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Semen as Male Elixir?

January 24, 2014

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(left, Kolbe) 

Bila Kolbe, 62, advocates the rejuvenating benefits of what he calls "masturbation," which is sexual arousal without ejaculation.

I'm not endorsing his views but presenting them as a change of pace for your consideration.  In fact, I disagree with them. I believe in transcending sexual desire, not by stimulating sensuality or celibacy, but by satisfying sexual desire in the context of marriage.   

"Sex of the Third Kind: A Novel Sexual Manifesto"

By Dr William Kolbe


During a stint with the Peace Corps in El Salvador in the late 70's, I attended classes at a Gnóstico school and learned fascinating aspects about Eastern (Taoist and Hindu) sexual alchemy which the Gnósticos termed 'sexual transmutation'.

My beliefs about sexuality underwent radical changes involving concepts such as the channeling of sexual energy by semen retention. However, what was missing was a link between the ancient Eastern sexual doctrines and modern medicine and science. 

Back in the States, I scoured scientific and medical literature and compiled a novel 'sexual manifesto' that combined ancient and modern.

I discovered connections between sexuality and the endocrine, nervous, skeletal, muscular, and immune systems that enhance our overall fitness, longevity, vitality, and health. This applies equally to males and females. 

"Edging" an orgasm allows people to tap into powerful transformative and generative potentials. This means getting to the threshold of ejaculation but not getting to the point of spasms leading to full or peak body orgasm, i.e. ejaculation.

By refraining from ejaculation, then there is an 'in-jaculation' or an absorption of seminal nutrients which are then recycled in the bloodstream and available for the endocrine and nervous systems. 

"Edging," also referred to as "surfing" or "peaking", is a form of orgasm control involving a high level of sexual arousal maintained over extended periods of time. The pleasure can be so great so as to create intense euphoric states and altered states of consciousness. Edging has afforded me many benefits in my life which include sensory pleasure, consciousness expansion, and discipline.

I have been exploring edging for close to four decades. Initially, my proclivity for full body orgasms and ejaculation hindered the transition to edging. However, with determination and practice I eventually managed to extend the periods of successful edging to span weeks, months, even years. By improving this sexual discipline, I have gained a sense of accomplishment that permeates everything I do personally, socially, musically, athletically, and professionally. I live with purpose and design and can tap into a sense of self-efficacy guiding me to the realization of my dreams.


Fundamental to this 'sexual manifesto' is rethinking semen, the substance which has been typically deemed simply as a provider of food and transport for sperm en route to fertilize an egg.

This miraculous fluid hosts cancer-fighting agents, hormones, vitamins, minerals, sugars, enzymes, amino acids, and trace elements. Surprisingly, many ingredients found in semen are also used by the other endocrine glands to make their respective hormones, and by the brain(the choroid plexus) to elaborate cerebral spinal fluid.

Our endocrine and nervous systems are teammates overseeing all our major body functions, growth, maintenance, and repair, but they are also antagonists competing to extract similar vital nutrients from the bloodstream.

Among the endocrines, only the sex glands can be voluntarily coerced to eliminate what they produce. Therefore, when frequent ejaculation diminishes necessary nutrients (lecithin, phosphatides, cholesterol, etc.), a reduced activity among the endocrines and the brain results.

This puts a unique spin on the saying 'f**king your brains out'. Conversely, by  refraining from ejaculation, the endocrine and nervous systems benefit by being energized and vitalized.

By understanding the inner workings of our bodies, people can cultivate lasting mental and physical health from their sexual experiences.


Dr. William 'Bila' Kolbe has been married for 35 years and is the father of a son, 26. He has a doctorate in Education, an MBA in public management, an MA in International Studies, and a BS in microbiology. 
His book, "The Rejuvenating Power of Masturbation" is a look at masturbation across history and cultures; an exploration into  how sexual activity/masturbation stimulates our bodily systems; and Tantric masturbation practices involving semen retention and conscious channeling of sexual energy. For more information visit his website.

(Feb 18) Greetings Henry, Just as Father Winter is unleashing another frosty blizzard today here in the Northeast, so the RPM too is gaining momentum and reaching a greater public. Below you have a link to a blog post concerning the often-cited 2004 US study linking frequent ejaculation to lower incidences of prostate cancer. The flaws in that study may raise more than an eyebrow. There is also a link to my February 10th radio interview on the Michael Blum Show. Michael, his co-host, and I spoke for about 40 minutes on a range of issues concerning sexuality. I felt honored to share sex-positive information with 2 gracious and eloquent individuals and their international listening audience.

