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Jews: The Unloved People

July 18, 2016

reunion.jpg(left, not my family) 

A family reunion reminded me of factors that Influenced my early life, factors that cause Jews to be overachievers. 

"The lesson is that if you deny the primacy of an universal loving God, you will be unloved. And no amount of "success" -- money, sex or power -- will compensate."

Updated from Aug. 14, 2013
by Henry Makow Ph.D.

They say,
"You can choose your friends. You can't choose your family."

I wondered why a recent family reunion was not more relaxed and enjoyable. I felt I was under a microscope. My siblings and in-laws scrutinized my every word and deed, anxious to provide unsolicited help. My nephews seemed to posture and need praise. My nieces were struggling.

I concluded that feelings of inferiority and insecurity run in the family. Everyone bears the scars of emotional deprivation. Is this characteristic of just my family or Jews in general?  Is it universal?

I felt "unloved" when I was younger.  There were some family-specific factors. As a baby, my dad wouldn't let my mother feed me except at designated meal times. He read it in some book. He was training a wild animal, and so let a hungry baby cry. In general, dad wasn't emotionally ready for family responsibility so soon after surviving the war. He did his best but some children have an insatiable need for love and affirmation, especially when they don't feel it.

My mother loved us unconditionally. But the father's role is crucial in the development of a child's psyche. He channels God's love in terms of building character and self confidence.  You can't phone it in.

We listened to the news at supper; my dad would be lost in thought. Now, almost 93, his mind is somewhere else most of the time. But he has never been sweeter and more good natured.


jewishbrain.jpgIn Jewish families, love must be earned. The Jewish God is demanding and vengeful, more of a wily business partner than a benevolent deity, an egregore for Jewish people

Jewish children cannot count on unconditional love. They must earn it by "being successful." Is this what led me to write a syndicated advice to parents column when I was 11? 
Is this the origin of the infamous Jewish greed?

The reunion felt like a mini MBA program. The conversation was dominated by innovation and new products, and finding the very best of everything. (Perhaps this is typical of any people who run a complex demanding business, as my sister and her husband do.) 

 I recall my aunt telling my cousins and I, "Be successful children."  And in material terms, we were. Doctor. Dentist. Professor, Architect etc.

Except my nieces who could not handle the pressure "to succeed." In another age, it would have been enough for these attractive girls to have gotten married. But now they had to become brain surgeons instead.

In the Jewish tradition, worldly success is seen as proof of God's blessing. In contrast, the Christian God is Love. Christ is merciful. He loved the lepers. Christian children don't have to be successful to be loved.  Do they?

This may come as a surprise but many Jews have an inferiority complex. It's why they boast about how superior they are. When I was a child, I had an inferiority complex, and I suspect my family did as well. We always undervalued ourselves. Feelings of inferiority seem to feed the compulsion to over achieve.

The inferiority was partly due to being told "Jews are hated for no reason." Most Jews don't know the reason they are disliked. Not told of bankers' plan for humanity, or the many other legitimate reasons for antisemitism, they chalk it up to "envy."  It's a puzzle to them. But it has the natural effect of giving many an inferiority complex. It would be more healthy for them if Jews could be truthful about antisemitism.

This "hatred for no reason" is not abstract. Although my family didn't suffer from antisemitism in Canada, my grandparents and an aunt all perished in the holocaust. My siblings and I are the children of orphans.

In general, Organized Jewry can best manipulate Jews if they feel weak and vulnerable, under constant threat of annihilation.  So we have Jews fearing Gentiles at the same time as Gentiles fear Jews.
Satan-banished.jpg(Left. Lucifer banished from the heavens)

Jews don't know that Judaism is Luciferian. (This means inverting reality: making evil seem good; sick seem healthy (i.e. homosexuality); lies seem true; ugly seem beautiful etc.) Because of it, they have been both social and metaphysical outcasts. Their leadership has placed Jews in opposition to God.

