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"Je Suis Homo" - Guide to Gay Solidarity Sex

June 14, 2016


(left, World Trade Center, Eiffel Tower, etc.) 
Around the world, people are expressing solidarity with gay victims of
the Orlando shooter in a spontaneous outpouring never seen in relation to Libyan, Palestinian or Syrian victims of daily Zionist aggression. The implication is that we can also embrace gay sex if we oppose the senseless violence in Orlando. As a public service, and in recognition of gay pride month, we present this short guide to solidarity sex.

Politicians are ignoring the facts and using Orlando to advance their own agenda. If the shooter is gay, shouldn't Trump ask, "When is Obama going to stop radical gay terrorism?"  Instead, Trump would ban Muslim immigrants when the shooter was a naturally born American. Liberals want to confiscate guns when the shooter worked for a security firm and had access to guns. 

Latest- Ex-wife of Shooter: "Didn't Know he was Gay"

Disclaimer- Most heterosexuals don't care what homosexuals do as long as they don't harm others. We object to the attempt by satanist (Masonic Jewish) politicians and media to impose this developmental disorder usually caused by fatherlessness on heterosexual society in order to subvert and control it. 

by Henry Makow Ph.D

1. Anal sex  is one of the principal homosexual pleasures. Anal intercourse is analogous to normal sex. You may disregard the fact that the anus was never intended by nature to be a receptacle. Disregard the fact that when sodomy is performed, the peculiar forced inward expansion of the anal canal results in a tearing of the lining as well as bleeding anal fissures. This gives rise to a litany of diseases. 

2. Anilingus, usually referred to as "Rimming." This delightful practice involves licking the rim of the anus, and often ingesting faecal matter - in other words, eating shit. If they don't actually eat shit, some homosexuals defecate on each other. This bizarre practice is known as scat. Urination into the mouth and over the bleeding body of the likewise a common practice.  This is known as golden showers or water sports. 

3.  Fisting or hand-balling involves inserting the hand or fist into the anus. While it is difficult to believe that a fist can be inserted into a human anus, it is possible. Don't worry that the damage from fisting can result in a sphincterectomy or colostomy. Some individuals can then have sodomy performed through the colostomy opening, causing further damage. Try to imagine how you can sink to lower depths of depravity than this. As well as fists, you can also insert toys into the anus: dildos, vibrators etc. This can and does lead to serious internal damage; in particular puncturing of the intestinal wall and seepage of faecal matter into the abdomen, which can result in death. But at least you will die in a politically correct way. 

An American publication said of sex toys that, "Most are small, but physicians have removed such large items as a six-ounce Coca-Cola bottle, an entire pencil, and a vibrator head." The record must be an after-shaving lotion bottle 14.2cm in length, 21.5cm circumference.  

4. Another uplifting practice many homosexuals enjoy is sado-masochism. About a third of homosexuals engage in sexual torture. The top six US male serial murderers were all gay. You may end up seriously injuring or murdering someone, or being seriously injured or murdered yourself. 

5. As the thrills diminish, you will need to employ drugs to heighten your experience. Drug use is seven times higher among gays. That's why media and schools need to promote homosexuality.  Crystal meth and cocaine are the drugs of choice. 

6. As a homosexual, you may enjoy an extraordinary degree of promiscuity. You may enjoy many dozen sex partners in a year; hundreds in a lifetime. "Marriages" are rarely exclusive. 

Denis Altman, a veteran of this courageous quest has written: "Large-scale luxurious pleasure palaces where everyone is potentially an immediate sexual partner are a common sexual fantasy; only for gay men they are a commonplace reality...Men in bathhouses rarely talk much, and it is quite common for sex to take place without words, let alone names, being exchanged." 

Altman confirms that this is a display of brotherhood:  "The willingness to have sex immediately, promiscuously, and with people about whom one knows nothing and from whom one demands only physical contact can be seen as a sort of Whitmanesque democracy, a desire to know and trust other men in a type of brotherhood."  

As well as bathhouses, homosexuals often engage in totally anonymous sex in public toilets - a practice known as cottaging - and in public parks and elsewhere. The personal columns of homosexual publications are crammed full of advertisements advertising the services of male whores - rent boys - and adventurers seeking similarly enlightened individuals for mutual satisfaction. You will never be lonely. 

If you have any questions, ask your children. They are taught to do this in school.  That's what the satanist New World Order is about. Inverting sick and healthy. Anyone who objects to this lesson is a "bully" and "homophobe" and will be prosecuted accordingly. 


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Comments for ""Je Suis Homo" - Guide to Gay Solidarity Sex "

CJ said (June 15, 2016):

As a Muslim, consistent with my religious beliefs, I oppose gay rights. In practice, this doesn't mean I'm going to go around killing, insulting and harming gays. Islam, in some aspects, is libertarian, in that there is a solid argument that people are entitled to do mostly whatever they want in the privacy of their homes. That being said, there is a significant (and in many ways thriving) gay community in many Middle Eastern countries - even in repressed countries like Saudi Arabia [see this:].

