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Pedophilia Advocate to Address Ontario Teachers

October 7, 2013

Kincaid, left.

Not satisfied that a professor was charged with making child porn, OISE has invited a pedophile advocate to speak to a conference. This is more evidence the Illuminati is mainstreaming pedophilia through their liberal/socialist fronts.

Satanist Aleister Crowley demanded nothing less than childhood's end: "the Beast 666 adviseth that all children shall be accustomed from infancy to witness every type of sexual act..." (Craig Heimbichner, Blood on the Altar p.113.)

Ontario Institute for Studies in Education to "Demystify" Pedophilia
by Shawn Goldman

OISE- the place where many of our teachers are trained- has invited James Kincaid, author of "Child Loving" to speak at an upcoming conference Sat Oct. 19 at 9 am. Mr. Kincaid's objective is to "de-mystify pedophilia", and he claims that our society has falsely demonized child-molesters.

490223.jpgMr. Kincaid goes on to say that we, as a society, like to "watch, and enjoy the erotic child without taking any responsibility for our actions" (CL pp 375).

In other words - we are all a bunch of pedophiles in the closet, just waiting to get out. In fact, Kincaid calls himself a "theoretical pedophile".
Is this the kind of person we want shaping the minds of our teachers, and through them our students? NO! It is time to stand up to the pedophilia pushers in Ontario.
Last spring, we saw the Toronto District School Board condone a teacher exhibiting explicitly gay porn in his classroom. Children as young as 12 were in that classroom. He is now back teaching, and the TDSB chair Chris Bolton didn't have a problem with the materials shown.

This summer, a deputy minister of education- Benjamin Levin (a former Deputy Minister of Education)was charged with making and distributing child pornography, counselling to commit an indictable offence and an arrangement to commit a sexual offense against a child under the age of 16.
And now this. There is a problem in education in Ontario- and it isn't a matter of the three R's, but the three X's.
October is child-abuse awareness month.

If you care about the well-being of children, and disagree with the idea that children are fair game for those who want to have sex with them, then please:

- sign the petition below
- call your MPP
- call the police as we still have laws protecting children from childhood sexual exploitation
- call the Ontario College of Teachers and voice your concerns: 416-961-8800  or email:
- Most importantly please contact OISE itself to voice your concerns about the speaker & about the conference itself

(BODIES AT PLAY): the dean's telephone is: 416-978-1110
Professor Kathleen Gallagher - (416) 978-0160-  is the head of the Centre for Urban Studies at OISE, and they are hosting the conference: BODIES 


An Open Letter to the Minister of Immigration, Hon. Chris Alexander

Dear Honourable Minister:

On behalf of the 125,000 members of the Institute for Canadian Values and Canada Family Action, we request that the Minister refuse admission of Dr. James Kincaid to Canada for a lecture on October 19th, 2013 in Toronto.

Dr. Kincaid is a well-known advocate for pedophilia, a criminal activity in Canada.  He has authored several books on the topic including Child Loving in which he states "If the child is desirable, then to desire it can hardly be freakish. To maintain otherwise is to put into operation pretty hefty engines of denial and self-deception."

The infamous organization NAMBLA (North American Man Boy Love Association) lists Dr. Kincaid as an advocate while depending on his arguments for the advancement of child abuse. Dr. Kincaid admittedly refers to himself as a "theoretical pedophile" and frequently uses the collective terms "we" or "us" when discussing child molesters. 

His work has been roundly condemned by the New York Times, The Daily Mail, several British Members of Parliament and Michael Hames of Scotland Yard.

20130717-074942-g.jpgHe plans to offer his material and lecture at the Bodies at Play Symposium at O.I.S.E. in Toronto with the expressed intent of instructing educators on what to teach children.  It is troublesome that recently O.I.S.E Professor Benjamin Levin (left) was charged with several counts of possessing and making child pornography - yet they would invite a "theoretical pedophile" to the symposium.

Child abuse has become an epidemic in Canada and we applaud the Prime Minister's initiative to take protection of children seriously by toughening the nation's sentencing laws.  For several years the I.C.V. and CFA have fought to protect children, raise the age of sexual consent, strengthen the criminal code and guard children from sexually explicit educational programs robbing them of their innocence and potentially placing them in danger.  Tough punitive laws are necessary, however strong preventative measures are equally necessary.

For the sake of the millions of innocent children across Canada we ask that you refuse Dr. Kincaid's entry to this country in the midst of your government taking actions to protect children for the very thing Kincaid promotes - the criminal abuse of children.

Thank you for your consideration.