Lucifer has turned the tables on God. Now, God is banished from society and replaced by the new God, an Illuminati cult consisting of elite Jews, homosexuals and Freemasons. Welcome to the NWO.

In any case, the subtle sense of always being in revolt against what is natural, healthy and good exacts a psychological price. There is an insecurity that comes from being perverted and used unwittingly to subvert society.

Of course, I am referring to the disproportionate Jewish role in Satanism, Communism, socialism, liberalism, feminism, sexual liberation, abortion, pornography,  gay "rights" and "progressive" (if you're a Luciferan) causes in general.


The lesson is that if you deny the primacy of an universal loving God, you will be unloved. And no amount of "success" -- money, sex or power -- will compensate.

But getting back to my family, I hear of other families that are not even on talking terms. I am grateful that, after some ups and downs, our relations are respectful and cordial.


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First Comment from Robert K

A deadly problem arises the instant one imagines oneself as being (alone or in a group) specially favoured by God.  It's clear from the example Jesus set that we are to love all people, with no exceptions, even the most seemingly unlovable.  Even those he denounced and excoriated, he loved; he just dealt with them in the way that they deserved and that would most likely conduce to their benefit.  If you have in your thinking a category of people who are irremediably outside the ambit of God's love, then you are undermining and impoverishing your concept of the divine love of which you yourself are the object.  However little it is recognized, Jesus effected an absolute revolution in our conceptualizing of human relations:  "Amor vincit omnia" is the overriding precept of the Christian dispensation.

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Comments for "Jews: The Unloved People "

LC said (July 19, 2016):

Henry .....great stuff. Jesus attracted Jews towards him in numbers without a doubt. Jews rejected Judaism to become Christians in the fulfilment of God's laws, as represented by Jesus. And still to this day of course ( my best friend is the most beautiful Christian I have met to date, and is converted from Judaism ). Why I liked your article so much is that, basically the Satan who tempted Jesus and was rejected, has become the God you outlined as in Judaism. But wow, does it work in the world or what? He wasn't called the Prince of this World for nothing!!!! Of course although Jews have " succeeded " today in THIS world, it is not their's to achieve exclusively. There are plenty of examples of Gentile would be a huge list. That's why, for me it's all about the sheep hearing Christ's call. And of course that applies to any person, of any colour race or creed. The new covenant has been established. I have a great faith and belief that Jews will come to their ( and our ) Messiah, and break that mould that you have outlined. Satan the great deceiver will meet his nemesis as we know!
Anyway, again a great article, with insightful aspects.

Dan said (July 19, 2016):

If I met any of the people in that family photo in daily life, I would not know any of them were Jewish unless they told me so.

Americans and Canadians come from people that left the homeland of their ancestors a long time ago. The old European issue that Jews didn't belong in those nations never applied to Jews here.

When I began knowing Jewish Americans, what seemed a revelation to me was seeing their families have problems, the same problems, and everyone else.
In 2016 I believe anyone that has enough of a family to have a reunion should thank God and do their best to help the children value having a a family.

Sid Green said (July 18, 2016):

Henry, thank you so much for posting that piece Jews, the unloved people. It made me want to cry. This has been killing me my whole life and it is why I do not keep in close touch with my family. Jews need to read this, now.

also by Sid-

Letter from a Working Class Jew

Sid Green said (July 18, 2016):

Henry, thank you so much for posting that piece Jews, the unloved people. It made me want to cry. This has been killing me my whole life and it is why I do not keep in close touch with my family. Jews need to read this, now.

also by Sid-

Letter from a Working Class Jew

Al Thompson said (July 18, 2016):

You said, "and so let a hungry baby cry." I remember taking my first baby to the doctor because he kept crying and the pediatrician said: "Just let him cry until the next feeding." I told him I can do that if I can take him over to his house and then he can listen to it. A lot of so-called medicine is just plain poppycock written by delusional psychopaths. I then went to the store and got some cereal and feed it to him and he slept all night. The problem was solved. The poor kid was hungry. Parents know what is best for their children.

