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Below - Oz Foreign Minister Lifts Veil on Jewish Control (scroll down)

Nixon Was Framed by the Illuminati

April 16, 2014

nixon.jpgRichard Nixon was framed by the elite. Coming from Mark Gorton, this conclusion is all the more interesting.

Gorton is a respected engineer,  millionaire financier and entrepreneur.
He founded the music sharing site Limewire, and he runs Tower Research, a famed high-frequency trading firm.

Gorton also believes that a ruthless "secret cabal" led by H.W. Bush  assassinated JFK and planned 9/11.
A "criminal network" controls government and business "yet most people don't have any idea that it exists."
He circulated these conclusions to employees last week. Generally, they are a synopsis of his reading.

He is naive about some things -- that a coup d'etat took place in 1963 when in fact the US has been run by
the Illuminati since Theodore Roosevelt or earlier.  He is wrong about others - like the Saudis and the Bushes
were behind  9-11. (No mention of the Mossad or Freemasons - Gorton is probably Jewish.)  But his assessment of
Richard Nixon and Watergate seems correct to me, and I present it here.

by Mark Gorton

In 1945, Richard Nixon was a US Navy lawyer assigned to look in captured Nazi documents which showed Nazi collusion with Allen Dulles. In exchange for helping to cover up the Dulles war time treason, Allen Dulles and Prescott Bush agreed to help finance Nixon's political career.

In 1946, Nixon was able to win election to the house of representatives with their contributions. In 1947, the Dulles brothers took Nixon under their wing and escorted him on a tour of Fascist 'freedom fight' operations in Germany. Through the late 1940's and early 1950's, Nixon proved himself as a loyal ally. In return, Prescott Bush was instrumental in selecting Nixon as the Vice Presidential candidate in 1952. Nixon was in the odd position of being an ally of key Cabal members while never being a member of the inner circle. Nixon was politically ambitious and willing to work with distasteful people and do distasteful things in order to further his political career, yet at the same time, he resented being dependent on these powerful, corrupt interests.

MARK-GORTON-large570.jpg(Gorton, left)

Once Nixon was elected to his second term as president in 1972, he achieved a degree of independence that made him a danger to the Cabal. Deep down, Nixon was never as corrupt as core Cabal members, and toward the end of his first term, he began making plans to purge the entire senior leadership of the CIA. Unfortunately, Nixon did not realize the the CIA had the White House bugged and filled his senior staff  with spies. So the Cabal leadership was well aware of Nixon's plans. Nixon had a reputation for being paranoid. Yet he was not paranoid enough. His enemies had him surrounded to a degree which he did not understand.

In 1973, after Nixon has stopped being a compliant servant of the Cabal, they set off the booby trap in the form of the Watergate Coup, and they pulled Nixon down from power just as they put him up.


The traditional story of Watergate is one where Nixon does a bunch of bad things, gets caught, tries to cover it up, and is forced to resign; however, in reality Watergate was a plot by the Cabal behind the JFK assassination and corrupt elements within the CIA and military intelligence to depose Nixon.

The Watergate Coup served several purposes, but perhaps its most lasting impact was to ensconce George H.W. Bush as the new head of the Cabal. Like his father, George H.W. Bush was a graduate of Yale and a member of Skull and Bones. In a world where connections and pedigree mattered, George H. W. Bush was the crown prince within the CIA.

The first stages of the Watergate Coup involved creating a fake scandal to force the resignation of Vice President Spiro Agnew. With Agnew out of the way, the Watergate Coup plotters were free to place one of their own in position to take the presidency. Nixon wanted to appoint John Connolly of Texas as VP, but Connolly was not a Cabal member, so the Republican establishment loyal to Bush threatened to block Connolly's nomination, and Nixon was forced to pick a Vice President acceptable to the Cabal.

Gerald Ford, as a member of the Warren Commission, had played a key role in covering up the Coup of '63. Ford was not an inner circle member of the Cabal behind the Coup of '63, but he was solidly aligned with them and could be counted on to support and enable the secret government structures buried within the national security state.

The Watergate burglars themselves were headed by CIA agent E. Howard Hunt. Hunt had been a key operational player in the Coup of '63. He was even clearly photographed as one of the three tramps arrested near Dealey Plaza immediately after the shooting of JFK. On his death bed, Hunt confessed to his involvement in the Coup of '63 and named LBJ as the leader of the plot. To execute the Watergate break in, Hunt rounded up some old Cuban comrades who had also been active in supporting JFK's assassination. To those in the know, the makeup of the Watergate burglars was a clear signal that Watergate was a plot on behalf of the Cabal behind the Coup of '63.

