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Teachers Applaud as Prof Defends Pedophiles

October 20, 2013

543.jpg(Kincaid, left. No protesters in sight before lecture.)

James Kincaid denies he is promoting
pedophilia but his speech Saturday
told a different story.

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

Despite the fact 3000 people signed a petition to bar
James Kincaid from Canada, there were no protesters when this defender of pedophilia spoke to a conference,
'Bodies at Play; Sexuality, Childhood and Classroom Life' at the University of Toronto Saturday morning.

Although the 125,000 members
of the Institute for Canadian Values and Canada Family Action petitioned the government, the only dissenter present was reader Nathan Wiedmann, 32, a tradesman and father of three, who drove three hours through the night to be there.

Nathan had planned to join other protesters. When none appeared, he decided to attend the lecture instead.
Normally, he would have to register in advance but they let him in anyway, despite heavy security evident outside.  Thanks to the recording Nathan made of the 45-minute talk, I can report what transpired. 

kincaid.jpg.size.xxlarge.letterbox.jpg(Kincaid, with wife, after lecture)

Kincaid, 76, who is a Professor Emeritus at the University of Southern California, did not come right out and advocate pedophilia in so many words. Rather he downplayed the negatives while. in general terms, promoting the positives of seeing children erotically.  His euphemism for erotic is "the surrealistic child."

Kincaid is a confident and charming speaker, as you'd expect from a retired English professor. The audience treated him like a guru and social reformer, not like the ideological pederast he is.

They laughed at his little jokes and concluded with a round of applause. No questions were allowed but people were invited to approach him individually.

The first half of the talk featured the display of incomprehensible "erudition" professors use to put their audiences into a respectful trance. Then Kincaid came out with his trademark message. He implied that everyone is sexually attracted to children and only pedophiles are honest enough to admit it.

This is the strategy homosexual activists also use. Anyone who doesn't want their "lifestyle" to become the societal norm is a closeted gay himself.

Kincaid said there was no need to protect children from predators. Conservatives created this bogeyman to uphold the outdated institution of family and "US identity." Society is hypocritical because it eroticizes children at the same time as it persecutes pedophiles.

I beg to differ, Prof. Kincaid.  Illuminati social engineers, homosexuals  and pedophiles sexualize children. Society objects because your values have not yet taken over.

The audience laughed in agreement when he said child predators are really FBI agents trying to arrange a sting. He pictured two FBI agents making an assignation. "Nothing ever happens," he says."It's a thought crime."

 He said there were only 115 child abductions a year in the US, and hysteria over pedophilia diverts resources from more urgent child welfare issues like the 750,000 children who run away from home.

As if "child abductions" were any measure of pedophilia. These are probably custody cases, and there are probably many more. Child porn is a $20 billion a year industry online alone, and Kincaid thinks pedophilia can be measured in terms of 115 abductions. 

He said 90% of sexual abuse took place in a "family context." Pedophiles are being scapegoated to shield the "faltering family unit." 

This is what homosexual activists call "jamming," making outrageous, indefensible assertions as if they were facts. Here, he is blaming pedophilia on the victim and protector of children, the traditional family. 

1999-kidsadbanned.jpgHe said we objected to Calvin Klein portraying children in underwear on billboards because we were attracted to them.  He said people claimed that boys genital shapes were air-brushed out of Sears catalog underwear ads. He said this was not true and he would have brought the pictures to prove it but was afraid of what they would have thought at the border. He chuckled and the audience laughed.

Message to Kincaid: Healthy adults want to hug, nurture and protect children. We do not want to have sex with them. Only sick people do.

He implies that pre-puberty children are sexual. I don't think so, but whether they are or not, they are not ready for sex. They are not fair game for people who can't control their worst impulses.

Can't Kincaid remember what childhood is like? Children are extremely weak, vulnerable and dependent. They lack understanding. They are in an unformed state.

Can't pedophiles see the harm they do to children? Can't they see the horrific results? Why do they only think of themselves?

