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Jewish Desire to Supplant Mosque Led to Massacre

November 22, 2014

Israeli peace activist Uri Avnery
retraces the decades-long decline
in Israeli-Palestinian relations that led to
the synagogue attack last week.

"The manifest desire of certain religious and right-wing fanatics to build the Third Temple in place of the holy al-Aqsa Mosque and the golden Dome of the Rock, this was enough to create the belief that the holy shrines were indeed in danger."

"Individual Muslim inhabitants of the city started to act. Disdaining organizations, almost without arms, they started a series of attacks that are now called "the intifada of individuals". Acting alone, or with a brother or cousin whom he trusts, an Arab takes a knife, or a pistol (if he can get one), or his car, or a tractor, and kills the nearest Israelis. He knows that he is going to die."

Uri Avnery fought as a soldier in the Israeli war of independence in 1948, and was later elected to the Knesset. He is leader of the Israeli peace movement Gush Shalom.

by Uri Avnery
The Unholy City

(Abridged by

Last week, Jerusalem was in flames - again. Two youngsters from Jabel Mukaber, one of the Arab villages annexed to Jerusalem, entered a synagogue in the west of the city during morning prayers and killed four devout Jews, before being killed by police....
JERUSALEM WAS annexed (or "liberated", or "unified") immediately after the Six-day War of 1967...
220px-UriAvnery.jpg(Uri Avnery, left)

The annexation was presented to us (I was a member of the Knesset at the time) as a unification of the city... In fact, what happened in 1967 was anything but unification.
If the intent had really been unification, ...full Israeli citizenship would have been automatically conferred on all inhabitants. All the lost Arab properties in West Jerusalem, which had been expropriated in 1948, would have been restored to their rightful owners who had fled to East Jerusalem.
The Jerusalem municipality would have been expanded to include Arabs from the East, even without a specific request. And so on.
The opposite happened. No property was restored, nor any compensation paid. The municipality remained exclusively Jewish.
Arab inhabitants were not accorded Israeli citizenship, but merely "permanent residence". This is a status that can be arbitrarily revoked at any moment - and indeed was revoked in many cases, compelling the victims to move out of the city. For appearance's sake, Arabs were allowed to apply for Israel citizenship. The authorities knew, of course, that only a handful would apply, since doing so would mean recognition of the occupation. For Palestinians, this would be paramount to treason. (And the few that did apply were generally refused.)
The municipality was not broadened. In theory, Arabs are entitled to vote in municipal elections, but only a handful do so, for the same reasons. In practice, East Jerusalem remains occupied territory.