To execute the disinformation campaign surrounding Watergate, the Watergate Coup plotters turned to ex-naval intelligence officer, Bob Woodward, who had been inserted into the Washington Post. Woodward then proceeded to craft a series of stories that make up much of the myth of Watergate that we know today.

clintonx.jpgIn order to complete the take down of Nixon, the President had to be denied the due process which could have allowed him an effective legal defense before the House Judiciary Committee where the impeachment resolutions regarding Watergate had been referred. At this time, in 1973, a young Hillary Clinton was working as a staff lawyer for the committee.

Even this early in her career, Clinton showed her willingness to ally herself with powerful, corrupt interests. Clinton along with several other staff members of the committee conspired to deny Nixon access to legal counsel. In order to pull this off, Hillary wrote a fraudulent legal brief and confiscated public documents to hide her deception. Her boss Jeffery Zeifman later fired Hillary for her unethical actions and said about Hillary, "She was a liar. She was an unethical, dishonest lawyer. She conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the committee and the rules of confidentiality."


Note1- In an article entitled "The Pardon," (Atlantic Monthly, Aug. 1983, p.69 ) Seymour Hersh says a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff recalled that on Dec. 22, 1973, Nixon tried to get military support to resist the "eastern elite." "He kept on referring to the fact that he may be the last hope, [that] the eastern elite was out to get him. He kept saying, "This is our last and best hope. The last chance to resist the fascists [of the Left]." (William T. Still, New World Order, Ancient Plan of Secret Societies, p. 12)

see  Makow  "Deep Throated" Media Swallow Banker Lies"
"Deep Throated" Media Swallows Banker Lies

Note2- To get a sense of how different and popular Nixon was, see the documentary "Our Nixon" on Netflix.

Thanks to O for the tip!

First Comment from S:

 I just wanted to add a further note regarding Nixon taken from the book  "Synagogue of Satan" by Andrew Carrington Hitchcock . He writes on page 180 , "What the public are not told however, is that in the year prior to Watergate, 1971. Nixon had instructed officials to investigate the activities of the large number of Jewish IRS agents, as he had concerns they were protecting wealthy Jews in America from paying the tax they should. Isn't it interesting that following the possibility of big Jewish money being investigated,  a scandal starts resulting in the only time in history a United States President has resigned from office".

Also to add my own two cents I read awhile back somewhere that Nixon was not going to go along with the "free-trade" agenda and wanted to introduced tariffs back on foreign imported goods to help bring back American manufacturing. Also his words on the Bohemian Grove are memorable as well which you can listen to here . Nixon was a good man all in all and did not want to be a puppet any more. He played ball with the Rockefeller's to get to the top, and did pass draconian drug laws, but he saw what was happening to America and tried to buck the system. Unfortunately he was set-up by the satanic CIA and here we are. In my honest opinion I do believe Nixon was told to step down and go along with water-gate, or face the consequences JFK style and perhaps was even told his daughters would pay the price as well. The Rothschild elite via their Rockefeller subordinates are some real sick bastards, don't ever put anything past them.

Richard Nixon on the "faggy crowd" from San Francisco at Bohemian Grove


All Gorton had to do is read SECRET AGENDA by Jim Hougan - a book published back in 1984. Nixon was not a very sympathetic character; however, he was not a connected insider either. He was neither a Bonesman nor a child of privilege; instead he was an ambitious, smart striver who became a scapegoat when it suited his handlers.

Don't forget that he was a pretty good card player from his navy days - a shrewd man who never overlooked an opportunity. After the war his entry into politics was at the behest of local republicans. His notoriety began with his participation in the HUAC, which, if anybody cares to look closely, was instigated by Trotsky Neocons looking to make trouble for spies on Stalin's side of the ledger. Nixon later became Ike's VP. That is the same Ike who was invited by Prescott Bush to a golf outing and asked to run for President in 1952.

Kissinger ordered the Watergate break in, Nixon just wanted to cover it up. Nixon had an enemies list. Hell! Every President has one. Obama actually uses drones to kill the ones on his list.

If Gorton's conspiracy stew avoids any mention of involvement of the "Tribe", then he is either very stupid, or just another very careful disinfo artist looking to have us get lost in some very deep, long rabbit holes a la Oliver Stone.

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Nixon Was Framed by the Illuminati "

Bruce said (April 17, 2014):

Your readers might enjoy this best seller titled None Dare Call It Conspiracy , written in 1971 by Gary Allen, and freely available at Chapters 6 and 7 are largely about the Nixon administration. Henry Kissinger is named as the man who framed Nixon, and the one man who Nixon wanted to fire but couldn’t. While Nixon accomplished much for the international bankers and their agenda for world communism, he stopped taking orders from Kissinger, ended the Vietnam war, and fell out of favor.

