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Background Information on NWO:

  • "Conspirator's Hierarchy:Committee of 300" by Dr. John Coleman
  • "One World Order" by Dr. John Coleman
  • "Diplomacy by Deception" by Dr. John Coleman
  • "Global Tyranny..Step by Step" by William Jasper
  • "Rule by Secrecy" by Jim Marrs
  • "How the World Really Works" by Allan B. Jones
  • "New World Order" by William Still
  • "Pawns in the Game" by Guy William Carr
  • "The Biggest Secret" by David Icke
  • "The New World Order" by Ralph Epperson
  • "One World" by Tal Brooke
  • "En Route to Global Occupation" by Gary Kah

Feminism Links

Feminism Reading List
  • Nicholas Davidson, The Failure of Feminism, Prometheus Books, 1988

  • Dale O'Leary, The Gender Agenda: Redefining Equality, 1997

  • A Man Reports on Taking A Woman's Studies Course

  • Rene Denfeld, The New Victorians 1997

  • Charles W. Socarides MD, The Erosion of Heterosexuality

  • Feminists myths compared to facts

  • David D. Gilmore, Manhood in the Making: Cultural Concepts of Masculinity, 1990

  • Cathy Young, Ceasefire!: Why Women and Men must join forces to achieve true equality (1999)

  • Benjamin Wallace-Wells, Sommers on Deconstruction, Feminism (1998)

  • Lynne V. Cheney, Telling the Truth: Why Our Culture and Our Country Have Stopped Making Sense - and What We Can Do About It (1996)

  • Alan Charles Kors, Harvey A. Silverglate, The Shadow University: The Betrayal of Liberty on America's Campuses (1998)

  • Kenneth Westhues, Eliminating Professors (1998)

  • Richard Bernstein, The Dictatorship of Virtue (1995)

  • Christina Hoff Sommers, Who Stole Feminism? How Women have Betrayed Women (1994)

  • ------------------------------ The War Against Boys (2000)

  • Daphne Patai, Heterophobia: Sexual Harassment and the Future of Feminism (1998)

  • ------------------Professing Feminism: Cautionary Tales from The World of Women,s Studies (1994)

  • Warren Farrell, The Myth of Male Power (1994)

  • John Fekete, Moral Panic: Biopolitics Rising (1994)

  • Paul Gross, Higher Superstition: The Academic Left and its Quarrels with Science (1994)

  • Katie Roiphe, The Morning After: Sex, Fear and Feminism (1993)

  • Martin Loney, The Pursuit of Division: Race, Gender and Preferential Hiring in Canada (1998)

  • Dinesh D'Souza, Illiberal Education: The Politics of Race and Sex on Campus (1991)

  • Robert H. Bork, Slouching Toward Gomorrah: Modern Liberalism and American Decline (1996)

  • Anne and Bill Moir, Why Men Don,t Iron: The Real Science of Gender Studies, (1999)

  • Anne Moir and David Jessel, Brain Sex. The Real Difference Between Men and Women, (1992)