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Summer Valentine from a Satanist

June 26, 2013


"What has anyone who opposes us done in the last few years to stop us? Nothing."

Despite some delays and wrong predictions, our resident Satanist
assures us that the Dark Plan is still on track.

[Editor's Note: If I disagree with everything he represents, why do I give Fozdyke this platform? Because he released crucial information to the world, and he confirms my view that the world is controlled by a Satanic cult.] 

by Aloysius Fozdyke

"To The Good Doctor Stephen Thomas Ward"

Julia has done a brilliant job destroying the Australian Labor Party. Get ready for big changes in Australia. The Captain Catholic [Tony Abbott, leader of Opposition Liberals]  and Joe Hockey [next Treasurer] aren't economists, but our people are. We provide the advice and work behind the scenes - everywhere.

did-you-think-julia-gillard-s-tears-in-parliament-were-sincere-547647.jpg(Julia Gillard, left, was deposed as Australian Prime Minister today. Fozdyke revealed she rose in the Alpha Lodge as a "toilet vampiress."]

With the globe in debt, our programs will be accepted. That's what this is about. It's politics, not economics. And the battle has been a long one.

When currencies and stock markets collapse, so will societies. Seriously, who can stop us?

You've paid for the weapons that will be used against you. That's what you want and we will give it to you. Sheeple deserve value for their money. You built the prisons. We will use these.

Eventually gold will be confiscated; see s. 42 of the Banking Act, 1959 (Cth). Similar provisions exist in all 'civilized' countries. Why not checkout the Department of Homeland Security and its power over banks? The fact you are unaware doesn't alter reality does it? It merely alters your reality.

The Alpha Lodge has long appreciated that generally speaking, sheeple are compliant and generally speaking. That's all they do! They'll do what they are told even when the blood starts consecrating. We have the armed forces, police forces and intelligence services controlled.

Here's a little question: with almost all of the world in debt, from whom are governments borrowing? Think about it.

Two years ago we celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of The Feast of Peacocks*[see Note below] and altered the earth's energy grid. There is not long to wait. Blood will be spilled and the energy gathered and directed for the revolutions which herald the new global regime.

Duncan_Sandys_200.jpgThe "headless" man, [Duncan Sandys, left] who died almost twenty-six years later, was crucially important - particularly regarding colonies and Commonwealth matters. He worked covertly to ensure that the issues which bedevil a number of Commonwealth countries remain of use to us today. That's why nothing will happen and the media self-censors what passes for the news.

There are only the heroic and the cowards. We are ruthlessly and soon brutally destroying the system for a new one. And we are committed and prepared to die achieving the prophecies of the Epistle of Matthias.** [See Note below]

Our Prince is the God of liberation and we will free His planet from the dross so that the slaves shall serve. "Within the temple in the temple find here the Mysteries of the mysteries."


I have noticed, with some amusement, how people believe that for whatever reasons the Alpha Lodge will fail in it's endeavours. So try this quick quiz:

What has anyone who opposes us done in the last few years to stop us? Nothing.

As we manoeuver economies and governments, who has benefited? Us.

When the social fabric is ripped and martial law is imposed (in all but name) who are you going to call? Yeshua?

See we've set the stage, corrupted the actors, control the media and have invested in churches. Whether you believe me or not is of absolutely no concern. After currencies start collapsing, the Australian dollar will really rise in value, but not for long.

All bank safes open to the right, if you know what I mean.

Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, South Sudan and soon Syria and Iran will have private central banks. Cuba and North Korea aren't worth worrying about. Their demise is guaranteed.

So recline in your intellectual easy chairs. Pray to your sleeping god. And have no fear.

Od vabezodire cameliaxa od bahala: NIISO! Salamanu telocahe

A.J. Fozdyke

*The Feast of the Peacocks (9th of December 1961) was all about being able to get and keep politicians (and ors.) on side, so to speak. Dr. Stephen Ward was a great initiate and is considered the quintessential satanic practitioner who remained almost undetected, suave and manipulative until the end of his time. The Earth's energy grid was altered on Friday the 9th of December, 2011 by magicians working at energy points around the globe: Ayers Rock, the Flinders Ranges, Osaka, some megaliths in Wiltshire and other locations. This subtle, yet powerful, shifting will increase in effect, with time.

