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The Precious Metals Massacre (New Update)

April 12, 2013

Gold $1477 down $84  

The NWO cannot collapse the financial markets
until they collapse gold, get our firearms,
 and get everyone into paper.

(also by Thom Beecham, Goldbugs Can Expect More Losses April 8)

by Thomas Beecham

What the globalists are doing to Bitcoin, they are doing to gold. Gold just hit, but held the important 1,525 support level this morning. If gold breaks 1,525 it will fall to 1,410 within weeks.
Gold is the most important item to watch with respect to the NWO agenda. I cannot emphasize this enough. The NWO cannot collapse the financial markets until they collapse gold, get our firearms, and get everyone into paper. They are trying to get everyone into the stock market, which will then flash crash - just like their test flash crash in 2010 - in a matter of days. The tent will then be folded up and the new and final satanic solution will be rolled out, with gold confiscated at a lower price.
Gold is the ultimate enemy of the NWO and needs to be handled so much more delicately. This is why the globalists had planned gold's demise decades ago. I did all the research regarding the plan for gold and silver. It dovetails with your research about Putin and the feminist movement, etc, which has helped me tremendously, since economics and finance is all about human behavior, and conspiracy - the type Joel Skousen talks about.
Gold's long runup up would lull people to sleep. The fall would be sad and swift, leaving only people with broken dreams and real life nightmares. No options, except paper and debt would be left.
My open short position is much greater than my long physical. This means I am profiting more when gold and silver fall. I locked in higher prices and ride the outsized short to even more on the downside profit.
This end time boxing match is 15-rounds and all we have to do is be left standing at the end of the fight. What else can I do? Should I sit and complain as my balance sheet bleeds?
These are Luciferians, but I understand the agenda. The goldbugs and other suckers are getting destroyed day in and day out. By the time these fools wake up it will be too late.
Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to tell people all this sad and sobering stuff, which for some reason virtually all refuse to believe.


If the gold and silver markets are as strong as many in the patriot community believe then they should not have dropped by as much as they did Friday. COMEX gold futures traded down $88.80. This price action spans from Thursday's 1:30PM gold COMEX close, to today's Globex 5:15 close.  Perhaps the globalists are signaling with all those eights that they are in charge. I know that as of now, they are in complete control of the markets.  Do you?

Many who try to uncover the conspiracy make the mistake to think that the US Fed is to blame. The compromised alternative media uses the Fed as the straw man enemy. However, the US Fed is nothing but one of the many fronts for the globalists. They own all the privately-run central banks and control the media, even much of the patriot community. They purposely let gold run to $1,900 and are letting it collapse now to trap all the late investors, which happen to be mostly the naïve patriots who appeared late in the game.

My concern is that they will never recover their losses in gold, as it will be confiscated before any revaluation. Do you think the NWO will let you own that much outside their system? Of course, not.

Some can go ahead and think they have the gold market figured out. But I can tell you that they have no idea what they are up against. They are simple linear thinkers in a complex non-linear world.

Anyone who thinks Beijing will flesh out the fair gold price is like expecting a football team owner to turn on another owner. They own the league. We are spectators, and both owners laugh at us while we spend our money, wave our flags, and play fantasy leagues.


What is the fair price of gold? The alternative media comes up with these silly formulas, saying it should be $3,000, $5,000, or $10,000 an ounce. However, the COMEX gold price is the physical gold price, period. Who writes all these blogs saying otherwise? Do you know the people writing them? It could be coming out of NSA, designed to keep people flatfooted whilst their assets melt away.

How about Paul Drockton on RBN, who says he never answered an IQ question incorrectly, and who recommends silver like a broken record. But if he was so intelligent he would have to conclude that his analysis must be wrong as his listeners and customers keep losing money. He is one of many in the compromised patriot media who keep getting it wrong, despite their "amazing" analysis.

GATA and King World News frequently refer to Andrew Maguire, the "London metal trader and whistle blower." Who is this guy? He could be a disinfo agent. I don't trust him. Today, Mr. Maguire said in an interview that most shorts are not backed up by real metal. So what? They hardly ever are.

If someone does not know the Agenda and have an understanding of scripture - which teaches a person who the real enemy is - he will be laid waste as he marches down the road to perdition fully convinced he is right.


If what I think is true, this is the endgame. Thus, there is no way that we can rely on the accuracy of published data, analysis, or word press articles.  In this age of lies and fabrications, it is difficult to trust family members, let alone articles written by strangers or interviews with experts on the controlled alternative media.

Do you think the CME group, owners of the COMEX, and a billion-dollar publically-traded company will provide us with accurate data? Of course they won't. They work with the USFed, US Treasury, and other central banks to deceive us. The globalists control its board of directors and they conspire with the CFTC to suppress any investigations.

Yet, many researchers go over the COMEX reports with a fine tooth comb to parse out what the big boys are doing. Gene Arensberg is one, who publishes an exhaustive weekly analysis for subscription. He sounds like he knows what he is talking about. There is one problem - the COMEX data he uses is now completely meaningless. A lot of the naked shorting takes place in the dark pools of liquidity like Project Turquoise.

How about all this import data about Hong Kong gold? You trust that? The providers of most data are the ones fixing the race and running the show.

The dollar may be dying, but it currently comprises about 60% of all currency in circulation worldwide. China knows it will take at least 10-15 years for their currency to be liquid enough to use as a global reserve currency. They need a developed credit market first. China, Russia, and a number of Mid-East and Central Asian nations are trying to proffer a gold-backed currency. They have talked about this for about 12 years, but the nations cannot agree on even the most basic items.

