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Letter from a Working Class Jew

July 8, 2016

(left, not Sid)

A lot of Jews are struggling too. 

"People are still in complete denial of the fact that working all day does not benefit us at all; it just keeps us in our pathetic position."

by Sid Green

I was born into a Jewish family in the United States. My siblings and I grew up in a comfortable middle class house. While we were materially provided for, our emotional lives were completely chaotic and dysfunctional. 

We all suffered from anger attacks, depression, and general malaise all the time. This is true of the extended family as well. This aspect of life was kept private from other families, except when it exploded onto the scene and we fought in front of others. 

There was a feeling that we were more "genuine" than Gentiles in our behavior, while now it strikes me that we were simply less kind to each other and more malicious. 

My parents divorced and my father went through a mid life crisis and arrested development.

My parents were "secular" as in, they did not believe in God. They valued Judaism as a racial distinction. Our lives were defined by materialism. We went after what felt good. The school of thought that was most fiercely attacked was Christianity. 

I was taught that Christianity was pure evil and the reason for all the suffering in the world. I truly believed this for many years. We were told that there is no such thing as the Devil and that the Gentiles just hated us for no reason. 

At the same time, we were subject to the same economic pressures as many of the Gentiles, because my parents pawned their house and lost everything. I got a job when I was 14, and I've been employed and underpaid since then. 

In all the emotional turmoil, college may have been mentioned but it was hard to focus. On all kinds of pharmaceuticals, I was encouraged to go to psychiatrists and solve my mental pain with drugs. 

I didn't attend college immediately, but I did get sucked into Zionism. Like many Jews, I went to Israel and tried to start over and live there. I was hoping for a feeling of solidarity and community that had been lacking in my family and country.

What I found was a morally bankrupt society which was an exact replica of my life in the USA. People worked hard for low wages and spent their time having sex and doing drugs. Success is measured by academic degrees, army service, and then "Careers". 


In my family I was harassed when I did not have a girlfriend and asked what was wrong. In my sexual obsession which inevitably included drugs and alcohol, I reached a state of pure nihilism which for me now symbolizes the ultimate goal of Judaism (which is another word for secularism). 

Disaster struck, until, hospitalized, I was forced to confront the fact that I was on the wrong track. I took care of my issues and I started working hard. I started taking classes to finish my degree and got experience working in my field. 

The salary provides for basic existence and nothing more. I live in a shared situation and constantly run into people like a dorm room situation. It costs 1000$ a month to live like this. There are retired people here in this situation too.  

I had to return to the USA, but Israel and the USA are almost identical. They both resemble a huge department store and are completely controlled by corporations and people addicted to the products of corporations. Independent thought is almost non existent in both countries.

 Thru extensive research, and the ability to actually utilize my intellect, I discovered that things were not as they seem in the world. Much like in "the Matrix" I discovered that "we are slaves" and that the reality we live in is fabricated. This website partly contributed to my realization but so did the Scriptures. It was the Book of Enoch that really tied everything together and caused me to understand history. It became clear to me, that when "the daughters of men increased"  (Genesis 6:1) and angels came down and mated with those women, they spawned hybrids known as Nephilim. 

They created monsters and genetically engineered hybridized animals "to provoke the Lord to anger". (Enoch 6,7) These beings were largely destroyed in the flood, along with the hybridized dinosaurs ("terrible lizards") that they had created with genetic engineering and interbreeding. However, the ruling elite bloodlines in our societies are still controlled by the offspring of these evil fallen angels.


What people don't understand in the west is that their currencies are nothing more than debt owed to central bankers. Thus, with the means to create money, the bankers have control over the population and since we can't create our own money but only beg for theirs, we are slaves.  

The capability for my generation to buy an apartment or house does not exist in Israel or the United States. We all rely on inheritances and gifts. The money made as a result of working is only sufficient to cover rent in sub par conditions and provide for other basics.

 While a college graduate used to be able to buy a house after getting a job, more and more people with degrees can only find part-time work. Even if working full time, this only provides enough to rent a small place, not enough to buy a house much less raise a family.

For working to be worth it, the wages and salaries would have to actually be enough to buy the things necessary to live a comfortable existence, but that is not possible at all for most people in this country. 