The mayor, Teddy Kollek, was elected two years before the annexation. One of his first actions after it was to demolish the entire Mugrabi Quarter next to the Western Wall, leaving a large empty square resembling a parking lot. The inhabitants, all of them poor people, were evicted within hours.
KOLLEK.jpgBut Kollek was a genius in public relations. He ostensibly established friendly relations with the Arab notables, introduced them to foreign visitors and created a general impression of peace and contentment. Kollek built more new Israeli neighborhoods on Arab land than any other person in the country. Yet this master-settler collected almost all the world's peace prizes, except the Nobel Prize. East Jerusalem remained quiet.
Only few knew of a secret directive from Kollek, instructing all municipal authorities to see to it that the Arab population - then 27% - did not rise above that level.
Kollek was ably supported by Moshe Dayan, then the Defense Minister. Dayan believed in keeping the Palestinians quiet by giving them all possible benefits, except freedom.
A few days after the occupation of East Jerusalem, he removed the Israeli flag which had been planted by soldiers in front of the Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount. Dayan also turned the de facto authority over the Mount over to the Muslim religious authorities.
Jews were allowed into the Temple compound only in small numbers and only as quiet visitors. They were forbidden to pray there, and forcibly removed if they moved their lips. They could, after all, pray to their heart's content at the adjoining Western Wall (which is a part of the compound's ancient outer wall).
The government was able to impose this decree because of a quaint religious fact: Orthodox Jews are forbidden by the rabbis to enter the Temple Mount altogether. According to a Biblical injunction, ordinary Jews are not allowed into the Holy of Holies, only the High Priest was allowed in. Since nobody today knows where exactly this place is located, pious Jews may not enter the entire compound.
AS A result, the first few years of the occupation were a happy time for East Jerusalem. Jews and Arabs mingled freely. It was fashionable for Jews to shop in the colorful Arab market and dine in the "oriental" restaurants. I myself often stayed in Arab hotels and made quite a number of Arab friends.
This atmosphere changed gradually. The government and the municipality spent a lot of money to gentrify West Jerusalem, but Arab neighborhoods in East Jerusalem were neglected, and turned into slums. The local infrastructure and services degenerated. Almost no building permits were issued to Arabs, in order to compel the younger generation to move outside the city borders. Then the "Separation" Wall was built, preventing those outside from entering the city, cutting them off from their schools and jobs. Yet In spite of everything, the Arab population grew and reached 40%.
Political oppression grew. Under the Oslo agreements, Jerusalemite Arabs were allowed to vote for the Palestinian Authority. But then they were prevented from doing so, their representatives were arrested and expelled from the city. All Palestinian institutions were forcibly closed down, including the famous Orient House, where the much admired and beloved leader of the Jerusalem Arabs, the late Faisal al-Husseini, had his office.
KOLLEK was succeeded by Ehud Olmert and an Orthodox mayor who didn't give a damn for East Jerusalem, except the Temple Mount.
And then an additional disaster occurred. Secular Israelis are leaving Jerusalem, which is rapidly becoming an Orthodox bastion. In desperation they decided to oust the Orthodox mayor and elect a secular businessman. Unfortunately, he is a rabid ultra-nationalist.
BIRKAT.jpgNir Barkat behaves like the mayor of West Jerusalem and the military governor of East Jerusalem. He treats his Palestinian subjects like enemies, who may be tolerated if they obey quietly, and brutally suppressed if they do not. Together with the decade-old neglect of the Arab neighborhoods, the accelerated pace of building new Jewish neighborhoods, the excessive police brutality (openly encouraged by the mayor), they are producing an explosive situation.
The total cutting-off of Jerusalem from the West Bank, its natural hinterland, worsens the situation even more.
To this may be added the termination of the so-called peace process, since all Palestinians are convinced that East Jerusalem must be the capital of the future State of Palestine.

THIS SITUATION needed only a spark to ignite the city. This was duly provided by the right-wing demagogues in the Knesset. Vying for attention and popularity, they started to visit the Temple Mount, one after the other, every time unleashing a storm. Added to the manifest desire of certain religious and right-wing fanatics to build the Third Temple in place of the holy al-Aqsa Mosque and the golden Dome of the Rock, this was enough to create the belief that the holy shrines were indeed in danger.
Then came the ghastly revenge-murder of an Arab boy who was abducted by Jews and burned alive with gasoline poured into his mouth.
Individual Muslim inhabitants of the city started to act. Disdaining organizations, almost without arms, they started a series of attacks that are now called "the intifada of individuals". Acting alone, or with a brother or cousin whom he trusts, an Arab takes a knife, or a pistol (if he can get one), or his car, or a tractor, and kills the nearest Israelis. He knows that he is going to die.
JerusalemMain.jpgThe two cousins who killed four Jews in a synagogue this week - and also an Arab Druze policeman - knew this. They also knew that their families were going to suffer, their home be demolished, their relatives arrested. They were not deflected. The mosques were more important.
Moreover, the day before, an Arab bus driver was found dead in his bus. According to the police, the autopsy proved that he committed suicide. An Arab pathologist concluded that he was murdered. No Arab believes the police - Arabs are convinced that the police always lie.
Immediately after the Synagogue killing, the Israeli choir of politicians and commentators went into action. They did so with an astonishing unanimity - ministers, Knesset members, ex-generals, journalists, all repeating with slight variations the same message. The reason for this is simple: every day the Prime Minister's office sends out a "page of messages", instructing all parts of the propaganda machine what to say.
This time the message was that Mahmoud Abbas was to blame for everything, a "terrorist in a suit", the leader whose incitement causes the new intifada. No matter that the chief of the Shin Bet testified on the very same day that Abbas has neither overt nor covert connections with the violence.
nutanyahoo.jpgBinyamin Netanyahu faced the cameras and with a solemn face and lugubrious voice - he is a really good actor - repeated again what he has said many times before, every time pretending that this is new recipe: more police, harder punishments, demolition of homes, arrests and large fines for parents of 13-year old children who are caught throwing stones, and so on.
Every expert knows that the result of such measures will be the exact opposite. More Arabs will become incensed and attack Israeli men and women. Israelis, of course, will "take revenge" and "take the law into their own hands".
For both inhabitants and tourists, walking the streets of Jerusalem, the city which is "joined together", has become a risky adventure. Many stay at home.
The Unholy City is more divided than ever before.
Remarkably this article was reposted at Jewish Business News


