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Satanist Revisits Profumo Affair

July 11, 2013

7698903-1.jpg(left. Stephen Ward, 1912-1963, with Christine Keeler. Asked what really happened, Ward told a friend, 'Dear boy, England's a brothel and Macmillan's the madame. I'm acting as liaison between Macmillan, Kennedy and Khrushchev in the cause of peace.')

which exposed the sexual practices of Britain's satanic elite.

Apparently the Profumo scandal , which toppled
 the Macmillan government in England in 1963, was part of a larger
 Illuminati plot to entrap leaders of the "Free" world, including JFK,
and replace them with  practicing Satanists.

Dr. Stephen Ward was a GRU (Soviet) agent.  Aloysius
Fozdyke suggests that he was a "Black magickian" as well.

I asked AJF if he could tell us more about Stephen Ward.

There's a lot of other stuff I could write about the late Stephen Thomas Ward, but I honestly can't. The material in my last paragraph can be published because all of that has been sorted out years ago. No mass media in the world will publish it. Ian Sidney Henke [see below] still languishes in gaol, even though his non-parole period has been completed. Hopefully he'll die there. [Makow- Apparently there is some connection between
Henke, an Australian tax reformer, and Ward.]


By Aloysius Fozdyke

This is only what I heard and remember, mainly from [mentor] Petor Narsagonan. I put it no higher.

In about the early 1930s Stephen Ward was in Germany. While there he met Franz Bardon. Not sure if Bardon was a black magician, but Magick is like electricity: you can use it to power a bread toaster or an electric chair. I expect that an interpreter was used as to the best of my knowledge neither spoke the other's language.

trap.jpg(This book suggests some kind of  "nervous breakdown" caused Ward to leave India.)

In the 1940s Ward learnt Vama-marga while in India. This gave him great power. Returning to England he began meeting and manipulating the powerful and wealthy; including Buckingham palace, basically on behalf of the U.S.S.R. (although he also had connections with some National Socialists who survived WWII but I don't remember the details). He was not a Communist but believed that the world would be safer if both the East and West had equally devastating weapons.

His work allowed Harold Wilson and Edward Heath to become Prime Ministers of the UK. Both of whom were Left-Hand Path initiates working like tag-team wrestlers for common ends (just examine their legislative records, amongst other things). He also effectively destroyed the relationship that formerly existed between America and the UK.

He was influential in Crown Service (which is a British royal intelligence organization) and worked closely with a titled female relative of Prince Philip (whose details escape me). I was told she worked in a number of Commonwealth countries including Australia, where she destroyed a man called (Ian Vernal, who at one time was the Stuart heir to the British throne.

JFKnovotny2.jpgStephen used [GRU agent] Harry Towers [Mariella Navotny, left]  and a (Chinese?) whore [Suzy Chang] who worked for British intelligence to operate a vice ring out of New York, somewhere near the United Nations. It involved John F. Kennedy and was a powerful and deadly cocktail of mixed allegiances and mimicry.

Ward was an excellent and manipulative Magician. He was also involved in some activities that I will not mention, owing to their ongoing nature. He was a close adviser to the British royals, whose true religion is a very old one and incorporates Egyptian forms.

As a friend of Anthony Blunt's he was privy to the reason why Blunt (on behalf of the British royal family) visited Germany in 1945. Trust me, that's a secret that will remain a secret. It's just too good! [Makow- I believe this involved recovering some letters the Queen Mother sent to Hitler.]

But his most enduring legacy was the 9th of December 1961 Feast of the Peacocks, [a sex orgy] because that helped the Alpha Lodge keep a number of British Commonwealth countries in a constitutional no man's land, via the man in the mask, [Sec State of Colonies] Duncan Sandys.

The way we have worked it is this: The Australian government, Foreign Affairs Department and Foreign Investment Review Board are fully aware that the Peoples' Republic of China know about these problems and have documents which, if released to the world, would destroy both the Australian dollar and stock market.

Same for Canada and New Zealand - but who cares about New Zealand? Obviously these events would have global financial significance. Therefore China can more or less write its own terms when it comes to investment in these countries. And all of that came about as a result of Stephen Ward.

Pretty neat by anyone's measure. After the war, this century will be China's.


ianhenke.jpgFrom Oz Exposed:

Ian Henke, left,  has been a pilot, script writer, documentary producer and undertaken various academic pursuits but the most significant activity for the purposes of this paper is of having worked for the Victorian Parliament as a researcher for the Minister for Minerals and Energy. His research skills were honed by examining legislation, and in one case effecting 149 amendments to a single Bill.

About 15 years ago Mr Henke, with brother-in-law Dr Frank Coningham noted physicist and mathematician, conducted extensive research into the status of the Australian Constitution finding that it remains but a clause within a current Act of Domestic law of the Parliament of the United Kingdom and that, contrary to common belief, ultimate control over it does not lie with the Australian people. Rather it remains with the Parliament of the United Kingdom. Being most thorough these men collected confirmations of their discoveries from sources as varied as Australian archives, copies of Hansard, both UK and Australian, Vic-regal documents from within Australia, original records of the Versailles Peace Conference, correspondence with various organs of the UN, with the UK Lord Chancellor, and academics around the world.

On their findings Mr Henke spoke publicly emphasizing the need for change, for the creation of a constitution owned by the Australian people and a taxation system that those same people had agreed to be part of. And, all in all, that by continuing to use a British law requiring politicians to swear an oath of allegiance to the United Kingdom that they may rule the Commonwealth of Australia, politicians were denying the Australian People the most fundamental of human rights, the right of self determination.

Ian Henke is far from being a radical. While he is fully aware that no government in Australia represents in international law terms, the sovereignty of the Commonwealth of Australia, he has always respected the need to use and abide the laws and the courts that are in place. Indeed he and others have used these in attempts to have the nation's governmental, judicial and taxation system brought into line with internationally recognized human rights principles.

Probably because in Australia, taxation is the primary source for granting favours or inflicting pain on individuals, Mr Henke made it an area for a special study.


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