Randolf said (April 16, 2014):

Hum, Appears Mark Gorton is trying to keep from being suicided. Certainly Gorton knows the ‘secrete cabal’ is the Rothschild Fed parasites and useful idiots like GHWB, Obam JEB Cruz come and go like their hookers.

Nixon’s major claim to fame and the reason the Fed loves him so is for Nixon taking the US off the gold standard.

Below- Feminists Don't Realize They've Mutated (scroll down)

Oz Foreign Minister Lifts Veil on Jewish Control

April 15, 2014

carr.jpg(left, Bob Carr)


Do our governments represent us, or political party donors? Bob Carr,
Australian Foreign Minister, (Mar. 2012-Sept. 2013) under Labour PMs
Gillard & Rudd reveals that
organized Jewry buys Australian foreign policy.
This is typical of all Western nations.
Guess who is dictating Western policy
in Ukraine, and ratcheting up war tensions?

(Editor's Note: Just as our governments do not represent us, organized Jewry does not represent Jews. It represents the Illuminati bankers.)

by Brenton Sanderson
The Occidental Observer
(Abridged by

Former Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr recently confirmed that Australia's foreign policy (particularly with regard to the Middle East) was being virtually dictated by organized Jewry. Carr, Australia's Labor Party foreign minister from March 2012 to September 2013, made his comments while promoting his new book Bob Carr: Diary of a Foreign Minister. Speaking to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Carr hit out at the "pro-Israel lobby in Melbourne," saying it wielded "extraordinary influence" on Australia's foreign policy during his time in Julia Gillard's cabinet.  As The Guardian reported:

Asked about the comments by the ABC's 7.30 he said: "Certainly they enjoyed extraordinary influence. I had to resist it and my book tells the story of that resistance. ... It needs to be highlighted because I think it reached a very unhealthy level."

Asked how the lobby achieved this influence he said: "I think party donations and a program of giving trips to MPs and journalists to Israel. But that's not to condemn them. I mean, other interest groups do the same thing. But it needs to be highlighted because I think it reached a very unhealthy level.

Following Carr's comments The Jerusalem Post sourly noted that: "John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt, who wrote a 2007 book alleging that the 'Israel lobby' has a stranglehold on US Foreign policy, have an Australian cousin: former foreign minister Bob Carr."

In his book Carr chronicles a bitter political fight in late 2012 with then-prime minister Julia Gillard over how Australia would vote in the 2012 UN General Assembly vote to recognize the Palestinians as a non-member state.

GillardPeres.jpg(left, Julia Gillard poses with Israeli President Shimon Peres)

Gillard [was] opposed, while her political rival at the time Kevin Rudd, and Carr himself, were in favor. Rudd, according to a report of the book in The Guardian, went to Carr to talk about the vote.

"How much of this is about money, I asked him," Carr wrote. "He said about one-fifth of the money he had raised in the 2007 election campaign had come from the Jewish community."

Carr concluded that "subcontracting our foreign policy to party donors is what this involves. Or appears to involve."

As in the United States (where Jews contribute much larger percentages of money in federal elections), Jewish money exerts a dominating influence over Australian politics, which practically guarantees that both sides of politics are willing to put the Australian Defense Forces (and Australian taxpayers) to the service of an ethno-nationalist state in which Australia has no economic or strategic interest. Jewish academic and activist Dan Goldberg notes that: "The annual report of the Australian Electoral Commission always includes Jewish names and Jewish-owned companies donating large sums to both sides of politics."[i]

In his book Carr describes Israel's former ambassador to Australia as "cunning" and reveals his fights with the self-described pro-Israel "falafel faction" in Labor's caucus that includes Jewish MPs Mark Dreyfus and Michael Danby. Carr makes the point that: "The public should know how foreign policy gets made, especially when it appears the prime minister is being heavily lobbied by one interest group with a stake in Middle East policy." The Sydney Morning Herald noted that:

(Left, Canadian PM Harper. Australia is typical of all Western nations.)

"During his 18 months as foreign minister, Mr Carr orchestrated a significant shift in the Australian government's Middle East policy, swinging support behind Palestine at the United Nations. Standing up to Ms Gillard, who was staunchly pro-Israel, Mr Carr succeeded in forcing her to abandon her determination to oppose Palestine's attempts to gain observer status at the UN. Ms Gillard's leadership wobbled in the process."

Mr Carr's pro-Palestinian advocacy alienated many in Australia's Jewish community, and some within his own party; and the publishing of his personal diaries is likely to inflame both the Australian Israel lobby and senior Israeli officials.