First Comment from Rich (PRO):

This is actually correct information as far as human chi and energy systems go. While I also agree with Henry on cultivating sexuality in marriage, the general idea here is very correct as various studies done in Germany and other nations have proven. 

For example, studies done in the 70's showed that when men were shown even a mildly erotic video, hormone production increased by 75%. This has been known to the Chinese Taoists and Shaolin monks for millennia. While the Taoists would engage in a type of "edging" to build up more semen and thus more chi, the Shaolin considered using the imagination too distracting and sexually tempting to their purely spiritual pursuits, so they would simply use the mind to guide the chi to the testicles and prostate gland to build up more semen and then lead that energy via the leg channels up through the thrusting channel inside the spine to the brain. 

Keeping the brain and pituitary gland highly energized is one of THE major keys to health and longevity and recent studies conducted in the west have also proven.

These techniques CAN be adopted by anyone that believes in God, the bible and is a Christian. Instead of using ones own hand in masturbation, you simply practice with your wife by coming to the near edge of orgasm without emission, while working to bring her to multiple orgasms. 

This creates a strong interplay between the male and female sexual energies. The man's increased "heat" from him coming close to, but not going over the edge to emission, helps to bring her female water energies to a boil and allows her to reach multiple orgasms. As she emits her water energy during orgasm, it helps to cool his fire, making it easier for him to not go over the edge and thus prolonging love making, bond on an emotion and spiritual level and bringing you closer to each other. 

I have experienced this myself many times throughout the years and it does surely work. 

Certain schools of Taoism do not subscribe to the masturbation part either, as they too believed that it was too easy to go over the line into sexual lust. These schools also believe that these techniques work best within an monogamous heterosexual relationship as male and female energies are designed, by default, to balance each other out. This also demonstrates that, even in terms of human chi and bio-energy, that same sex relationships are incompatible with the natural order. Even studies show that the worst violence is between two women.. but I digress

Feminism - Erin Pizzy- Law to Evict Men from Home/Worst violence is between two women

James M (Con) 

What is above described with "chi" and the like is all utilized in "sex magick" as a power behind spells and invokations, ejaculation control and semen retention are crucial practices to these systems and part and parcel of them, especially for generating "spiritual power". The asians have had corruption too (so few people who love the eastern culture and "wisdom" seem to understand this) and this represents some of it. It should also come as no surprise that crowley designed rituals around this as well, taking the foolishness from the hindu (tantric yoga practices) and buddhist beliefs, and incorporating it into his occultic mix.

Make no mistake, "chi" isn't some mysterious dumb force like electricity as many would have people believe, it is the same as our english "spirit", and the etymology of it and it's related words proves it (prana to the hindus, chi or qi to the chinese, ki to the japanese, pneuma to the greeks, spiritus to latins, etc.). Basically this sex magic practice is an attempt to control the life believed to be bestowed in the act of copulation, and redirect it's "energy" into something that conforms to the "will" of the would-be spell-caster. Other practices involving "chi" (such as reiki) try to "channel intelligent chi" to heal injuries etc. of course the term "intelligent" here should be a tip off, what they mean is channeling a spiritual entity (Read: devil/demon).

A final note about "chi" and "breath", in genesis it makes mention of "God's Breath" you'll find this word here for "breathed" or "breath" is the etymological same to that of latin's "spiritus" etc. it could be construed from this that the sorcerers in question are attempting to control God's gift of life, for their own will's ends (remember that to the satanist their will is their god). Suffice it to say that would be blasphemous, and that man is unqualified to control such a thing in that fashion.

Lastly, no use of "chi" is good, "chi" is ultimately connected to magic/sorcery and an integral part thereof, and the word seems to be used both for "life energy" and for devils/demons.  This Doctor may mean well, perhaps, but what he advocates is nothing less than a fundamental practice of satanic sorcery from various cultures, with many "promises" and "health benefits" to tempt the average person who won't look any further into the subject.

