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Voodoo Adept Foresees Civil War

November 19, 2016



"This is the most perfect result 

 to justify a Second Civil War, 

each camp being convinced that the victory 

of the other is the Apocalypse, 

both being right in a certain sense." 

(Disclaimer- I don't share this grim view but must admit it is a possibility if the liberal media

continues to fan the flames of opposition. I fear the Illuminati Jews have returned to the Hitler-Stalin scenario

re. Spanish Civil War and WW2; false opposition Hitler (Trump) versus ZOG (Soros).  (See Have Americans Been Neo Conned?)

Francis, who is a Voodoo adept, says Hillary is a witch. 

"Witch Clinton had made a special prayer in Jeremie to be able to lead America into the biggest and most painful war of its existence, preferably a world war so as to kickstart the American economy into higher salaries for industrial workers and as to usher her country in a new global order.  She was told that her wish would be granted.  So she was already drunk with festive champagne when the election night began.  As all of a sudden the tide of votes turned to Trump, she started flinging objects at everybody's face, and calling for more havoc, more destruction all around.  


She got a Blackberry phone call from Haiti from her occult group.  She angrily asked about her presidency that was being lost together with her hopes for a restorative war (God's own social programs as she said) : she was told the war did not need her as a president but as a passionaria because this time the world war would take place on American soil and was already happening all around her.  

The dark forces grant all your wishes as you state them provided you provide the right amount of blood but while you state your wish you always miss some detail.  All that jazz was performed as per the rules and rituals of Kabbalah, not Voodoo.  Voodoo is there to be accused of ritual crimes it doesn't commit, exactly in the way Islam is used as a false flag when it comes to Jewish terrorism proper."

"Each day now to come will be a day of riots, the rioters of the Clinton camp being dead intent in taking revenge onto an America having voted badly, and destroying that white people, and the vigilantes of the Trump camp being dead intent in fighting perfectly knowing the foe respects no constitutional rules and has to be made obey the constitution by force only." 

by Francis 


Sorry to put down your enthusiasm, but the election was rigged indeed, though moderately so, ma non troppo : if it hadn't been, the landslide would have been much more terrifying.  But why did they rig it only to the point so as to allow Trump to win a governing majority at the three main institutions : Supreme Court, Congress, and Presidential Electoral Votes, while making it clear that Clinton enjoyed a majority of popular votes and that the first two bodies are Republican principally thanks to Gerrymandering techniques?  The riggers just managed to rig it to a certain definite point, a far better calculated one than one may imagine. [i.e. to ensure Civil War]

First of all, Trump, despite his probable sincerity, is also a staunch Zionist, make no mistake about it, as well as a Jew by birth.  The reason why he officially claims [to be] Presbyterian is that he was born in a non-practising Jewish family, rather one of a Frankist kind, where the tradition is rather to try to succeed in one dominant creed of the country of envisioned success while maintaining for one self the personal flame of Jewish identity as a kind of faith in one's capacity to success due to that heritage and little else.

images (89).jpeg

Trump is Sheldon Adelson's alter ego, the fortunes of both in real estate and casinos are but one.  Since the latter is just too much of a Shylock's physical caricature to present himself to the public, it was Trump's [place] to step forward into the political arena.  Trump is Netanyahu's, and many more far more radical Zionist right-wing others such as Liberman and Bennett's best friend in America. It is to Trumps luxury travel organization's that Netanyahu came last time to America to tell Obama with a clear loud voice he Bibi was the real president, the real sovereign, the real incarnation of power, and Obama a mere equivalent of a prime minister.


Take note that just a little more than half of the popular vote was to Clinton nevertheless, while just a few electoral votes more than needed were for Trump : this is not the promise of a New America being made great again.  This is the most perfect result you can imagine to justify a Second Civil War, each camp being convinced that the victory of the other is the Apocalypse, both being right in a certain sense. 

 It is well-known that Witch Clinton wanted a war, preferably a World War, as quick as possible to kickstart the economy into the direction needed to make people work for the construction of the New world Order.  As the Witch she is, she is about to reap the fruits of her demonic prayers (many of which were promised to her by Haitian co-witches) but not on the banks of Jordan or Euphrates.  The fruits of her prayers and infant sacrifices are about to be delivered to her home, right on the bank of the Hudson and Potomac, as by UPS or by Internet through e-Bay.  The war to come is right here in America.  All black magicians tend to commit that big, big mistake however cunning they are and proficient in their black art : the evil they pray for through creative visualization exercises does come but nearer their person than they had imagined.

The rioters of the Clinton camp know perfectly that they are fighting for a dangerous female Stalin who was about to throw many dissenters in FEMA camps but they are convinced they must get over it because they are facing a new Hitler. Gay rights is for them the very essence of all liberty worth dying for; gay sex  is for them the ritual to perform to conjure all forms of fascism stemming from veneration for anything natural; gay sex is for them the guarantee it will never be that bad as it was under Stalin since the latter had turned against moral decadence before growing seriously nasty.  We for one know that people who fight for gay sexual pleasure as for their flag are losers, programmed to lose all other causes they fight for.  


For instance, the Quebec separatist movement lost everything because it was right at the start in reality a mere LGBT platform for people who then couldn't militate for that thing in public and had to muster in a another name (the PQ movement, who never applied any other agenda than the one specified for them at the UN by the Rockefellers so as to bring about a post-modern, post-Christian society as they were proud to be called, was composed of homosexual militants at more than 90% : when they realized the federal government was implementing the same things that had so dearly fought for, their enthusiasm fell abruptly), and those who led the movement had never any intention but to bring as much people as possible into a loser's situation, not to make any independence.  Same thing for the Clinton camp : the managers of that thing vindicating the PC dying of its last throes perfectly know that their crowd is about to lose it all and are leading them like so many counter-Moses back into the land of bondage.

