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Zionist/NATO Vultures Reclaim Libyan Carcass

May 21, 2014

Former-general-Khalifa-Hi-009.jpgGeneral Kalifa Hafter, left, is leading a coup against the Libyan government.

After Islamist terrorists did NATO's dirty work, the two entities
are fighting over the spoils. Enter CIA-asset General Kalifer Hafter.

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"The UK, France and the USA are now going to "save" Libya from the mess made by them."

by JoAnne Moriarty

General Haftar has been in the pocket of the US via the CIA since his traitorous defection during the Libyan/Chadian conflict in the 70's and 80's.  He defected and actually moved to the US and lived in and near Langley Virginia for years. It is a well known fact that he was working with the CIA.  
During the false flag revolution in Libya in 2011, Haftar was dropped into Libya to lead the NATO Al Qaeda mercenaries and the approximately 5% of Libyans (radical Islamists) that joined NATO.
Haftar attempted a coup in February. It failed completely. He hid inside the US Embassy from where he escaped from Libya. He is back now leading some parts of the old Libyan army who want their country back from the Al Qaeda groups that now occupy it. He is supported by the US with money and electronics now and possibly military in the future.

The US had been supporting Al Qaeda, Ansar Al Sharia, Muslim Brotherhood, Libyan Islamic Fighting group and other extremist militias in Libya since 2011.  Most of this was done via Qatar and Turkey causing more and more destabilization everyday in Libya.

The US (Zionists) think that the Libyan people are being so beaten up that they will agree to anything.  Because Libya is now considered a "grey" zone,  (no government, no borders, etc.)  all surrounding countries are at risk, including Italy and Europe. Al Qaeda is moving at will with weapons and terrorism.  The oil is not flowing from Libya anymore and terrorists now have at least 20+ camps inside Libya.
Therefore, the UK, France and the USA are now going to "save" Libya from the mess made by them. 

They are going to see who can get the greatest share of the spoils.  The US is using Haftar to begin this battle. The Tribes of Libya along with the Libyan resistance (most of the tribes are with the resistance) are standing back and letting Haftar do his thing as it suits them for now. 

They are not with him in the sense of him ever being supported for any kind of leader in Libya. He is a traitor and he is with the US CIA they all know it.  The resistance has not yet started its move, there is much more to come but it will happen on their time not the US dictated time.


The Tribes of Libya are all the people.  All the people in Libya belong to tribes.  There are 2000 tribes in Libya, some with many members and some with just a few. Werfalla is the largest with 2 million members; they call their home Bani Walid.

Libya is divided into 5 parts (areas) Tripoli, East Tripoli, West Tripoli, East Libya, South Libya. Each Area has 40 "Leaders" members of the General Secretariat. One person from each area make-up the committee for all tribes and General Secretariat.  In the past, there was a People's Congress that was elected and then there was the General Secretariat of the Tribes.  The tribes were basically the shadow government.
The Tribes of Libya are working with and in the Resistance.  The resistance is working to clean Libya of all radical Islamists.  They all play different roles, from communication, to organization, to strategies, to armies and weapons, to full support of those in immediate need inside and outside of their country.

There are two million Libyans still in exile who are hoping to be able to return very soon.  The tribes are a big problem for the Zionists; they cannot destroy or penetrate them. They are an over 8000-year-old culture and consider themselves brothers.  Of course they have disagreements and in the past some of the tribes joined the NATO war but since that time have had great regrets and feel that they were tricked.  They now join their brothers in the fight to free their country.
The tribes have a plan for the future of Libya it is as they state:

·        Libya will be a State of All Democratic and free ..........

·        People will select kind and how to choose government and regime for all Libyan people....

·        No one will be threatened or fight each other...

·        Islamic Extremist and terrorism forbidden...

·        The Tribes completed a new Democratic Constitution in late August 2011. It will be voted on by all the Libyan people when they are allowed to present it.


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Comments for "Zionist/NATO Vultures Reclaim Libyan Carcass "

JG said (May 21, 2014):

There was a time when a lot of these countries wanted to be "westernized".
Libya was actually doing very well economically and was in the process of being successfully integrated into the world economy.
This all changed when traditional US Democracy was driven out of Washington for good by foreign agents under the guise of dual Israeli US citizens going all the way back to Bill Clinton.
Their NWO doctrines such as the 'Project for a New American Century' and 'Securing the Realm', authored by Richard Perle, were put into motion after the 911.
It hasn't gotten any better since with the implementation of the 'Wolfowitz Doctrine' that basically calls for the dismantling of any prospering foreign nation that is not under their full control. This is the new foreign policy for the US Israeli NWO.

Washington sat by as these foreign agents of World Marxism dismantled their government and trashed their Constitution. And now the US military has become their mule to carry out these rouge declarations.

Seth said (May 21, 2014):

The 'Arab Spring' was all orchestrated by the CIA-Mossad-MI6 to install new governments & change the regional political configuration
in accordance with the new geopolitical objectives of the Judeo-homo central bankers & corporations who rule every nation of the world.

The history of the CIA is simply one of installing puppets through coups &
rigged elections & then attacking them years later (Qaddafi, Mubarak, Assad, Saddam et al.) This is done to maintain & operate their
Orwellian global governing system of control & power based upon phony enemies, war & terrorism.

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