BK Responds:

Henry, I am elated to see the diversity of comments about my article on "Sex of the Third Kind". No matter where one falls on this issue, opening up dialogue and intelligent perspectives on sexuality enriches our lives and potentials for learning and growth. I would like to address some of the comments posted so far.
I am asking people to look at masturbation, when done knowledgeably concerning the inner workings of our bodies, as an exercise that has clear benefits to our bodily and nervous systems. It is not intended as a substitute for conjugal or paired sex, but instead as a supplement.  
Tantric texts tout the numerous physical, mental, and spiritual benefits derived from male semen retention but exclude women from this benefit. Can women benefit from retention of their sexual fluid? Is there a link between female ejacutation and endocrine function similar to that experienced by men? There is no definitive answer given the variability in appearance, size, and function of the gland responsible for making sex fluid among women; however, there is some evidence linking frequent ejacutation and adverse hormonal changes, hence a possible ejacutation-endocrine cause and effect relation. This would seem to indicate that refraining from ejacutation could benefit the nervous and endocrine systems similarly to how semen retention benefits men.
Whereas certain schools of Taoism shun masturbation, other schools, especially those tied to martial arts, take a different view. Genital massage and visualizations, known as Shii Soei Ching training involving Wai Dan and Nei Dan, are practiced to fortify the body and maintain good health, youthfulness, and longevity.
I attended a Gnóstico school which is part of a mission founded by the Colombian Samael Aun Weor in the 1950's. It was based on Eastern sexuality and was not a Christian, Judaic, or Buddhist form of Gnosticism.
Regarding the Krishna reference, masturbation or paired sex as referenced in my article would be an upward movement of sexual energy. I would understand a downward movement or draining of sexual energy to be resulting from ejaculation but not from the sex act itself.
Is there an incompatibility of human chi and bio-energy cultivation in same sex relationships with respect to the natural order- How can one deny the cultivation of sexual energy and stimulation of the endocrine system in same sex activity? No matter whether our sex organs are stimulated manually, orally, anally, or genitally, the signal gets sent to the pituitary which then signals the sex glands to get in gear and boost production of many wonderful substances. Sexual energy is flowing throughout the body. Pretty optimal state to be in. There is no prerequisite sexual orientation for this to work.

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Comments for "Semen as Male Elixir?"

ND said (January 28, 2014):

According to the Vedic wisdom, sexual activity maintains the illusory concept that we are here in this material world to wring out as much gratification as possible.

The genitals have a pleasure coating, the tongue has a pleasure coating, and they are shackle points to this mundane zone. Indulging these 'shackles' is to effectively dumb oneself down to transcendental reality by fixing one's consciousness on this carnal plane and causing oneself (the atma, or soul) to 'chew the chewed', trying to seek out pleasure, but failing to comprehend what is ananda, or the pleasure of the soul.

'tis ill advice to recommend any form of sexual indulgence, for it is not in the interest of the soul. Fixation on the bodily concept of life, or in other words, any activity which indulges the mind and body, will, by default, reinforce Maya - the illusory energy which subjugates us here - thereby working directly against our actual interest. That interest being no less that a comprehensive and realized handle on our eternal nature, as opposed to our bewildered condition of identifying with the body - our biological interface machine - as being the self.

Quite frankly, talking ad infinitum on the genital business, you know, this hole, that hole, my penis, her vagina, his anus, my anus, her juice, my semen, my 'love' making (as if love can be made), her orgasms etc, etc, etc is a violence against our self interest.

I suspect we have here, in the article which I comment on, an example of a 'New Agey' distraction ploy. A mix of misunderstood tantra thrown into the New Age amalgam, the intent of which is to waylay the self on his soul journey in this world. I'm not saying that the author is aware of who pulls these strings of deception, and is, thereby, deliberately being deceptive, but suffice to say that many are employed knowingly or otherwise in Maya's service.

Realization of the eternal nature of our very being is at stake here. Pull the mind from between the legs brothers! I'm preaching to myself here - we're all in the same boat.

DB said (January 27, 2014):

Thanks Henry for your website!

You enrich so many lives with the concepts explored here! I have learned so much from your site!

Regarding the article on male elixir:

Chi is very real. It is very electric.

Links to relevant videos:


I have felt this electric chi energy, while receiving acupuncture treatment. Also I have studied Tai Chi which I cannot recommend enough. In my experience, no other form of exercise has the positive effects that long form Tai Chi has.

Iva said (January 26, 2014):

Possible valid points but still abusing and misusing what sex is intended for. This is not a substitute for finding a good wife or husband. Male fluids are meant to go one way and with an intended purpose.

I can at least speak for myself when I say sex outside a commitment is depressing mentally and spiritually. Masturbation is even worse and I still have to think of someone of the opposite sex in every way. So no matter the benefits I recognize it as depressing manipulative and abusing. And I haven't even added God to it yet.

David said (January 26, 2014):

Just wanted top put a few cents in on this one as I know a bit about this topic.