Charles McVety, President of Institute for Canadian Values
Brian Rushfeldt, President of Canada Family Action

Ray Sikkema Developing Consultant Tel: 416.391.5000 EXT 344 Fax: 416-391-3969 50 Gervais Drive Toronto, ON M3C 1Z3
Charles McVety President Tel: 416.391.5000 Fax: 416-391-3969 50 Gervais Drive Toronto, ON M3C 1Z3

First Comment from Ron:

Matthew Cullinan Hoffman noted that the American Psychiatric Association (APA) released a report in 1998 "claiming that the 'negative potential' of adult sex with children was 'overstated' and that 'the vast majority of both men and women reported no negative sexual effects from their child sexual abuse experiences.' The report even claimed that large numbers of the victims reported that their experiences were 'positive,' and suggested that the phrase 'child sex abuse' be replaced with 'adult-child sex.'" Others have coined the more disgusting term "intergenerational intimacy."

nambla_bulletin.jpgThe Cultural Marxists that dominate academia take the position that any opposition to any sexual behavior that natural law calls perverted is nothing but "moral bigotry," akin to racism.  The argument being pushed today is that pedos are just like homosexuals or blacks, a minority group that must be protected from society's discrimination and bigotry.  If gay rights was the rallying cry for the last 20 years, for the next few years until pedophile relationships are legalized, we're going to be hearing about the sexual rights of children to have consensual sex with any adult of their choosing.  Some advertising, portraying children in sexually suggestive poses, advance the agenda.

At the same time, heterosexuality, especially within the ties of marriage, is demonized on campuses.  At the university where I formerly taught, the female students told me that the lesbian and bisexual professors would not only demonize men, but also advocate that they discover their true lesbian selves.  My own extensive conversations with students shows that it is a choice to engage in gay and lesbian relationships.  There is no genetic component to explain it, but rather a mindset created by environmental circumstances.  Camille Paglia, the writer, acknowledged in her book "Vamps and Tramps," that it was her choice to become a lesbian bisexual.  Likewise, writer Michael Musto, in an interview stated that he decided to become gay at age 13 to get the love from men that his father denied him.

None of the push to destroy the family through sexual degeneracy can be by accident.  There is, Henry, as you say, a Satanic cabal of interests who profit financially and psychologically from the gay and pedophile agendas.  The closeted academic and other Satanists hate all that is good, while glorifying perversion with their lies and evil acts.  I always advise people not to donate to any public university and to be careful even when donating to a private one.  Too many Christian universities have gotten caught up in the Satanic political correctness.

Just one more thing.  Last week, 44 year old female-to-male transgender Nathan Verhelst committed assisted suicide in Belgium because his new male body disappointed him.  He was unhappy with his new surgically constructed penis, which replaced his vagina.  Sexual degeneracy, combined with legal assisted suicide is in full swing in that confused little country.  There is even a proposal to legalize euthanasia of "defective" persons, the aged and terminally ill, WITHOUT their consent.  This euthanasia movement will ultimately arrive in North America and be promoted along with pedophilia, war, miscegenation, the extermination of the family, and every other Satanic "social construct" that the New World Order can envision.

Only a morally awake citizenry that is willing to fight back against this insanity can prevent the world from entering a new Satanically inspired dark ages.  I am not a highly religious person, but it is clear that only a strong faith in the one true God can save us from a hell on earth, followed by a hell in the afterlife.  So, all decent people must strengthen their faith and their families, while urging others to do the same.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Pedophilia Advocate to Address Ontario Teachers "

Ray said (October 8, 2013):

Thirty years ago I was saying that soon homosexuality will become respectable, today it's actually a badge of honour!

Now pedophilia , homopedophilia is becoming respectable & will be given soon a badge of honour. First homopedophilia & then heteropedophilia,
Next in line is BESTIALITY!

Tell you the truth I'm glad that I'm over seventy!

Dan said (October 8, 2013):

The taboo against using children for sex didn't come from Christianity. It predates religion. It predates civilization. In all lands and all ages it was instinctive knowledge that children are vulnerable until they reached the age of ritual rite of passage. In tribal cultures this was always a public affair in which the whole tribe participated. In our culture we call that the age of consent. That means the age of being minimally equipped mentally, emotionally, psychologically, and physically to enter into sex relations.

But we already know all that. I want to point out that we must be wary of how Media sets things up to cast the media-created "Christian Right" vs the 'progressive liberal Left'.

Media gives us our 'leaders' - shills, basically. The desperate public lines up behind one or the other, and then sit down and watch media sound bytes back and forth between the 'sides', as if they're watching a sport. This is how the public is tricked into believing their taking action when they're really sitting on their asses.

Robert said (October 7, 2013):

If OISE receives public funding, then Ontarians ought to be able to find out how this person received his invitation and the names of the people responsible. It sounds as if the talk could constitute counseling to commit a criminal offense.

Bob said (October 7, 2013):

'Charles McVety, President of Institute for Canadian Values' is also a Christian Zionist henchman. I agree with his position on pedophilia, but he also pushes the racist, materialistic, nationalistic war-mongering Zionist agenda. Black and white side by side - like the checkerboard floors of Masonic lodges.

Thanks Bob

I think we can choose the cause and not the organization or the man.



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