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Canada Anxious to Bury "Porn Judge" Inquiry

July 13, 2013

Lori-Douglas4.jpeg(left. Lori Douglas, Chief Family Court Judge of Manitoba. When she was appointed in 2005,
Douglas failed to disclose her husband tried to enlist a client to have sex with her,
using images like these, and then she bought the client's silence for $25,000. )

Rather than fire Porn Judge Lori Douglas,
Canada's Tory government is trying to
sweep this issue under the carpet. Masons
protect their own.

On Canadian government's failure to defend Canadian Judicial Council Disciplinary Hearing, Federal Court Judge Judith Snider said,

"Indeed, I would view such an abdication as irresponsible, totally contrary to the public interest
  and close to contemptuous of this court."

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

An inquiry which laid bare Masonic blackmail and control in Canadian society could be shelved because it is too damaging to our "leaders."

A federal court judge announced Friday that the Canadian Judicial Commission Disciplinary Hearing into whether Lori Douglas should be fired was "on hold" pending yet another inquiry by the Federal Justice Department into whether the first inquiry was "biased" against Douglas.  It has now been a year since the original inquiry has held hearings.

As we shall see, the Federal Court Judge Judith Snider chided the Canadian government for failing to challenge Douglas' application.

doug.jpg(This is how she looks with her clothes on.)

It is totally bizarre that Douglas wasn't fired three years ago when it became public she did not disclose that about sixty obscene pictures of her were in circulation or on the Internet. (Of course, this is the reason she was hired by the Judeo Masonic (Illuminati) clique that runs Winnipeg. She was blackmail-able.) Instead, for three years, she has been sucking up $250,000 in public money doing "administrative duties."

It is even more bizarre that a judge facing dismissal can suspend her disciplinary hearing because of supposed "bias" on the part of the commissioners. By this logic, serial murderers would walk free. 

Yet, according to the Winnipeg Free Press,
  Justice Judith Snider ruled Friday that continuing the highly charged hearings would compound "the irreparable harm to her reputation and career.  Friday's ruling, seen as a victory for Douglas, inches the tortuous matter forward, paving the way for a full judicial review of the disciplinary hearing, which is on hold. "

What the ? Instead of focusing on the public whose lives are affected by Douglas' rulings, they are concerned about her reputation and career? Douglas was under occult control. Her mission was to destroy marriages and families. How many other judges are similarly controlled?

winlogo.jpg(left, Winnipeg logo-Illuminati tramp stamp. Horizon refers to Lucifer, Prince of the Dawn. Dot in circle is Illuminati symbol made of stylized 666.)


On the other hand, Judge Snider revealed that the Conservative government failed to contest Douglas' application:

"Federal Attorney General Rob Nicholson is the respondent in Federal Court matters related to Douglas's disciplinary hearing. When the judicial review begins, it will be the attorney general who will argue the Canadian Judicial Council's process has been fair and unbiased.But, in the preliminary matters before the Federal Court, including Douglas's application to put the disciplinary hearing on hold, Ottawa has maintained an "overwhelming silence," Federal Court Justice Judith Snider wrote Friday. That better not be a pattern that carries on into the judicial review itself, she warned." Indeed, I would view such an abdication as irresponsible, totally contrary to the public interest and close to contemptuous of this court," Snider wrote.

tory logo.jpg(left. Conservative Party of Canada logo: Again dot in circle; C in three parts to signify 666.)


Our Masonic government is scared of this inquiry because it exposes the pattern of occult corruption. As Heather Mallick wrote in The Toronto Star in July 2012, "
If the inquiry into Judge Lori Douglas folds, as her lawyer demanded Thursday, then it might as well be Judges Gone Wild in this country...The inquiry is ours. It belongs to us, and that includes the other lawyers and judges who live among us. It must not give up because of a hissy fit this week among lawyers that most of us would find tiny and bewildering....The conduct of the council committee -- a panel that includes three provincial chief justices led by the much-admired Catherine Fraser of Alberta -- has been as exquisite and polite as a garden tour for "our friends," as the hearing's lawyers refer to each other in court."

It's plain as day that Lori Douglas must be fired. The fact she hasn't is an indication of the arrogance of our Masonic masters.
The Winnipeg elite has rushed to her defense. This is how a society is degraded by an occult power. It's what Freemasons really are about.

Tell the Canadian Minister of Justice, Peter MacKay what you think.   Let Prime Minister Stephen Harper know too.

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Comments for "Canada Anxious to Bury "Porn Judge" Inquiry "

Richard G said (July 14, 2013):

That did it for me showing a bare breasted woman with a chain around her neck for whatever reason has crossed the line.You ought to be ashamed of yourself I am deleting you and telling friends you have crossed the line.I formally told people about your site but will now inform them otherwise.I wish that you would write and apologize and apologize to people on your website and I could forgive you, unless this happens I can not expose myself to this site ,praying for you Mr Makow.



Good riddance. I don't want readers like you who can't see that the images are necessary to give the story impact. But do you really care about the issue?


Wade said (July 14, 2013):

I really appreciate the fact that you have stayed on this story. I am just starting to wonder about
the average person in Canada, the USA, or anywhere in the world for that matter. Australia just pulled down Gillard who was an out of the closet witch. That fact did not seem to bother very many Australians who by in large seemed fine with Gillard running the Country.

I wonder if the crux of the problem is just that very few people give a damn anymore. The problem
with issues like the inquiry into the porn judge in Canada may be spiritual issues. People all over, especially in the US and Canada, seem to have lost their self respect and their moral compass. If we are waiting for enough of the people in Canada to be outraged and demand the resignation of the porn judge, we may
be in for a very long wait.

It has not been all that long ago when a judge like the porn judge would have been removed from the bench post haste, once the evidence came out. I hate to say it Henry, but the problem very well may be with the (I could care less) attitude of the majority of the people.

For example, the blatant disregard for our Constitution and Bill of Rights by the highest government authorities in the U.S. is radiant.

Yet very few citizens seem to care or even attempt to understand the issue. Apathy and ignorance seem to reign supreme in the USA these days. Seems likely in Canada as well.

I get your point that Masons stick together, and that may be one of the many factors that will prompt the DOJ to prosecute Zimmerman on civil rights charges, Martin's Dad being a Mason. And keep the porn judge on the bench.

Tony B said (July 14, 2013):

Henry, I see, at the end of your article on satanically perverted Lori Douglas a title to a URL using the term "Masonic Underworld." Methinks it is no longer an underworld but is now an overworld. Satan is loose and he and his minions are now running the world from most of its top positions of authority. Obviously with more complete control in the Protestant West than in the rest of the world.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at