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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Jewish Desire to Supplant Mosque Led to Massacre "

Dan said (November 23, 2014):

American liberal Catholics and even the 'Christian Zionists' were disturbed and confused by Israel's massive overkill in Gaza last summer. Such vicious behavior is dissonant with those insulated, candy coated 'Holy Land' tours.

But the spin campaigns are up to speed now to sooth them back to sleep. Last week I got an email invitation to register for a national Catholic teleconference on "Holding out Hope: The Future of a Two-State Solution for the Holy Land"

I was disappointed that this topic morphed into a pity plea for the poor entrepreneurs in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv suffering from the downturn in tourist traffic.

The email plea said: "Because of the recent unrest in the Holy Land, tourism has declined sharply, and fair trade artisans and farmers are losing vital income that they would normally earn from those making pilgrimages".

Here's the money shot: World Fair Trade Day: A Glimpse into the Holy Land

The blurb reads, "When I initially think of the Holy Land I think of my Christian faith, of Muslims and Jews, how we are all connected by this sacred place".

I'm sorry that the 'unrest' has interrupted the Baltimore based Catholic Relief Services tax exempt commercial partnerships with Israel, but the way they say "Holy Land" I hear "KA-CHING!" in the background. Is anyone reminded for Jesus and the moneychangers in the Temple? Or am I just being negative? (I refer to Matthew 21:12.)

Gaza's been forgotten due to the act of two young Palestinian cousins. Now we're shown the faces of the dead rabbis, and their Palestinian killers. Maybe the murder at synagogue had less to nothing to do with the Mosque. Nobody is asking if they lost relatives in Gaza maybe?

I'll leave the debates on "who started it" and "who's gonna finish it" to everybody else. All I'm qualified to say it that the Catholic 'NGO'S are IMPOTENT as peacemakers because it's become all about the "Ka-ching", and preserving their candy coated Holy Land fantasies.

Below- Gay Marriage Champion Arrested for Sex With Minor- (Scroll down)

NWO: Martial Law in the Soul

November 21, 2014


The New World Order is not
just a temporal empire. 
It is a form of mental and 
spiritual bondage: satanic possession.

"Humanity is being inducted into a satanic cult. The front lines of this war are not soldiers or police, but advertising, TV, music, pornography, movies, everything that degrades us and wastes our time."

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

When we think of the "New World Order," we imagine loss of freedom, martial law and dictatorship. This focus distracts us from the true spiritual character of the NWO. 

The enemy is already within the gates.  We don't need to fear solders and guns as much as our own animal nature, our greed, vanity and lust, which the NWO does everything to foster. 

Are we free? If not, what stands in our way, guns or our incessant desires? 

The NWO uses our desires to enslave us. Our penury is spiritual. We are beggars always looking for the next handout, addicts craving the next hit. This is satanic possession.

"We aspire to corrupt in order to govern," said Giuseppe Mazzini.

The Protocols of Zion noted with satisfaction that the mood in the big cities was "cold and forlorn."

Humanity is being inducted into a satanic cult. The front lines of this war are not soldiers or police, but advertising, television, movies, music, pornography, everything that degrades us and wastes our time. Of course, there are some movies, TV and music that are exceptions, but they are becoming rarer.  

Mankind has been colonized by a satanic cult, the Illuminati (Cabalism.) This is both an economic and spiritual servitude. God has been stolen from us, and we must worship money and things instead, with sex a close second.

