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Against Masturbation

March 16, 2015

ex-m.jpgIf pornography is an Illuminati plot,

does that apply to

masturbation as well?

"MGo," a reader, thinks so.

"The ruling elite know that if they can get the majority of men hooked on pornography, then they will not only be perverting their sexual tastes but they will be hooking them into a habit of daily masturbation that will gradually undermine their health and leave them weak minded and fickle."

by MGo


Henry, you have covered the social aspects of our hyper-sexualized society. But there's another layer that is undermining people's health and explains why the Illuminati bombard us with sex.

The wisdom of the ages tells us that many physical and psychological problems befall man if he indulges in too much sex.

As you have said, the main function of sex is bonding and procreation. While occasional masturbation and sex for pleasure probably doesn't do too much harm, people will undermine their health if they overindulge.

The severity of the symptoms vary from person to person. If you are skeptical, look at the health of the average American adult. Many people are obese, mentally Ill, have diabetes, and a slew of other ailments...many elderly people have dementia, Alzheimer's, cancer, Parkinson's, etc. Western civilization fosters many illnesses that even animals do not have.

What I am suggesting is that through indulgence in sex people, degrade their health to a significant degree. In the ancient Vedic texts of India, the Toaists, Christianity, and even Judaism say that a man's semen contains vital energy that should be conserved and not recklessly frittered away through masturbation.

masturbation-nightfallmydoctortellscom-21-638.jpg(left, the opposing view.)

Masturbation is also detrimental to a female's health, but more in males. When this energy is conserved, men become much sharper intellectually, their memory is better, their willpower is much strong and their health is very good. I can personally attest that this is 100% true from ceasing masturbation or sex for several is astounding how much more clear mentally I feel than when I masturbate every day.

Here are is a quote from the Hindu Bhagavad Gita which clearly states that this vital energy semen (which they refer to as veerya) should not be wasted : "My dear brothers! The vital energy, the Veerya that supports your life, which is the Prana of Pranas, which shines in your sparkling eyes, which beams in your shining cheeks, is a great treasure for you. Remember this point well. Veerya is the quintessence of blood. One drop of semen is manufactured out of forty drops of blood. Mark here how valuable this fluid is!"

The ruling elite know that if they can get the majority of men hooked on pornography, then they will not only be perverting their sexual tastes but they will be hooking them into a habit of daily masturbation that will gradually undermine their health and leave them weak minded and fickle.

I know that the majority of people masturbate, but that doesn't make it a healthy is not. It is a degrading habit practiced by fallen man. While it is seen in some cases in the animal kingdom, it certainly isn't abused to the extent that humans do, especially when some men masturbate 3-4 times per day. This is simply an abuse of Gods natural order, and an abuse of the genitals.

Furthermore the pleasure that you get from orgasm is heart-breakingly brief, and afterwards you feel lethargic because you have wasted a lot of your energy in the act. This is energy that could be used for higher pursuits in life, but the Illuminati know that if they can get the majority of men to channel their energy into mindless selfish things such as pornography, then they have that man in a mental straight jacket. It is foolish to think that semen is a useless substance that has no value. It has the power to create a human being.

If you couple this with many of the perverse things being shoved down our throat constantly through the movies, music industry, and porn industry, you have a recipe for disaster.

People need to wake up and realize that there are utterly evil forces in this world who simply want to destroy humanity. Unfortunately pornography, sodomy, masturbation, are currently considered as normal and healthy by a lot of people. I assure you that this is 100% false. This is having a profound effect on this country and is gradually undermining the health of the nation.


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First Comment from Rixon (Webmaster of The

It's not only religious teachers who have warned against the harmful effects of masturbation. Traditional Chinese Medicine has long warned about the dangers, particularly if it becomes habitual.

By way of an introduction I'm going to quote from a great guide to Traditional Chinese Medicine: The Tao of Health, Sex and Longevity by Daniel Reid. According to Reid:

"For men, masturbation represents an irretrievable and uncompensated loss of Yang semen-essence. While healthy males between the ages of 16 to 21 are veritable 'fountains of semen' for whom masturbation is relatively harmless, by the time they reach 25 or so, all the old shibboleths regarding male masturbation come true: weakness in the thighs and knees, numbness in lumbar region, loss of vitality, depression, etc. By the time they reach 30, men should entirely give up this self-defeating habit and start conserving semen exclusively for intercourse with women.

"Men who continue masturbating habitually into their 30s, 40s and 50s rob themselves rob themselves of the very essence and energy that fuel their lives and protect their health."

Moreover this is more than just an 'old wives tale', given that 20 percent of male semen is cerebrospinal fluid. So even in the limited terms of scientific materialism, ejaculation depletes a man's reservoir of vital life-giving essence.

However although he may ejaculate, when a man has intercourse with a woman the two will exchange vital hormones, or as the ancient Chinese called it precious essence, which in part compensates for the depletion of his chi or life force during intercourse.

Obviously this doesn't happen during masturbation. Nor does this loss of life force happen to a women during intercourse. This will only happen to her if and when she conceives and gives birth.

So although sexual gratification doesn't deplete a women's life force, childbirth drains her vital life force while ejaculation, particularly outside the confines of heterosexual intercourse, does so in men.

