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Future Libyan President is Bronfman Son-in-Law

May 4, 2014

BASIT-SARA-IGTET3747-1.jpg(left. Abdul Basit Igtet, with wife Sara Bronfman and daughter. Sara is daughter
of Edgar Bronfman, former head of the World Jewish Congress.)

Illuminati Jews brazenly plan to replace
Gaddafi with one of their own.

This is the NWO royalty - Jewish billionaires. 

NATO which removed Ghaddafi
is their private army.
Their rapacity, also seen in Syria
and now in Ukraine, raises the specter of world war.

by JoAnne Moriarty

Abdul Basit Igtet, a Zionist puppet, is being imposed on the Libyan people as their savior. Last month, he announced his candidacy to become President of Libya.

The illegal NATO war against Libya has left it in shambles. There is no government. The puppets put in place by the CIA and German intelligence, Ali Zeidan and
Mohammed Magarief, have absconded with billions of dollars, leaving behind Al Qaeda mercenaries to control the country by terror. No oil is being pumped; there are no government services; people fly in and out of Tripoli without passport or visa control.

Al Qaeda, Ansar Al Sharia, the Muslim Brotherhood and other extremist Muslim groups have made themselves at home. They have 11 so-called "campuses" where they train and arm Al Qaeda fighters to perpetrate acts of terror against sovereign nations. These groups now control one of the richest countries in the world. This dangerous and unbelievable outcome can be directly blamed on Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

lieberman.jpg (Igtet gets Joe Lieberman's blessing)

The people of Libya have little hope.  Of 5.5 million Libyans, .5 million were killed, two million are in exile, one million are homeless inside, and two million are struggling to survive.  THIS IS A DIRECT RESULT OF THE ILLEGAL WAR AND OCCUPATION BY THE ZIONISTS AND NEW WORLD ORDER CRIMINALS.

The Zionist plan now unfolds in the form of a "wolf in sheep's clothing" named Abdul Basit Igtet, who is being portrayed as the one who will restore peace and security. Having put the Libyan people in a situation where most of them have lost loved ones, have no homes and no hope, the Zionists believe that they can force the people Libya to accept this puppet as their leader.


Abdul Igtet was born in Al Bayda City in the East of Libya to the Shahat, a very small tribe of maybe ten people.

His father was a Mufti (Islamic leader) for the Islamic extremists. His father opposed the Ghadafi regime, stole millions from them, was imprisoned and died. (This makes sense because Ghadafi hated radical Islamists, whom he said they are not real Muslims.) The Gaddafi regime actively searched out radicals that fomented hate amongst the Libyans.

In his early 20's, Mr. Igtet landed in Switzerland and has lived outside of Libya for over 20 years. He was never highly educated as the media would have you believe. In Switzerland, he used the millions of dollars that his father had embezzled to build a company and become very rich by the age of 45.

In Switzerland, he began to work within the Zionist club. Sara Bronfman became his girlfriend. Sara Bronfman's father is Edgar Bronfman Sr., former president of the World Jewish Congress. The connection here is pretty obvious. Mr. Igtet and Ms. S. Bronfman have a daughter together and are currently living together? or married? This fact has never been clarified. However, both of their bio's have been modified eliminating the fact that they have a child together. Of course it would not be good PR.

Another very important point is that Mr. Igtet, once made the leader of Libya, fully intends to recognize and allow Israel to put a military base in the Green Mountain area of Libya.

After all, he has to repay those who put him in power.  Libyans will remember that it was John McCain who showed up in Tripoli last year to support Mr. Igtet as the next leader of Libya. All Libyans understand what it means to have the backing of John McCain as it was McCain who backed the Al Qaeda rebels who destroyed Libya. Libyans understand Mr. Igtet joined NATO in the destruction and death of Libya. He is a traitor to his country, as are all the Illuminati puppets worldwide.

Ignet promises to share oil money with the people. He brings up all the ideas that were implemented by Gaddafi. He has no new ideas; he does not know or understand Libya or its people as he has not lived there for over 20 years. He calls for transparency in all things. Well then, lets make your life transparent, Mr. Igtet, and show us where you got all your money, who are you married to, how many children do you have and who are your sponsors?

Here you have a man, albeit it a very small (in stature) man, who is a full Zionist. As an illegitimate Libyan, he hides behind nice words to lure the people of Libya into a trap set by the same people that destroyed their great country.

The Zionists are using the oppression and struggle of the Libyans for the past three years to try and force the Libyans to accept their puppet - Igtet.

What Libya needs now is one of its own sons, a handsome, strong man of large stature. This man, Igtet, in no way shape or form represents the Libyan people and the great tribes of Libya. They are an ancient proud race and they will not be fooled again.

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Comments for " Future Libyan President is Bronfman Son-in-Law "

Dan said (May 4, 2014):

No surprises here.

--quote --

Basit Igtet (born 24 September 1970) is a Zurich based entrepreneur and Libyan national who has founded several companies in various sectors. He became prominent in mid-2011 for his work supporting the Libyan revolution through international lobbying and was consequently appointed as a Special Envoy to the Libyan National Transitional Council (NTC) on 4 September 2011.


Globalism is the synonym for Zionist world government. We can't even call it government - it's overseers,. That's why they call it 'governance'.

I hope everyone's fully aware that Israeli proxies installed in Libya and Ukraine brings us closer to the final Israeli/US/NATO blitzkrieg on Syria, Iran - and probably that's just the beginning.

Rolph said (May 4, 2014):

The dialectic of 'divide and conquer' has a Talmudic basis that ashkenazi Jewry uses
to erode or pit societies (e.g.Christian, Muslim etc.) it dislikes or envious of against
each other. It's Satanic in origin and will continue until this spiritual warfare is exposed
for all to see. It was one of the reasons for expulsion from various countries in the past
and the reason for ideological of Zionism to emerge.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at