Christmas, which once celebrated the God of Love, has become a pagan orgy of mass consumption. Its Christian origin and meaning have been erased by our masters.

I have a wealthy friend who drives a battered old car and lives in an apartment. I asked him why he continues to chase the buck.

He replied: "It's a way of keeping score. What else am I going to do?"
Is he free?
Why are so many rich people are so stingy?  Because they feel poor.

I don't fear dictatorship or martial law. Too hard to maintain. It's far easier to let people enslave themselves.


The Illuminati bankers control the corporations who control the politicians and the media. If we were serious about "freedom and democracy," central banks would be nationalized and the "national debt" renounced. Political campaigns would be publicly financed. 

The Dept of Homeland Security and NSA are there to ensure this doesn't happen. They're not there to protect us from "terrorists." They protect the one per cent: the central bankers and the corporate empire they control. 

Our focus should be on resisting the toxic influence of a society that is devolving into a satanic cult. For many, this will involve a reaffirmation of Christian or Muslim teachings and values. For others, it will involve studying Eckhart Tolle or seeking inspiration from soul expanding drugs.

The tyranny of the NWO is satanic possession. Whatever path we choose, resistance involves raising ourselves to the light. 

It boils down to what we devote our days to: money or God. I equate God with spiritual ideals of bliss, love, truth, beauty, justice and peace.

 Makow - The Illuminati's Secret Weapon: Sin

------ How's Your Inner Beggar?
The Pro Football Player Who Left a $37 million Contract to Become a Farmer

First Comment from John:

St. Augustine once said a man has as many masters as he has vices. This is a form of spiritual bondage. 
The freedom Jesus spoke of to the Jews was not about an independence from Rome but a freedom from the bondage of sin that was ruling their hearts. 

The ' Kingdom of Heaven' that Jesus revealed was, as he said. "within you". It could not be found in gold, lust, or the things of the world.

The Jews around the time of Rome were seditious rioters who thought that their salvation depended only on Israel as a sovereign nation. Jesus knew that this was not the answer to their problem. Just take a look at the sovereign nation of Israel today, do you need anymore proof?

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "NWO: Martial Law in the Soul "

Henrique said (November 23, 2014):

I think the big trick is to actually deal with people in our day-to-day lives without empathizing with them to the point of lowering your mental guard and be influenced. ┬┤Cause most people are just gone, wasted, gave up their minds and souls a long time ago, if they ever even try to hold on to it.

I think the most perfect (and annoying to the system) way to resist is to cling to what you recognize instinctively as true. Because New Age, Christianism, Buddhism, Islamism and all the rest were invented by the enemies.

Why would you subscribe to it? I'm not a Christian, nor Muslim, and personally consider Tolle a clown (after reading his books - Power of Now, etc - for you can only despise something you know). There is some truth in all of it, even in Judaism, mixed with bullshit. The key is empathy. You must never allow THEM to tell YOU what to sympathize with, what "oppressed" little victim you should manifest for, what beautiful causes to get involved in.

Today every 12 year-old twerp wants to save mankind, end discrimination, "make a better world", yada-yada. Maintain YOUR empathy YOURS. Empathy-hijacking is the essence of Judaism, which is the front culture of the system.

SM said (November 22, 2014):

Jesus said, "if they have persecuted me they will persecute you." The "they," were and are the lost sheep of Isreal,the Synagogue of Satan.

St. Paul's letter to the Thessalonians was even more specific and I paraphrase: they killed the prophets, the Lord Jesus, persecute us, forbidding us to speak, please not God and his wrath has come upon them unto the END.

These words are a consequence according to St. Augustine, of the sin sick Jews murdering the divine physician and calling down, as a prayer, his blood that day on themselves and their children.

Yet, in Romans St. Paul clearly writes, a second call will go out towards the end of time and remnant of Jews will recognize Jesus Christ as their long awaited Messiah, very shortly afterwards time will be no more.

Neo said (November 22, 2014):

I have to schmooze you a bit by mentioning that you have a way of addressing sides to this whole conflict that most of the other writers miss or don't want to tackle. I've been reading your stuff for years. Good job.

