sacrificed child to be otherwise honoured by the squads as a martyr going straight to heaven so as to bring the heretics closer to their own damnation and thereby save the common people's souls from their teaching against the necessity to accept all injustices on earth.

Experience rapidly proved that the social critic who received the macabre parcel (video plus scalp plus letter of explanation) through UPS rapidly got irretrievably mad after at most two or three and would lose all public sympathies to his cause.

Later on it was also determined with the experience passing that sending the macabre parcel was not necessary to produce if the sacrificer and the people present in the ritual concentrated mentally on the culprit leftist's portrait.

 These Missionaries of the Last Days as they were officially called had experimentally discovered they had acquired a supernatural power through trial and error. They first decided that each time a child was sacrificed through their own hands for the purpose of mentally destroying political opponents and heretics, Christ himself manifested in that child's body to judge the living, and that partaking of that ritual was a more valid form of eucharist than the more and more dubious-looking post Vatican mass. But moreover it turned out that the money and riches that the former critic having lost his senses and reason therefore lost thereby were gained at the other end of the conduct, as by invisible transfer of funds, by the people partaking of the ritual.

Fleury, the commander of those Death Squads in Rio, devised his own formula. I was taught by him in person as he threatened me with a child ritual execution if I went on finding the Rio society very beastly and Satanic (which it is) :

What is dream?

Dream is what hits against reality.

What is reality then?

Reality is the necessity to dash and smash

As many children as numbers can number

As tender-smiling as smiles can smile

As fast as speed can speed

Onto a wall as hard as hardness can harden

Before a gathering as big as gatherings can gather

Brought to a degree of mirth as high as mirth can get high.

If one is first a pedophile, having learned thereby how to talk to all people like to the children he rapes and controls mentally, and then such a child sacrificer, learning thereby how to control people through terror of impending death of their inner child you talk to, you encounter no longer any resistance from any being in the visible universe.

By the way, it must be said that the infamous child murder ritual the established Jews took so much utmost care to have condemned everywhere as pure calumny under the name of Blood Libel is not only real and no myth at all but central to Judaism from pre-Biblical antiquity onwards. It is real because it works.


It is a common mistake to think these ritual crimes are merely about compromising public people to make them blackmailable and obedient, or to be the ultimate pastime of an elite jaded by all other stimuli and fleeing boredom into that hell : magic does exist.  

I was a reluctant witness to both and the matter is so morbid indeed that I use all my talents to describe them and the mechanism of their effect in a form of language understandable by most readers; actually one of the aims of those acts is to paralyze all human logos so as make the authors unaccountable before any court led by mere human reason.  

These crimes do have a direct action onto the framework of reality, they are intended to warp the space-time continuum, and these criminals can play with the whole picture you live in as if it were computer pixel work.  Real evil does exist.  Hell does exist.  Please expose more awful acts modifying the metaphysical framework of reality, as you have rightly done by explaining what Saville does and think so as to justify what he does in his own eyes : the frightening thing is that all things in this material world are ultimately subject to the interplay of evil forces deployed for their own sake.


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First Comment from LC

Your latest article on the killing of children done by a certain sos-called "elite" groups for the purpose of distorting the matrix of the space/time continuum is unfortunately accurate.

Not only do these people exist, but the ability to distort, shape, shift and control the space/time matrix thru these rituals via child sacrifice is true.   The precise details of the people involved is not relevant; the over-arching reality is that such killings can and do alter our physical reality on Earth.

Your one commentator perfectly and succinctly summed up the dead end path these wretched creatures tread as they "enjoy" the short term benefits on their inevitable path to Hell:  

"This is the reason for continued sacrifices; the "benefits" are short lived so the acts must be repeated not only to keep receiving the "benefits" but to put off suffering the inevitable consequences of selling one's soul to the devil.  The irony is that by continuing such murder these people seal their spot in hell ever more concretely.  The fame, the privileges no longer interest them, they just don't want to die and suffer their just reward."

I think that so-called Satanic secularism's greatest achievement has been the relegation and casting of "God" and "Satan" as remnant chimeras from the primitive minds of man, still looming over an enlightened humanity as a Punch and Judy show to foster social control, rather than acknowledge a valid and true spiritual reality which ultimately has the most profound consequences for our souls, our spirits, and are path back to God.

