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Goldbugs Can Expect More Losses

April 8, 2013



"If the "collapse" takes several years to unfold, that should be long enough to destroy what wealth and sanity the naive patriots have left. This, of course, is all part of the plan, and is why I am convinced that much of the "patriot" media is compromised." -THOM BEECHAM

(Editor's Note - We are not providing investment counsel but rather presenting one investor's unconventional view. Make up your own mind.)

Beecham is a self-employed investor and trader with 17 years trading and investing experience. - See more at:
Beecham is a self-employed investor and trader with 17 years trading and investing experience. - See more at:
by Thom Beecham
Beecham is a self-employed investor and trader with 17-years trading and investing experience.

The New World Order does not want us owning assets outside its satanic tracking system. It will eventually consume everything, so gold and silver are in the globalists' cross hairs.

The contrived economic collapse of 2008 allowed the globalists to assume control of all the financial markets. Prior to this, the markets were more free and subject to natural forces. One could use economic principals and simple deductive reasoning to formulate investment theses.

 Since 2008,  a brand new set of synthetic economic and financial laws have arisen. Now success in investing and trading relies primarily on a person's ability to anticipate and interpret official intervention in the marketplace.

In order to get the New World financial dictatorship implemented, all major players and nations need to be on board and operate with one mind.  Countries like China, Russia, and India are working with the US Federal Reserve and European Central Bank to bring this financial tyranny to fruition.

Of course, it will bankrupt the global populace. Keep in mind that a compliant and bankrupt population is much easier to exploit and control.
Those who own precious metals and firearms are not welcome to join the NWO.

Ever since the central banks and governments went off the gold standard, there has been no legitimate reason to confiscate gold. However, in order to bring forth the NWO, the central banks now have two primary jobs. 1) Do whatever it takes to keep interest rates low while countries spend themselves into bankruptcy. 2) Manage the price of gold.

With this in mind it now seems apparent that gold and silver were purposely allowed to rise from 2002-2011, in preparation for a collapse in prices that would trap most people in their "investments."


The globalists anticipated years that as more people looked for avenues to escape financially, they would have to create confusion and obfuscation  in key markets, especially in precious metals.

Under such a scenario, the globalists slowly let the prices of gold and silver rise over an extended period of time (2002-2011). By the time a person overcomes his inertia and is driven by fear to buy gold and silver, both metals are already trading much higher than they otherwise would have been, and can thus be managed in a downward fashion, much to the bewilderment of the unwashed linear thinkers who are now trapped with losses.

The major governments around the world are depreciating their currencies in a very controlled and coordinated manner.  Though there is talk of "currency wars," there are no currency wars.  Moreover, as long as any money "printing" does not go directly to the end user - you and me, there will not be any hyperinflation.

The real beneficiaries of money printing are the globalists, their banks (which replenish their balance sheets), and the globalist-controlled governments, especially the US Federal government. Governments will continue to become more expansive and paranoid as they consolidate their power over the population. Indeed, as our personal balance sheets continue to purposely bleed red ink, these deflationary forces will offset the inflation caused by money printing. Do you see any accelerating inflation? I certainly do not. It is all part of the plan to bankrupt and enslave the population....

Ask yourself why the business channels interview people like Jim Rogers and Marc Faber over and over again. They are hardly ever right, but their messages resonate with a certain sector of the population that listens to the controlled patriot media. Everyone is an expert when it comes to religion and economics, yet they are unprincipled and broke.

I continually state that gold and silver prices were allowed to run up by the globalists over an extended period of time, so that when the predicted next stage of serious money printing was kicked into high gear they would be able to manage their prices much more easily. In addition, tracking stocks (ETFs) like GLD and SLV were instituted as vehicles in the price management scheme. When these types of ETFs started trading around 9-10 years ago, they helped boost the demand for the metals and got prices rising. Now they provide an ample supply of metal in which the globalists can dump on to the market to suppress and manage prices.

The US Treasury had high level meetings with the US Fed and senior senators back in 2002, discussing ways to keep interest rates low when the level of debt became untenable. Until a couple years ago, the findings of these meetings were actually published on the US Treasury's web site. I read them myself. They are now employing the methods discussed in these meetings. One of the objectives was to manage the price of gold. This agenda goes back a long way.


Joel Skousen is probably the most astute man I have come across regarding the New World Order. I agree with his assessment that this financial Ponzi scheme can be maintained for at least another 3-4 years, and war will be averted until the end of the decade. This will be the war that will provide the US Treasury with its force majeure to cancel debt.

Can you maintain your patience that long? Can your assets hold out that long? Can you survive $15-20 silver and $1,200 gold? Do you need these assets to live? I am not saying it will get that bad, but it could. I know it will get a lot worse over the next several years. The worst aspect of all this will be the globalist-controlled media "gas-lighting" those who understand the truth, trying to get you to lose your sanity and convince you that the law of gravity has been repealed.

