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How Many Gay Politicians are Sociopaths?

February 14, 2013

bbm12,jpg.jpeg "Gays are not like heterosexuals. The "unrequited true love" theme of Brokeback Mountain, left, doesn't reflect reality.  These men would have moved on to cruising truck stops and public 'glory holes' to sate their sex addiction rather than pining away for each other."

The Illuminati bankers used homosexuals to subvert Western civilization. Why?
Because , by their own admission, many (not all) are amoral, deceitful and hate society.

"Unfortunately, homosexuals are insidious in any position of power over others."

by Frank D'Amiano

People have let their guard down on homosexuality and are in the phase of acceptance.  That is,  making excuses for them.  I hear, "I don't care if they hold public office as long as they keep it private" or, ""it's their private life".  

john-baird.jpg(Porcine Canadian Foreign Minister, John Baird,  promotes gay agenda worldwide.)

Unfortunately homosexuals are insidious in any position of power over others.  It is a personality disorder with definable features. The foremost problem is that homosexuals are obsessed with sex on multiple levels, and they tend to be blind to certain boundaries.  This is why normal cultures have always made it a taboo.

Eckart Tolle said something peculiar about homosexuals in an interview:

"As you approach adulthood, uncertainty about your sexuality followed by the realization that you are "different" from other may force you to dis-identify from socially conditioned patterns of thought and behavior. This will automatically raise your level of consciousness above the unconscious majority.".

That's not the sort of thing to tell people with Narcissistic personality disorder, which is a component of homosexuality.   Society is in jeopardy until homosexuality is restored to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM IV)

Compare with  Satanists who believe that the experience of killing an animal or human is a valid growth experience based on this very logic.  I thought I was a Luciferian when I was involved with them, so I know the thinking.  It is seductive and subtle,  a very dangerous way of thinking for how easily it completely dismisses morality in favor of self aggrandizement, i.e, raising consciousness above the unconscious majority (the cattle) This belies the essential narcissism of New Age logic.

baird.jpg(Left, Baird outed in 2010)

Tolle added that the gay only need to be careful not to get obsessed with the gay identity.   But, this is like asking them not to get obsessed with sex.  Gays cannot help but obsess on the gay identity.  It's their raison d'etre. 

In the arts business, I had to do business with all kinds of homosexuals and lesbians.  I made mental excuses for them and had believed the politically correct notion that they can keep their sex life separate from other interactions.  The older, mature ones can for a while, but sooner or later they get needy or paranoid or whatever, and things get weird.

So what I see happening has been this alarming progress of disproportionate attention and power suddenly bestowed on sexual deviants by the NWO.

"To know who rules you, see who you aren't allowed to criticize".  (Voltaire)

I don't believe the capstone is gay.  I think that they've put women and homosexuals in charge like Capos in a concentration camp.  Women and homosexuals have weaknesses which make them easily controllable.  Like Oscar Wilde said, all women are always seeking their Master.


Makow Note:  According to the late Alan Stang's courageous book ,"Not Holier Than Thou: How Queer is Bush?" (2007)
homosexuals play a huge part of the Illuminati Jewish subversion of Western society.

Stang speculates that Bush was a homosexual and demonstrated that, despite his Christian family pretensions, he  advanced the homo-sexualization of America and gave "organized sodomy considerable control over the federal government." (66)
Stang documents that a well-known male prostitute, Jeff Gannon, made dozens of visits to the Bush White House in 2003 and 2004 often staying over night. Apparently the President could be easily blackmailed. And this doesn't even include Margie Schrodinger, the black Texan housewife whose name has disappeared down the memory hole. She formally charged the President with rape (about 2002) and then conveniently "committed suicide."
Stang's book is a laundry list of the homosexuality within the Republican Party. It came out before Rep. Mark Foley and the Congressional Pages scandal, Sen. Larry Craig and the toilet 'wide stance" scandal. It tears the veil off the media's feel-good, sugar-coated image of homosexuality. It is hard to stomach but must be read. Why? Because some homosexuals, by their own admission, hate society and have no morality. Thus these particular homosexuals are perfect agents of Illuminati subversion.
 By now, you should know that Barrack Obama has a homosexual past. Larry Sinclair, who claims he had sex with Obama, was ignored by the mass media, but if BO started to steer an independent course, Larry Sinclair suddenly would be in the headlines.  Bottom line: many of the stuffed suits who masquerade as our leaders are not only Freemasons and Zionists, they are also homosexuals. 