** The Epistle of Matthias scripture was discovered, translated and then obtained from some Catholic nuns in the Philippines. This was Petor's work. It's full of prophecy and the Alpha Lodge has grown since we obtained and decoded that Epistle. I think that the nuns worked at an educational institute, maybe in Manilla in the 1970s or 1980s. That's where the legends of the Usher of Desecration and the prophecies of Vindex are foretold. Only the highest grades received permission to read the book and study its purpose. As far as I'm aware, only the Alpha Lodge has The Epistle of Matthias.

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Comments for "Summer Valentine from a Satanist"

Wade said (June 27, 2013):

In answer to your question...What has anyone done to stop us?

The prayers of the people who are born again by the blood of The Lord Jesus have resulted in
the following...

1. Gillard the Australian witch has been removed from her leadership position.

2. Every effort to pass gun control legislation backfires. Obama has been the best gun salesman
this nation has ever seen.

3. The 400 ton illegal naked short on gold taken out on April 15th. has created a huge surge in demand in the physical gold and silver markets. Backfiring on the Feds feeble attempt to bolster the dollar.

4. The emails came out revealing the lying faction of the scientific community trying to promote the lie of global warming. This has caused the legitimate scientific community to admit that there is no global warming and there has not been any indication of global warming for decades.

5. Every global warming conference has been met with record low matter where they try to hold the conference.

6. The white house is embroiled in at least three scandals, and any one of the three could result
in the impeachment of Obama.

7. There is a huge backlash against homosexuals and gay marriage in France, Russia, and many other countries, and I have news for you, that backlash is coming to America.

There are many other examples I could site, but suffice to say you will personally meet The Lord
Jesus one day. He is the One who will judge and sentence you for your only reward in the lake of fire.

I will be there watching as you stand before Him trembling in fear and defecating and urinating all over your self.

Jack said (June 27, 2013):

Your latest article by Fozdyke is, unfortunately, essentially correct. ‘Bluey’ Gillard has effectively destroyed the Australia Labor Party and her predecessor-successor, Komrade Rudd, will do little to revive confidence in Labor. The whole Rudd-Gillard-Rudd appears to be dog-n-pony show stuff, orchestrated.

There is little difference between the major political parties in Australia. Bob Menzies, an earlier liberal politician, is reputed to have stated that he was ‘a better socialist than Arthur Caldwell’ (Labor leader mid 20th century). “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it” reckoned Lenin. And so it is in Australia. The Abbott of Anthony will likely spike the final nail in the coffin of apparent democracy when he wins a landslide victory over Labor. A global financial markets sector meltdown, now in progress, should be painfully evident to the sheeple very soon.

Lebanon, Malaysia and Indonesia will soon experience the type of horrible social, political and financial destabilization that Australia will soon see.

The earth grid energy alteration to which Mr Fozdyke alludes as having already commenced, is incorrect. His ‘magicians’ are merely ‘in position’ to destroy the light column, for Illuminists believe that the Penis of the Dragon light column will become visible. It will, but is not of satanic origins. When it becomes visible violent global weather will ensue. Earth’s electronic systems will be severely distorted and human electronics will produce the type of insanity peculiar to mindless mayhem in global societies.

Jack said (June 27, 2013):

Just by this quote: The Department of Homeland Security & it's power over "BANKS".

This man has proven to me that he's a bullmanure artist!

Art Granda said (June 27, 2013):

Free will still exists, regardless of what Fozdyke is trying to put across, as if believers have no choice in what lies ahead. You will always have a choice, and fooling the masses doesn't count toward the tally of souls in the end.

The opposition/oppressor must abide by the rules, and that means temptation only. Have no fear … only you can send yourself to hell.

Fozdyke is counting on you to "want" your way up the chute into the slaughterhouse.

