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April 25 - Why Does Russia Keep America's Secrets?

April 25, 2024

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Why doesn't Russia tell us what really happened on 9-11? Who murdered JFK and RFK? Who shot down MH 17 over Ukraine? What happened to MH 376 which disappeared in 2014? It's obvious that Russia is in collusion with the NeoCons attempting to start WW3. This is why Levrov et co. refer to the West as "Anglo Saxons" when everyone knows the West is run by satanist Jews just like Russia. 

To compare, the Allies kept Hitler's secret: grandson of a Rothschild, homosexual prostitute in Vienna. Wars are all orchestrated to kill patriot dupes on both sides.  This is why Russia didn't just remove Zelensky. They needed to kill 500,000 Ukrainian goyim and 100,000 Russians.


Hundreds of bodies unearthed in Khan Younis hospital mass graves, many with skin and organs removed

As the search continued, rescuers estimated there to be at least 400 bodies. The Gaza government media office said some of bodies found had been decapitated and had their skin and organs removed. According to Al Jazeera, the bodies of children, elderly women and young men were among those found. Rescue teams said some bodies had their hands bound behind their backs, suggesting they were executed and buried on the spot. 

"Deadliest days" in the West Bank

The Israeli military carried out bloody carnage and destruction at the Nur Shams refugee camp and surrounding areas in Tulkarem in the northern occupied West Bank during a two-day raid this week.

During the 54-hour operation, at least 14 Palestinians were killed by Israeli forces, including three children. The Israeli military carried out the operation with domestic intelligence agency Shin Bet and Israel's Border Police. The invading forces damaged and destroyed homes, commercial stores, roads and other infrastructure, and left at least 25 Palestinians injured in the wake of the military raid.

The best guarantee of peace would be an Iranian nuclear bomb. Why can Pakistan and India have these? Iran does not want peace or it would have a bomb.

UN nuclear chief: Iran 'weeks, not months' from enough uranium to make a bomb
Head of International Atomic Energy Agency stresses that is not the same time frame as would be needed to make a device, but says Iranian activity 'raises eyebrows'

"But that does not mean that Iran has or would have a nuclear weapon in that space of time," he added. "A functional nuclear warhead requires many other things independently from the production of the fissile material."

Iran's nuclear goals, he maintained, are "a matter of speculation," though he criticized the country for its enrichment activity that "raises eyebrows" and its opaque dealings with UN nuclear inspectors, who are not being given the level of access to facilities that he believes they need.

Makow-- It's disingenuous to equate opposition to Gaza genocide with antisemitism

Oct 7 was a Hamas-IDF false flag to justify seizure of the beachfront property Jewish developers crave. 

Israel's reply is vastly disproportionate to the provocation. Obviously, this is a genocide. 
We ask how did Germans allow the Jewish halocaust. Israelis and the West are guilty of the same crime. Under the self-righteous pretense, Zionists who support genocide are demonic. 

Speaker Mike Johnson: "Antisemitism is a Virus" that is Spreading - Antisemitism Vaccines and Drugs to Follow?

DOJ Pays Gymnasts $138 Million Settlement for FBI Misconduct in Larry Nassar Sex Assault Cases - The Last Refuge


Iran threatens to wipe out Israel

Raisi arrived in Pakistan on Monday for a three-day visit. He addressed the recent tensions between Tehran and West Jerusalem at an event in Punjab on Tuesday.

"If the Zionist regime once again makes a mistake and attacks the sacred land of Iran, the situation will be different, and it is not clear whether anything will remain of this regime," the state news agency IRNA quoted Raisi as saying.


George Soros "I see myself as a God."


Antisemitism Is a Logical and Rational Reaction to Jewish Behaviour

Never in the history of mankind has a race of people gone so quickly from being exceptional victims to exceptional murderers determined to exterminate the Palestinians under the pretext of recreating their homeland, the biblical Israel, an entity that never existed in the first place.

Palestine was never the homeland of the Jews. Biblical accounts are not supported by historical or archaeological discoveries.[6] "It's a romantic fantasy,"[7] admits Jewish historian Norman F. Cantor in his book on Jewish history, The Sacred Chain. "The whole notion of Israel and its history is a literary fiction," says Professor Thomas Thompson in his book The Mythic Past: Biblical Archeology and the Myth of Israel.


Andrew Anglin--These Student Protests Against Israel Are the Most Important Political Movement of Our Lifetime

"The New York Police Department arrested some 100 students last week after the university's president requested they respond. Police Chief John Chell later noted that the students who were arrested "were peaceful," per the Columbia Spectator. Now, faculty have staged a walkout protesting the arrest of student protesters.

The school moved classes online on Monday. The weight of that last sentence is not really being acknowledged in the mainstream media. They moved the classes online because they shut down the university, effectively declaring a state of emergency.


Iran: Iranian citizens set fire to a huge street sign of Qassem Soleimani. The Iranian people are fed up with the Islamic regime in Tehran


Dr. William Makis: When a Pregnant Woman Receives a C19 Vaccine, in Many Cases the Baby Stops Growing Within 24 Hours
"In pregnant women ... the babies are being hit with congenital heart and brain malformations, and nobody talks about it..."