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Comments for "Against Masturbation"

James T said (March 18, 2015):

My main problem with what MGo says is that it sounds like they are promoting the tantric yoga practice of semenal retention in the mistaken belief that it has any validity. The trouble is, this is not leading towards a proper cosmology but is intended to prod in the direction of kundalini, tantra, and other such satanic practices. What they are actually talking about is what they might call "prana" and others would refer to as "qi/chi" or "ki", and a very old superstition stemming from india that the way to become immortal and gain power was "energy retention" and "theft" from the female (as can be read in "Shadow of the dalai lama" among others), that is, to have intercourse with the female to partake of her energy but to not "release" what is already "stored" . MGo may not be aware that this is deception from the devil and his followers, but it is indeed such, these principles on "energy retention" and "gaining power" are a main component of "sex magik"in satanism, this same practice goes far back into time in use by those who worship the devil.

Some may possibly insist that the satanists "stole" this doctrine, but the truth may be more likely that they originated it, those that worship evil have been around since the very first folk walked this world. This particular false doctrine (emphasis on the false here) also made its way to china (such as Chinese traditional medicine) and other eastern countries, accompanied by belief in "qi/chi/prana/ki" and the systems designed to monkey with it (feng shui for example).

This is not a reflection of reality as "chi/ki" et al. manipulation is truly sorcery in accordance with the satanist doctrine of "will" over all, that is to say, when someone attempts to control "chi" et al. they are attempting to impose their will on what is believed in the eastern countries to be the source of life, which, as one can imagine, is a bad idea. All chi/ki manipulating practice falls under the same sorcery mandates (which apply to all manner of sorceries, magic, etc.): impose one's will to control (life energy in this case), or gain the help of a spiritual being to facilitate this control, and in a nutshell this means semenal retention via abstaining from masturbation to gain health and power is essentially a "junior level" training exercise for later practice of tantra/"sex magik". These practitioners forget that even in nature, what is good for the body is flow, blood does not lend health or power when it stays solely in one spot, the person will die if this happens, thus blood must circulate if the person is to remain healthy, this same principle applies to semen just as much, certainly too great of a loss will rob the body of nutrients, but purposeful retention all the time will also cause trouble, this is why the body will automatically change out the fluids in what are termed "nocturnal emissions", stagnation of various things in the body leads to many diseases, not health.

Martin said (March 17, 2015):

How did the author of that puritanical rant fail to warn against developing hairy palms?

Scottie said (March 17, 2015):

I'm glad you posted this particular article about masturbation today, I could not agree more. One thing the author did not mention, which I would like to add, is that after about a good 2 weeks of not "jacking off, I noticed more women were looking at me, or as some say, " checking me out ". Now I've done no research to back this up, but personally through my own experiences, I do believe women can subconsciously sense, or smell the semen in a mans body, once it has reached a optimum level.

Steve said (March 17, 2015):

I've read about this abstinence for 40 years by the orientals. But in my life I have seen no difference going 6 weeks or more without masturbating a couple times week. Even being with a women the orientals say to not release sperm for the same reason. Not being in a relationship and being older I have observed that all body systems tend to degrade if not used and occasionally exercised.

Anonymous said (March 17, 2015):

"I know that the majority of people masturbate..." Wow, how did MGo determine
that, take a poll? Maybe the majority of teens in our media age. Things were
otherwise when women were modest, before TV. Whorehouses showed up on the other
side of the tracks, not in your living room glow box or the 3rd grade classroom

People are way too gullible for ancient texts. Phallic worship is an old theme.
Consumption of semen and blood is occult rite. Crowley did it. Seeking souls
grasp ancient texts but lack discernment. Ask God, who created sex. "Man does
not live by bread alone."

Where MGo gets his idea that Christianity endorses lust, I know not. Read the hyperbole from Jesus Christ about cutting it off. Judaism divides between Torah (minority) and Talmud (mystic Kabbalah / secular legalism / majority). Pick your text carefully.

Nature proves goofy this whole idea of semen as elixir. The male body discards the stuff. Nature does not consider it precious. Semen excretes in two ways. Ejaculation is one. It otherwise dribbles out post urination. Even the MD slide
misleads. No medical necessity to ejaculate exists. It goes out with the pee.

The answer to NWO sex agendas is home schooling and a return to young marriage. I'll tell you what's precious: faithful human love. Read some ancient texts on the topic.

RS said (March 16, 2015):

Regarding masturbation: Just as we cannot truthfully separate abortion from infanticide, we cannot separate masturbation from pornography.

While it's possible for an individual to masturbate to relieve sexual pressure without engaging in pornographic fantasy, in the great majority of cases the powerful pull of fantasy proves to be nearly irresistible. Whether or not masturbation leads to physical and medical harm, the greatest harm is spiritual, resulting from the effect of pornographic addiction on the mind, soul, and spirit.

MA said (March 16, 2015):

I agree with the author on many points.
One major problem with masturbation these days, is that in our hypersexual culture if youth get involved with it, there is a high chance they will become addicted to it for years and waste their teenage years away (maybe even adulthood).

Instead of enjoying life and pursuing an education, sports, whatever, they will get hooked on it and then probably turn to other ways to satisfy their unnatural lust nurtured by our insanely sexual culture.

Also like the author pointed out there are health aspects of abstinence. I read before that abstinence from masturbation can even help increasing testosterone levels over time.

There is also the moral aspect of engaging in it, the Catholic Church seems to communicate that it is a disordered habit and is sinful in most cases.
Likewise, there is the psychological aspect of essentially 'having sex' with may end up becoming attached to yourself, and forget about searching for a mate, turning your own body into a tool for your lusts.

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