Please don't forget the Creator has given you all you will ever need to live and be happy.

William said (June 26, 2013):

I loved the line by Fozdyke “The Earth's energy grid was altered on Friday the 9th of December, 2011 by magicians working at energy points around the globe”

Who do they think created (and keeps created) that energy grid?

What idiots.

Keep up the good work,

D said (June 26, 2013):

Fozz knows the nuanced meaning of the Russian word for 'idiot' - someone who believes that everyone is trying to do their best and do no harm. That's why these cynical cons work on so many. In the past, especially when we lived on the land, grandparents taught the children about evil, and to see it through it's disguises and masquerades.

Now we've had a century of Freemasons and witches making the school curriculum and writing the textbooks of the public school system through the US Department of Education and local school boards, so they largely control how children are taught, even in the few schools where witches aren't actually the teachers. They don't teach discernment. In fact they penalize discernment. Children learn to 'go along' with the majority even when they sense what is being taught is wrong.

So the ignorance of the public isn't the natural order, it's a cheat. So where's the aggrandizement in feeling smug through vicarious identification with pathetic flesh puppets like Gillard, Obama, Cameron, Merkel, Dilma. HIllary, Bill Clinton, Nancy Pelosi? These are not powerful people. This isn't the first time in history that the bed wetters and perverts were put on thrones. The lowest scum are put in positions of power as the sardonic mockery of Ahriman.

You believe life in the flesh is the supreme indulgence of the soul and rest assured consciousness goes out like candle when you die. So they don't care that the pride parade marches to the cemetery so long as they get the ride. They know everything dies, and nobody comes back here. The satanist thinks of death as "getting away with it". That's what they think.

But I've got news. When you die, you will find you're still conscious, your time in the flesh and this world is done. The force that the Satanist's ego put into forging unbreakable attachment in life binds them to the world of matter. Demons have no power in the material world except for using humans as puppet. Their only goal is to addict us in the fleshy senses so that we fail to develop soul sense. Sciences reveal the world within the senses that we already have, but there is an additional sense – the soul, which we're supposed to work to develop during our brief sojourn in the flesh. Think of this life as gestation. The incarnating soul goes through gestation in the womb of flesh, but life in the flesh is also gestation.

Fozdyke is a prankster who consumed a lot occult book store material available to anybody. He's not a member of real political Freemasonry. The real ones stick to the politically correct UN speak. You can check the reaction his articles got from the Satanist and 'pagan' "community". They disavowed him due to his politically incorrect statements describing pee parties and bisexual orgies, drug running, child abduction, human sacrifice. They accuse him of promoting "Satanic Panic".

KK said (June 26, 2013):

Yet more trash-talk from our friend Mr. would think that he would have no need to taunt those he so contempuously calls 'the sheeple.' Funny how he insists his Alpha Lodge has had everything wrapped up for a long time, yet they cannot seem to deliver the coup de grace. What's the hold up? Amusing that he tells us not to problem! I have an epistle for you, Mr. Fozdyke: "Fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell."

Mr. Fozsdyke and his fellows can continue their circle jerk as furiously as they like - our 'sleeping god' will prove wide awake at the time they most dread. Take it to the Central Bank! I think I'll go recline in my easy chair...

Al said (June 26, 2013):

Fozdyke seems like such a boring man. Boring to his soul.

If they don't know how it all began and where it all comes from,
man.. do I even have to say it? What has he got to say against Yeshua and the Essenes, really? Just that he has been brainwashed into considering Yeshua as a traitor?

Hey, he should've read what he said then, maybe he would've learned something?
Or, better, remembered.

The reason they think they are slaves to "God" and that "Lucifer" is their liberator, is because Lucifer has fooled them - them especially.

God is GRAVITY. It's the pure love/dependency that connects Earth and Sun and the smallest versions - all electrons and atoms. It's a divine force, but it seems like those childish, greedy satanists are as confused about it as anyone can possibly get?

This is what they don't want us to know. This is what will set us free, and make us reclaim our Life powers. They don't even know it themselves. Fools.

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