Mr Carr's criticisms of Israel touch the highest levels of the Israeli government. Mr Carr describes Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman as "gloomy, taciturn", and the former Israeli ambassador Yuval Rotem as "the cunning Yuval."

In diary entries Mr Carr reveals just how deep his division with Ms Gillard went. He complains that Ms Gillard would not even let him criticize Israeli West Bank settlements due to her fear it would anger Australia's pro-Israel lobby -- a reference to the Melbourne-based Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council -- which Mr Carr says had a direct line into the prime minister's office.

"So, we can't even 'express concern' without complaint," Mr Carr writes. "This lobby must fight every inch."

Particularly influential with regard to shaping Australian policy towards the Middle East is the Australia/Israel and Jewish Affairs Council. The AIJAC aggressively lobbies politicians, funds study tours to Israel for journalists and politicians, publishes a monthly magazine and highlights examples of what it calls "anti-Israel bias" in the media....

HOWARD.jpg(left, John Howard)

Jewish control over Australia's foreign policy is nothing new. The support of Australian Jews for multiculturalism and mass non-White immigration sits hypocritically alongside a staunch Zionism and, consequently, strong support for Australia's military involvement in the disastrous wars in the Middle East. The man who agreed to Australia's shameful involvement in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, former Prime Minister John Howard (1996-2007), was possibly the most compliant prime minister the Jewish lobby ever had the pleasure of dealing with...

Colin Rubenstein, the executive director of the AIJAC, slammed Carr for his comments, saying his organization was "puzzled and disappointed" by his "strange claims" that Australian foreign policy was under the sway of the pro-Israel lobby, apparently a reference to AIJAC. Rubinstein declared: "It is frankly sad when an elected official imagines that disagreement with their policy position must stem from malicious influences," he said. Rubenstein said the allegations that the lobby held unhealthy sway over Gillard "show her a distinct lack of respect."

Carr's comments naturally outraged all of the Jewish leaders and sent them into panicked damage control. The national chairman of the Australia/Israel and Jewish Affairs Council, Mark Leibler, dismissed Carr's claims as "a figment of his imagination," and labelled Carr's claims about Australia's Israel Lobby as "inaccurate" and "bizarre."


 Bob Carr was Right to Start this Debate

First Comment from Chris:

I found it strange that not one of the numerous stories (mostly condemning) Carr's Israel lobby comments made mention of Gillard's extensive Zionist ties, and in particular, the employment of her partner, Tim Mathieson, by one of Australia's top Israeli lobbyists in the highly unlikely (though no doubt very lucrative) role of "property consultant".

A letter to the Sydney Morning Herald in 2010 from Australia's former ambassador to Israel, Ross Burns, asserted that Australia's policy on Israel and Palestine was compromised by virtue of Mathieson's employment with Ubertas Group, a property development firm owned Albert Dadon, a prominent Likud lobbyist who sought influence on "both" sides of Australian politics (the two sides being the extreme right wing pro-Israel globalists and the ultra-extreme right wing pro-Israel globalists!).

Dadon personally hosted Gillard and Mathieson on their own indoctrination trip to Israel in 2010.

As one commentator at the time wrote: "An utterly useless 'handbag' like Mathieson, a hairdresser by trade, no less, whose only role seems to be fashion accessory to make Gillard look more 'normal', is handed a high paying position by one of Australia's most influential Jews and, of course, there is nary a mention of impropriety or outright bribery."
Nothing to see here, folks!

And of course, there was no need to mention the (ultra-right wing) Israel Lobby's hand in the coup that overthrew Kevin Rudd as PM.

The key coup instigators were four Labor Party parliamentarians, Bill Shorten, Joe Ludwig, David Feeney and Michael Danby, along with union boss, Paul Howes.

zionist-federation-of-australia.jpgShorten, Ludwig and Howes all enjoyed free 'Rambam fellowship' trips to Israel, and Shorten was patronised by pro-Israel billionaire Richard Pratt, who flew the current Labor Party leader on his private helicopter to the Beaconsfield mine disaster in 2006 to launch his (totally uncompromised) parliamentary career.

The seemingly bizarre appearance and outrageous grandstanding of the then virtually unknown Shorten was a sure sign he was being groomed for the top job by Australia's globalist/Zionist cartel.

Just three weeks before the coup (on 3 June 2010) the Israel Lobby visited Rudd where they had "a difference of opinion" with him about Australia's expulsion of the resident Mossad chief in response to the passport affair (Australian Jewish News, 10 June 2010, The Australian 1 June 2010) in which forged Australian passport were used by the assassins in the murder of Hamas leader Mahmoud Al Mabhouh in Dubai.