The difference between Muslim countries and the Western countries is that most Muslims would NEVER accept making gay behavior socially acceptable, and thus, it is highly unlikely that any Muslim country will make gay marriage legal or promote homosexual behavior as an acceptable practice in the school system (which is the case in some Western countries). So there you have it, keep your socially unacceptable behavior private and no one will bother you for the most part (and again, this is in fact the status quo in most Middle Eastern countries with some exceptions).

ISIS have produced several videos of their members throwing suspected gays off of building rooftops. In Islamic law, there is a point of view that says people that engage in gay sex should be executed (the means of execution is controversial, but that's another topic). However, Islamically, the burden of proof that is required for the implementation of Islam's strictest punishments (executions) is extremely high, that is, several people must have witnessed the act in question. And those witnesses must have impeccable records in the community.

So, realistically, the only time you would probably be executed for gay behavior according to Islamic law is if you had been engaging in gay sex in a semi-public or public location such that several witnesses with impeccable records viewed the act (I doubt that ISIS engages in such thorough due process when conducting their executions). Needless to say, the latter situation is highly unlikely to occur unless a pair of gays are deliberately attempting to be provocative by engaging in a public sex act. Furthermore, the latter viewpoint is a generalization; in the more liberal urban areas in some Middle Eastern countries you'll find that there is much more tolerance for certain acts and behaviors, while in rural areas residents tend to be far more conservative. Moreover, some Muslim countries punish homosexuality with the death penalty, but others do not.

Ultimately, we all have our sins and our dirty laundry but in Islamic society we (traditionally) try to keep it discreet so as not to corrupt society as a whole.

G said (June 14, 2016):

What I'm wondering is. . . How do we reclaim the rainbow? I live in an area of frequent rainbows. When I see one I think of it as a beautiful gift from God blessing our world. I'm not looking up and saying to myself: "Up with sodomy!!" Rather, I'm looking at earth's wonder. Somehow this universal symbol has been hijacked and we need to rescue it back so all humanity may enjoy it without sociopolitical strings attached. I say, Reclaim the rainbow NOW!! But how?

Robert P said (June 14, 2016):

The rabbit hole is much deeper and once again the Motive comes from Talmudic Law, is a set up for the unsuspecting LGBT community, which as you have clearly pointed out the main proponents of Feminism, Homosexuality, Porno, etc. the demoralizing of America and the world at large are the Illuminated masters, the Talmudic jews.

The below link is a very hard read for most, but it is advised that people attempt to see what those who occupy USA plan. The LGBT community should pay heed.

DB said (June 14, 2016):

In the video interview, early on, watch her eyes. She is reading her script off a cue card that is off to her left. You can literally see her eyes are reading sentences. Later she peeks at the cue cards, but still one can see she is just playing her role. This interview is fake, the whole story is fake.

I doubt the patsy is even Muslim or gay. I question whether anyone was murdered. Some events are hot, and people are killed, some are not and it is all theater, time will tell which it is. The images from an article a reader shared previously showed NO BLOOD, NO BODIES, just holes put in walls. Yet the same old tired single shooter official story. It is all so worn out. The whole event like all those that came before it, is 100% SYNTHETIC. Lies are the fabric of this big illusion show. The satanics behind it, are all about deception. At EVERY LEVEL. What are the odds that some wacko would commit a crime that fits perfectly into every agenda the satanics need right now? I just do not see such miraculous coincidence ever taking place, like the PNAC that previously needed a foreign enemy, oh so coinvenient eh? I even doubt that this patsy was born with the name now attributed to him. They have in past stolen ID's of people ( as in 9/11), and used different names at different events with their crisis actors. I do not believe anything we are told by any MSM source. It is all scripted. All of it. Without evidence of bodies, NAMES, why conceal names? Death certificates. Signs of blood. They failed to produce even that. I am not believing one word, without some evidences.

I cannot believe there are people out there that still thing news is reality. Guess the fluoride really worked! :(

R said (June 14, 2016):

I could not care less if someone is homosexual or gay. The prevalence of homosexuals and/or gays within the ranks of government is somewhat disconcerting though.

GM said (June 14, 2016):

Brilliant. ...If stomach-churning. The only thing I'd dispute is the word "spontaneous" in the introduction. These outpourings of post-psyop "solidarity" are anything but spontaneous...

It's also interesting to me (though it was a while before it dawned on me -- I'm not a literary sort like you, Henry) that the shooting took place in Orlando -- the man who became a woman...

Transgenderism is doubtless part and parcel of the תקון עולם. It is one of the final stepping-stones.

The Kabbalists are gradually taking us back to their idea of the Beginning, the perfect man:

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at