People blame themselves for their low positions in society, not realizing that the fault does not lie with them. They're just worker bees increasingly wasting their energy on minuscule wages. 

The myth that if you try hard, you will succeed is still deeply ingrained in the ignorant consciousness of this unfortunate country. 

The depth of this denial is such that there seems to be no realization at all that anything in society is wrong. This is leading to an increasingly ridiculous and absurd situation in society.


First Comment by Dan:

When you've known enough Jews it's obvious that when the Jewish big shots talk about World Jewry, some Jews are more Chosen than others.  In fact there's amble evidence that elite Jews have written off most Jews as unworthy - and expendable. 

One of the most eyebrow raising things I've run across during many years of trying to understand Jewish culture is a statement made by the Lubavitcher Rebbe Menachem Schneerson. He used the metaphor of surgery to imply that the European assimilated Jews who died in the Holocaust were like a diseased limb: "incurably diseased ... The Holy One Blessed Be He, like the professor-surgeon...seeks the good of Israel, and indeed, all He does is done for the good.... In the spiritual sense, no harm was done, because the everlasting spirit of the Jewish people was not destroyed." 

In other words, Schneerson was saying that assimilated Jews deserve extermination [1].  

I researched this notion further and sure enough, Scheerson was not alone in this opinion at all.  I could find supporting quotes all day.  Here's another one from the leader of Zionism in Poland before World War II, and first Interior Minister of Israel, Yitzhak Gruenbaum:

"One cow in Palestine is worth more than all the Jews in Poland."

You know, a con man always tells his mark they're "special".       When politicians promise "security", expect the protection racket.

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Comments for "Letter from a Working Class Jew "

Jon said (July 10, 2016):

Sid, you are on your way to becoming a real man, which you may not have even realized, i.e. you are becoming honest, concerned with the truth, and concerned with all humanity, not just the Jews. Mazel tov. You are on the right road, and you will never regret it. God bless.

Doug P said (July 9, 2016):

This fits in with what I have learned and experienced. The chosenites are pigs. They laugh about their position and think they will be winners in the final match. I've had about five different experiences where they laugh about it. They are not winners, they are just fools who can be lead with flattery. This does not only apply to Jews, but there are other chosenites, attorneys, masons. Flattery must be the first chapter in any con mans book of scams and methods. A large part of the people going along with this have simply been flattered into it.

When I got out of my little "black robe" ceremony, I felt ten feet tall, that feeling did last a few days. But then and there I decided to never go along with it. I had met too many people that thought they were part of it - not liked and certainly not happy but with lots of fake dollars. As I get older and read serious philosophy, I see the importance of the Bible as a living philosophy. I get my interpretation from Kant rather than King James, but have read it and see its value.

Materially, I am dirt poor, but I am also becoming wise and that is all I care about. Humanity is practically destroyed. Liberals have had their minds ruined with Jewish philosophy.

Tony B said (July 9, 2016):

Nice to read this man's breath of fresh air honesty. He is not deluded as so many with "connections" are.

He is one more proof that all people everywhere need to drop the phony divisions manipulated by the "money creators" and join together AGAINST those criminal scammer "bankers" who use their phony "bank credit" loaned into existence at usury as their satanic lie to control humanity.

There are various honest plans for a true, workable medium of exchange which brings prosperity automatically. With robotics stealing jobs daily, something on the order of Social Credit, wherein government GIVES A PROPER AMOUNT OF MEDIUM TO EACH FAMILY REGULARLY seems to be the most workable. After all, this blindness of cutting costs using robots instead of people does not even consider how the products produced can be bought by people without any income. Can you see the corporate owners giving away those products to people robbed of the means to buy them?

When considering this issue one begins to understand why greed driven money men such as Bill Gates, George Soros, Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller, members of the Rothschild cabal, etc. are determined to murder most of humanity to have fewer slaves to control.

People must forget the false war of varying political beliefs, which is wholly owned and manipulated by the financiers, and concentrate on an honest exchange medium. Here are two worthwhile links to study toward honest money: (Yes, this is a Catholic site but it is the foremost Social Credit advocate in the world.)

anon said (July 8, 2016):

Reply to Tony - Yes, I can see the corporate owners giving away those products to people robbed of the means to buy them.

In their eyes, the transfer of a slave class in bondage to their jobs - over to a simple handout; the very same poisoned handout the slave class was already in economic bondage to, is a minimization to greater efficiency.