So, if the "collapse" takes several years to unfold, that should be long enough to destroy a lot of wealth and sanity the naive patriots have left. This, of course, is all part of the plan, and is why I am convinced that much of the "patriot" media is compromised. Who really writes for Zerohedge? If one invested according to them they would have been broke already.

The buyers of silver do not understand that the globalists can easily drop the price to below $20. It was selling for $6-7 as recently as Hurricane Katrina. The primary consumers are the corporations. They don't speculate in its price and will wait for delivery. The globalists control the boards of directors of all the publicly traded corporations in the S&P 500, and these companies will certainly not complain if "paper" silver drops into the teens.

As bad as gold is performing it is still much better than silver. If one is to get money out of the system, he should gradually buy gold. Forget silver, and somehow hedge it, so that if and when the globalists collapse the price or confiscate it, he has not lost money.

To many this monetary system is irrational, and that's because it is a very satanic system. It is the vehicle the globalists are employing to get their one-world financial dictatorship in place. Once the grid is clamped down on us, they will burn the bridge and build a new and even more satanic system. We need to overcome our subjectivity and recognize the fact we are all enslaved under a system that is so evil, it is "perfect."

I thank God there is the King James Bible, The one bible not copyrighted by the corporate beast system. Give it a chance as it is a surprisingly easy read. The Bible gives me discernment, teaches me not to look to government for answers, and to not accept lies - especially the Big Lie.

The Big Lie will strip most people of their souls in the last days. This end time system traffics in men's souls. Do not let them take your one prized possession away - your birthright, your shot at redemption. Don't be given to their contrived fear. Fear is the worst motivator in investing. It guarantees losses.

About the Author:

Beecham has an undergrad background in Math and Economics, with an MBA in Economics and Finance. He worked and lived in Manhattan for about 14 years. His last job was with Nasdaq in New York, and what he uncovered there was sobering. He personally witnessed the Trade Center collapse and lost several friends that day. However, he was still thoroughly unwashed, and his awakening did not occur for another couple years.  He is in his mid-40's, reads the Bible daily, and regards it as the best psychology textbook ever written.

also by Thom Beecham

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Comments for "Goldbugs Can Expect More Losses "

Thomas said (April 10, 2013):

Regarding Mr. Beecham’s latest article. Gold and silver would have to be physically taken from those who have it.

Paper is as worthless as they want it to be. Holdings in the digital domain can be erased as simply as those Cypriot bank accounts. My investments are motivated by fear like everyone else’s, including Mr. Beecham’s.

Think about it. Why grow your money at all? Unless you “fear” God will not provide for you in the future.

Monica said (April 9, 2013):

All the constant buzz about "investing" in gold and silver baffles me. I mean, investing in paper bonds is not even in the picture, I'm talking about the real thing. In time of crisis do you really believe you will be able to purchase food, clothing or pay your taxes with "real" gold coins or silver bars? Who is going to accept that in trade and determine it's value amicably - and make change for your purchase? The grocery store? The gas station? Your local municipal office? The idea is so absurd!

If the NWO doesn't want trade to be done in precious metals they simply won't allow it. They don't need to justify their actions to anyone any more. Remember, they are above the law unlike us mere mortals!

Any currency, as a means of exchange, must be possessed/accepted by both buyer and seller in order for there to be agreeable, workable transactions. That means the gold-hoarder on 2nd street can only do business with others who have and use his means of exchange. That's not going to be very many people. Price gouging will be a given, since value is arbitrary when unregulated and need is great.

What's more, his cold hard assets are easily liberated by those with watchful eyes, bigger guns and no scruples. If this is their idea of "investing for the future" it is a grim future indeed! To me it is one that invites robbery and starvation.

Having said that, I am still waiting for someone to suggest a realistic strategy. Our ancestors permitted society to be saddled with this satanic system and we have not the leverage to undo the buckle ourselves, it is too late for that.

I would also suggest to you that the 3rd World War is not coming at the end of this decade, it is coming much sooner, as the powers that be are too impatient to implement their plan to wait much longer. To do it "perfectly" would entail waiting but their stock in trade is vice - don't count on them for patience!

Peter said (April 9, 2013):

Even if you take all your money from the bank and keep it at home whats to say the government wont issue new style banknotes and place limits on the amount you can convert into the new currency?
In many parts of the world now cash is no longer the anonymous conveyor of monetary value it once was. The cash these days has embedded RFID chips which can be remotely interrogated from a
considerable distance. Want Proof? Take a new banknote and microwave it for about half a second where it goes bang that's the chip and the
metal strip is getting bigger too Know why? because it is an aerial for the RFID chip within.

So bad government agents could quite literally read how much cash you have at your home address from a truck parked across the street. I kid
you not. They could also pay you a visit when your not at home and using trackers find and liberate you of your entire stash in a jiffy.
Try it with a new 20 pound note or a 20 euro bill and see what i mean.

In the UK five and tens are currently unchipped thats going to change. In the States your bills are more like toilet roll than real banknotes
anyway both literally and figuratively. So put your money into something that will have enduring value and i don't mean gold or silver
(although colloidal silver will always be worth making) something like a workable Aquaponics System as large as you can comfortably manage
and you will be doing your fortunes a considerable favor for a long time to come.