Among the members of the Israel Lobby chastising Rudd on 3 June was Mr Dadon himself.

The foreign editor (and of course Zionist cheerleader)  for the Murdoch-owned Australian newspaper Greg Sheridan commented that the expulsion "may be the single foreign policy issue that did Rudd the most harm in domestic political terms" (G. Sheridan, The Australian, 1 July 2010).

After the coup, two former Australian ambassadors to Israel complained of "a much more determined pro-Israel position and I think Gillard is a part of that" (The Age, 29 June 2010).
Joe Ludwig now advocates in Parliament for the continued collective punishment of 1.5 million people in Gaza and continuation of illegal settlements.

Feeney staunchly opposes the union endorsed "Boycott Apartheid Israel" movement and rejected the union movement's official report on the appalling conditions in Gaza.
Howes is the leader of the counter campaign against the Israel boycott. He was singled out by (moderate Jewish commentator) Antony Loewenstein as expressing sentiments "straight out of the Zionist Lobby play book".

Indeed, Howes was earlier this year forced to quit his push to replace - ironically enough - Bob Carr in the senate over his Zionist ties. The Australian Jewish News described Howes as "Union boss and outspoken Israel supporter". He quit the union movement in March to prepare for another tilt at politics.

He was forced to pull out of his push for the senate following the leaking of an email from Australia's Mufti Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohammed accusing him of harboring a  "blind bias for Israel" and threatening to withdraw the Western Sydney Muslim community's support for Labor.

RuddX.jpgThe Murdoch press was gushing in it praise for Howes and passionately promoted his credentials as a future Labor leader and potential prime minister.

Not to be outdone, Australia's current PM Tony Abbott used his "the first major speech of the (election) campaign to pledge fidelity to..." Australia? No, Israel, of course. (The Age, 20 June 2010). Abbott launched his pitch to lead Australia to the Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce, promising  "we would never over-react to any international incidents by Israel."

And just in case anyone doubted Shorten's globalist credentials, he earlier this month (3 April) sparked uproar when he contradicted long-standing official Labor Party policy on illegal settlements, telling the Zionist Federation of Australia that only "some" of the illegal West Bank settlements might be illegal, in his view at least. He also told the Zionist Federation that he wanted to "register my profound opposition to those promoting an anti-Israel boycott. I reject it."

So Israel's extreme right wing can be sure of Australia's ongoing support well into the future, no matter which "side" of politics is in power.

Considering most Australian Jews are very moderate, liberal and anti-war, one wonders who lobbies on their behalf. Not to mention the far greater number of Muslims who call Australia home. The pro Israel lobby stance of Australia's top pollies might cost them votes, but it sure seems to buy them a hell of lot of influence and opportunity.

You can find this article permanently at

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Oz Foreign Minister Lifts Veil on Jewish Control"

Peter G said (April 16, 2014):

Clearly he has now retired from Politics and can speak with the new found freedom that retiring heads of the armed forces often discover
post retirement.

Everyone knows how ultra bent the recent shower of australian Prime Ministers have been and the evidence of Bob Carr here fully confirms

Also noteworthy is the fact that "organized Jewry" is portray as the villain of the piece when most Jews are entirely ignorant of these
most foul deeds carried out in their name by the dodgy satanic bankers - Damn you Goldstein.

Austin said (April 15, 2014):

It is rare for an Australian to upset the international applecart, but Bob Carr actually did it. He was a former Labour Premier of New South Wales, and well recognized as a Labour Party heavy back then, and that's why the party brought him out of retirement and into the limelight of federal politics.

John Curtain, Labour prime minister for most of World War 2, criticized the "Langites", supporters of Jack Lang, another Labour premier of New South Wales back in the 1930's, for wanting to bring in a five year moratorium on rent payments to their landlords or mortgages to their bankers, and thus save people's homes and small businesses during the depression years.

Jack Lang called those bankers the "Money Power" and he knew they were everywhere. Eventually, the state governor of New South Wales sacked Lang as premier in 1932, and the moratorium was lost for ever. Many people were made homeless and industry ground to a halt, as people were evicted onto the streets and the bankers systematically called in all outstanding loans.

When he finally realized what the War was all about, (reshaping the world from dependence on former colonial powers to independent and often pro communist) nations, Curtin brought our troops home from the Middle East, defying Churchill and the pleadings of the British generals, whose attitude was that soldiers from the then Commonwealth, particularly Australia and New Zealand, were only good for cannon fodder in the front lines.

If we hadn't had our troops fighting Imperial Japan in PNG and the islands, we'd all be eating rice and speaking foreign languages. Oh, I forgot, that's what many of us are doing now anyway...