Gays admit that many of them are sociopaths

Hitler was Gay

Is Barack Obama Gay?   

Canada's Phoney Pro- Family Conservative Party Champions "Gay Rights"

First Comment from Jim:

As a man who has struggled with homosexuality for nearly all of my life, I can attest to many of the thoughts mentioned in the article. I would not consider myself a sociopath but I can identify with many aspects of sexual addiction and narcissistic personality disorder.

Truthfully, it is a terrible way to live but yet it is very difficult to shed those undesirable traits.

Most homosexuals I have encountered are indeed weird. They can't carry on a normal conversation for very long because there is always an underlying sexual current. For homosexuals in power, their decision-making skills are skewed and they will always favor other homosexuals which perpetuates the problem of being insidious.

As a result of childhood abuse, homosexuals can only pretend to be normal (me included) because we weren't taught how and it wasn't hard-wired into our brains. It doesn't take long for the mask to come off and we reveal ourselves.

Fortunately for me, the pastor of my church helped me come to terms with my homosexual feelings. I have come accept that homosexuality, like it or not, is a small part of who I am. I recognize it for what it is ...a feeling that doesn't have to be acted upon. I also have some very good [straight] friends who know of my struggle and still wish to hang out with me. Without them I would be a complete basket case.

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Comments for "How Many Gay Politicians are Sociopaths? "

R said (February 17, 2013):

As you already know, I have Borderline Personality Disorder and I also have struggles with Bisexuality. I 100% agree that Homosexuality should be in the DSM as a mental health issue, because it certainly is. I have battled with this problem all my life. What bothers me though, is the reason that some people's issue comes about. I was molested as a child (possibly by a woman and my own father).
I believe that when a child is molested, it opens them up to many demonic spirits and influences. I use to be a sex addict. Most people don't talk much about what it means to have a sexual demon, but it is extremely frightening. It took me many years to realize that my way of behaving was an unclean spirit. It's not just the issue of having many random partners, it is also how you behave and feel while performing the act. You go through a myriad of different moods and emotions. From crying, to anger, to wanting to be abused, and being the abuser. It makes you understand how people end their lives through auto-erotic affixiation.

It's the same as being addicted to drugs or alcohol. You will do anything for that fix. And just like drugs and alcohol, you can be delivered. But, once you are, if you start lying to yourself and playing around with it before you are completely healed, you will fall right back into it again. I did that once, without completely turning my back on God.

But it was painful enough for me to do my very best to not allow that to happen again. As far as the part about being a sociopath, I could see that happening with anyone who has not committed their lives to the Lord. If one is not saved, then they are in line with the devil, by default and are capable of anything at all. It may not have manifested in that person yet, but without God, any vile thing is possible.

Victor said (February 15, 2013):

I think women that reach the level of Golda Meier and Indira Ghandi have sacrificed components of their personality that few women can, and only then it's a complicated matter of relationship with a powerful father.

In any case I see no Golda Meiers and Indira Ghandis in positions of power today. I see an assembly line of Margaret Thatcher clones.

Thatcher was a front, handled by a faction of elite homosexuals. She was a 'daddy's girl' who achieved her father's ambitions to ascend the ladder to the House of Commons. She knew who to please for support. She was one of the few Conservative MPs to support Leo Abse's Bill to decriminalise male homosexuality. She voted in favour of David Steel's bill to legalise abortion. She was NWO puppet, like Merkel. Julia Gillard, and Hillary Clinton. (Clinton's always had her nose so far up David Rockefeller's ass it's never seen daylight. That's why she married into the family - so she could incest with Bill - the bastard son of Winthrop Rockefeller. ).