James said (April 9, 2013):

Jim Willie would very much disagree that the Chinese and Russians are cooperating with the freak show. Sure, they will buy gold as long as it can be had so cheaply, maybe even help keep prices down for the time being. But according to Willie they also have been building an alternative world trade settlement system that does not include the USA.

According to Beecham gold and silver **could** (or maybe not) be manipulated down to 1200 and 15, meaning we should sell them before that happens (or not?). On the other hand he recommends slowly accumulating gold. Which is it? What is clear is that he seems to really hate silver. Maybe he is one of those who got burned by silver and now his fear is talking. All in all not a very coherent presentation, more confusing than giving clear advice. Beecham is shaking people's confidence in physical gold and silver, which are really one of the last few things that people have to protect themselves. The supply deficit of silver has never been worse. That alone justifies investing in today's low priced silver, whether or not the freak show succeeds in manipulating the prices still further down for a short while.

At any rate, we will soon know whether the BRICS trade settlement system (based on gold) is coming or not, and whether it truly is in opposition to the freak show.

Dick said (April 9, 2013):

I mostly agree.

The next big downturn in precious metals may be the signal of imminent collapses worldwide.

Barry said (April 9, 2013):

Much of what Thom Beecham says makes sense, but he has also left much out. There are few places left to store money safely where it can grow. Stocks are being driven up with bail out money that should have gone into circulation. This looks like a classic pump and dump scheme. He says the precious metals market is tiny and therefore easily manipulated. That may be true, but it is for this very reason that prices could go much higher if only 1% of investors moved out of the beast system and into gold. Isn’t that what we should be doing? Talking it up instead of down?

Rolph said (April 9, 2013):

Did I miss something, is Gold not called a precious metal?

The 'golden rule' still applies: "Those that own the Gold, make the Rules". No wonder the banksters are gobbling it up.

Abe said (April 9, 2013):

I would before offering criticism say that I appreciate Mr. Beecham's article and agree with much in it. I do, however, think that both he and the goldbugs give the central banks far too much credit.

I'm not one to deny the power, corruption, and evil of central banks but they are run by an incestuous network of bureaucrats who are
simply incompetent. Gordon Brown ran the Central Bank of England and sold most of its gold tonnage in the late 90's at multidecade market
lows. A price-rigging conspiracist would insist that this was done to further depress a price that was already low as part in order to
provide a springboard for the parabolic rise of the next decade and then crash the price low in order to convince blog reader (who didn't
exist at the time mind you) that they shouldn't buy gold. Occam's razor would suggest that Mr. Gordon was simply a stupid man with far
too much power and no oversight who mismanaged his nation's income without consequence. And that is the key issue which gets overlooked
when fantasizing of price-riggin games, it ignores the base problem which is the very existence of these institutions, their centralized
power, their usury, and their fractional reserve fraud. It is in the interest of these bankers to make people believe that they have power
over market forces, but hey don't any more than they can control the weather in the long term. All of the latest and past price moves could
have been easily anticipated and profited from by anyone possessing a basic acquaintance with technical analysis as the following article
shows (with my thoughts in the comments section)

Also, check out this youtube video to see how many in the precious metals crowd have become more of a religion than contrarian investors:

Mike said (April 8, 2013):

I appreciate Thom Beecham's article but to focus only on the globalists and
their evil is to spread fear and despair. It does not take into account God's
plan, who said He would overthrow Mystery Babylon. After all, God is still on
the throne. I know because the sun came up this morning, so we should get His

God is playing the Satanists and we should relax and enjoy the show. He has
the globalists on a short leash and they are about to get their chain yanked.
Here's another viewpoint from a very well respected bible teacher, Dr. Stephen

Carl said (April 8, 2013):

A couple of things. People who own physical metals do so to get out of the system and leave the fiat, the segregated accounts behind which we now know are destined to be pillaged by the troika in all nations with massive debt.
But more so you have failed to address a few things namely what the alternative for someone with 50k, 100k, or a million in the bank, or with those polymere notes stacked under their mattress should do instead of leaving the banking system and buying the most coveted asset in history (gold and to a lesser extent silver).

Do we read the bible as a means of protecting ourselves from some Cyrus style haircut? Perhaps we give our money away to the poor and hit the food bank?

Perhaps your right that ETF's and massive naked short sells are perfect to suppress and even significantly drop the price of the physical metal, however other than bitcoin, (which will soon be under attack on the same level as wikileaks), there isn't much else. Real estate? Ask them how they are doing in Phoenix with that avenue? Or how that went in Vancouver in the 80's.

If you shoot from the hip, come up with more than the New Testament (which I agree is amazing) although that book should be read in original language and not Mason King James' and Rosy crosses Franny Bacon's version.

So tell me what do I do with those silver coins, perfect in those Armageddon style situations. Silver coins, rations and a shotgun. Perhaps I should put it in the bank and capitalize on those ZIRP returns?

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