Robert said (April 15, 2014):

"The AIJAC ... funds study tours to Israel for journalists and politicians...." 'The Lobby' also courts others, notably (at least, certainly, in Canada and the US) chiefs of police, with a side trip to Auschwitz thrown in.

JG said (April 15, 2014):

John F Kennedy saw this problem coming a long time ago and wanted legislation passed that would curtail an equal amount of public and not private campaign contributions for both candidates,
It's not simply all about the money but WHO'S MONEY?

Mr. Carr's efforts will do nothing more than put him on the "anti semite list" and the MSM will probably dub him as an Australian Nationlist with white supremacist tendencies.

The World Order cannot allow the nations to regain their identity or their cultural heritage back if this one world government is to succeed. They continue to trump all opposition in the once Christian Democracies of the "free world" because they are in total control.

Multiculturalism divides and makes solidarity almost impossible for a " mingled nation" like America, England, France, Canada, and now Australia,

Below - Marriage "Straight Talk" Ignites Firestorm (scroll down)

Feminists Don't Realize They've Mutated

April 14, 2014

pattonbook.jpgSusan Patton, left, started a row by suggesting young women plan for family
the way they plan for career. Today, we look at a young Feminist's reply, which
sounds convincing, but shows how they've been had.

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

At first glance, Emma Gray's rebuttal to Susan Patton makes a lot of sense.

She says Patton's advice that, "I need to buck up and find a damn husband" isn't doing educated young women any favors.

1. Most of us are looking for love. As many single women can attest, there is a vast gulf between being open to love and going on dates, and actually finding a person who you mesh with, who you care about and who cares about you. The women I know put aside time out of their busy weeks to date and to push themselves into new situations where they might meet potential love interests. We sign up for Tinder and Hinge and OKCupid and JDate, half out of boredom, but, ultimately, with an air of hopefulness. With each swipe or like or match we wonder whether this will be the one that works -- and often, it's not.

EMMA-GRAY-large.jpg2. We also are dedicating considerable time and energy to our careers -- but it's not a waste of time.
Not only do most of the single women I know love their jobs,... but also, for most of us, work is and will always be a necessity for survival. ...Most of us will not marry a partner who can afford to take on the full financial burden of his family. ... In fact, highly-educated, successful women are just as likely to get married (if not more so) than other women, they just tend to do it a few years later.

3. Having -- and enjoying -- sex does not prevent us from finding true connection.
"Men won't buy the cow if the milk is free," Patton writes, sounding more out of touch than I thought was humanly possible. I know women who have slept with men right away thinking it would be completely casual, and ended up marrying those men years down the road. I know women who did everything "right" and by "the rules" with a potential partner and ended up dumped.

4. We don't devalue marriage or motherhood. And a lot of us still want those things.
Feminists do not "think that being a wife or a mother is a bad thing, some don't want to be either wives or mothers, and many are single and still want both. Not spending every waking moment wishing for an MRS. degree ... doesn't preclude a desire to find a life partner or have a baby." We  "choose not to define our ultimate worth by our relationship status. Yes, we are single... But we are also so, so much more." (Really?)


Emma Gray's response reflects the Feminist view that young women can "have it all" and I don't blame them for trying. But often they can't.

Marriage and motherhood are a frame of mind.  When a woman loves a man, she dedicates her life to him. She wants children to replicate him. I doubt if many young women today can think like this. They have been taught by the Illuminati that self-sacrifice is both self-betrayal and self-endangerment.

My point is that a woman's sacrifice is the basis of husband and children's love for her. It is how the cycle of love starts. We love people who give it up for us, and we want to reciprocate in kind. 

Marriage and family used to be a woman's career.  My mother was proud to be "Mrs. David Makow" and share in my father's success. She didn't need a career to feel fulfilled. She got it from her family. She had a successful small import business, but quit when my father established himself and asked her to focus on the home.

No wonder women today feel they cannot trust a man. They are flitting from one bed to another. A woman who makes marriage her first priority consecrates her body for her future husband. Her vagina is not a public utility or an amusement park ride. Her womb is where her children will be conceived and grow. Whatever happened to people dating first?

All Susan Patton is saying is, "Ladies get your priorities straight. You can always have a career. You need to be young and somewhat pure to attract a lifelong mate and have children."

April Alliston, a Comparative Literature professor at Princeton is an example of what goes wrong when career is the first priority. The woman misses the boat because she has mutated. Her character has become incompatible to men: 

"As a heterosexual woman who put my ambition to earn tenure at Princeton before my desire to have a family -- which as a result has not happened -- and as a woman who has gone through two husbands and grueling IVF treatments only to find myself now single and childless, neither of which was part of my youthful dreams, I thank Ms. Patton for this chance to address an issue that's so central to so many women's lives and can be a source of so much anxiety. ... The last time I was married, my husband and I would both (simultaneously) wander around our house with arms upraised, lamenting, "Where's the wife? Where's the wife?" because that's what we both really needed."