BH said (July 18, 2016):

Good call to revisit this article

"If you deny the primacy of a loving God, you will be unloved" - powerful words, to which I wll simply mirror with these:

The chief problem for ALL, jews and otherwise, stems from assigning all that occurs to the will of God without understanding that it is Man's responsibility to MATCH God's true intent. Instead, he has allowed Satan's circumvention to hold sway over him.

In this respect , talmudic judaism and the twisted mindsets it has spawned have poisoned the well.

Gene said (August 16, 2013):

This is one of your best works. You nailed it. The difference is love.

God is truly love and the evidence is inside of us and all around us if we care to look. When the reality of love dawns on a person, their life and everything in it changes regardless of their religious affiliation. Any feeling of superiority or inferiority toward your fellowman dissolves. Real freedom is realized and fear ceases to exist. Love opens the door and enables us to do what Jesus told us to do, heal the sick, raise the dead, and cast out devils. The added bonus is that the physical world can be controlled as well. It's a lot more simple than we have been led to believe.

We have been intentionally taught the process that Jesus taught in a backward fashion making it appear to be a mountain when it is really just an any hill. The only reason I know this is because I have just recently started doing it after realizing that I have been looking at the process backward all these many years.

Keep up the good work. It is not wasted.


PS: I stopped going to the family reunions. They are some nice people, but I do not seem to have much in common with them.

Anonymous said (August 15, 2013):

Hi Henry, how are you? Your article Jews the unloved people had alot for me to relate too. I grew much the same way in regards to being loved, my reason for not gettin love in the emotional sense (even though looking back yrs later i felt loved by the self sacrficing nature of my mother to provide us with things she never had) were based on the lack of emotional availability of my mother to provide it. Understandable she would have and I know she wanted too but she had her own traumatic burdens and responsibility of providing for the family on her own to deal with. I wanted to know how you over came those inferiority feelings?



Feelings of inferiority come from overvaluing everyone else or taking them at their own estimation. When you realize their true status, you no longer feel inferior.


C said (August 15, 2013):

The reason why the world hates the jews is spiritual. Israel is the apple of God's eye. Even though, at this time Israel has gone away from God, God will show the world who He is through them. Every book in the Bible, Old and New Testaments was written by the Jews. As in the days of Elijah the majority of jews rebelled against God, but He has always had a remnant. It is so sad to see the gay pride parades in Tel Aviv and in Jerusalem.

Today the Christian world is in the same predicament. The sinful nature of man is manifested and has overcome the people that call themselves "Christian". I do not believe that these are true Christians. Many people try to act like Christians, but are not indwelled by the Holy Spirit. Only a born again person can overcome the sin nature and love those who are hard to love. God loves us because He knows the end from the beginning. He loves us and Israel even in our sinful state. He knows what we WILL BE in the future when we will no longer be sinful.

Israel will be the priests of the world. Jeremiah 31:31 and Isaiah 61 tells of the glorious future that God has for the nation of Israel. True Christians believe these Bible prophecies and know that just as deceitful Jacob became the beloved Israel, Israel will become what God has intended them to be. According to the Bible, one third of Israel will be saved, but two-thirds refuse to believe in Him. Jeremiah 24 also tells us about the "naughty figs".

George Soros, Henry Kissinger, and others are probably of this sort. But we cannot judge them. The apostle Paul persecuted and hated Christians until God changed him. It is through his writings that we understand that NONE of us has met God's expectations through the law, and that our only way of salvation is through the sacrifice of the perfect LAMB. Yeshua (Jesus) was God Himself who came and took our punishment and has given us HIS robes of righteousness so that we may appear before the Father in judgment. 1 Corinthians 15:1-4 states the condition of salvation- that Jesus died for our sins, was buried, and ROSE the third day.