Although he knows a little it surprises me that Bila Kolbe is contemplating about female sexual fluids/ ejaculate etc. If he has been doing these practices for 20 years and has studied all the various paths which use sexual energy how can he know so little. Its not just that he should have learned this in his studies but that he should have worked it out for himself. If he had actually raised his sexual energy into his brain then you would expect him to have put 2 and 2 together here.

The female equivalent to sperm are her eggs. She doesn't lose them through sex but through her period. This is really obvious when you think about it. Female sexual fluids are like a kind of saliva, nothing special there really, he is barking up the wrong tree.

For a female the tantric technique is to consciously move sexual energy from the ovaries up into the brain. A woman can completely stop her period through this practice and therefore retain her vitality much longer. She can also reverse it at any point to regain her cycle and become fertile again if she so desires.

I could go on for many pages but this should be enough to point Bila in the right direction.

Anon said (January 26, 2014):

On Mr. Self-sex,

* Forty years sans purity equals madness.

* Absent sex: males discharge semen post urination, sans erection.

* Good sex: love goes towards another, not self or fluids.

* Tantric and black magick occultism others note correctly.

* Kinseyesque agitprop under spiritist, not scientific cover.

* Peace Corps is a NWO CIA front...just sayin'. Why would a Peace Corp worker get involved in this stuff?

* School degrees are 100% worldly ("carnal"), no theology or Eastern culture.
All irrelevant to his subject EXCEPT in the aspect of mass brainwashing.

* Whose wife or children would OK this weirdness, or going public with it?

* Prediction: NWO will soon promote Borg brain jacks for like effects. Men more interested in self-arousal than defending families or freedom are easily ruled. Just feed 'em soma and soylent green.

* Claims of compatibility with Christ are typical evil. Hear an ex-NewAger discuss such infiltration. He notes how publishers even revise books secretly to hide occultism from Christian masses.
Date: 01-21-14
Hour: 4
9:00: Warren Smith - Another Jesus

Marcos said (January 26, 2014):

Gnosticism is the religion of the New World Order and the main enemy of those who believe in a personal God who is the source of beauty, goodness and justice. The new world order is bringing us occultism in the form of gnosticism and bombarding us with their wicked practices. Nothing could be more degrading than basing our spiritual life on the manipulation of sexual fluids.

In some Tibetan Tantric currents, followers consume semen in occult rituals. It is disgusting and one more step to define human beings based on sex. isn't this what the Illuminati are all about?

Peter said (January 26, 2014):

A friend once told me as a teenager "wanking will make your chronically depressed" at the time i didnt know what he was alluding to but now i realize that it was the relationship between the loss of difficult to synthesize bodily fluids and the shortfall that occurs within the body when these precious commodities are simply jettisoned
for no good reason.

There is a lot of good logic expressed in this article and i have little doubt that it will be the starting gun for much fact finding
but like you Henry i believe that this should be within the bounds of the Natural order that seems so unpopular these days.

Adrian said (January 24, 2014):

Whilst marriage is an excellent stabilizer to society, the article author does make some valid points.

The realization that sexual energy is a form of "life force"/prana/chi and that prana can be directed upwards to evolve consciousness or
downwards to evolve the race is a realization found in every civilization throughout history, except for that of modern man.

The late Gopi Krishna gave us the understanding that yoga is a ** biological ** method for directing prana upwards to the brain.

In the 1970's through his scientific
writings, Krishna attracted the attention of such luminaries as Claus Nobel of the Nobel Foundation and Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker
professor of Life Sciences at the prestigious Max Planck science institute in Germany.

Krishna's hypothesis is that there is a biological mechanism behind genius and mysticism. This thesis was based on the metabolic and
nervous system changes in his own body but also based on decades of research into contemporary cases. He also conducted an extensive literature search of Indian and world mystical and religious texts.

Krishna wrote about 20 books, but his first is the reference: "The Biological Basis of Religion and Genius by Gopi Krishna; Carl Freiherr
Von Weizsacker (1972)"

However, on the subject of downward sexual stimulation, Krishna recommended about one stimulation per month, within marriage. The
masturbatory obsession preached by the author will only yield hand ache.

Cloudy said (January 24, 2014):

What Kolbe is advocating and"discovered" is called Tantrika, Trantrism, or Tantric Sex. Such "unsanctioned" activity of trying to debase The Mother [Kundalini] will merely open "The Gates To Hell" - to leaving The Gates to Hell unprotected by "Shri Ganesha" - by artificially/licentiously stimulating The Perineum.

If this "Kolbe" chap is practicing what he is preaching, regret will not be the word but eternally regretting will be. If you know him personally, ask him about his funny "dreams".

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