First Comment by David:

Gray's second point is most revealing and illustrates how totally Western women have been conned and snowed. The "necessity" of job and career for women and the impossibility of finding a husband who can financially support a wife and family on his salary are EXACTLY what the long range goal of the financial and political elite have always been.

Private central banking always creates scarcity and robs the private sector of any real wealth, driving both spouses into the workforce and straining or destroying any hope of a harmonious existence.

If Emma Gray had taken some history courses she might have learned that 50 years ago, a husband could support a wife and much larger families on one income, while groceries, fuel and housing were far cheaper than today. It's almost comical how an "education" has robbed so many Emmas of the ability to see the world as it really is.

You can find this article permanently at

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Feminists Don't Realize They've Mutated "

Barry said (April 16, 2014):

Women have been sold a monstrous lie. They were told to put career before family and not to rely on men for fulfilment or personal happiness. The gynocentric view has become dominant and many other gender issues have metastasised from this basic premise. We are drawn magnetically into debate over these issues, and at least in MRA and feminist circles, each side has become addicted to the game of attack and counter attack in which there are no winners. Sadly most of the players in this game have never heard of the Illuminati or the Hegelian Dialectic and have no idea how they are being used to further the elites depopulation agenda.

There is nothing complex about this. The rich elites look upon us as cattle and we have served them well for thousands of years. But things are changing rapidly. Super advanced technology is coming through the pipeline and the elites have been forward planning. They have decided they no longer need a big herd and the cull has started.

Not with guns or machetes, but by using the many forms of social control at their disposal. One of those tools is the Hegelian Dialectic which they have used very effectively to get men and women at each other’s throats. While they are fighting they are not making babies. It’s that simple. Now, some will say reducing world population is a good thing but that is another issue. Whatever the outcome of that debate, inflicting human suffering to bring about depopulation is not the answer.

Linda K said (April 15, 2014):

Dear Henry - young Emma is woefully misled. Item #3, casual sex, is an oxymoron.

The whole milk/cow analogy is timeless - the flip side is prostitution. But, according to young Emma that would be OK, at least the woman gets to have a career.

And I have to say it again...there is no such thing as sex without consequences. A little research regarding the incidences of chlamydia, gonorrhea and HPV in this country would astound many. These diseases often lead to infertility - is that sounding more out of touch than is humanly possible?

Wake up people. Stop dancing around the truth - embrace it and live the lives you were created to live.

Jennifer said (April 15, 2014):

My Advice to Young Women who Want Marriage and Children:

Do you think 20 something Ivy League men growing up on Hollywood corruption want to get married and have children? They are getting drunk, smoking pot, snorting cocaine and/or eating up porn and think its cool to sleep around.

Forget about "education" or money look for a man in his 20s, 30s, or 40s, who feels good for doing good-for doing the honorable right ethical thing over instant gratification.

Find a man who believes in God and has a set of moral codes he follows which include marriage, children, no adultery or getting high. Find a man that has not seared his conscious by insisting that his x-girlfriend get an abortion.

Find a man that still has empathy and will seriously take a woman's feelings into consideration when making plans for both of their futures.

Find a man that knows what "being responsible" means and takes pride in that! Find a man that is not a Freemason or comes from a long line of Freemasons or any other occult group. Be careful with brainwashed Military, West Point, CIA, FBI or Police types. Watch out for Wall Street, high finance, bankers, big corporate executive men, they are ruthless.

Have your potential husband screened by an older trusted adult male. Don't have sex before the wedding night as you will get oxytocin bonded and the man you think is a hero may really be a zero!

When you take sex off the table you screen out bad men right away. Serious real men step up quickly. Get a full medical (including sperm count)-dental-criminal-credit and legal report before marriage.

Have him get life insurance --they will do a lot of screening for you. Don't wait more then 9 months for an engagement ring and then give him no more then 3 months for the wedding. Don't date exclusively until he puts an engagement ring on your finger.

Watch out your sweetheart husband at 27 after you help support him to become something may have a "mid-life" crisis and dump you and the kids and run off with some exotic slut-living out some pathetic James Bond theme. Therefore stay involved in the family finances.

Finally, don't get a State Wedding License either write your own Marriage Contract, go to a Common Law State and get married there- sign, witness and notarize your own Marriage Contract. This will protect you from the infamous family court racket!