Kincaid ended with a Dionysian rhapsody about the wonder and beauty of children. It sounded like a sexual overture  couched in spiritual terms: "oceanic bliss"; "ecstatic intoxication"; "find out what we have lost"; "the moment is all we have"; "experience is all that matters"; "everything else is death" etc. etc. 

He ended by condemning education as an obstacle and burden to these wonderful creatures who should be teaching their teachers. The audience of 50 education students and profs politely applauded their obsolescence, and the host thanked Kincaid for a "wonderful talk."  Clearly, they didn't understand the talk or have lost their moral compass.

A cognitive dissonance happens and reality shifts under our feet when people who are socially accepted say  
abhorrent and irrational things, especially when they are couched in vague, elaborate language.

Afterward, Kincaid was confronted by two women protesters.

"I've already said I'm not in favor of pedophilia. Period. Isn't that enough?" he firmly told Linda Beaudoin, a sexual abuse survivor and advocate for children's rights.

Kincaid probably got $5,000 plus expenses to fly to Toronto with his wife and stay at a fancy hotel. Is this how our tax dollars should be spent?

Kincaid does what Satanists do, invert sick and healthy, truth and falsehood, good and evil. Sick becomes healthy and vice-versa. Pedophilia is healthy; the traditional family is sick. Humanity is under occult attack, and has been for some time.

More on Kincaids books

The idea of everyone being a pedophile is promoted by the author in his other book with an amazing title "Erotic innocence: the Culture of Child Molesting"  prompted one of its readers to leave the following comment on

    "The most ominous thing about this book, though, is that Kincaid purports to be one of but a few people who can cut through the hysteria with truth, when in fact he adds to it a hundredfold by saying that everyone is a pedophile and that (nearly?) every work of art involving children eroticizes them. Furthermore, his solution is not for people to wake up from the "story" and see things as they are, but to instead construct new "stories," i.e. to delude themselves into believing something else. This, he has the gall to call "rational."

    "I believe most adults in our culture feel some measure of erotic attraction to children and the childlike; I do not know how it could be otherwise," he writes, in a statement which summarizes the book's logic. Sorry, Mr. Kincaid. I need a lot more than your testimony of faith to believe such a fantastic story."
Thanks to Nathan Wiedmann, without whose intervention and zeal, this article could not have been written.
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First Comment from Dan:
Kincaid uses the term "society" as if Calvin Klein ads are mere reflections of the commonweal. That's like saying Hollywood makes movies and TV shows strictly based on polls of people want to see. They don't.
They manufacture fictions to sell as 'already normal'. It's social engineering, and Kincaid's one of the engineers.

Toronto faculty defenders like Jen Gilbert's remark, "His work is critical of the sexualization of children and is not an endorsement of it..." But she turns it around to say critics are "afraid to have that conversation". That's doublespeak. To be more specific -that's bullshit.

Kincaid was sponsored by the U. of Toronto's 'Centre for Sexual Diversity Studies'. That's the very paradigm that holds that any sexual act is merely an "orientation". That's the paradigm that's made the term "pervert" a 'hate crime'.

kinsey6.jpg(Alfred Kinsley,left, was used to spread homosexual dysfunction more widely.)

What can we really know about these faculty people? Kinsey had a wife a children too. While he was alive the University of Indiana and media passed him off as if he were Robert Young on the '50's TV show 'Father knows best'. Thanks to Judith Reisman, we know now most of what was really going on in Kinsey's "Insititute": The sex orgies, the porno parties. One recent director of the Institute has said that if a subpoena were ever served for their private archives they have it rigged to auto destruct.

There is a secret society operating within these institutions, which extends to high places throughout the 'society' we can see. Degrees, titles, six figure salaries, media support and law enforcement immunity are standard perks for pushing such 'Illumined' ideas.

I'm not impressed by the photo-op with his wife. I'd say she's either a 'beard' or of the same 'orientation' as he.


