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Crypto Jews Feast on Algeria

August 22, 2014

bouteflika-le-dirigeant-algerien.jpg(left, Abduleez Bouteflika, Algerian president)

N Thor is an Algerian journalist and historian who expresses the frustration
of patriots with the depredations by an elite considered to be crypto Jews
aligned to Israel, Freemasonry and the New World Order

(See WF's rebuttal below)

by N Thor

Algeria, the largest country in Africa, the Mediterranean and the Arab World, is one of the richest on earth. It has huge gas and oil reserves and a climate and agriculture comparable to California. Yet a corrupt Jewish elite connected to France is monopolizing this Bonanza.

algerian-desert1.jpg(Although Algeria is world 4th largest producer of natural gas, 25% of population live in poverty.)

Hundreds of billions of dollars have been wasted since president Bouteflika became head of the state in 1999. Our economy is now worse than that of Zimbabwe! Our education system and health system systems are in disrepair. The justice system has been stymied. The country is plunged in disorder.

Once proud Algeria has been turned into a whore. We read in the Algerian independent daily El Watan (Oct. 28 2013): "The Bouteflika clan perpetrated a lot of damage to Algeria. It would seem that it carries out a plan concocted outside the country.  Bouteflika becoming head of the State was a national disaster. The country has sunk into decline; it is well down the list in all fields."

But who is Bouteflika. We read in El Watan (May 9 2014): "Bouteflika has not written books, no biography... One knows almost nothing about his previous life."

Officially, he was born in 1937 in Oujda, Morocco, and as a Moroccan joined the Algerian independence movement in the 50's (unlike Morocco, Algeria was part of France). Tell you more? That's all folks!

In the spring of 2014, Algerian journalist Abdelali Rezagui revealed in Al-Magharibia TV ( that the true family name of our president is Belezer, which sounds Jewish. Another lead is the following document found in Gallica's online library (

 levy.pngThis photograph (Left) of a certain Mr Levy appeared in the magazine L'Afrique du Nord Illustrée, issue of Feb. 23 1924.  He has a striking resemblance with president Bouteflika and may be his father. It is noted that he was a financial representative working in Algeria and who frequently traveled to Morocco, notably to Oujda!

We can safely assume that Bouteflika was involved in the 50's Israeli secret plan of infiltration. He was disguised as an Arab patriot in 1957 when he joined the ALN (National Liberation Army) and at Algeria's independence in 1962 he was appointed as a minister.

Our president turned up in France, from 2000 to 2003, almost unannounced and for eight times, so that he was received at the airport by the mayor of Paris!

In his 2004 book Bouteflika: An Algerian Fraud,
Mohamed Benchicou, an Algerian investigative journalist documented the homosexuality and occult practices of the never-married president Bouteflika.

Mohamed Benchicou paid the price of snooping around that dangerous area. In June 2004, he was sentenced to two years in prison, officially for infraction in money exchange. The real reason behind his imprisonment is the above-mentioned book and his writings in Le Matin, both of which are still censored all over Algeria. PEN (the international association of writers) reported that Benchicou's prison conditions were harsh, with 50 prisoners to a cell. Benchicou's health has been deteriorated since his imprisonment and he is now seriously ill. He's been silenced. Journalists who try to approach him are intimidated or threatened.

 mediene.pngGeneral Mohamed Mediene, alias Toufik (Left), now nearing the age of eighty, is head of the Algerian secret services (DRS). According to Wikipedia, he is a leading power behind the scenes. He assassinated many Algerian patriots, including the powerful former head of the secret services Kasdi Merbah. One of Malika's cousins informed me that his father is a Kabylian from Harbil (near Guenzet) and his mother is a Jewess who was living up until 2001 in the block of Kouba, Algiers. He has been the head of the Intelligence service for 22 years!  This crypto-Jew played a key role in the destruction of Algeria (to the benefit of the masonic New World Order). Even at very old age he's still trying to deceive!

Anissa Boumedienne is the widow of former Algerian president Houari Boumediene (El Huwerry), the nationalist leader assassinated in 1978. Back in the 70s she was known as a Christian. Mohamed Tamalt in his 2001 book Les relations algéro-israéliennes says she is Jewish and a Mossad agent. She and Bouteflika are very close and no one has ever accused her of being party to the assassination of president Boumedienne (her husband) who was poisoned.

Mohammed Lakhdar-Hamina is an Algerian film director and one of the most prominent figures in Arabic cinema (Wikipedia is silent about the fact that his mother is Jewish. Like the world's show-biz stars, he is ultra-liberal and a communist. His most famous work, Chroniques des années de braises (Chronicle of the years of embers), for which he was awarded the Golden Palm at Cannes in 1975, features the Arabs of Algeria, driven by famine, beginning to take up their guns. No reference to their faith or their deep sense of belonging to the Arab nation, only hunger and poverty against feudalist Frenchmen and Algerian Caids. For him it's not faith and nationalism that kept these Arabs together, but hunger and poverty under feudalism (O dear Marx!). If this is true, then why the Bushmen of South Africa or the Aborigines of Australia have never exercised their hunger power so well politically and militarily as Arabs or Irishmen did?
nouria.pngAmong the current ministers appointed by president Bouteflika, there are seven women. This is a record in the Arab world. One of them, the education minister Nouria Benghabrit-Remaoun (Left), a feminist and a hater of everything Arab (she often uses the word Islam instead of Arab), has been denounced in the past months by the Algerian daily Ech-chorouk El-youmi ( as a crypto-Jewess.