When I realized the truth about 9/11 I went into a frenzy of research and discovered the bankers. After that, how shall I put this, some of us adopted the three rules: Don't pay taxes, don't use credit (interest bearing) and don't buy insurance. Tough rules to live by in the current system but if everyone did it...

I think what most people, particularly young people, need is to learn a trade. Every day I hear about jobs this and jobs that. It's better to learn a trade so that one can make their own way in the world and not be dependent on the system providing one with a job.

That's what has saved me, provided me with the freedom to do and, most importantly, think what I want. Many people have no trade and after they are in a job for a while they become desperate not to lose it because it's all they know. Learn a trade that you can do on your own if necessary.

Gene said (November 22, 2014):

To back up what you have said, the spiritual world dictates the physical world because God is a spirit that created the physical world. Anyone that gets their spiritual act together has a corresponding physical world positive response.

It is really not a New World Order. It is an Old World Order that Jesus came to destroy (the works of Satan) with his teachings and his sacrifice.

Fortunately, no one has to wait for or be involved in any organization whether religious or governmental to conquer the Old/New World Order. It is an individual decision to accept God and practice the teachings of Jesus that sets anyone free.

Brian D said (November 22, 2014):

Yet another wonderful posting Henry, thank you.

I spend no time enveloping the MSM media of today, aside from the random episode of "Law and Order" at dinner. I know nothing of the celebrities of today, being 44yo, they're not important to my life.

Yes, the enemy is within our gates. But I will not be enslaved, as I serve GOD by being the best person, that my parents created.

Magda said (November 22, 2014):

Thank you for highlighting the forces that are aligned against our healthy spiritual development. Basically the message is that whilst you are economically and politically enslaved your Masters allow you to corrupt yourselves socially/spiritually. This ensures that they have debauched drones to manage their corporations and legislatures. I find solace in the space Islam provides and here is a video explaining the enslavement in this world that human beings are up against from our perspective.

Hamza Tzortsis (Greek convert to Islam) and Nouman Ali Khan speak about True liberty:

Dan Abshear said (November 21, 2014):

People are not free in this country at least. They are trapped by their 401K plans and being slaves to their employers for a variety of reasons. I'm more free now as a poor person then I've ever been in my life. I don't want enemies, but I have enemies due to their ignorance:

"The Matrix is a system, Neo. That system is our enemy. But when you're inside, you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are still a part of that system and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it."--- Morpheus, from the movie, 'The Matrix'

Below- Scandal Exposes Stupidity of Diversity-Based Hiring - (scroll down)

Gay Marriage Champion Arrested for Sex With Minor

November 20, 2014

news3_obama.widea.jpg(left, Terry Bean rode on Air Force One in 2012, after raising $500,00 for Obama)

The arrest of a prominent Portland gay rights advocate
 and Obama fundraiser provides a glimpse into
 the seedy private lives of some liberals and gays.

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

omosexual activists pretend to seek "marriage" in order to undermine the society's heterosexual norms, but in really the majority of gay males seek promiscuous sex, preferably with youths.

On Wednesday, Terry Bean, 66, a Portland real estate developer who donated a million dollars to the gay "Human Rights Campaign" was arrested on charges of sex abuse in a 2013 case involving a 15-year-old boy.

Bean will be charged with two counts of sodomy in the third degree, a felony, and sex abuse in the third degree, a misdemeanor.

Bean has also been a central figure in national Democratic politics. As Willamette Week reported in June: "No Oregonian has raised more money for President Barack Obama. At a 2009, Human Rights Campaign dinner, Obama called Bean a 'great friend and supporter.' The president in 2012 hosted Bean on Air Force One, and when Obama visits Oregon, Bean has had the honor of greeting him as the president gets off his plane."