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Comments for "Teachers Applaud as Prof Defends Pedophiles"

Yvonne said (October 26, 2013):

The following two clips from the Tyra Banks TV episodes clearly show the contrast between the one man's attitude regarding this issue and those of the women guests. It is the women, not the man, who have lost their moral compass:

Child Talent Scams Exposed by Tyra Banks? (Part 1) 10:15

Child Talent Scams Exposed by Tyra Banks? (Part 2) 9:57

Les said (October 22, 2013):

've been suspended from my YouTube account no less than three times for criticizing gays and homosexuality, associating homosexuality with pedophilia. And, I'm also a "closet case" to these weirdos.

I won't say these freaks are "sick", they're no sicker than you or I. They're perverts... there's a difference. If they were sick, they'd have some justification for what they do. Their brain processes are working just fine, they just happen to get their kicks from abusing kids and each other. It's an unnatural high that dope can't compete with. It's also a slam against God, whom most faggots hate without question.

Doug S said (October 21, 2013):

This makes me sick. As the father of a 4 year girl, this Kincaid guy makes my blood boil. Nice picture of him and his wife. Does she feel like much of s woman knowing he jerks off to pictures of innocents? What a wretched shell of a lost soul she must be, living her life out with a sick fuck like Kincaid. The fact that anyone applauded him makes me think they too were pedophiles.

I wish I had the power to do something about people like these because if I did, I would simply see each one of them executed via stoning in the public square while being held captive in the stocks.

These perverted bastards deserve nothing better, and I'd dare call such a demise a luxury for they; I could easily be more "creative" with a punishment more suited to their particular perversion. This article made me shake with anger.

Mike said (October 21, 2013):

It seems peculiar that this Institute for Canadian Values knew enough what was going on to put out a petition about it and yet couldn't muster any forces to protest outside the lecture hall. Previously this organization had backed down and apologized for putting out an add that was forthright and not offensive. That is not the way to fight, folding up gutlessly. But then, so many organizations seem to be little more than cash cows for the people running them, or infiltrated and not serious enough to be anything but an impediment to their own supposed cause.

Roman said (October 20, 2013):

It's common sense that the body is ready to reproduce when it finishes growing. The only reason there is sex ed and sexualization of culture is to shock, demoralize and pervert children so that these demons could have them.

Normal kids who weren't exposed to it aren't
interested in that crap. Whats more demoralizing and shocking for a child than finding out about normal sex is finding out about homos and
what they practice. It makes them numb and kills part of the soul. So later they accept abnormal, deviant, satanic behavior as normal and
acceptable. And anyone who has a natural discernment of whats normal and whats disgusting, they see as evil.

I don't remember having an erection or an erotic dream until 12 and that was probably awakened by some dirty magazines that I found. I believe masturbation is a learned habit and I would not need it if not learned and never started, because I heard some kids talking about it at school. Don't know any animals that masturbate except for chimps.

In Russian and other languages pederast means homo. If men had any sense of right and wrong left they would taken the law into their own
hands long ago.

Debra said (October 20, 2013):

ot surprised to hear Kincaid was confronted by Canadian activist Linda Beaudoin. I’ve known Linda for a number of years and Linda is one of the most dedicated pro-children’s rights activist I have ever known.

Kincaid is obviously very disturbed and should be locked- up for his views, let alone for what he may have done to a child that he is keeping private.

If you are a Canadian (or not) and want to help fight pedophilia, look-up Linda Beaudoin.

JG said (October 20, 2013):

Like they did with homosexuality the agents of Satan are trying to promote child abusers as misunderstood nice guys.

The truth of the matter is that these sexual perverts want to have the legal right to rob these children of their youth and corrupt them sexually forever.

Giving this man a "civil forum" to peddle his garbage in Canada should be illegal. The people in the audience who were supporting this man were paid "shills".

The devil is "in the details" of this crime known as pedophilia and that's what he's NOT talking about.

You really don't want to hear the plaintiff's testimony against Michael Jackson in the lawsuit that cost him 20 million dollars. You also don't want to know the evidence that convicted him either.

Man is meant to be sexually submissive to matured women only and within the confines of marriage.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at