Chris said (April 15, 2014):

Another great article and one that tells the truth.
To the lady that said it is harder to be a man, you must be kidding. Most women today are lost, I don't try to understand them anymore. Most of these modern gals will not find a husband. Men are scared of marriage. A lot of men are scared of women if the truth be known.

Paul said (April 15, 2014):

They've been taught generationally that it's a hated thing; oppressive. But when male and female roles are allowed to express themselves without trying to dominate the other fleshily, it can be a truly wonderful thing. It's good that men lead in love as gentlemen! Then women feel comfortable to express who they're designed to be. The world may hiss, but practiced even a little, they'll come to know, it is right.

Debra said (April 14, 2014):

Let’s not forget that a woman bears children for her husband. They are his children first and foremost.

Life in general is not easy for either sex. Not very many happy people around anywhere.

If women think they have it hard, they should realize life is more difficult when you are a man. I’m not one, but I can tell.

Women's liberation PROHIBITED by God:-

Abortion is a Rite of Witchcraft

April 10, 2014

Windle.jpeg(left, Patricia Baird Windle)

Abortion is a Rite of  Witchcraft

by Dan

There's a long history of abortions being performed by practicing witches.  This has come out in public again again all along, many times in blatant statements by the witches themselves.  It amazes me how the public simply tunes out things that don't into their little window on the world.
I can give you one quote off the top of my head right here:  Patricia Baird Windle, founder and owner of an abortion business called 'Aware Woman'.  She was an avowed witch who raised a stink years ago saying "You practice your religion and let me practice mine. My religion is a holy ritual child sacrifice." 

She got away with saying that because her abortion clinic is LEGAL.  In fact she meant to make the news to promote one of her books 'Targets of Hatred: Anti-Abortion Terrorism',  which labels the "pro life" position as fundamentalist fanatics endangering the lives of women, yada yada yada...

She's just one of five I can cite to show it's a religion and they're proud of it.  They share this insanity that claiming feminine power involves this initiation of taking the life she creates. That's how a woman graduates to 'goddess'.

The Masonic maxim is true.  Everything really is out there 'in plain sight'.  But people don't believe their eyes and ears if they don't believe evil is real and there's a non-human aspect to it.  That's why everything that came out in broad daylight in the 1980's about the epidemic of Satanism already went down the memory hole.   We're always having to start from scratch trying to explain these things over, and over and over.

Of interest, abortion clinics are on the run here in Texas. The Legislature and Governor have closed most of them down by pulling State funding from Planned Parenthood.  We'll see how long it sticks.

Canada's Political Prisoner - Dean Clifford

media-960x360.jpgCanada's Political Prisoner - Dean Clifford

(left, Dean Clifford)

This is what happens when you challenge the legitimacy of government.

(Editor's Note: I don't support the Freeman movement but think it's worth knowing about.)

by V

There is a political prisoner sitting in a Manitoba prison that few people outside the Freeman movement have ever heard about. Dean Clifford was abducted by the Hamilton Police Department on November 24, 2013 after he gave a 2-day seminar. His crime? Challenging the validity of the law.

Dean Clifford is a white male of Irish-Canadian heritage who lives just north of Winnipeg. Manitoba. A contractor by trade, he concluded the Canadian government and courts are detrimental to the health, finance and well-being of the people. Dean drives without a driver's license, has no government license plates and pay's no income tax to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). He does this lawfully (common-law.)

Of all the person's in the Freeman movement such as Winston Shrout, Max Egan, etc, Dean Clifford practices in real life what he preaches and his number #1 point is, 'Do Harm To No One'. For this he has been jailed many times over the years and has even been physically abused by the police.

Manitoba court records show that the charge was that Dean didn't show up for a court appearance in August 21st.

Dean has been in prison for over four months know with trumped-up charges. The "crown" and the powers behind the "crown" do not want other people to know the fahat Dean Clifford is teaching to the public.

Dean Clifford has shown in simple, clear language that the government of Canada is a separate foreign power and the only way the government of Canada can interact with us, private citizen's is to trick us into making us franchisees (employees) of the 'crown' through the fraudulent use of our birth certificate, driver's license, social insurance card, etc.

So far the courts have denied Dean access to a notary or commissioner of oath, and have tried every dirty trick up their sleeves to keep him in prison. The best guess seems to be to send a strong message to others out there in the "true" Freeman's movement that doing battle with the crown courts and crown prosecutors will only land you in jail for a long time. Mind you in Dean's case on trumped up charges and in a private statutory 'kangaroo court' environment.

For those of you that want to learn more of Dean Clifford's teachings go to his website ( and watch more of his video's on his website:

The Real Zombie Apocalypse

April 4, 2014