Bean's Flickr account shows him talking with Obama at several events, posing with first lady Michelle Obama and numerous other political figures, including former President Bill Clinton.  At 4:22 p.m., Bean bailed out of the downtown Portland jail, posting 10 percent, or $5,000 of his $50,000 bail, according to jail records.


kiah-lawson.jpg(Bean and Lawson on Bean's 2013 Christmas Card)

Police began investigating Bean after a former lover, Kiah Lawson, 24, accused Bean of hiding a camera in the fire detector above his bed and filming their sex acts, and those Bean had with many other men. Bean tried to keep the allegations secret and made a $40,000 settlement with Lawson, which fell through.

Bean had met Lawson on the dating app Jack'd and struck up a relationship. Lawson has a criminal record for drug and assault. Bean provided the young man with a condo and $400 weekly allowance.
They went to Washington, D.C., where in November 2013 Bean took Lawson on a private tour of the White House. They also attended a Democratic Party fundraiser when Bean introduced Lawson to President Obama.

According to Willamette Week: "On Jan. 3, Lawson says, he became suspicious that Bean had entertained a man whom they had met on a different dating site, Adam4Adam. He knew Bean had an extensive video surveillance system throughout the house; there were security cameras visible in places such as the kitchen, the foyer and hallways.

Lawson says he accessed the security system and thumbed through video images to see if he could spot the other man. There, he says, he discovered videos taken in Bean's bedroom. They included Lawson and Bean having sex, as well as video of at least six other men engaged in sex acts at various times.

He made screenshots and later confronted Bean about the recordings, some of which appeared to date back months.
It's a misdemeanor in Oregon to knowingly video-record another person who is naked without his or her consent if the person being recorded has a reasonable expectation of privacy. "


On March 6, Bean petitioned for a restraining order against Lawson, writing that he'd been in a sexually intimate relationship with Lawson for about six months and that Lawson had physically injured him.

Bean wrote that Lawson hit him on the head in mid-February and has been "ferociously angry and/or behaved in a menacing manner'' during the previous six months. "He is also stalking me,'' Bean wrote. He said Lawson threatened to hurt him if he turned him in for theft, according to court records.

"He has been staying in a condo I own (not my home) and is now refusing to leave. He has violated the ground rules I established by smoking and dealing meth and having other people, including people I do not know, stay there,'' Bean wrote. "On the most recent occasion he blew up at me, he hit me. The police came and saw the mark on my forehead.''

Bean alleged in his petition that Lawson burglarized his home while he was out of town, stole his credit cards and charged up to $15,000 on them.  Lawson, who led police to the minor, and is also charged with abusing him, has made counter accusations.

The media should take this opportunity to spotlight gay domestic violence. Certainly, these mutually exploitative matches of very promiscuous people are fraught with danger.

The Greeks have a saying: "The fish rots from the head down." Terry Bean and his ilk set the agenda by financing Barack Obama and "gay rights."

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First Comment from Jim:

In the photo with Terry Bean and the president you'll also see a third person in the background. This is Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber. He was just reelected to a fourth term. 

About a month before the election it was discovered that Gov. Kitzhaber's live-in girlfriend, Cylvia Hayes, has a sordid history. It was revealed that back in 1995 she married an Ethiopian student so he could get his "green card" and be permitted to stay in the states. In exchange Ms. Hayes was paid $5000.

A few days later it was revealed that Ms. Hayes and a former boyfriend purchased a home on 60 acres in Washington State with the intent to start a marijuana grow.

But not only that, in the capitol building Ms. Hayes has an office next door to the governors and is accused of operating a environmental/green energy consulting business from said office capitalizing on her "first lady" status. She also sit in on high level meetings in an "advisory" role.

The governor claims that he knew nothing about Ms. Hayes' past and defends her work in the capitol.

Cylvia Hayes has been given the nickname Purple Hayes and all of swirling bullshit surrounding her is called the Cylvia Circus. 

But Governor Kitzhaber isn't stain free either. He left his wife Sharon, with whom he has a son, for Purple Hayes. Also, he oversaw the loss of hundreds of millions of dollars on a failed health insurance website; which is being investigated by the FBI. And he blew a couple hundred million more on a bridge project that never came to fruition.

In spite of all of this going on the governor was elected to a fourth term. 

As a couple of your commenters said, Portland is indeed a beautiful city. But I would also include the whole State of Oregon because, in my opinion, it is one of the most scenic places on earth.