I agree that "We must forget the false war of varying political beliefs" in order for any positive change to occur, that
much really SHOULD be obvious. By now we all really ought to be ANTI-WAR and PRO-FAMILY for instance, but
the people have been simultaneously robbed of the ability to - think critically and to care. Those are real problems
I have yet to see a clearcut solution to.

Automated technology is not going to save us by being the root of a new "medium of exchange" claimed to bring
"prosperity automatically." There is no such thing as automatic prosperity. That is the lie we already have for a system. You put your quarter in the machine each time you go to work. If the root is poison, so too will be the fruit.

We already have our failed system of social credit. Its called welfare. It actually helps very few, while putting a
majority of those who go to it into even worse bondage by allowing them to descend into yet greater depths of a
society gone mad, while remaining dependent on uncle Sam's poisoned tit.

Al Thompson said (July 8, 2016):

I grew up around Jews and I remember that my mom used to call many of them "a bunch of Commies." Most Jews are libtards, progressives, communists, socialists, and even fascists. Most of them seem to love other peoples' money.

When I was a young man in my early twenties, I went to a dinner with a Jewish married couple at his home in West LA. In the middle of the dinner, my friend started arguing with his sister and called her something like "You dirty c**t and a f**king bitch." This went on for almost 20 minutes before I got up and excused myself and I never went back to see them. So, the Jews aren't really happy with themselves. The reason people don't like them is because of their behavior. No one can help what race they are but they can choose to act like a bunch of jerks. This is why Jews aren't liked in general. I've had a few good friends that are Jewish but as a group, Jews are very demented.

Overall, my experience with Jews has been a big disappointment. Most of them are full of shit, yet, they think they are smart when they are actually quite unintelligent.

Sid replies:

Yes, Jews are raised to be rude and unkind to each other, but some people have an inner moral compass. It took me years to realize something was wrong, but those with internal motivation to "be good" (all humans are born with) can eventually break out of the negative conditioning. My goy friends always called me negative. Now I understand why".

GK said (July 8, 2016):

Thank you Sid for speaking up. One of the problem's I have had with the Jewish subset of humanity is they quietly stand as close to the benefits of being Jewish as possible, as to get that fruit that falls off the tree and rolls to their feet.

Your situation clearly shows that being Jewish isn't always enough. That numbers will always dictate a long line to opportunity, especially when opportunity is monopolized and kept scarce. Economics is the study of scarcity, and that is where the problem lies. And for whatever reason, we have many Jewish names in the bottleneck rationing out that opportunity to mostly Jews.

A world where we all get to participate in vast freedom to enterprise for a dollar is something of the past. Monopolies and mafias choked that off, along with insane cost to govern the little guy. Where do we begin? The problems should be obvious by now, we are in situations like yours. Even those with good jobs and more money still are stuck in a math problem that assures they barely break even.

We must be honest as you have been, and not trade integrity for opportunity if it should ever be offered.

Integrity is having the epiphany that we are all human, and all enslaved by elite psychopaths who created a system that is diabolically predatory. The private prison industry being one of the sickest weapons against humanity.

So, my belief is we all have to expose the lies and not fool ourselves when we get lucky, because it is luck when we find ourselves enjoying the best of everything... and most of those are simply faking it. Trying to look like they are swimming when they are drowning. Well, admit it everyone... admit we are in this together.

And information is also helpful, if you know of any corporation or agency that has hidden owners and controllers as to give something treacherous a friendly face, out it. All of us researchers on the internet need evidence. Blow a whistle. Expose the Rabbi syndicate or the KKK circle jerk.

Robert K said (July 8, 2016):

The financial tenuousness of our existence is the result of our failing to recognize and insist upon distribution of the output of the most stupendous production apparatus in history. All serious challenges for providing materially for the members of society were met centuries ago. The Chinese are now 3D-printing large homes, for heaven's sake!

With robotization, the richer society becomes in real terms, the more insecure we become financially. This is because the money system is an obscene racket, operated in such a way as to convert all our real assets into financial liabilities. Forget about all lesser issues and instruct the politicians that the racketeers must be stripped of their control, and power--in the form of the purchasing power needed to secure decent lives for all--distributed to the people.

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