So the left has lost all power to rule but what it is intent on doing is destabilizing only.  They will never get any chance to install their PC utopia as envisioned by John Lennon in his infamous creative visualization exercise « Imagine Â», but they still entertain hope to make America wild again.  They have been so much conditioned by the PC thing that they sincerely think those who have voted Trump are subhumans working to destroy the planet.  Never underestimate the gratuitous crimes desperate people can commit for the hell of it when by all standards they know there is no hope and humanity is an enemy species after all for having refused the call to liberal humanism.  Witch Clinton gave that mentality the finishing touch : people ready to riot BLM style, burn down whole cities, and to die in mass graves thereafter.  Those who have voted Never Trump are one big army into Soros' hands.

So brace for a Civil War, not for Trump's gentle transition to power.  In the weeks to come there will be more riots than ever from both sides, and more attempts on each side to put the other's leaders into prison for various offences.  Both camps will accuse the other of having prevented them to vote as they should have done and of having destroyed votes, no camp will agree upon the legitimacy of the other.  The country about Christmas will have become just ungovernable.

 Thereafter, the war between both entities heats up and it turns out that the Second American Civil War is one of the front lines of a Third World War, where former Americans fight among themselves at foreign sponsors and powers' behest.  America ends up divided into two, then four, eight ... up to one small warring kingdoms quite in the same way America and Israel used to manage Africa and the Arab world.

Part Two


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First Comment from Gene 

I  disagree with the possibility of a civil war in the USA for basic reasons.

To have a civil war, there must be two armed sides which, in this case, there is not.

The Soros paid anti-Trump protesters are certainly not going to risk their life for a temporary paid cause.  The vast majority of Clinton supporters are not well armed since most seem to embrace the anti-gun ideology.

On the Trump supporters side, there is the US military, most US law enforcement, and at least 100 million pro-gun Americans that possess about 800 million guns and just under 1 trillion rounds of ammo and have absolutely no intention of giving them up.

Obviously, there is no way a civil war could be arranged that would last more than three days or so.

It does not matter what magic is used; evil has only the power given to it by those believing in it.  That is why the devil is known as the father of lies and master of deception.  In this case, the supporters of evil do not have the ability to conquer the tremendous forces of reality mentioned above, so there can be no civil war.


Thanks Gene,

This applies as long as California doesn't attempt to secede.


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Comments for "Voodoo Adept Foresees Civil War "

Peter R said (November 20, 2016):

Voodoo adept?? War monger!! This Francis sounds like a camouflaged leftist calling other leftists into battle.
What does he mean with "the managers of that thing vindicating the PC dying of its last throes perfectly know that their crowd is about to lose it all".

What exactly are they going to lose? And who will take it from them? And how?

His whole premise hinges on that idiotic statement to be true, which is not the case at all... unless Francis can make a real good case that it is. Let's have it, Francis.
Your troops will just have to cool their heels and wait four years, like the conservatives have so many times. Anything wrong with that? What you wrote here is nothing but a cheap, sordid piece calling for or justifying that your tantrum should end in a civil war. Nuts. Little babies cry when they can't get what they want. Your garbage should never seen print, especially not by a site that says it is fighting the war mongers.
Another thing. Wars don't kickstart economies. Look at America's economic numbers before, during and after the WW2 years.

Henry, something really slipped by you here.

Peter W in UK said (November 20, 2016):

First of all, Trump has won the popular vote. Secondly, a lot of people who did not like or vote for Trump are now looking at how he is behaving and are ok with him. One of these is a family member who I would have thought would be bemoaning the President elect's victory. No, he said "Let's give him a chance". Lastly this video has to be sent far and wide - the Luciferian cabal running Washington is now exposed and exposure and more exposure will destroy it.

Tony B said (November 19, 2016):

I don't think this man is reading the true picture. While he may be right in saying that the vote count is more or less perfect for a civil war he seems to believe the vote count is legitimate when it was the joke of the century. With all the help it could possibly get from such as the media, academia and government and Soros' money, the Clinton campaign was a sick joke concerning its popularity.

The media even had trouble filling an area BEHIND her at her speeches for photo ops, there was no real audience at all in front of her. Her vice-presidential pick canceled one of his speeches because THREE PEOPLE SHOWED UP!

Anyone who believes Clinton won the popular vote is either way past naive or too politically correct to face reality.

George said (November 19, 2016):

The article about a possible civil war is not preposterous. It may not be correct, but it is far from preposterous. There are significant similarities to the US election of 1860, with the press whipping up both sides. There is a saying worth remembering: The alternative to the ballot box is the bullet box.

Incidentally, there is a theory about the origins of so-called democracy which is worthy of respect. The original idea was precisely to avoid a civil war by assessment of the relative strength of the respective potential combatants. The emphasis is on the last two words. Thus only fighting men of proven ability had the right to vote.

Now look at the current sides, and what do you see? The alternative theory is laughable. That is the theory that everyone affected by a potential policy has a right to vote on it. By that yardstick all the chickens on a chicken farm have the right to vote on a potential cull. The reality is that there is only one vote that counts: that of the farmer.

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