 The central banks may be buying gold, but they were buyers in the 1970's, up to and past the 1980 price collapse. Then they were sellers during the 90's, and up until a few years ago. Since their decisions usually work by consensus they are the worst market timers. Moreover, they usually never take delivery, so the same gold may be hypothecated over and over again.

The only data that are correct are the trade and price action flow. This action is telling me that most in the patriot community are wrong.  Gold is headed still lower. 


First Comment from Anthony Migchels:

I agree that Gold is being busted
by the Fed and a media offensive. However, the underlying dynamic is not what Beecham is saying. The Money Power does not hate Gold, nor does it fear it. It owns it all and it has been paving the way for a new Gold Standard for decades. That's why it built up Austrian Economics and Libertarianism, to mind control the opposition to the current order into cheer leading the advent of a new currency order the Bankers have been preparing. This is also the fundamental driver behind the carefully orchestrated rise of Gold in the 2000's: Gold will be money again and the market is preparing for it.

It apparently got out of hand in 2011, when it hit $1900 and the Fed panicked.

The Petrodollar is based on the Black Gold standard and it is dying, as is the US Empire. But Central Banks all over the world are buying Gold like there's no tomorrow. Gold is assaulted by the Fed to maintain Dollar credibility, while the Money Power's international Central Banks and other insiders are very grateful for a 500-1000 dollar per ounce discount to prepare for the transition.

Beijing is telling its people to hoard specie, they know what is coming and they can't let their own people miss out entirely, considering the massive internal pressures the Chinese leadership is dealing with as it is.

But the Americans are facing a meltdown and the US Empire is in its death throes. There is only Tungsten in Fort Knox.

It is unclear how long COMEX (paper Gold) and Physical Gold will maintain parity. It will probably last for another while. But when it ends, the current currency order will die and a new Gold based one will emerge. All major units will be backed by Gold. It will lead to further deflationary pressures, hinting at a long term global depression. Universally Gold backed currencies will be quite close to World Currency: you can call an ounce a Yuan or a Euro, but an ounce is an ounce.

We are seeing the rise of a Gold backed Yuan and the assembling of a new BRICS Yuan led currency bloc. The Euro was developed to be backed by Gold and Frankfurt has enough to manage the transition. There will also remain a Dollar zone. These currency blocks will be fairly easy to integrate into the Money Power's coveted World Currency.'


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Comments for "The Precious Metals Massacre (New Update) "

A said (April 13, 2013):

What is the bottom for gold? Time to buy?

-Thom replies:

Wouldn't touch metals here. there is definitely something going on. the more i research today the more i am convinced that something very odd is afoot. the metals continued trading down big in after hours. i see big margin liquidation coming this week. unless gold can get above 1510 and silver above 26 by Monday afternoon, I see silver at 24 and gold at 1440 in no time.

this is an officially sponsored freight train. step aside as it passes. i wish i shorted more....

i hear all the talk of metal shortages, but this is still a paper market, and at the end of the day paper rules....

if i were to buy I would get US gold eagles over time, since I live in the US. That's what i own and the paperwork is less restrictive. these people need to stop dwelling on silver.

Astro said (April 13, 2013):

Ever Since the ‘powers that be’ took away lawful money (Gold and Silver) no-one can hold complete Title to property anymore. Gold (and silver) being portable land, grounds reality to earth, however no one has spoken of the greater issue relating to Gold and why it is so important. The issue at hand are one: Just weights and measures and the second being a righteousness in judgement which are all tied to the use of Gold (and Silver). Under Leviticus 19: 35-36 which speak of these critical matters, our Creator wants us to establish just weights and measures (Gold and Silver) and that is the reason and purpose of an honest Government. The regulation of honest weights and measures applies to both scales of commerce and lawful money which correlates with money and not income.

When you do business in Gold and Silver , you do business in privacy. When you do business in credit or legal tender you do it publicly and all commercial contracts today is debt. So when a person does business like a slave he or she must understand that slaves do not have privacy. As a result of having Gold removed, the casualty becomes Truth from the public arena. So now it becomes public corporate policy to lie, deceive and also falsely accuse the innocent.

With Legal tender you now have a constantly changing standard of measurement and this is the very reason why this is an abomination to God. We are to have just weights and standards of measurements, otherwise you will also have ‘unrighteousness in judgement’ (false accusations) against the innocent. When you take away Gold and Silver from the People, you also now have reduced the People from Sovereignty to Slavery. Legal plunder, theft and corruption thrive in this system.

Gold buys today what it bought 2000 years ago. This is what it means to have just weights and measures. The purchasing power of Gold remains - it never changes. To attempt to change the value of it, daily, is to change the Truth daily. Finally there can be no adequate substitute for these precious metals. Gold and silver is considered a blessing from God. Many do not understand Gold or Silver or why our Creator gave us these metals in the first place.

Tony said (April 12, 2013):

Anyone who bases his economic decisions on manipulation of the stock market is clueless. He can't see that the stock market is a gambling hall designed, like all gambling casinos, to be an insiders' racket that can't lose - at his and all other "outsider" gamblers' expense. Some sooner, some later, but all outsiders eventually lose. No one who builds a gambling casino intends to give the suckers an even break.

JG said (April 12, 2013):

Obama is the Boris Yeltzin of America, installed by the Jewish Oligarchs to loot the wealth of Americans!

Rich said (April 12, 2013):

If gold is to become useless, then why do the central banks continue to buy it?



Gold is a store of value but the price is controlled obviously.


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