The mockery of The True, The Beautiful and The Good as reflections of God infests our society, and is promoted thru the corruptions of Holly-wood as "post-modernism" and "liberation" from not only aesthetic considerations of art, but from the very foundations of ethical morality.  

The warping of our world culture has inevitable consequences which we see every day in the increasing friction and societal hatreds which are sewn by this nihilistic return to savagery and Satan.

Tony B writes

The surprising part of these constant revelations to me is not the acts, it is the numbers committing them.  There is today a large section of mankind under Satanic influence and without conscience.  To me this confirms several revelations that the devil, a real being, has been let loose upon earth to steal as many souls as he possibly can BEFORE THE END.  Those who have studied these things are saying that the perversions in today's world are almost exactly as were those before the flood.  I would add, "In spades."

There is a reason that those who commit these sacrifices to Moloch continue to do them which I learned from a man who had been part of a satanic group back in the 1970s, 1980s.  He was in prison with the job of photographer of families in the visitor's room (Polaroid photos for cash to the guard of that room) where I had vending machines to service so we became acquainted.  He told me that his satanic group had been grabbing people off the sidewalk, pulling them into a van, cutting out their hearts and eating them while they were yet beating.  When I asked him why he would do such things his reply was, "You wouldn't believe the women, the money, the prestige it brings."  My answer to that was, "But it was short term wasn't it?  Look where you are now."  He agreed.  Claimed he had become some kind of Christian in prison.

This is the reason for continued sacrifices; the "benefits" are short lived so the acts must be repeated not only to keep receiving the "benefits" but to put off suffering the inevitable consequences of selling one's soul to the devil.  The irony is that by continuing such murder these people seal their spot in hell ever more concretely.  The fame, the privileges no longer interest them, they just don't want to die and suffer their just reward.  You can see the fear of their knowledge of their final destination in the pitiful eyes and faces of many "world leaders," "world celebrities," today.  They are hollowed out, spiritless, robotic shells going through the demanded charades designed to lead ever more souls to hell.

We live in interesting times indeed.

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Comments for "Pedophilia/Child Murder More than Just Blackmail "

Marcos (Brazil) said (February 23, 2017):

I'm outraged by the blatant lies and crazy fantasies about death squads sacrificing children in Brazil.
They are simply not true.
On the other hand, there are many well documented stories of voodoo practitioners sacrificing children in rituals in Brazil. I can send you several articles from the mainstream press. There is no "white" voodoo. Voodoo is Santeria, Yoruba, a religion with rituals that always involve shedding of blood of animals and spiritual (demonic) possession of the practitioner by an Orisha who usually enjoys smoking cigars and drinking surprising amounts of heavy liquor. The better the sacrifice, the more pleased is the Spirit. You can guess which sacrifice is considered the best one.

Marcio said (February 23, 2017):

It seems Francis, the writer of the Pedophilia and Child Murder article, does not seem to know what she writes about.

As far as death squads are concerned, they used to murder criminals who got away with police and justice as an informal and outlawed way of getting rid of such criminals, especially if such death squads were sponsored by businessmen and shop keepers who had been robbed, for example. Death squads were popular (except among socialists and humanists) and people miss them these days.

Communists used to be killed by their own peers as they were considered traitors if they did not engage themselves in armed fight against the government or if they were mistakingly considered informants by their paranoid communist "comrades".

Those death squads she may be writing about could be some of the several satanist groups that plague Brazil (thanks to African satanism, or "Afro-Brazilian Culture", in more politically correct terms). Catholic involvement? A real catholic would never do it, unless s/he is a "marrano" or fake catholic.

In fact, Brazil is very isolated from most of countries (even from our own neighbors) and very little is known about it - if ever known.

Ann said (February 23, 2017):

Anton LeVey author of the Satanic Bible and high priest of the religion dedicated to the worship of Satan. Some of his famous quotes are “There is a beast in man that needs to be exercised, not exorcised”. His dying words were "Oh my, oh my, what have I done, there is something very wrong…there is something very wrong….”