Hugo said (February 15, 2013):

As one who has come out of that orientation, I can attest to the truth of this article.

Homosexuality was an obsession affecting everything I said and did. When I saw Brokeback Mountain, it didn't make sense to me. For Ennis to abstain from this "great" sex all year and then plunge into it for a week once a year was really far-fetched.

For Jack to continue to have sexual encounter after sexual encounter but to regard Ennis as still the special one was also far-fetched. Two men meeting for liaisons actually rarely go camping in the rugged outdoors. Farm life is also not necessarily a common setting for gay men to meet. The sight of male and female animals always having sex around the farm is actually quite a reality check. I found the masculinity of the two men attractive when I saw it but there was too much other stuff in the movie jarring me back to truth. I walked out saying to myself it could only be a story.

Michael said (February 15, 2013):

Satanism is easily defined as doing the opposite of God's plan. That is why androgyny and homosexuality have always been integral to satanic rituals.

According to William Schnoebelen, one of the middle degrees of freemasonry requires gay sex.

Ex-Gay p--- star Joseph Sciambra says that a--- sex creates (or attracts) demons. His video is on YouTube. I would not doubt it. Anything contrary to God attracts demons.

The Gay Supremacy Movement was begun by Harry Hay, a luciferian communist homosexual p-------.

The new premiere of Ontario is a lesbian, unelected by Ontarians.

Gay marriage is a non-issue because a gay union would never be sanctified by God.

Does God hate gays? No, he loves gays. He only hates sin which leads everyone away from him.

I personally have never met a 100% homosexual, only bisexuals who chose homosexuality.

In other words, they are not "Born This Way", they are born with tendencies and temptations in that direction.

Don't get me wrong, gays deserve the same basic human rights as the rest of us.

Frank is right, most gays are good people who have been deceived and fallen short of God, a moniker that can describe all heterosexuals as well.

"Love your enemy".

Anna said (February 15, 2013):

A comment to the article: “How Many Gay Politicians are Sociopaths?”

As much as I agree with the article in general, the words: “Women and homosexuals have weaknesses which make them easily controllable. Like Oscar Wilde said, all women are always seeking their Master” simply offended me as a woman.

Let’s not forget that Oscar Wilde was openly a gay. If the point of the article is to show that gays are sociopaths, I don’t think that quoting him is such a good idea.

Besides, this is just not true. What is that supposed to mean? Man do not have any weaknesses (are they aliens? Well, that’s something new) and ALL women are ALWAYS seeking a master? Are we not enough, then? Man do not need us but we need them? And there I was, thinking that we’re all just as important.

There is a fine line between disagreeing with a feminism and insulting all women in general. I believe it was crossed in this article.

Henrique said (February 14, 2013):

"To know who rules you, see who you aren't allowed to criticize". That's tremendously telling isn't it? What's the most protected, legally shielded minority which no one can criticize in the least without suffering ferocious campaigns of character-destruction and systematic demonization all over the world? Jews.

I think that organized Jewry has accomplished the most successful and daring large-scale ( worldwide ) emasculation program imaginable to the human mind. When you accept the "untouchable" status of a particular minority whatever the hell that may be, you basically open the gates for all other groups to explore victimhood and establish a decadent morality for civilization.

Then all the naturally resented groups ( women, gays, pedos etc) start to get confident and raise their voices against the visible "oppressors" ( straight white males ). No wonder all these victim-status groups use the same terminology for silencing opposition as the Jews, what I call the Zion format: Anti- ****, ****-denier, ****-ophobe/phobic/hater.

The Zion format of mind-control is extremely flexible, and can always be adapted to a new minority of special oppressed victims in the eternal struggle against the evil white man. Mankind will never be free until the ZIon format is completely destroyed, and EVERYONE restores the right to attack, offend and criticize anyone and any institution it wishes, without fear.

There's even "Climate-deniers" nowadays. To accept this is to surrender to collectivism and to willingly become nothing more than an eunuch.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at