"In pregnant women ... the babies are being hit with congenital heart and brain malformations, and nobody talks about it, but it's in the VAERS reporting system, ... He points out that the injections have been linked to deformities, miscarriages and stillbirths.


Pfizer 'CHOSE NOT TO' Tell Regulators About SV40 Sequence in COVID Shots - Health Canada Official
A senior Health Canada official says pharma giant Pfizer made a conscious decision to not advise regulators that its mRNA COVID-19 vaccine contained a DNA sequence from the Simian Virus 40 (SV40).

"Pfizer has not cleaned up the vaccine, yet the regulators are sadly more concerned about vaccine uptake in the population rather than the health risks from these vaccines."


Pastor Chuck Baldwin---House Speaker Michael Johnson: Just Another Neocon Traitor

 Michael Johnson has quickly morphed into another two-bit warmonger and big-government, police-state shill like virtually every House Speaker before him--at least in modern memory.

Before taking the Speaker's chair, Johnson had a reputation of being a pro-peace, fiscal conservative who wanted to secure America's borders and stop the out-of-control deficit spending in Washington. That Michael Johnson is no more! The new Michael Johnson is a measly, cowardly, pathetic little weasel whose backbone is made from jelly.


Who Funds the Century Initiative?
Immigration / By Riley Donovan
It is crucial to understand the constellation of interests benefiting from, and lobbying for, high levels of immigration to Canada.

An important immigration lobby is the Century Initiative, which advocates for Canada's population to be increased to 100 million by 2100. I have compiled a list of the banks, corporations, foundations and individuals who donated to the Century Initiative in 2022. All of this information is available in their 2022 Annual Report. For those hearing about this group for the first time, check out my own report for some background information.


Russia seizes JP Morgan Bank's assets in Russia. Retaliatory seizure of funds.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "April 25 - Why Does Russia Keep America's Secrets? "

TM said (April 28, 2024):

Henry, I have been coming to your website for years it is the best on the net, thank you very much!

"Why doesn't Russia tell us what really happened on 9-11? Who murdered JFK and RFK? Who shot down MH 17 over Ukraine? What happened to MH 376 which disappeared in 2014?"

Because even war must be conducted within certain rules. The war must not be too loud otherwise it would wake up too many people. Its purpose is not to kill but to put people back to sleep.

Thank you again for being a part of my day.

HW said (April 27, 2024):

In brief, for Russia (which is controlled by the same satanic international banking cabal headed by the Rothschilds) to disclose that the intelligence agencies of the West (who are also an apparatus of the same satanic international banking cabal) are behind the atrocities and false flags of the West—that would give away the game of the false construct of East vs West, Communism vs democracies, liberals vs conservatives, etc.

You have done outstanding work in exposing the true nature of the deceptions employed by mankind’s enemy, Satan and his host, in modern history.

There is only one conspiracy, and you are the most able to make it apparent and understandable to most people who will take a minute to consider your evidence.

I feel that you have influenced far more people than you realize: for example, when I leave your name and website for more info after I leave a comment, I often get “likes”, “hearts”, or “up arrows.” Good on you!

Blessings and prayers for you from a brother in Christ,

Jennifer said (April 26, 2024):

Comment --Why Does Russia Keep America's Secrets?


I started reading this article and another reason just occurred to me.

By Killing 500,000 plus Ukrainians they bury the fact that a vast number of people-citizens of Ukraine were sold out and part of the massive international money laundering schemes —Ukraine became the central hub for everything from bio weapons to child sex trafficking -child porn, body harvesting trade —drug trade—you name it! Follow the money to its laundering banks leads to the doorsteps of Ukraine, too many people just knew-- so the deep state satanic controllers need to bury the witnesses—even when the witnesses are their own.

They don’t care to protect their lower level comrades.

Imran said (April 26, 2024):

"Oct 7 was a Hamas-IDF false flag to justify seizure of the beachfront property Jewish developers crave."

The Israeli Leftist Deep State are egotists. After using tricks to get rid of the Israeli settlers from Gaza 20-25 years ago. Stuff like staged provacations (I remember Barry Chamish mention that one asset jumped on a Minister's hood and did not get arrested. He had a record of being an "extremist"), using assets in the opposition protests to tire out the protestors in the rain, etc. And the withdrawal was at a cost of $900 million to Israel. Now they want beachfront property back?

Anyone who is really looking can see that the Israeli leftist Deep State still wants a Palestinian State like the globalists do. I think these developers have drunk too much wine for Passover if they think the Deep State will let them have the beachfront property. This is hard and close to incredible to believe that they would change their minds in less than 30 years after pushing for the peace process all these years to let developers go for their desires on this land.

Al Thompson said (April 25, 2024):

I've lived over 77 years, and I'm still waiting for an example of an honest government. If you read their codes, they are implementing a slave system and they have done it for thousands of years. There's nothing new and it is the same nonsense over and over again. The truth doesn't resonate with most govtards. The natural law or natural order wins every time. There is no government on this earth that we can call honest and moral. Losing morality is the main curse of government and religions. Without that, there is nothing to look forward to.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at