The councillor at the presidency since the mid-80s is Mohammed Megueddem. In the town of Bordj Bou Arreridj (north-central Algeria) natives say he is the illegitimate son of Mr. Dachache, a Jew, and a French woman, who were living in the town. He was given to El Ayachi Megueddem, an Arab, to be raised as his own son.

Many other Algerians, barefaced liars so highly trained in the ways of subterfuge and deception, are rumoured to be crypto-Jews, namely the Trotskyite Louisa Hanoune (president of the Labour Party), ministers Tayeb Belaiz (Justice) and Mourad Medelci (Home affairs), former councillor at the presidency Larbi Belkheir, and former ministers Nourredine Zerhouni and Chakib Khalil.

However, Algeria is not completely lost and not all brave men have faded away. Just a deepening sense of gravity and plans of revenge, for anger is mounting.


Also by N Thor ---   Masonic Jewish Subversion - Algeria Style


These links suggest that most of these 'Muslim' individuals are actually crypto-Jews.

First Comment by  WF

  Please allow me bring to your attention a major flaw which has slipped through your certainly strict survey of what you publish or allow from other sources to appear on your site !

One article entitled "Crypto Jews Feast on Algeria" has brought dismay and disbelief by its lack of evidence backing ant its outrageous claims and accusations.  The whole story is based on a picture claimed to be that of a certain Levy who "may be his father", that is Bouteflika's father. "May be", the whole tale is built around this assumption ! What is left is pure speculation, personal bias views and judgements, likely of some members of the opposition of the last criminal Islamic party, FIS, whose leaders have found asylum in London, nest of the all Moslem' abomination from Wahhabism to djihadism ! It is a well known fact among people that Bouteflika is of a noble descent (at least and definitely on his mother's side *).
"One of Malika's cousins informed me", about last Boumedienne's wife, Anissa, being "... and Bouteflika are very close";  etc..
Ludicrous lies : Anissa has been a virulent critic of Bouteflika and joined his main opponent's camp (Benflis) during presidential elections campaigns ! Cheap lies and libels fill this shameful report ! It' an abuse of all deontological rules of writing and an unfortunate degrading of your long standing struggle for truth and justice ! 

The most convincing historical, political, financial, economic, geo-strategical, and doctrinal arguments in favour of Bouteflika's achievements, those you will appreciate most for them being in line with your true patriotic and militant fight against NWO !

1- Bouteflika recovered national independence by opposing Illuminatis and their banksters and paying back ALL DEBTS to debtors (London and Paris Cubs, World Bank, IMF), freeing the nation from shylocks' iron fist, ever since his election (1999); debt amounting then to $ 40 Billions and growing, therefore putting a rope around the country's neck, nurturing a bankrupt economy with the serum/abomination of debt/usury;

2- He initiated a historically unprecedented political campaign (as never recorded in any country) to reconcile Algerians, therefore neutralizing terrorism through counselling and negotiation, bringing enemies into agreement, so doing putting and end to the 10 years internal political crisis which skimmed civilian war,

3- He challenged the gaz/oil international cartel's monopole and rebuilt the scattered organisation of oil producers (OPEC) to allow control of market share through quotas and a fair revenue to producers/exporters, putting and end to anarchy in world production, rising Algeria's profits and reserves ($ 200 Billions !!),

4- He challenges USA/NATO incursion in Africa by building and updating the country's defences, cooperating and gaining support from Russia who provides the country with the latest sophisticated weaponry  (not delivered to any else),

5 - He encouraged free speech and set foundations for a truly democratic state, freedom of press and media is unique even by European standards,

6- He opposes Isra-Hell on all issues of Palestine and all related matters,  its boundaries, its capital, the return of Palestinians, and other disputed rights, that is in compliance with all United Nations Resolutions. Bouteflika's stand is not a only courageous, it defies all Israel's allies, when practically all countries have backed down when confronted to zionist bullying and intimidation;

7- His policies led to economic revival, true financial autonomy, exemplary achievements in all fields of development (international financial bodies and experts are unanimous as statistics speak for themselves, for hydraulics, agriculture, transports, highways, building, military and defence ),

8- Despite being so efficient his leadership is non-stop criticised and under fire from the zionist french media ! How could it be otherwise, Bouteflika deprived Rothschild's bank from reaping big profits and controlling the country's wealth (see recent impact of that hold on Argentina).

Dear Henry, please consider reassessing the above mentioned article from a totally unknown "N.Thor ", " Algerian journalist and historian", who I believe is anonymously abusing your web site standards of truthful reporting and objective analysis publishing !

Thank you for your attention. please accept my most high gratitude for you reading this letter and pondering my request.
(*) Belkaids are a line of Sufi Saints descending from the Prophet Mohammed (SAAWS) to the actual Sheikh Belkaid of Oran ! Google will give plenty of data covering this known biography.

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Comments for "Crypto Jews Feast on Algeria"

Marcos said (August 24, 2014):

Several Arab countries that have been colonized by France suffer from the plague of Grand Orient Masonry, especially Syria and Lebanon.

Check this page for an extensive list of Arab masons and history of masonry in the region.
It's in French, but as with any page,it can easily be translated by Google.

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