The resurrection shows God the Father's acceptance of the sacrifice. Do you realize the significance that Jesus was born in the city where all the Passover lambs were raised and died 3:00 when the Passover lambs were killed? I LOVE HOW MIRACULOUS THE BIBLE IS and how God is sovereign!! And that the one sin that started it all (Lucifer's PRIDE) is the stumbling block for people. When we know we are depraved because of our sin nature, then we can accept God's full provision of what He has GIVEN to us freely- because there is no way that we can earn it.

I also believe that the gentile church is like Leah. And Israel is beloved Rachel. It is all a picture of God's plan. The Christians that believe in ALL of the Bible love the Jews (even if they hate us) and would give our lives for you.

Richard said (August 15, 2013):

I was adopted y a Jewish family.
Early in grade school, I had become aware that Jews were not liked, by many people. I learned this on the playground or through various activities in and out of school.

The reasons I was given by family were : " Jews are God's chosen people; the goyim are just jealous. " and there was also the " Jews are just better at handling money." It did not make sense to me then, and it does not make sense now. I believe that this crucial issue is what every Jew needs to answer for themselves, free from peer pressure and propaganda. Judaism has become a nightmare because of this -

In my home, love was something that was not discussed if ever. Love was expressed , (or substituted ) through material needs and offerings; also in the attention paid to education.

It was never a "touchy -feely", or " you can tell me , I'm understanding" kind of Love.

Jews conduct themselves as a separate society existing within the general population.

It is society of exclusion, Jews and Non-Jews. Converts like me are tolerated, rather than accepted lovingly. I believe that to survive and even thrive in the modern Jewish family/society requires a combination of arrogance, denial, naivete, and magical thinking.

I have known but - few exceptions to this rule. I was blessed to have had an Aunt who was full of love and had a joyous spirit. Everyone spoke of her as if she was a Saint. She will always be in my fondest memories.

Richard said (August 15, 2013):

There's such a thing as historical trauma, a condition that affects cultures dislocated by wars or economic collapse. It's associated with personality disorders that can be passed down for several generations. Descendants of Jews from these two 20th century cultural traumas are likely to suffer from effects of historical trauma to varying degree and not necessarily know it. It may account to some extent for that impossibly high bar of material success.

I wouldn't say Jews are exactly unloved in America. Jews may have never been so loved as they have been in this country. This may have peaked in the 1990's. After decades of subtle influence from Hollywood movies shaping public perception, Jews came out of the closet, so to speak, during the 1970's with movies like Woody Allen's "Annie Hall". Looking back, these movies were like lovely, candy coated, intoxicating poison.

Later, in the 1990's the sitcom 'Seinfeld' endeared American 'yuppies' to Jewish cuteness. But again, the values were toxic, but dipped in candy coating with addictive star dust sprinkled in. But that's another thing than the topic at hand.

Duane said (August 14, 2013):

The current article pretty much demonstrates the age old theological conflict regarding faith and works as described in the New Testament.

Faith says what you truly believe and declare is enough, Works says you have to earn your way to grace, but to earn it has to come from somewhere.

We have the success driven motives in this article and parallels with the protestant work ethic and philanthropy.

Basically "if you are successful then god has blessed you and you are entitled to rule over others lives, judge their outcomes, and rejoice in your prosperity". This forgets the fact that there is this interesting fallen entity which spends a lot of time offering riches and power providing that you sell out.

The problem is that in the current environment to be successful you pretty much have to sell yourself ..... literally. That simply (and not always the case) means that the bad guy has shown you the cities of gold, power riches etc and you have agreed to abide by its forms to accumulate wealth.