However, there is a bumper sticker saying that goes like this: "Keep Portland Weird". Well, they're doing a pretty good job of it.

PS: Google "Portland Mayor Sam Adams and Beau Breedlove" and you'll discover even more Portland weirdness.

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Gay Marriage Champion Arrested for Sex With Minor "

Patricia said (November 22, 2014):

I find it interesting that the larger news outlets have not picked up this story.
I did a simple google search on the story and a bunch of obscure news sources are the only ones talking about it.

We spend more time on BIll Cosby ACCUSATIONS but ignore a major donator to the Democratic party that is formally CHARGED with a serious crime against a child fly under the radar?

See my search results here:

As usual, mainstream media will only report on what "they" want people to know.

Jeffrey said (November 21, 2014):

I am a Portland native, and I can tell you that my fair city prides itself on the reprobate. Google Neil Goldschmidt to start with.

Thank God I don't live there anymore

Dan said (November 21, 2014):

From the pre-1972 American Psychiatric Association diagnostic manual: "A homosexual is a person who demands an intimate relationship with members of the same sex".

"Demands" is the keyword. The pathological dimension of homosexuality is lack or comprehension - or caring - that their target isn't interested. Since it is a behavior driven by lust, it shifts into compulsive gear when aroused. When that happens, the common characteristics of compulsive behavior apply:

obsession, rationalization, loss of control, risky behavior - which will include statutory rape if the target is underage and the predator is successful. A homosexual that's coerced or manipulated a minor into sex won't comprehend that it's rape. The rest of the behavior set kicks in - denial, and blaming others - including the target.

Bean fits the profile of a high-functioning compulsive sex addict. In light of his private access to the White house, we have to wonder if his photo-ops with Obama and Bill Clinton is strictly due to fund raising.

Brian D said (November 21, 2014):

I live in Portland Oregon, and do my best to stay on top of the local news. Too much trouble happens in my lovely city because of the liberal people who flock here. Being the only big city in the whole state, If there's anything "wrong" with you; on the farm, in that small Oregon community, they're shipping you off to Portland for treatment. Which usually means that the troubled person finds like-minded comrades, for further trouble their lives.

Terry Bean is just a monster amongst many lesser monsters, in our city known for it's monsters; like our last Mayor Adams.

I moved to Portland for its charm, and European-likeness, but it's liberal take on things keeps my front door locked.

JG said (November 20, 2014):

The American government has allowed itself to be aligned with the " immoral minority" and their campaign to legitimize their sin by having the public recognize " unholy matrimony" as a moral and socially acceptable practice.

As the Book of Leviticus tells us in 20:13, man lying with man is an abomination against God, look it up and you will find it. God makes no exceptions to this rule either. Is there an Orthodox Jewish Rabbi out there speaking against gay marriage today? Or, is there a Catholic Pope taking a stand for God on this issue either?
For years the general population in America was protected from these predators by a government that represented the "moral majority" who elected them and not by a relatively small group of outcasts who viciously lobbied their government to turn against them.

It is one's choice to sin against God but to put it in the face of the moral obedient and then to legislate as the "law of the land" makes it a government sanctioned sin.

It's the saints that are alive in America today that have delayed God's hand against our now morally corrupt nation. However, as these saints continue to pass from us our chances for escaping God's wrath become more unlikely. All the signs are here today and the end to all of this will not be good.

Al Thompson said (November 20, 2014):

These fa**ots are all the same; they just want to destroy themselves and any young person with their twisted view of sexuality. The only proper sex occurs between a man and woman who are married. But fa**ots want to push their garbage on on young and impressionable people. Their lifestyle will never become mainstream and it's time people stop taking this crap from the homos. Everything they touch turns into shit so why give them anymore consideration?

How Illuminati Jewish Domination was Spun in 1940

November 14, 2014


CBC uses Sign of Satan (Baphomet) as logo

October 19, 2014

RYC_Top100.jpgCanadian Broadcasting Corporation, Canada's Government-owned propaganda
service uses Sign of Satan (Baphomet) as logo for a campus music talent search.

Hillary Flashback

October 18, 2014