Anna said (February 23, 2017):

About the last article, I thought it is very confusing. I’m 36 years old woman from Rio, I spent my whole life here and I never heard about these specific squads, I googled it in English and Portuguese and found nothing about it.

What I like to add is:

Fleury mentioned in the article never lived in Rio, he is police officer turned to politician in São Paulo.

UPS did not operate in Brazil until last decade.

In the 60’s during the so called dictatorship there was no children living in the streets.

During the military government 400 people were killed by it, while lots of convicted terrorist murderers was set free like Dilma Rousseff who became the most corrupt president ever.

Since the 60’s Brazilian press is commanded by openly communist journalists. The only one killed by militaries was Vladimir Herzog. There was never a squad that killed journalists that opposed the military, prove of this is that they are still working and preaching their leftist views.

Most of teachers are communist and none of them were killed. I used to study in a fancy private school in the 80’s and I had a class called “orientação educacional” (educational orientation) where kids from elementary school learned that in order that we had clothes and three meals a day, a kid must live and starve at the favelas. We learned that our parents were stealing from the poor and we must hate them, because thieves deserve to die. These communist teachers didn’t come out of the blue, obviously they were trained years before.

In 1985 Brazil became a de facto communist country, economy was intentionally blown apart by the people that were supposedly persecuted by the military. Leftist judges installed a policy of never condemning murderers and rapists. Rate crimes sky rocketed and squads of policemen was formed to kill these people with great popular support during the 80’s.

The author didn’t mention that most of offers to Moloch in Brazil, are made in voodoo rituals called here Camdomblé. Most of missing children is killed in camdomblé rituals, even former president Fernando Collor used dead foetus in rituals in order to avoid his impeachment.

Rio is not heaven, far from it, a policeman is killed almost everyday in the city. Brazil is a chaotic violent county, ban of gun possession and lax laws are responsible for 80.000 murders every year. It’s obvious that this blood shed is offered to Moloch, but there was never such thing like presuntos hanging on telephone poles and assassination of “heretics”.

The author knows some words in Portuguese, probably lived or lives here but this article is very far fetched.

Brendon O'Connell said (February 23, 2017):

It's to hard to believe sometimes Henry.

I first heard about this stuff in 1997. A fellow Registered Nurse brought it up, Ward 5G, Orthopaedics, Royal Perth Hospital.

She claimed to be a "White Witch" and stated there was child sacrifice going on in the hills around Perth, Western Australia.

She claimed Bill Gates had large land holdings in Western Australia. Ray Croc, founder of McDonald's famously quipped, "Come to Western Australia, there's no one here." I have heard Robert Deniro is here as are huge numbers of Hollywood stars and leaders of industry. Rumours abound that Condaleeza Rice has an apartment here.

Australia and particularly Western Australia has a large elite and sick pedophile network fully embedded and preparing the ground for more of their ilk.

Detective Sergent Gordon Bertwhistle said to a friend of mine in 2005, "The pedophile rings in Perth go all the way to the top." He should know. He's the head of the child sexual assault unit. Still there to this day. Thank God.

It's hard for nice people to understand this evil.

Robert K said (February 22, 2017):

From the Wikipedia article on the Order of the Solar Temple, which consisted (past tense appropriate?) of socially prominent people in (at least) Canada and Switzerland in the 1990s: "In October 1994, Tony Dutoit's infant son (Emmanuel Dutoit), aged three months, was killed at the group's centre in Morin-Heights, Quebec. The baby had been stabbed repeatedly with a wooden stake.

It is believed [note: speculation] that Di Mambro ordered the murder, because he identified the baby as the Antichrist described in the Bible. He believed that the Antichrist was born into the order to prevent Di Mambro from succeeding in his spiritual aim." Days later scores of bodies of members of the cult were found laid out ritualistically in Quebec and Switzerland. The "collective suicide" involved many of the deceased having been shot in the head.

LV said (February 22, 2017):

Thank you for your courage re: the last 3 Satanic pedophile articles.

You are exposing the sickness of the power elite and their corruption of our society in a dramatic fashion, and hopefully raising awareness around the world of the control mechanisms these vermin employ.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at