Philanthropy, for example can be seen as a way of assuaging a persons conscience after all they had to do to climb up old nicks greasy pole in the first place. How many people did they have to dispossess to get there? The Protestant work ethic says that because you worked hard you earned your rewards by gods grace. Did you do it ethically and without causing suffering? Do you condemn those who, in your view, fell by the wayside because they were not virtuous enough? ... or did you screw them over with moral self righteousness and political sabre rattling?... Who the fuck are they to judge that? ... Darwinism and freemasonry come into place here .... the fittest and the well connected survive.

This is primarily about the success in the "now" and is a damning condemnation of such people as they have no real faith in an "after". Their only true objective is the same as the Greeks of old ... to be remembered by those that come after. History is often rewritten and such people forgotten on a whim so in reality this is all futile.

Go through the narrow door, be forgotten ... and live.

Tony B said (August 14, 2013):

I think it needs mention that the all too common Jewish anxiety you mention in your own family is also the motivation for some Jews, such as yourself, to tenaciously fight the evils in the world. Because, whether known consciously or not, that anxiety comes from the influence in Jewish culture over the centuries of the devil's book, the Talmud.

It has been my experience in over half a century of this war - both material and spiritual - that those Jews who fight on God's side - Ben Freedman and Myron Fagan come quickly to mind (Myron I met personally) - have a more complete understanding of the depth of evil involved, the true face of Satan in every agenda, as well as a much better understanding of the logic of the means to the ends used by these satanists.

Non-Jews, Christians especially, have a very difficult time believing anyone can be as cruelly and totally depraved as Talmudic influence has perverted some men into worse than beasts. This is the reason that so many non-Jews are so easily convinced that the Protocols of the Elders of Zion are not true while most Jews can see both the brilliance of them and the satanic hatred they carry toward humanity as a successfully working agenda in progress.

Jews seem born with a much more acute awareness of the extremes those who wish to conquer the world will execute against those who innocently believe in justice and righteousness; what the Church once called "right reason."

Tyron said (August 14, 2013):

I have personally experienced the horrors of Judaic programming. My first daughter is a "Jew" according to the "Jews" because her Mom is a "Jew".

The battle that ensued when we split was something I would never wish upon my worst enemy, including my ex. With whatever tools I had in my youth, I fought tooth and nail to instill in my daughter the knowledge that she was loved unconditionally.

Her mother did everything in her power to destroy that. My daughter, whom I have been denied access to for all of her youth except a total of about 30 days, told me one day that she wanted to grow up and be a nurse to help people. That warmed my heart and I told her that this desire of hers was beautiful. Her mother scolded her for it saying that it was useless and stupid.
Why help people she asked? That is weak she said.

My daughter would routinely get smacked if she ever mention God or Christ as my ex also threatened bodily harm toward her least I went along with whatever psycho dictates she could dream up. Long story short, my daughter will not speak to me anymore and I know why- her mother and her Judaic programming. The reason why so many "Jews" are mentally damaged is because they are spiritually damaged and your article goes a long way in explaining this reality.

JG said (August 14, 2013):

With the rejection of Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of Heaven the Jews remain in the belief that the blessings from God are only those that are here on earth.

The conflict between the mentality of the Jew and the Gentile stems from the Gentile belief in the Heavenly Eternal Life versus the Jewish belief in the Earthly Temporal Life.

To the Jew; a kind, humble, and charitable Gentile is often looked at as a "dumb goyim". Only a fool wouldn't take advantage.

To the Gentile today ; he fears the Jew because of his worldly power. A lot of Gentiles mistakenly believe that all Jews are rich and powerful. And, a lot of them have become complicit with the Jew because of this.

The Gentile, not like the Jew, seems to be a more pliable creature. And, the Jew is so very well aware of this.

Patricia said (August 14, 2013):

i have to say henry that i think ur a superstar for having this website while being a jew, its incredibly brave of u! i dont think may people
can be so open and critical of their own heritage knowing the alienation that can come out of it.

i have learned a lot from ur site and will
continue to read ur articles everytime i come online. i also direct people to ur site and i hope u never get shut down!! may the Lord continue
to bless u!!

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at